Thursday, January 31, 2013

Young Widows/Hawks/Liverhearts/Castle - Live In Atlanta 02-02-13

Where do you live? Is it in/around/near/within smell of Atlanta, Georgia? If so, you should most absolutely do yourself the honor of getting out of your house/apartment/hovel/holding cell this approaching Saturday night (February 2nd), and point your private parts in the general direction of the Earl in East Atlanta (from there, your private parts should lead you the rest of the way). The show there at the Earl on Saturday night will be one of those "good ones" that folks make reference to upwards of 17 years from now.
You know who Young Widows are. They might have toned it down a bit in recent years, but I assure you, their live broadcasts will still chip your front tooth (or teeth, if you're all fancy and shit).
You know who Hawks are too. Or at least you should. They eat Jesus Lizard and shit Rapeman. They are easily one of the best bands currently in operation, and if you don't go and see're no longer welcome in my life (I'm sorry, but I have standards).
You probably don't know who the Liverhearts are, unless you live around here ("here" being my lap). They play tense, wiry, smart music. They have a song called "Of Doctors and Daggers" which is pretty much, damn near perfect. I listen to it early and often.
You might know as much about Castle as I do, which is admittedly not too much. I know they will be the metallic thrashing explanation point to this show's lineup. I have faith that their inclusion with such prestigious colleagues is indication enough of their prowess (both musically and sexually).

Watch The Liverhearts:

Watch Hawks:

Just fucking show up to the show. Quit being such a pansy.
Also, please buy me a drink...I'm always thirsty.

pound wi - shut 'er down,clancy,she's pumpin' mud

label: pinecone records
released: 1996

a few weeks back i'd recieved an email from a fella named mike suggesting that i post this album...and that a website called mkepunk had it up for download

and then i'd remembered that former pound wi/united sons of toil vocalist/guitarist russell hall had hand delievered me a copy (as well as a copy of this) it is for you to enjoy...all of you fugazi/unwound/hum/shellac/united sons of toil fans

DL: shut 'er down,clancy,she's pumpin' mud

ex wives - fucking dutch

label: radio is down
released: 2009

have you ever found yourself wondering what would happen if future of the left and shellac were to ever have a baby?

yes...messy business

but this is what it would sound like

DL: fucking dutch

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

instrument - 7.1.12 - helium inc. - chicago,il

you like fugazi,yeah?

and you like it when bands cover fugazi,yeah?

can you see where i'm going with this?

this was a little something that was part of the prf bbq

the band is made up of members of dianogah and econoline and haymarket riot and the poison arrows

don't be an ice cream eating motherfucker....DL

1 - facet squared/runaway return
2 - blueprint
3 - repeater
4 - burning
5 - smallpox champion
6 - merchandise/lockdown
7 - reclamation

DL: instrument @helium inc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

black face - i want to kill you/monster 7"

label: hydra head records
released: 2011

with all of this talk about there being 2 black all honesty...this is the only the only thing i'd like to see taken on the road

"what does this have to do with black flag,bro?"

well...this is chuck dukowski  with oxbow frontman eugene robinson on vocals and former oxbow member tom dobrov on drums and milo gonzalez on guitar (he also plays with chuck in the chuck dukowski sextet)

and what they do is play a song originally intended for black flag back in the MY WAR days ("i want to kill you") and a swa (which was a band that dukowski was also involved in while in black flag) cover ("monster")

you could totally convince someone that this is black flag

and honestly...eugene robinson makes a far more confrontational vocalist than henry rollins (think about would the skinheads have handled themselves if he fronted the band back then?)

DL: black face

Monday, January 28, 2013

dead kennedys - plastic surgery disasters

label: alternative tentacles
released: 1982

it would appear that "the dead kennedys" are going to be touring again with some guy named ron "skip" greer playing the part of jello biafra

if the band were smart...they'd just hire the actor french stewart...and let him mime along on stage

but...the band aren't all functions should've halted after february 21,1986

"so...are you gonna slag on black flag too?"

you know what...i'm not

but if you must know...i'm leaning towards the morris/dukowski/stevenson/egerton version of the band (aka "flag")

that's right...i said it...

but i digress...

the dead kennedys


DL: plastic surgery disasters

Sunday, January 27, 2013

minor threat - 4.2.83 - rollerworks - chatsworth,ca

let's look back and laugh....

1 - stand up
2 - filler
3 - it follows
4 - screaming at a wall
5 - steppin' stone
6 - out of step
7 - no reason
8 - 12xu
9 - little friend
10 - guilty of being white
11 - betray
12 - bottled violence
13 - think again

DL: minor threat @rollerworks

ex-breathers - collision

label: spirit cat tapes
released: 2012

i came across this as i was going through the clusterfuck that is the SGM mail

the band thinks that fans of bands like nomeansno and fugazi and botch might get some enjoyment out of this

but if you also dig some planes mistaken for stars and some young widows and some coliseum...well,that's ok too

DL: collision

Saturday, January 26, 2013

instruments - king dick

label: none
released: 2009

"remember when you said we should record an ep of big black covers? it's already been done. pretty cool band with one of the guys who used to be in north of america" -former united sons of toil/current tyrrany is tyrrany vocalist russell emerson hall

yeah...there was a time that i'd made the suggestion that the united sons of toil release a 7" of big black covers (if'n i remember correctly...the ones i'd suggested were "passing complexion" and "kerosene")

so...he pointed me in the direction of this business recently

i'm not really sure...but the title may or may not reference steve albini

and apparently they got the man's permission to release this

so maybe he's not so much of a dick afterall

and honestly...i don't even know why you'd made that suggestion

some people's kids,man

1 - ready men
2 - sleep!
3 - steelworker
4 - things to do today

DL: king dick

butthole surfers - anus presley demo 1982

it's the butthole surfers

this is a collection of some butthole surfers demos


DL: anus presley demos 1982

black flag - live pain

label: none
released: 1996

this was a little something the germans released

it's made up of 2 shows

1-22 has dez on vocals (7.4.81 - the electric banana - pittsburgh,pa)

22-29 has hank on vocals (7.15.84 - monterey,ca)

but you don't really care about all of that do you?

it's black flag live,bro
1 - damaged I
2 - american waste
3 - clocked in
4 - room 13
5 - rise above
6 - spray paint
7 - damaged II
8 - six pack
9 - jealous again
10 - life of pain
11 - police story
12 - no more
13 - you bet we've got something personal against you
14 - i've heard it before
15 - depression
16 - machine
17 - i've had it
18 - nervous breakdown
19 - no values
20 - fix me
21 - wasted
22 - louie louie
23 - can't decide
24 - my ghetto
25 - black coffee
26 - forever time
27 - nothing left inside
28 - wound up
29 - rat's eyes

DL: live pain

Thursday, January 24, 2013

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 8

Label: n/a
Year: 2013

When I put these compilations, I take great care in sequencing the tracks, aiming to create a cohesive listening experience that takes you on a sensibly navigated tour of the bands' works. Or at least, that's what I say.
Somehow, reviewing this one as I'm posting it, I'm not real sure what's going on with the running's not what I would do now, so I'm not understanding why I did it then. Not that it really matters that much. The music is still tits from beginning to end, that part is fine. Great even. It's just that I see opportunities for better transitions between tracks to help the music flow more as a singular piece, and if I were a more diligent (caring, industrious, proud, or even conscious) man, I'd have gone back and re-ordered the thing. But that seems like cheating or something. Or more work than I care to indulge. If you care to, please feel free to re sequence, and let me know what you come up with.
The bands:
Helios Creed
Four Hour Fogger
Future Of The Left
Geezer Lake
Shit And Shine
Steel Pole Bath Tub
U.S. Maple
Boss Hog
Beasts Of Bourbon


archons - ep II

label: none
released: 2005

what we have here is another one of those iowa bands that like to play that sludgy stuff that you all know and love

actually...they're not from iowa...but have roots in see...there was once a band called sludgeplow...they were from iowa city...they then did what all bands seemed to do back in the 90s and made the move to seattle...where they eventually broke up after releasing a few demos and eps...and then 2/3 of the band took off to san diego,ca (vocalist/bassist chad hartgrave and drummer scott driscoll) and became archons (where they were joined up with a guy that goes by the name of jeff doom on guitars)

the end.

so...with all of that being said...if you liked the sludgeplow that was posted...this will be right up your alley


you need more bands?


happy now?

damn kids.

DL: ep II

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

no trend - teen love 7"

label: no trend records
released: 1983

this is what flipper would've sounded like if they had been signed to dischord records

DL: teen love

kita - demo

label: none
released: 2004

i came across this whilst randomly poking around the internets (because we here at the SGM do the poking so you don't have to...just look at our fingers)

i really don't know all that much about the band

they're from iowa city,ia (and not the originally posted cedar rapids)

and that's all i got for you

musically...this will make your ears leak if'n your down with stuff like some early melvins...some eyehategod...the sludgier side of corrosion of conformity...

really...anything with the word "sludge" attached to it

DL: kita

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Helios Creed - Cosmic Assault

Label: Cleopatra
Year: 1995

From his earlier acid-fried proto industrial haze, Helios Creed seemed to allow the current (current in 1994, mind you) crop of industrial bands to influence his sound to a more straightforward metallic thud and clang. Meaning, while Al Jourgenson was no doubt learning how to mold his early 80's dance music into a more menacing attack with no small thanks to Helios Creed, Helios Creed then molded his throbbing (gristle?) blur of sound into a more Ministry type industrial band. Complete with repititious metal riffs and simple drum patterns. That's not to say that it isn't "good", it is. So long as you like the golden age of Wax Trax Records, or you hate the sun, or your parents.
Chris McKay, formerly of Spit (exactly...who?), and who played on most Helios Creed records from 1994-1999, is on bass. Paul Della Pelle, formerly of Ruin (um...who?), and who played on most Helios Creed records from 1991-2008, and who played more recently with Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine, is on drums. And Z Sylver, who has been a long time Helios Creed collaborator lends her hand to samples and synthesizer (how quaint).


Monday, January 21, 2013

shorty - thumb days

label: gasoline boost records
released: 1993

"mark harmon having a stroke while drunkenly mocking david yow" -some guy

twitchy and awkward


that sounds about right

DL: thumb days

v/a - dynamite with a laserbeam: queen as heard through the meat grinder of three one g

label: three one g
released: 2002

i'd always thought the whole idea behind the making of a tribute album was to pay tribute to a band....not mock them

don't get me wrong...there are a few decent covers on this album (namely: the blood brothers...the locust...melt banana)

but there are also some sure-fire ways to clear a room (namely: asterisk*...get hustle...bastard noise)

so...if you're familiar with anything three one g has know what this has got in store for you

as for the rest of've been warned

1 - the blood brothers - under pressure
2 - get hustle - another one bites the dust
3 - asterisk* - ogre battle
4 - das oath - we are the champions
5 - gogogo airheart - death on two legs (dedicated to...)
6 - upsilon acrux - bicycle race
7 - sinking body - who needs you
8 - glass candy - the fairy feller's master stroke
9 - the locust - flash's theme
10 - weasel walter - bohemian rhapsody
11 - the spacewurm - vultan's theme (attack of the hawk men)
12 - fast forward - crazy little thing called love
13 - the convocation of... - get down,make love
14 - bastard noise - lily of the valley
15 - tourettes laurtec - killer queen
16 - melt banana - we will rock you

DL: dynamite with a laserbeam

the jesus lizard - live at brixton academy

label: none
released: 1994

this was a one-sided 7" that came along with a copy of a zine called FEAR AND LOATHING (issue #21 to be exact) that was released over in london,england

1 - the art of self defense
2 - nub

DL: live at brixton academy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

V/A - Pickle Patch - Compilation Series number 1

Label: Dim Mak
Year: 1999

The Pickle Patch was a co-op house in Isla Vista (H.I.V.) that existed for a few years in the late Nineties (well, I imagine the house is still there, but it's doubtful the current residents are privy to the Pickle Patch legacy), that housed a handful of hardcore college folks (hardcore about "hardcore", not hardcore about clarify), and anytime you get a couple of hardcore dudes under one roof, you have enough power strips, and aren't afraid to lose your security deposit, you're gonna get house shows. It's just how it goes. Sorry landlords.
I lived in Isla Vista ever so briefly one summer, just down the street (Sabado Tarde, represent!), and was good friends with one Pickle Patch resident and Atlanta ex-patriot, Mike Phyte (currently of Outer Loop Management), and had the privilege of meeting and playing Sunday morning soccer with the other housemates, Brett, there was an Andy, and Steve Aoki (currently the famous DJ, who I occasionally see on television doing....stuff) who's label released this effort. Top quality people.
The living room/kitchen venue hosted a surprising array of bands touring at the time, and I'm amazed that, not only did they get so many shows without being shut down, but that the recordings of each show came out so well. This doesn't sound like a boombox recording of a band completely blowing out the levels, all drums and the rest noise style. The recordings are amazingly clean and balanced.
If you had any interest in late 90's hardcore, post hardcore, or related bric-a-brac, then this one is for you, you can probably guess which bands aged better than others. Originally it came with a zine (didn't everything from 1999 originally come with a zine?).
The bands:
Creeper Lagoon
St. James Infirmary
Blue Ontario
Atom and His Package
Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live
The Third Sex
Butch Bowen
Former Members Of Alfonsin
Fury 66
Planes Mistaken For Stars
Shane Smith
Dynamic Seven
Submission Hold
I Wish I
The Thrones
No Knife
Give Until Gone
The Most Secret Method


Thursday, January 17, 2013

black sabbath - sabotage

label: warner bros.
released: 1975

it's been said by me before...and it bears repeating: all you need are the first 6 black sabbath albums (and even though i've slagged the NEVER SAY DIE! album in the past...the song "a hard road" gets me pumped every time i listen to it)

in my opinion...this is where black sabbath came to an end (no no...we've already had the dio discussion...and the same goes for all of the other guys as well)

on this album...the band continued to distance themselves from the dooooom they'd become known for (which they'd started to do on their VOL.4 album)...and started becoming even more experimental/progressive sounding...mixing all that was good about the previous two albums (the above mentioned VOL.4 and SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH)

and just so you know...for those of you that are going to go out and buy a copy of sabbath's new album when it gets released (titled "13")...there's no such thing as a "reformed black sabbath" without bill for new music from the band...all i should have to say is "psycho man"

DL: sabotage

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

v/a - this is good: a tribute to black flag

label: land o' smiles
released: 2010

i'll bet you can't guess what this is....

1 - unearthly trance - in my head
2 - black sun - room 13
3 - h c minds - black coffee
4 - deathcrawl - life of pain
5 - raw radar war - spray paint
6 - fistula - she's black
7 - climax denial - nervous breakdown
8 - rape-x - family man
9 - ghast - machine
10 - persistence in mourning - what i see
11 - pollution - the crazy girl
12 - hellblock six - american waste
13 - sollubi - nothing left inside
14 - pusdrainer - police story

DL: this is good: a tribute to black flag

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

off! - first four eps

label: vice records
released: 2010

you've got keith morris

you've got raymond pettibon art

i'll bet you can't guess what you're in for

DL: first four eps

Monday, January 14, 2013

late! - pocketwatch

label: self-released
released: 1992

this is dave grohl recording under a pseudonym...he did it because he didn't want his music influencing nirvana (he had joined a year prior to this being recorded...though there was a song titled "color pictures of a marigold" that was released on the HEART-SHAPED BOX single titled "marigold")

a remixed version of the song "just another story about skeeter thompson" was released on buzz osbourne's (singer/guitar player:(the)melvins) solo album as "skeeter"

he played all of the instruments himself

happy birthday,dave grohl

DL: pocketwatch

Sunday, January 13, 2013

rabbits - lower forms

label: relapse records
released: 2011

you look like the sort of character that like some melvins and some red fang and eyehategod and karp and harvey milk and guitars that sound like basses (this trio doesn't have one of those pesky bass players)

this will be right up your alley,sir and/or m'am

also of note...ex-the vss guitarist josh hughes does what he does with this band nowadays

DL: lower forms

vaz - pink confetti

label: ?
recorded: 2007

the reason for me using the term "recorded" and not "released" is because it's never been officially released

" did you get your hands on it?"

just never you fell offa the back of a truck

addendum: we were contacted by vocalist paul erickson...and that's why the DL is gone...apparently the album is getting an official release in the spring

Saturday, January 12, 2013

black sabbath - self-titled

label: warner bros.
released: 1970

friendships have ended

bands have broken up

dishes have been smashed against the wall in dining rooms

and in one instance...urine was placed on someone else's pants

what caused all of the shenanigans?

one question....

who was the first "heavy metal" band?

some say it was black sabbath

some say it was led zeppelin

i say...go and listen to each band's first album...and then come back to talk to me

but i will say this...i can listen to the entirety of led zeppelin's discography...but when it comes to black sabbath's...all you really need are the first 6 albums

"come on,maaaaaan....dio,maaaaaan"

i'm just gonna say it...not really a fan

yeah...just walk away....

DL: black sabbath

spite - bastard complex

label: prosthetic records
released: 1999

at one time these folks were considered one of alternative press' 100 bands to keep your eye on

and then they were gone (turns out that their guitar player had passed away)

these fine folks from charlotte,nc cranked out something that would've taken shape had unsane/kittens/helmet/the jesus lizard combined forces

one word to describe this band: annihilism (and i realize that's not a word...yet)

DL: bastard complex

contortion horse - self-titled

label: self-released
released: 1995

first off...there's a song called "there's a dead hermaphrodite in the refrigerator in my backyard" on this album

secondly...if you like you some early season to risk...this is for you,friend

thirdly...the band's drummer has played with both beck and the flaming lips're going to snag this up because we told you to

that's right

and shouldn't have even needed reasons 2-4

DL: contortion horse

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 7

Label: n/a
Year: 2013

New year, new compilation (of old music), and the next installment in the ever expanding Shiny Grey Monotone Radio series.
This volume stays pretty heavy and aggro from the get-go, and doesn't let up until the very end (I have to give you the post-coital smoke, right?). I also think this volume is a good balance of heavyweights and smaller, lesser known bands. I can also give this one my endorsement as fantastic exercise music, it'll have you squat-thrusting you balls off, maxing completely out, and the envy of every gym rat fortunate enough to re-rack your dumb bells.
Feedback on the series is welcome, and requests may or may not be honored (although I will tell you I have already made up through Show 19, so any requests might take awhile to show up). Tell me how much you're lifting with this as your soundtrack.
The bands are:
KEN Mode
It's Casual
Family Man
Crown Roast
White Shit
Festering Rinyanons
White Drugs
The Jesus Lizard


Friday, January 11, 2013

sonic youth - goo

label: dgc
released: 1990

i have a confession to make...i was at one time obsessed with kim gordon's legs...i don't know what it was about them...but there was something....

"but what about her panties?"

that's steve albini's territory

and that brings us to GOO (no...not literally,perv)...the first album in what i like to call their "more accessible trilogy" (GOO/DIRTY/EXPERIMENTAL JET SET,TRASH AND NO STAR)

who here watched the video for "dirty boots" back in the day and was all like "hey,man...i want that,man"?

who here has seen the video for the silversun pickups song "lazy eye" and was all like "waitaminute...i've this is kinda similar to..."?

so...most..if not all..of you should know who sonic youth are

and should already own this

this is a trap

we all now know about your lack of GOO (again...not that way,perv)

DL: goo

the robots - day of the robots

label: man's ruin
released: 1999

i can see by the new bomb turks t-shirt you're wearing that you like the new bomb turks

and then you probably like zeke

and what about some hellacopters?

and you probably dig on some dwarves and cosmic psychos as well,yeah?


DL: day of the robots

hum - you'd prefer an astronaut

label: rca
released: 1995

as i was walking through various thrift stores and pawn shops the other day...i noticed that they all had at least one copy of this album

and that made me question humanity even more

then as i was checking the SGM catalog...i noticed that this hasn't been posted here yet

and that made me question SGM a little bit...and i don't like doing that...the last time i questioned SGM about anything...i woke up with a paper mache billy corgan's head on the pillow next to me

and for those of you that are's getting a re-release on vinyl in march: YOU'D PREFER AN ASTRONAUT

DL: you'd prefer an astronaut

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

disguised as birds - black circles/new demons

label: phratry records
released: 2011 like the united sons of toil...

and you like jawbox....

and you like slint...

and you like fugazi...

and this is the part of the show where you click on the DL

DL: black cirlces/new demons

tinsel teeth - trash as trophy

label: load records
released: 2010

you've been coming here long enough to know what some tinsel teeth is all about

and that's nudity and bodily fluids

and music

sadly...the band recently became a threesome...vocalist stephanie left

so...maybe the band won't be all about some nudity and bodily fluids anymore

either way...strip and douse your body with some bbq sauce

you will do what SGM tells you to do

DL: trash as trophy

Monday, January 7, 2013

tiny hawks - fingers become bridges

label: corleone records
released: 2005

do you like bands consisting of only 2 members?

do you like it when one member plays the drums and the other plays the guitar?

would you like it if they played something akin to the band lightning bolt playing something that sounded like some mid-90's math rock from the midwest?

well well....

look what we have here

DL: fingers become bridges

yaphet kotto - syncopated synthetic laments for love

label: ebullition
released: 2001

once upon a time...i had discovered a genre of music called "screamo"

and as per usual...none of my friends really got it

and as per usual...i had to do a lot of ordering music from catalogs (you can only get the "i drank some bad milk" look from music store employees so much)

where am i going with this?

i'm not really sure

so if you like city of caterpillar...or pageninetynine...or circle takes the square...or practically anything released on either level plane or robotic empire during the late 90s/early 00s....

DL: syncopated synthetic laments for love

bad lovers - long hair,no care

label: affection deficit
released: 2009

what we got here are some fellers that like them some jesus lizard...some melvins...some unsane...some young widows...some pissed jeans...

now you may think that i'm just throwing around all of the key words to capture your attention

if'n i wanted to capture your attention...i'd be walking up behind you with some duct tape and a copy of  the iron maiden album SOMEWHERE IN TIME

"what's that supposed to mean?"

just never you mind what that's supposed to mean

DL: no hair,no care

grids - kansas

label: made in kansas
released: 2010



pissed jeans

young widows

blown speakers

get into it.

DL: kansas

beautiful mother - vanilla

label: self released
released: 2011

you like flipper

you like pigeon religion

you like hawks

you like upsidedown cross

do you see what i'm getting at?

DL: vanilla

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deerhunter - Turn It Up Faggot

Label: Stickfigure
Year: 2005

"Oh man, those dudes are nihilists"
- James Joyce (on Deerhunter)
I don't think Deerhunter get credit for being as fucked as they really are, or were...or are. Their grinding drone of noise pop/rock is alternately alien and hypnotically addictive. On this first album, the band relies heavily on bleeding volume to push their songs to the edge of audible recognition, and they succeed in harnessing noise as the sixth "member" of the group. The noise never overtakes the composition, but constantly threatens to.
In recent years, Deerhunter has been championed by the do you say...irritating(?) taste makers of musical journalism, and that's a shame as I believe it turns off a potential audience who would otherwise enjoy the music. And I suppose that's the point of this post, unless you consider us irritating, which I wouldn't necessarily blame you for.
The record is available for purchase here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thee Mighty Caesars - John Lennon's Corpse Revisited

Label: Crypt
Year: 1989

If the previous Cramps posting got you all hot and bothered for more sleazy rock music, then please direct yourselves to Thee Mighty Caesars. They play wild, unhinged, trashcan punk rock as well as anyone, and manage to add a literary tenderness not often associated with music this primal.
This record was their last collection of new material before the band split and Billy Childish went on to release about two albums a year for the next decade.
Simple, direct, effective, and a couple choice covers thrown in for good measure. What more could you ask for?

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