Sunday, August 31, 2008

lollipop - dog piss on dog

released in 1996

this foursome from maryland played some garage rawk that sounds like the stooges/MC5/early mudhoney being fronted by a young jon spencer

this was very fitting to come out on amphetamine reptile

before splitting up in 1998 (because each member of the band lived in a different state)...they'd released a handful of 7"...a split (with thee headcoats)...and two full lengths (this being the first)

the hugh beaumont experience - cone johnson ep

released in 1981

these four high school kids from fort worth,tx put out a fairly standard album of punk rock...sounding like any other punk band of the time...the singer even going as far as to sing in a faux british accent

after the release of this ep...their original drummer left the band...and a kid named jeff coffey took over (aka "king coffey"...later of the butthole surfers)

while together...they put out this ep along with a cassette called virgin killers (which was re-released in 1993...and included all of their recorded material)

crunt - self-titled

released in 1994

this threesome...only together for a short time...could be considered somewhat of an "indie supergroup"

it was made up of a member of babes in toyland (guitarist/singer kat bjelland played bass)...a member of the john spencer blues explosion (drummer russell simins playing the drums)...and a member of lubricated goat (singer stuart gray...known as salamander jim in LG...playing the guitar)

all three of them shared vocals (but were mainly split up between russell and stuart...kat can be heard through her trademark screeches)

very garage punky rock n' roll

before splitting up in 1995 (along with kat and stuart's marriage)...the band released only this album and a single

godheadsilo - thee friendship village ep

released in 1993

from fargo,nd...originally started out as a three-piece (their guitar player left after their first live show)...they carried on as a drum and bass duo...perfecting their "wall of sound"

the band split up in 1995...and if you'd like to read about their endeavors can go down a few spaces and look for the enemymine post

mar - poor

released 2008

together for roughly four months...these four boys from columbia,mo would've fit easily into the amphetamine reptile/touch and go bullpen circa the early 1990's

and now...a direct quote from their bass player...mike:

"A loud mash of The Jesus Lizard, Coalesce, Akimbo and Eyehategod largely written by a guy obsessed with Venetian Snares. It's mathy and groovy and heavy and all of that. Huzzah."

thus far...they're unsigned...and in a more perfect world...that shouldn't be happening

and this will probably be the one and only time i ever link up a myspace...but check them out:

Tight Bros. From Way Back When - Lend You A Hand

Year: 2001
Label: Kill Rock Stars

I'm on the fence about these guys, as in, I'm not sure if I buy what they're selling. It's full-on arena rawk via glam punk, complete with dueling guitars and Bon Scott styled histrionics. It's well, executed, and these dudes have enough of a pedigree that I want to like this, but there's just something missing. Curiously, they started this band about the same time as a lot of other retro-rock outfits were touring the country, sooooo. You tell me. But like I said, check their bloodline: Karp, The Whip, Big Business, Melvins, Behead The Prophet, Han Shan, Mukilteo Fairies, and Brent's TV.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Universal Order Of Armageddon - Discography

Year: 1996
Label: Kill Rock Stars

The band that galvanized the myriad emo subgenres of the early ninties into a heady mix of art, chaos, and catharsis. Members went on to Skull Kontrol, Born Against, Young Pioneers, Wrangler Brutes, The Great Unraveling, Moss Icon, The Convocation Of... and on and on.
Short, sharp blasts of piercing punk rock energy, described by the band as "turning on a vacuum for ten minutes". They were an illusive crew rarely venturing from their home base of Baltimore, so their shows were legendary. A mix of early ninties Dischord and Vermiform Record's styles. 

Enemymine - The Ice In Me

Year: 2000
Label: Up

Most notable as being the band "Mike Kunka's band after Godheadsilo", and chances are, if you like Godheadsilo, you'll like Enemymine. It's a drummer and two bassists, with Kunka's bass sounding pretty convincing as a guitar. It's got slightly more indie rock nods than Godheadsilo, but the majority of the record crushes and kills rather than soothes and pets. 
There was an ep before this (featuring Zak Salley of Low on bass), and a split with Vaz. I have the ep and can post that if folks want it. After this band Kunka went on to Dead Low Tide and Smoke And Smoke which we shall cover in future posts.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Todd - Comes To Your House

Year: 2006
Label: Southern

The record label describes this as, "black hell-noise riffage". Sure. It's bombastic. It features a member of Hammerhead. There's a cameo by Eugene Robinson of Oxbow. It throws a blanket over your head, and proceeds to pound in your skull with a ball peen hammer. They are from London, yet sound like they crawled out of some rust belt town circa 1990. They supposedly formed at the request of 4AD to be the opening band on a "secret" Breeders show in London. I can only imagine how bummed that crowd was.

Listen to this very very loudly and often.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

sausage - riddles are abound tonight

released in 1994

the seminifrious tubloidial buttnoids

a lo-fi sounding primus

this is the original line up of the band primus (when they played under the name primate)

primus had just released and toured behind the pork soda album...and they each decided to go off and do their own thing...and les decided to get original players todd huth (guitar) and jay lane (drummer) together and record songs they played as the original incarnation of what would later be known as primus

this was the only album they released

praxis - transmutation (mutatis mutandis)

released in 1992

this is the true meaning of fusion

this is the kind of album that makes you want to do one of two things:

1: pick up an instrument and play it until your hands bleed
2: put down said instrument...set them on fire...and walk away

this is a project that was "constructed" by bass player bill laswell (and founder of axiom records) around the talents of the enigma that is guitar player known as buckethead

and what gets added to the mix is parliment-funkadelic bass player bootsy collins (who practically invented funk) along with keyboardist bernie worrell (also of parliment-funkadelic)...drummer brain (who has also played with bands such as primus...godlfesh...and tom waits)...and turntable-ist afrika baby jam

and what comes out is a mesh of jazz/blues/metal/ambient/funk

not many bands (if any) at the time were playing anything like came out at the height of the "grunge" movement

the band has a revolving cast of members (including bassist les claypool...iggy pop...saxophonist john zorn...ex-napalm death drummer mick harris...just to name a few)...but the players on this album are considered the "classic line up"

they've released five albums (this being their first)...a handful of eps...and six live albums

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nine Black Alps - Everything Is

Year: 2005
Label: Island

From Manchester, England, this is their first full length, which came out around the same time other 90's revivalists were releasing their first records (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, etc). Nine Black Alps seemed to have a special affinity for the grunge bands of the 90's and their sound was a poppy take on bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, and maybe a little Smashing Pumpkins. They don't come off as imitators though, just fans who have informed their music with the sounds of their youth, and then give it an English flair.
I really loved this album when it came out, and recently it made it back into rotation with good results. It holds up. You probably missed this one when it came out, so give it a shot if you're in the mood for something catchy.
They released a follow-up in 2007 called "Love/Hate" but it's real bland, which is a disappointment. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ministry - burning inside

released in 1992

this was recorded while they were in new orleans as part of the lollapalooza tour back in 1992 (4.9.92)

songs from the psalm 69 album get played...though it wouldn't get released for another 3 months

1 - n.w.o./burning inside/deity
2 - supernaut/tv song (with gibby haynes providing his own take on the vocals)
3 - just one fix
4 - thieves
5 - so what
6 - stigmata
7 - breathe

revolting cocks - linger ficken' good

released in 1993

i'm sorry...but i'm out of KY jelly...nevermind sugar...we can catch the early movie...

the sleazier side of ministry

started as a side project for al jourgensen...richard 23 (member of the belgian industrial band front 242)...and solo artist luc van acker

during the bands time together...they've maintained a revolving door when it comes to collaborators...having people such as butthole surfers singer gibby haynes...zz top guitarist billy gibbons...skinny puppy vocalist nivek ogre...nine inch nails' trent reznor (who also collaborated with al jourgensen in the project 1000 homo djs)...and jello biafra (who also collaborated with jourgensen in the band lard)

the band is better known for the song "beers,steers,and queers" (from the previous album of the same name...released in 1990...though this album got known for their cover of the rod stewart song "do ya think i'm sexy?")

this band..along with lard...have been the only jourgensen side projects that have lasted for more than one release

skatenigs - stupid people shouldn't breed

released in 1992

hello mom?
would you talk dirty to me?

these boys from texas obviously listened to A LOT of ministry and the revolting cocks

well...when you have al jourgensen produce your album...i guess that's something that just happens (though he later refused to take credit for it...singer phil owens and al had quite the falling out at the time...apparently the ministry song "bad blood" from the darkside of the spoon album was written about it)

the band had also supported both ministry and the revolting cocks on tour

opening the album is a "spoken word" piece by a poet named lorri jackson...she died from complications due to a heroin overdose just after this album was made

while together...they released an ep and two full lengths before splitting up in 1994

Craw - Craw

Year: 1994
Label: Choke Inc.

Uh...let's see...better band than 95% of other bands out there? How's that? Once, when I was trying to convince a buddy to come out and see Craw as opposed to going down the street to see the recently reformed Bad Brains, I had to describe them in a pinch. I believe I said something to the effect of, "Imagine if Tool were heavy, better musicians, and wrote more interesting songs". That's not too far off really, and you'll be happy to know that it worked, I got a date to see Craw. They destroyed that evening, and when they were finished, we even walked down the street to see the Bad Brains, who at that point were 45 minutes into a reggae jam, and HR had handcuffed himself to a local girl who went by the name, "Spacegirl". Sidebar; I would later catch "Spacegirl" giving my roomate a blowjob. 
Back to Craw...they are awesome, they had Derek Hess and Stephen Krasner doing their artwork, they had Steve Albini record them, members went on to the band Keelhaul, and I really shouldn't even have to tell you how insanely good this is.

Luca Brasi - To The Tooth

Year: 1997
Label: Reproductive

Isn't that little picture cute? Adorable!
Here's another band in the Boston noise/sludge/rock/hardcore/grit continuum who were contemporaries with La Gritona, Blacktail, Mancini, Milligram, etc. Loud, mean, nasty, punk mixed with loud, mean, nasty noise rock. 
What are you waiting for?


I fixed the problem with the Blacktail - Styrofoam Island album. Sorry about that folks, but somehow I didn't copy all the songs into the folder before zipping it up and posting it. Won't happen again.

Now go download it, eat some splinters, beat up your neighbor, and then wrap your car around a telephone pole. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

murder,inc. - self-titled

released in 1992

"industrial supergroup"

we're here to fuck you over....

the band killing joke had split up temporarily back in 1991 (in the middle of a tour in the US band tensions caused them to fall apart..singer jaz coleman leaving the country and moving to an island in the pacific)...and drummer martin atkins (PiL/pigface/ministry/the damage manual) started this band with the remaining members...adding singer chris connelly (revolting cocks/pigface/ministry) to the mix

what this ended up sounding like was just another killing joke album with another singer

the band released this full length along with a remix ep (both of which can be found on a compilation called locate subvert terminate...released in 1999)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

dos - justamente tres

released in 1996

aka "two in spanish"

mike watt (minutemen/fiREHOSE)
kira roessler (black flag)

both bass players

they had met just after kira replaced chuck dukowski as black flag's bass player in 1983

the seed for this band was planted in 1985 as the both of them would sit and play two bass jams in their spare time...but after minutemen vocalist d. boon was killed in a van accident in 1985 mike watt had considered not playing music anymore...and this was kira's way of getting him to continue on...they were sending tapes to one another across the country (kira had went to attend yale in connecticut after leaving black flag...mike was in california)...she returned to california in 1986 to start the band...and they were married in 1987 (divorcing in 1994)

this is just the two of them with their bass'...there are no other instruments...kira takes over the vocals...and they play free jazz...some of the music later got used in fiREHOSE and mike watt solo albums

they've recorded an album and an ep (both of which can be found combined on a compilation called uno con dos released in 1989)...they recorded an album last year that hasn't been released yet

for squirrels - example

released in 1995's REM meets nirvana (the song "mighty K.C." is about kurt cobain...the band's singer also sounds like him in some really comes out in the song "superstar") meets early weezer

a month before the band went on to release this album (their only on a major label) their singer...bass player...and tour manager were killed in an auto accident while the band were traveling back to florida (where they were from) from new york

before this...they'd self-released an album called baypath rd. in 1994

after returning to florida after the accident...guitarist travis tooke and drummer jack griego reformed the band with a friend taking over bass duties and travis taking over vocals

in 1996...the band changed it's name to subrosa...and released only one album (1997's never bet the devil your head) before breaking up

sparkmarker - 500wattburneratseven

released in 1997

"melodic hardcore"
an oxymoron...but it works

this could be described at fugazi meets quicksand in canada (the bad was from vancouver)

their singer had left the band in bass player kim kinikin took over vocals

before breaking up in 1997...the band had released one full length and a compilation of songs with original singer ryan scott (parts and accessories..released in 1995) along with a handful of singles and various compilation songs



Blacktail - Styrofoam Island

Year: 2004
Label: Traktor 7

Following up the La Gritona post, here's a band with ex-members of that band, along with Anodyne, Cast Iron Hike, Sweetness, Luca Brasi (which I'll post later) and Michael Mancini. It's more of that Boston styled gritty noise rock. Nothing pretty, just a hammer to the side of your face. They describe themselves as "old Amphetamine Reptile and old SST". Sure, I'll buy that.

The Link is fixed, and all the songs are present and accounted for now. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

clown alley - circus of chaos

released in 1986

the melvins would later gain two bass players from this band (lori black and mark deutrom...actually...mark played the guitar in this well as produced well as some of the early melvins releases...he also founded alchemy records which released the first albums for the melvins and neurosis)

they're considered one of the originators of the punk/metal crossover genre (ie suicidal tendencies...DRI)

musically...the band combined the dead kennedys with early melvins along with early helmet

this was the only album to get released

neurosis - souls at zero

released in 1992

this was the band's third album...and the making of the behemoth they are today

started as a hardcore punk band in the early 80's (in the vein of black flag and discharge)...this was the album that the band dropped most of their punk leanings to go fully into the more progressive dense experimental direction that was hinted at on their previous album (1990's the word as law)...injecting instruments that most bands of the time weren't using (violin/flute/cello)



silverfish - organ fan

released in 1992

the band was from the UK...lead by a one lesley rankin (who also went onto to become a member of the band pigface for a short time)

the band could be best described as a cranky kim deal fronting L7 (the rest of the band were male)...they could be considered one of the first "riot grrrl" bands (their lyrics "hips,tits,lips,power" adorned many a tshirt...and also went on to become the title to a pigface song)

during their time together...the band released three albums and a handful of eps

they split up back in 1993

La Gritona - Arrasa Con Todos

Year: 1997
Label: Vaya Con Discos / Reproductive

The drums are the sounds of an avalanche, the bass is a low rumble from beneath the streets, the guitar is an imploding star, and the vocals are a howling wind. Easily the greatest band that no one has ever heard of, and one so far ahead of it's contemporaries it could only serve as the basis for a new breed of destructo rock. 
They came out of Boston during a particularly fertile time in that cities' rock pantheon, along with bands like Milligram, Luca Brasi, Isis and Slughog, when folk's were rediscovering the need for heaviness, volume, and violence. Hardcore had gotten "pretty", metal was too technical, so these guys took the elements of hate, noise, and thunderous bludgeoning, and crafted a new style of punishment.

The record was produced by Steve Albini, and the members went on to form Keelhaul.


Sicbay - Overreaction Time

Year: 2003
Label: Fifty Four Forty Or Fight

Sicbay features Nick Sake formerly of Dazzling Killmen and Colossamite, and you can hear those bands in the mix, but this new group lets the listener up for air more often. Certainly they can pound you into dust, but there are just as many delicate passages that heighten one's awareness of what's about to come. It sounds like a band raised on equal parts midwestern noise rock, and the math rock of Slint and Polvo. 

They released a second lp, and broke up in 2006. You can still find their releases on the Fifty Four Forty Or Fight website here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

milk cult - burn or bury

released in 1994

this was a side project for members of the band steel pole bath tub (bass player dave flattum and guitar player mike morasky)

it involved guests such as blake schwarzenbach (singer/guitarist for the band jawbreaker)...along with mike patton and billy gould (then singer and bass player for the band faith no more)

compared to their other band...this was more of an industrial sounding mash of samples and patchwork noises

this was the band's second album (they've released a total of four)

beastie boys - aglio e olio

released in 1995

aka "garlic and oil"

before they were a hip hop band...they started out as a hardcore punk band called the young aboriginies (which had future luscious jackson/lunachicks drummer kate schellenbach on drums)

at the time ('80-'83) they had been called a "third rate minor threat"

they would later incorporate their "punk" music into other albums (most notably on the check your head album)

slipknot - mate feed kill repeat

released in 1996

yes. slipknot.

before they became scarecrows playing angry (sic) music...they played music in a more experimental direction...injecting such styles as jazz/funk/disco into their music (ala mr. bungle)

after this album...lead singer anders colsefini was asked to become a back-up singer so they could have a more "radio friendly" sounding vocalist to attract a major label (he eventually grew tired of that and left the band and went on to form a band called painface)...they then took on mr. stone sour corey taylor

a number of songs from this album went on to get re-recorded for the band's major label self-titled debut

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rival Schools - Rarities

Year: n/a
Label: bootleg

Every so often I get on a Walter Schreifels kick whereupon I just listen to Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Walking Concert, Rival Schools, and his solo stuff for a day or so straight, and it all puts me in a good mood. I'm not sure what his secret weapon is, but he always manages great songs no matter what style he plays them in. That being said, I'm fully aware that Rival Schools is a "super group" with Sammy from every Revelation Records band, Cache from Iceburn, and Ian Love from Burn and Die 116, and I think that's what makes their music especially interesting.
I saw that Rival Schools are playing shows again, and writing new music, so I figured I'd post this collection of rare(er) material that spans the life of their first incarnation. It's B-sides, alternate versions, radio performances, demos, and some live tracks. The file was pretty big so I split it into two parts, sorry for the inconvenience. 

400 Blows - Black Rainbow

Year: 2003
Label: Rehash

This music is a tightly wound ball of energy that writhes, roils, and continually folds in on itself. The rhythms are militaristic in their precision, the guitar lines are pulled taut, and the vocals are overdriven stories of sickened characters. It's hard to imagine these tunes coming out of sunny Los Angeles, but 400 Blows are graduates of the same scene that gave us Slug, Qui, Year Future, Bluebird, and the Icarus Line among so many others. 
Black Rainbows will be seen in the near future as a crucial release in the pantheon of rock n roll, no shit, it's that good. They are better, smarter, crazier, and less polite than the average "metal" band, and I imagine their fans are too. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ikara Colt - Chat And Business

Year: 2002
Label: Epitaph

Please don't let the Epitaph label dissuade you, this band sounds nothing like the Orange County jock-punk they normally traffic in. In fact, this record originally came out in England on Ada Records, and was licensed by Epitaph in America.
Anyshit, the band basically sounds like a revved up version of The Fall, with a hint of Wire, Joy Division and probably a bunch of other English post punk bands that I would have deemed "gay" when they were peddling their wares. They are quintessentially English, in that they never sacrifice melody even when they are dragging out their vocals with deadpan nonchalance, or slashing through punk squalls with there trebley guitars.

This record is fantastic, and I don't see why this band operated in relative obscurity before finally breaking up one more album later.


Vaz / Seawhores - Vazzed In A Sea Of Whores

Year: 2004
Label: S.A. Records

Here's a split ep that will keep you entertained for the next 18 minutes or so. Vaz is made up out of the ashes of Hammerhead, and they pummel you with cyclical rhythms and gnashing guitar. It's less muscular than Hammerhead were, but no less combative, and generally unsettling. Seawhores are more frenetic, and more bizarre than their counterparts on this split. The songs are both spastic and droning with keyboard interludes only heightening the effect. Trivia, the drummer for Lightning Bolt plays drums on one Seawhores song.

officer may - smoking in a minor

released in 2003

this could be looked at as the album nirvana could've released after the in utero album if it weren't know...

recorded a decade later...this boston threesome perfectly capture the "grunge" spirit of said band...but also adding some bits of goo-era sonic youth...some shellac (which steve albini could've very well recorded this album...but didn't) like jehu...and unwound

they only released two albums (this being the second)

the catalyst - mariana's trench +9

released in 2008

this is a collection of previous recorded materials culled from an ep and various splits they'd contributed to

this could have definitely made a home for itself on the amphetamine reptile label had it have been released back in the early 90's

they bring together black flag...the jesus the melvins (just to name a few)

toadies - pleather

released in 1993

this ep is the reason the band got signed to interscope records (who released their debut album rubberneck)

this really has a pixies feel to it (which on an earlier single they'd released themselves on tour in 1991...pixies bass player kim deal after having heard it said that it sounded "just like us")

before this...the band had only put out a few self-released cassette eps and a few singles

all but two songs were re-recorded for their full length (at 6:31 into the last song...there's an instrumental called "cookout" which later became the basis for the song "i burn")

Mannequin - Warps Yr Head

Year: 2004
Label: Reptilian

Mix Bleach era Nirvana with Nevermind era Nirvana, and then throttle up the amps and throttle back the production values and you'll end up with this record. This is what happens when kids grew up in the era of Nirvana, they may try and spend the late 90's in a band like Pg 99 (they did) playing screamy grindcore (they did this as well), but at a certain age they harken back to the music that was on the radio of their youth (which, like it or not, was Nirvana) and start a band that apes those sounds. It happens in every generation, you can't escape it, and these guys do it pretty damn well.

This record is still in print from Reptilian (along with a grip of other great releases), so you really should go buy it if you like it.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pigface - Gub

Year: 1991
Label: Devotion / Invisible

Those heady halcyon days of late 80's 120 Minutes broadcasts made it alright to dabble in industrial music. When a band like Pigface came along and (for the most part) eschewed the black mesh shirts, the dreadhawks (a mohawk made of dreadlocks...I just coined that phrase!), and the poncey techno beats, it validated that trip into the "Wax Traks" section of the record store. 

This particular album features Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Chris Connelly (Ministry), Martin Atkins (PiL, Killing Joke, etc.), and Paul Barker (Ministry) among a host of others, and it's engineered by Steve Albini (Everything you listen to).  If you have any interest in any of those bands, but are scared off by the phrase, "Dusseldorf house mix"...this might just be your entree into the scene.

It's a pig file, so I had to divide it in two.

Crawlpappy - Deluxe

Year: 1992
Label: Rotz / We Bite

An anomaly during the height of the NYHC second wave, Crawlpappy managed to play shows with Youth Of Today, White Zombie, and Helmet, and stand out on each bill as the "missing link". I only managed to catch them once in Wilmington, NC when they opened for Quicksand who was in turn opening for Helmet, and they blew me away. They were heavy, they were loud, they were tough, and they seemed mean. 
They had a 12" ep on Blackout Records (which contains a superior version of the song "Neighbors" included on the Deluxe lp), a split 7" with Sheer Terror, and some compilation tracks as well, but this  was the last thing they released, and the most appropriate for this blog. I know it's "more hardcore" than you may be expecting here, but give it a listen, it's a sledgehammer of a record that uses hardcore as a frame to hang their sludge metal, and bar room rawk.


King Snake Roost - Ground Into Dirt

Year: 1990
Label: Amphetamine Reptile / Aberrant

Very nasty, very dirty, very mean blues damaged noise rock from Australia. This was their last release, recorded by Butch Vig while on their final tour of the United States. The members would go on the play in different bands like Tumor Circus (with Jello Biafra, and members of Steelpole Bathtub), Bushpig (with Mark Arm and Steve Turner), and Lubricated Goat.

You know how Amphethamine Reptile had two styles, the garage rock and the pig fuckers? Well, this band took liberally from both camps to make some of the gnarliest shit to ever be released on that label. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loudspeaker - Supernatural

Year: 1994
Label: Patois / Cargo

Birthed of the same NYC scene that counted Unsane, Helmet, Surgery, Prong, and Copshootcop as members, this band flew under the radar, garnering none of the "success" their brethren did. In fact, as a young man attending a Helmet show in Athens, Georgia, it wasn't until Page Hamilton muttered from the stage, "Our friends Loudspeaker are playing the 40 Watt next week...go see them", that I had even heard of the band. 
Now, I am telling you to go hear won't regret it. 
They take the riffing of Helmet, and drag it through the dirty gutters of Pussy Galore, resulting in a nicotine drenched bludgeon that still manages hooks, and big pay-offs.
I couldn't find a picture of the actual album cover, and I'm far too lazy to scan my copy, so here's an actual loudspeaker. Enjoy.

v/a - hard to believe: a kiss covers compilation

released in 1990

this is version 1 of the compilation (version 2 was released in 1993 with less songs...and a different cover...kiss bass player gene simmons threatened a cease and desist over copyright violations because of the cover)

it was originally intended to be an australian only release through waterfront records...but the label that carried their releases in america (seattle based c/z records) took over the concept and added some US bands for a more international was offered to sub pop records for distribution...but they passed on it

1 - bullet lavolta - detroit rock city
2 - smelly tongues - parasite
3 - skin yard - snowblind
4 - hellmen - deuce
5 - all - christine sixteen
6 - hullabaloo - calling dr. love
7 - melvins - god of thunder
8 - coffin break - beth
9 - chemical people - rip it out
10 - king snake roost - i want you
11 - nirvana - do you love me
12 - the hard-ons - lick it up
13 - instigators - war machine
14 - thrust - makin' love
15 - surfin' ceasars - love gun

the nirvana track was the only studio recording to have future soundgarden bass player jason everman as a second guitarist...and chad channing on drums

Last Of The Juanitas

Year: 2000
Label: Flapping Jet

When the instru-metal world is ball's deep in "post metal" boredom, and the only alternative seems to be tongue-in-cheek "ironic" NWOBHM throwbacks, allow me to introduce Last Of The Juanitas who blaze out of Portland via San Diego via the Arizona desert, and boy, do they sound like it. Their first album included a member of Drive Like Jehu, and that influence still abounds, but now they've tempered their Unwound meets early eighties Orange County hardcore sound with some NW grunge. It's math rock coated with sludge, sprinkled with punk. 

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fiddlehead - Discography

This post will serve more as a test than anything, what, with me being a "first time caller, long time listener" and all. If it succeeds, then you are privy to the Fiddlehead discography compiled by a friend of mine, and originally posted on his Atlanta-centric blog here;

If you're unfamiliar with Fiddlehead, let it be known that they were an incredible band operating out of Atlanta, GA. in the early to middle Nineties releasing their final records on John Yates' Allied Recordings. The music was an urgent mix of bands like Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, and Bitch Magnet, played tight as butthole by dudes who knew how to mask a melody in all that tension. The songs included here make up their entire "released" catalog of music. There's some demo and live stuff floating around, but this is the good stuff.

Trivia: Kyle Spence, currrently of Harvey Milk fame, plays drums on the later songs of this collection.



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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

v/a - kansas city misery

released in 1995

a fairly hard to find compilation put together by season to risk vocalist steve tulipana consisting of bands from kansas city,mo (released on the minneapolis,mn based red decibel records)


1 - otis 13 - daily planet
2 - season to risk - the end all
3 - giants chair - ballpeen
4 - pamper the madman - i want it
5 - molly mcguire - chase
6 - tenderloin - supernatural bologna
7 - black calvin - hey!
8 - grither - repetitive song of joy
9 - secular theme - typhoid 106.3
10 - boys life - signing off
11 - germbox - godtrot
12 - first year thief - sandbox


13 - gasoline - colonel
14 - shiner he she
15 - sin city disciples - love is gone
16 - outhouse - straight edge
17 - quitters club - net
18 - cher U.K. - fucker from behind the couch
19 - rocco - powder
20 - go kart - experimental trucking
21 - shallow - pillow
22 - trust obey - lead poisoning

the wylde ratttz

released in 1998

this is a band out of michigan doing their best iggy and the stooges impersonation

actually...this was a band put together for the movie velvet goldmine that was fashioned after the stooges

it has mark arm (singer:mudhoney) doing vocals (and a damn fine iggy pop impression)...along with mike watt (bass player:the minutemen...fiREHOSE...the stooges)...ron asheton (guitraist:the stooges)...sean lennon (son of john lennon...solo artist)...thurston moore (singer/guitarist:sonic youth)...steve shelley (drummer:sonic youth)...and don fleming (singer:gumball)

the nymphs - s/t

released in 1991

this was the band's only release (though an album of rarities and outtakes titled "the practical guide to astral projection" was released the following year)

the band was known for the goings on during their live shows (for example...lead singer inger lorre would perform oral sex on her boyfriend)...which had gained them a reputation

musically..they had this jane's addiction meets soundgarden thing going on

while the band was recording a demo...U2 singer bono spotted two of the band members mooning one another...he made a phone call...and the recording session was cancelled

there was a delay in getting their debut album recorded because their producer was pulled from the recording to work on the guns n' roses albums use your illusions 1-2...the band's a&r guy told them not to play live...which angered their singer..drunk...stood on his desk and urinated on it

while on tour with peter murphy (ex-bauhaus)...inger's boyfriend died from a heroin overdose...which drove her into a nervous breakdown...and the band broke up shortly thereafter....drummer alex kirst was asked by iggy pop to join him on tour (which he did for 10 years...iggy pop appears on the song "supersonic")

inger lorre released a solo album in 1999 titled transcendental medication

the nymphs (with new members) reformed in 2006 and are supposed to release an album in the near future

Monday, August 11, 2008

Faucet - Bleeding Head (You Can't Laugh All The Time)

Year 1993:

This is the first album by Texan Noise-Rockers Faucet, and it's also my favorite of any of their releases (that I can find at least). The guitar work is aggressive and crunchy, while the vocals are strained, hearty, and full of "rasp". One weird thing about this band are the subtle psychedelic influences, as seen most prominently in the song "Raspberry", but it just adds a weird quirk to their music. The whole production value of the album is a little south, but if anything, it just adds more to the flavor.

Faucet - Bleeding Head

Be sure to check out my other blog MINDGRINDER for Faucet's Self Titled Album.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guzzard - Quick, Fast In A Hurry

Year: 1995 know, I really really like that Guzzard track that's on that Amrep Comp. Killer Noises--but their other shit, not as much. However; that's just an opinion, and this record seems to be hard to come by on the interweb. This is pure early 90s noise rock:

Guzzard - Quick, Fast In A Hurry

Also--if you happen to have Guzzard's first record; please PLEASE give us a shout.

Thanks again to passerby "Gray" -- Guzzard - Get a Witness

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