Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - majesty

released 1995

i was going to post this album...but it turns out that grAy had already done that back in '09...and seeing as how the great mediafire of 2012 destroyed everything...i'm going to lend him a hand by re-posting it along with his original write up

because that's what we do around here at the SGM...we lend hands...even when you don't want them (but the only time we've really ever come across some not wanting the hand lended has been in public restrooms...i guess it's true what they say: what happens in SGM stays in SGM)

and now...grAy's words: (as posted on 4.22.09)

For a split second, Richmond, Virginia was the hot shit of the greater hardcore/punk rock world. It was in the middle 90's about the time Sam McPheeters moved there, Buzzov*en moved there, even the girl from Spitboy moved there for a minute, and they had a really cool artsy/weird/noisy punk scene going to accent their established hardcore scene (Avail, Four Walls Falling, Kilara, Action Patrol, Askance, etc...oh yeah, and Gwar, can't forget those retards). The Capitol of the Confederacy was really cooking.
Right there in the middle of that noisy scene was Hose.Got.Cable, who took the immediacy of hardcore, and wrapped it in the twitching song structures of math rock. I don't think that won them a ton of fans, but it assured them that those people who liked it, really liked it.
I only managed to catch them once live, in a living room in Athens, Georgia when they were touring with Men's Recovery Project (who incidentally canceled en route to the show), and I remember them being incredibly intense, especially in light of the show being in a living room in front of 15 or so people, when the headliner is a no-show. They could have bagged it, but they fought the good fight and won my respect (which is worth...not too much I would imagine).
The band members were in, or went on to be in: Gingwin, Nudibranch, Orlock, As It Stands, Groove, RPG, Alabama Thunderpussy, Fatty Love (which had future Lamb Of God folks), Hgual, The Catholic Church, Mens Recovery Project, and the Rah Brahs.
Also the last song on here is credited as "Untitled", but it's a live cover of Joy Division's "Transmission".

DL: majesty

Monday, February 27, 2012

born against - 5.15.91 - wfmu - jersey city,nj

well...simply by you taking the time out of your day to read're obviously a fan of born against

or you just needed something to read while you're sitting on the toilet with your laptop

either/or...this is a fairly decent recording of a little something the band did on the radio back when radio was worth listening to

good times

1 - test pattern
2 - jock gestapo
3 - shroud
4 - xmas eve
5 - alive with pleasure
6 - mary and child
7 - witness to a rape
8 - born again
9 - well fed fuck

DL: born against @wfmu

hopesfall - the satellite years

released 2002

"ipecac,bro...what are you doing?"

for those of you that haven't heard of this album...all i can say is that you need to...if only for the closer that goes by the name of "the bending"

and for those of you that have...and want to say something about it....

this album is awesome and you know it

do you like a little melody in your breakdowns?

hey, do these fellas

have you heard of the band cave in?...remember when people lost their shit when they released the album JUPITER?

what about the band between the buried and me...and the folks losing their shit when they released the album THE SILENT CIRCUS?

there's nothing wrong with getting a little progressive sounding on people's backsides,bro

DL: the satellite years

v/a - never give in: a tribute to bad brains

released 1999

you get some hardcore bands covering the bad brains

you get some not hardcore bands covering the bad brains

some of the standouts being:

moby covering "sailin' on"
ignite covering "pay to cum"
16 covering "right brigade"
will haven covering "the regulator"
boysetsfire covering "i against i"

i may or may not have lied about one of those

1 - sailin' on - moby
2 - ignite - pay to cum
3 - skinlab - the messengers
4 - vision of disorder - soulcraft
5 - snapcase - i
6 - entombed - yout' juice
7 - rykers - attitude
8 - 16 - right brigade
9 - sepultura - gene machine/don't bother me
10 - adamantium - re-ignition
11 - downset - supertouch/shitfit
12 - haste - no conditions
13 - will haven - the regulator
14 - turmoil - coptic times
15 - boysetsfire - i against i
16 - shai hulud - fearless vampire killers
17 - s.f.a. - banned in dc
18 - breakdown - the regulator
19 - cave in - i love i jah

DL: never give in: a tribute to bad brains

vision of disorder - self-titled

released 1996

you remember our old friend 90's hardcore,yeah?

"really,bro? vision of fucking disorder?"

if you haven't already picked up at least $10.00 in invisible change from off of the floor or haven't been to holland by at least track 4 ("viola")...maaaaan...just take off those baggy khakis and your backpack and leave

DL: vision of disorder

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melvins - Live at the Showbox - Seattle - 07-26-08

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2008

This is a soundboard recording which accompanied a video that a guy was circulating around the internet a couple years ago. The sound quality is pretty ace, as you would expect from the soundboard.
The show features a good amount of Nude With Boots material, plus some songs from Bullhead, Houdini, Electroretard, (A) Senile Animal, the "Star Spangled Banner", and their version of "My Generation" that surfaced a couple years later on The Bride Screamed Murder.
Not that you're on the fence about the Melvins or anything, but my own opinion is that even though the band's recorded output has suffered from a lack of editing as of late, their live shows are still impeccable. The dueling drums are blistering, and Buzzo's guitar is as damaging as ever.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the jesus lizard/nirvana split

released 1993

some band called the jesus lizard do a song called "puss"

some band called nirvana do a song called "oh,the guilt"

it's ok

DL: the jesus lizard/nirvana split

mudhoney - superfuzz bigmuff plus early singles

released 1990

everyone knows about some mudhoney


there's always gotta be that one guy,man

well...if it weren't for mudhoney vocalist mark arm...there probably wouldn't have been any of that grunge business ( might've had a different tag's rumored that he's the one that came up with the word "grunge")

they came together back in the year nineteen of eighty eight after the band green river split up (members mark arm and steve turner were members)...and they were joined by former melvins bassist matt lukin and bundle of hiss drummer dan peters

so that right there should tell you all you need to know

you see all of the band names,right?

it's called "pedigree"...and this band has it

this combines the band's SUPERFUZZ BIGMUFF and BOILED BEEF & ROTTING TEETH EPS and their half of a split they did with sonic youth (covering their song "halloween")

so go and get that flannel out if it's tupperware container....get drunk...and start throwing yourself off of the back of the couch (i don't care if you are a recovering alcoholic...that's what AA meetings are for...and you know you want to be the first one to ever say that you relapsed because of grunge)

happy birthday,mark arm

DL: superfuzz bigmuff plus early singles

The Last Crime - The Last Crime

Label: The Omega
Year: 1997

Kevin Egan is another one of "those dudes" whom I will always listen out for, and whom I am generally pleased with their entire canon of work. He just seems to have good taste in music and musical collaborators. Maybe he's a total dick in real life, maybe he's a pedophile, maybe he clubs baby harp seals on the weekends, I don't know (but for the record: SGM does not condone baby harp seal clubbing or pedophilia, and we in no way accuse Mr. Kevin Egan [hereto for known as "Client"] of any activities not permitted by the United States Constitution, or those laws defined by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich England) but I've liked everything he's done, Beyond, 1.6 Band, all that stuff.
The Last Crime took their hardcore roots and dipped them in a heavy mixture of June of 44, Native Nod, Unwound, and Drive Like Jehu. Diagnosis: delicious!


Monday, February 20, 2012

v/a - the tyranny of the beat

released 1991

This pretty much has everything that'll make goth punks in their 40s super stoked (if that can even happen)

it covers all the mascara covered bases with some early industrial...some post punk...some electronic noise....

1 - SPK - in flagrante delicto
2 - throbbing gristle - see you are (live)
3 - cabaret voltaire - automotivation
4 - chris carter - solidit (edit)
5 - die krupps - wahre arbeit, wahrer lohn
6 - DAF - co co pina
7 - einstürzende neubauten - tanz debil
8 - NON - cruenta voluptas
9 - can - oh yeah
10 - wire - our swimmer (live)
11 - swell maps - midget submarines
12 - the boys next door - shivers
13 - dome - cruel when complete
14 - monte cazazza - candy man
15 - the hafler trio - a thirsty fish/the dirty fire

if you take anything away from this post...let it be this: the awesomeness of the can/wire/swell maps triple threat

DL: the tyrrany of the beat

John Henry West - John Henry West 7"

Label: Gravity
Year: 1993

So this post comes to you as a result of a conversation I had (via text, so maybe "conversation" isn't the correct term..."exchange"? Is exchange a better word?) with a friend who had just seen another friend after a prolonged absence. So those two gentlemen are talking, catching up on old times, and since they were both active in the 1990's hardcore scene, and more specififically the hardcore scene on the Western Coast of the United States, they started talking about mutual acquaintences from that time period. One peculiar thread of their conversation, the one my friend found worthy enough to relay to me, and now I am relaying to you, is that while visiting San Francisco on a recent visit, this other guy had run into Mike Kirsch, of John Henry West fame, who was now going by the name Sally as a he had undergone a sex reassignment surgery and was in fact, a woman. Huh?!
Can anyone confirm this report, because it seems super weird to me, but maybe I'm just old fashioned and in my day, bearded, sensitive, hardcore dudes who liked to ramble between songs about the plight of the El Salvadorian textile worker's union were just that...dudes.
Also, it was reported that Mike/Sally was battling cancer, and if that's true, we here at Shiny Grey Monotone wish him/her the best of luck. Cancer is no joke, and Mike/Sally seems to be a very nice man/woman, and I hate to hear of that happening to him/her. Here's hoping that he/she finds the strength to beat cancer and get back to making more great music.


nirvana for beginners

happy birthday,kurt

1 - i hate myself and want to die
2 - oh,the guilt
3 - territorial pissing
4 - floyd the barber
5 - moist vagina
6 - gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip
7 - curmudgeon
8 - scentless apprentice
9 - aneurysm
10 - endless,nameless

DL: nirvana for beginners

Sunday, February 19, 2012

far - quick

released 2008

some of you might think that this really doesn't belong here

some of you might think that this fits in nicely amongst everything else and recall some fond memories of days gone past

some of you might find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife

and you might ask yourself "well,how did i get here?"

this (the band's second album) was originally released in 1994...and then quickly went out of print

on this (the re-release) get 3 covers (pj harvey's "sheela na gig"/madonna's "live to tell"/led zeppelin's "heartbreaker"...which also has a nice little nod to helmet)

the band split up back in 1999...but reformed and released an album back in 2010 (AT NIGHT WE LIVE)...but apparently that's all the band could muster and split up once again (as vocalist jonah matranga put it..."there's too much drama")

DL: quick

black sabbath - live at last

released 1980

we all know who black sabbath are/were

and we all agree that the first 6 sabbath albums are all you really need to own

and we all know that black sabbath without a member of black sabbath isn't really black sabbath ( know what i'm talking about)

and are you like me in feeling that when ozzy osbourne talks...he either needs to sing the words or come with subtitles?

i remember picking this up on cassette back in the 5th grade at a k-mart and listening to it way too much (the 19 minute jam that is "wicked world" was...and still is...where it's at)

this is the only officially released (though unapproved by the band) live document of the ozzy-era black sabbath (we're not going to talk about the 1998 released REUNION album)

so...will you welcome...BLACK SABBATH

happy birthday,tony iommi

1 - tomorrow's dream
2 - sweet leaf
3 - killing yourself to live
4 - cornucopia
5 - snowblind
6 - embryo/children of the grave
7 - war pigs
8 - wicked world
9 - paranoid

DL: live at last

band of susans - love agenda

released 1989

originally named after the number of people named susan that was in their line-up (which was 3)...but went down to only the one on this album (the bass player)

this features a then pre-helmet page hamilton on guitar (and includes the first time for him taking the microphone on the very uncharacteristic "it's locked away")

DL: love agenda

free kitten - sentimental education

released 1997

an indie "super group" consisting of kim gordon (bass player/singer:sonic youth)...julie cafritz (singer:pussy galore)...mark ibold (bassist:pavement)...yoshimi p-we (drummer:boredoms)...and DJ spooky (he only appeared on this album)

this would fit nicely between the "goo" and "dirty" albums by sonic youth

DL: sentimental education

Saturday, February 18, 2012

treepeople/archers of loaf split 7"

released 1994

this is treepeople and archers of loaf

2 bands you should already know and like

this is treepeople giving you an original song and an archers of loaf cover

this is archers of loaf giving you an original song and a treepeople cover

this is something that you're going to get

DL: treepeople/archers of loaf split

kiss it goodbye - be afraid

released 1996

i'd like to think that you all know who kiss it goodbye are/were

and for those that don't...

remember the band deadguy?

remember how pissed off they always seemed to be?

this is what happens when you put deadguy in a can and shake it up

this is a cassette demo of some stuff that went onto appear on their SHE LOVES ME,SHE LOVES ME NOT album and their CHOKE 7"

DL: be afraid

Thursday, February 16, 2012

pigface - fook

released 1992

for those of you not in the know...pigface is a sort of supergroup that was formed during ministry's THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE tour that ended up taking on a life of it's own with a revolving door of musicians that's involved everyone from david yow (the jesus lizard) to jello biafra (dead kennedys) to paul raven (killing joke) to trent reznor (nine inch nails) to steve albini (big black) to nivek ogre (skinny puppy)...

but for this album...some of the folks involved are: chris connelly (revolting cocks)...william tucker (my life with the thrill kill kult)...andrew weiss (rollins band)...en esch (kmfdm)...leslie rankin (silverfish)...

so hopefully you've already made up your mind and are already downloading this

and if you haven''ve got all kinds of problems that we here at SGM just aren't equipped to handle (well...not anymore...we got out license revoked...some "concerned" citizen made a phone call...we can't really divulge any other sort of information until after the trial)

fook indeed

DL: fook

pailhead - trait

released 1988

"hey! you got your straight edge in my heroin!"

"hey! you got your heroin in my straight edge!"

"more for me then."

the very unlikely pairing of ian mckaye and ministry

this predated al's other courtship of another punk luminary in the endeavor that was known as lard

fugazi had just released their SELF-TITLED EP

ministry had just released THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY

so what this comes off as is an industrial sounding version of minor threat

and while al and ian were sitting in the recording studio while taking a break from looked as if he were going to slide a mirror with a white powdery substance on it across the table to ian...and ian says "i will refuse"

and then they both crack up*

*=this may or may not have happened

DL: trait

ministry - in case you didn't feel like showing up

released 1990

fuck me
fuck me
fuck you
fuck you
fuck everyone
fuck the church
fuck jesus
fuck mary
fuck the jews
fuck the buddhists
fuck the hindus
fuck george bush
fuck barbara bush
fuck tipper gore
fuck everyone
fuck gorbachev
fuck noriega
fuck all these assholes
fuck you
fuck me
fuck all of you

oh yeah...and some songs were played

1 - breathe
2 - the missing
3 - deity
4 - so what
5 - burning inside
6 - thieves
7 - stigmata
8 - jello biafra's pledge of allegiance
9 - the land of rape and honey

DL: in case you didn't feel like showing up

morphine - yes

released 1995

i remember seeing these guys on some show back in the 90's...they were playing the song "scratch" from this very album...and i was hooked...the bass...the saxophone...their lack of a guitar all just came together...blues and jazz...the smokey croon (that's right...smokey)

no one else in the room got it...and i went out and bought this album...and drove everyone crazy with it

this could very well make you want to air saxophone...i'd just recommend that you not do it in front of a one wants another incident

while on tour in italy back in 1999...vocalist/bassist mark sandman died on stage while was a heart attack...and it was reported that he was running a fever of over 100 degrees...his last words being "it's a beautiful evening and it's great to stay here and i want to dedicate a super-sexy song to you"

DL: yes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

window liquor - self-titled demo

released 2011

this trio from pennsylvania puts out something that can best be described as "the melvins and young widows making rawdawg dirty love"

and you know you want in on some of that action

so sit down and wait your turn

would you like something to read while you're waiting?

DL: window liquor

melvana - sacrifice/way of the world 7"

where were you on january 15,1992?

you know what buzz osborne and dave grohl and krist novoselic were doing?

they were at the crocodile cafe in seattle doing this

"what were they doing?"

they were covering the band flipper

and then it was dubbed "melvana"

"what's melvana?" osborne sings for some band called the melvins

dave grohl and krist novoselic were members of some band called nirvana



see what they did there?

DL: melvana

Brainiac - Live VPRO Session - 06-03-96

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1996

Brainiac live on the radio, sounding good, and one can assume, looking good as well. I played this at work, and a co-worker asked if this was the new "owls fucking" record. Guess he doesn't like Brainiac's keyboard wizardry. That being said, he is more of a country music fan, so this is most likely a stretch for his ears and I understand his hesitance to enjoy the warped sensibilities of Brainiac. Fair play.
Trying out a different file hosting service after the Great Mediafire Meltdown of 2012, so hopefully, this works for everyone.


v/a - let there be singles (the imports)

released 1996

this was a compilation put out by alternative tentacles that was released over in the uk

'nuff said

disc 1:
1 - los gusanos - i'd love to save the world
2 - los gusanos - keeping time
3 - los gusanos - know what i got here
4 - los gusanos - ride
5 - los gusanos - harrahya
6 - los gusanos - doors
7 - los gusanos - mexico
8 - pachinko - booble head
9 - pachinko - lesbians or lovers
10 - pachinko - get along gang
11 - molotov cocktail - drive
12 - molotov cocktail - aliens
13 - molotov cocktail - jerks in progress
14 - molotov cocktail - tcts
15 - buzzkill - fuck your band
16 - buzzkill - meat
17 - buzzkill - thick slab meat
18 - buzzkill - my own self
19 - tribe 8 - wrong bathroom
20 - tribe 8 - radar love (live) (1)
21 - tribe 8 - ice cream man (live) (2)
22 - tribe 8 - manipulate (live)
23 - the hanson brothers - brad
24 - the hanson brothers - hey,there goes that kid

disc 2:
1 - kepone - 295
2 - kepone - phobic
3 - radiopuhelimet - säälimättömän ovela mies
4 - radiopuhelimet - optiolaulu
5 - radiopuhelimet - paha puoli
6 - radiopuhelimet - jäämeri
7 - radiopuhelimet - palaan pohjoiseen
8 - sibling rivalry - see my way
9 - sibling rivalry - on the beach
10 - sibling rivalry - don't be so strange
11 - white trash debutantes - bill dakota
12 - white trash debutantes - bad in bed
13 - hack - rawhead
14 - hack - the promise
15 - hack - everything
16 - nomeansno - dad
17 - nomeansno - revenge
18 - tragic mulatto - whole lotta love (3)

1=golden earring cover
2=tom waits cover
3=led zeppelin cover

DL: disc 1
DL: disc 2

dinosaur jr. - the wagon/better than gone 7"

released 1990

you should already know who dinosaur jr. are

this is them giving you a song found on their GREEN MIND album

and then they give you a song written (and partially sung by) don flemming ("who?" you may be asking yourself right about now...well...he's produced albums by sonic youth and teenage fan club and screaming well as being a member of the bands half japanese and gumball)

DL: the wagon/better than gone 7"

mule - if i don't six

released 1994

a "hillbilly jesus lizard"

listen and picture this if you will: david yow as the blind singer/guitar player in the band that was in the movie roadhouse (the jeff healey band)

and quit playing dumb...we've all seen that movie at least once

joe cocker doing his best bob seger fronting the black crowes meets shorty behind chicken wire

DL: if i don't six

Monday, February 13, 2012

v/a - never mind the molluscs

released 1993

do you like canada?

can you look past the fact that they refer to ham as "canadian bacon"?

well...sub pop wants you to like canada (namely halifax)

and to help you with that...this was a little something that they put together

1 - sloan - pillow fight
2 - jale - lung
3 - eric's trip - blue sky for julie/smother
4 - idee du nord - iodine eyes

DL: never mind the molluscs


1990, bootleg

Another show from early on, another kick-ass audience tape and a bit better sounding than this one ; a little overdriven, but really, I think that adds to the energy of the performance we hear here.
The band is on top of their game here, not that they ever weren't, and the set smokes. Go figure.

At least a pack a day.

The setlist follows:

01. Then Comes Dudley
02. One Evening
03. Bloody Mary
04. Nub
05. Lady Shoes
06. Pastoral
07. Karpis
08. Seasick
09. If You Had Lips
10. Mouthbreather
11. Killer McHann
12. SDBJ
13. My Own Urine
14. Blockbuster
15. Chrome

Again, enjoy loudly.


2011, bootleg

From last year, this lengthy and rather good sounding set is one of my favourites from my stash of Shellac shows. We're treated to a couple of newer songs here, including 'Riding Bikes' and 'He Came In You', along with the epic 'Dude, Imcredible', which seems to have been a staple of their live shows for the last couple years.
The incredibly talented Alison Chesney (formerly of Verbow whom along with Jason Narducy she was the core of), known also by her Helen Money moniker, opened for them. Check out her website here.

Shellac's set follows:

01 Canada
02 Watch Song
03 Gary, Indiana
04 Steady As She Goes
05 Compliant
06 My Black Ass
07 He Came in You
08 A Minute
09 Squirrel Song
10 Riding Bikes
11 Copper
12 Prayer To God
13 Q&A with Bob
14 Killers
15 Dog & Pony Show
16 The End Of Radio
17 Dude, Incredible
18 Boycott
19 Crow

Enjoy loudly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

fetish 69 - antibody

released 1993

word on the street is that you like some fudge tunnel

and you like some godflesh

and you like some of that THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY-era ministry

and a little bit o' early helmet

and now you can like this

go on

like it

like it now

DL: antibody

v/a - take your medicine

released 1996

the cover boasts this to be "a heavy dose of sonic overload"

and i'm going to agree with that statement

do you like clam chowder?

do you like beards?

do you like the word "burly"?'re in luck,friend...the good folks over at wonderdrug records have given you a soundtrack for all of those things

beware the aftertaste

1 - 6l6 - i can't wait
2 - scissorfight - cramp
3 - honkeyball - rodeo life
4 - stompbox - crackerlung
5 - slaughtershack - a.t.f
6 - slughog - triple clutcher
7 - swank - torque
8 - 6l6 - yeah,right
9 - quintaine americana - retarded whore
10 - rockertsled - battle of the half-wits
11 - honkeyball - cutthroat humor
12 - malachite - going under
13 - mung - daily news
14 - slughog - berzurkel
15 - scissorfight - planet of ass
15 - 6l6 - another day

DL: take your medicine

Saturday, February 11, 2012

lord - self-titled

released 2011

these chicago-ians will be opening up the unselvins extravaganza at the stop it makes in dekalb,il (that being on may 2) that i'll be attending (i'll be the guy in the HOUDINI baby-tee up near the stage)

so...if you enjoy a good iron maiden-sounding twin geetar attack...and some melvins...and some unsane...and some pelican (the band or the bird)...and some old school corrosion of conformity...some old school megadeth...

if you'd like to become pals...go here

and now if you'll excuse me...i have some squat thrusts that i need to get done

DL: lord

v/a - fear of smell 12"

released 1993

do you like any of the bands mentioned down yonder?

then you should probably get this

1 - eric wood - species of cruelty
2 - the nation of ulysses - dig the ulysses mad pad scene
3 - tit wrench - self-storage
4 - rorschach - synthetic intelligence
5 - man is the bastard - combat weed
6 - sugarshock - terror
7 - rich oliver - fuck everything
8 - heroin - a portion
9 - native nod - mr. president
10 - infest - nothing's changed
11 - 1.6 band - throwing rocks
12 - woodrow - the love theme from kiss
13 - merel - rusty fish dead pipes
14 - moss icon - it disappears
15 - sam & joe - save the children
16 - hell no - cut the artery

DL: fear of smell

die 116 - dyna-cool

released 1995

yet another band that crawled out of the rorschach muck

this is where drummer andrew gormley landed after the band's demise back in 1993

he's joined by former burn guitarist gavin van vlack (who also does vocals here) and stillsuit bassist manuel carrero

[x] helmet
[x] jesus lizard,the
[x] orange 9mm
[x] quicksand

DL: dyna-cool

rorschach - autopsy

released 1995

hey deadguy.

hey kiss it goodbye.

hey playing enemy.

you're welcome.

DL: autopsy

Friday, February 10, 2012


Well, my account was wiped out today, meaning anything I have ever posted to this blog is g-o-n-e. Sorry. If you didn't get it then, you won't be getting now.

Bummer, because I sorta thought we were over the Megaupload fallout, and the service providers had overreacted by deleting people's files, but apparently not. Sucks that they also deleted my personal files as well, work I did professionally, and even music I created which is certainly not copy written.

Guess I'll have to switch to another service, or something. What's the one that seems to be working?

v/a - judgement night: music from the motion picture

released 1993

this is the soundtrack to the movie that brought together emilio estevez and dennis leary

getting the hip hop in the metal

and then came along 2 fellas named johnathan davis and fred durst...and they slapped their baggy clothes and backwards baseball hats on it and called it theirs...

suburbia has never been quite the same since

1 - helmet/house of pain - just another victim
2 - teenage fanclub/de la soul - fallin'
3 - living colour/run dmc - me and my microphone
4 - biohazard/onyx - judgement night
5 - slayer/ice t - disorder*
6 - faith no more/boo-ya t.r.i.b.e. - another body murdered
7 - sonic youth/cypress hill - i love you mary jane
8 - mudhoney/sir mix-a-lot - freak momma
9 - dinosaur jr/del tha funky homosapien - missing link
10 - therapy?/fatal - come and die
11 - pearl jam/cypress hill - real thing

*=medley of songs by the band the exploited ("war"/"uk '82"/"disorder")

DL: judgement night ost

skeleton key - fantastic spikes through balloon

released 1997

i was turned onto this band when i saw them in tinley park,il back in 1997 when they were touring as part of lollapalooza...and i didn't really know what i was in for...they went on after a japanese band called the pugs that i had decided to stay and i stood there watching them set up...and they had a circle of what looked liked pots and various pieces of scrap metal set up front...this peaked my interest (as for the friend that was with me at that moment...he wasn't too enthused as he wanted to keep walking around...and he wanted to see when korn were supposed to be on the main stage...but alas...korn pulled out because their guitar player was diagnosed with meningitis...and all of the korn kids were walking around with makeshift signs showing their dismay) there i stood with the friend...and they started to play...and i was sucked for my friend...he stomped off

yeah...sometimes having friends isn't all it's cracked up to be

the best way i can describe this is if the jesus lizard and tom waits and primus and mr. bungle got together and made an album

so hopefully i've successfully sold you on this album

if i haven't...i apologize for taking up your time...and i'll send you an out of state check for the time it took you to read everything

DL: fantastic spikes through balloon

mike watt - 5.6.95 - metro - chicago,il

you all know who mike watt us,yes?


some of you didn't raise your hand

i'm gonna need you to leave the room...and then go and track down the movie WE JAM ECONO...and then i'm gonna need you to find everything you can from the bands the minutemen and fIREHOSE...and then lock yourself into a room with it all until it's all been gone through

and then you'll have to stand in front of the class and give a 10 minute report on what you've learned

as for what this is...this was a show he played as part of the RINGSPIEL tour back in '95...and his back up band was pretty much a who's who of early 90's "alternative" music: you get dave grohl playing some drums and providing some guitar and back up vocals...pat smear providing some guitar and some vocals...and eddie vedder providing some vocals and guitar...and william goldsmith playing some drums (so he pretty much has the foo fighters backing him up...this was their first tour) vedder was along for the ride as part of the band hovercraft (who he played drums for)

they mix it up with some of watt's solo stuff and some fiREHOSE stuff and some minutemen stuff along with some random covers

also of note (to maybe 1-2 of you out there)...they perform a song called "habit" which ended up on the the yet to be released pearl jam album NO CODE

1 - walking the cow*
2 - big train
3 - formal introduction##
4 - against the 70's
5 - drove up from pedro
6 - habit+
7 - makin' the freeway##
8 - chinese firedrill
9 - piss-bottle man
10 - forever/one reporter's opinion
11 - e-ticket ride
12 - political song for michael jackson to sing^
13 - coincidence is either hit or miss
14 - the red and the black@
15 - secret garden^^
16 - powerful hanmkerin'##

*=daniel johnston cover
##=fiREHOSE cover
^=minutemen cover
@=blue oyster cult cover
^^=madonna cover w/ pat smear on vocals
+=pearl jam "cover" w/eddie vedder on vocals

DL: mike watt @the metro

wool - box set

released 1994

this sounds like the queens of the stone age's SELF-TITLED album making babies with nirvana's NEVERMIND

and if you aren't privy to this band...

this is where the stahl brothers (franz and peter) of the d.c. band scream ended up after their drummer left to join some band called nirvana ('d think he was playing on this album...though it's chris bratton...drummer in such bands as drive like jehu/inside out/chain of strength) and bass player skeeter thompson just wandering off (taking his place was ex-concrete blonde bassist al bloch)

dave grohl and queens of the stone age get to be mentioned here again: once the band split up back in 1996...franz stahl went onto join dave grohl in the foo fighters...and peter stahl went onto front the doomy/stonery band goatsnake

so hopefully i've proven helpful in providing some words that will make you want to give this a go (if you haven't already done that)

and if it hasn't...well...geez man...what's the deal?...perhaps you need to find some new pants that'll fit that stick in your ass a little better

DL: box set

Thursday, February 9, 2012

unsane - this plan 7"

released 2001

you like unsane

we like unsane

so...maybe we should go out for some coffee sometime?

and afterwards...i could show you my favorite truck stop bathroom...there's a stall that has a hole in the wall...and the words "mystery meat" written above it in black marker...i'm assuming it's some sort of game...but i have yet to play because there's always such a long line

but we'll talk about that later

this was something the band had released in the land down under to coincide with a tour

you get a song from the OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD album ("this plan")

and you get a flipper cover ("ha,ha,ha")

so...i'll just leave my card for you on the give me a's gonna be awesome

DL: this plan 7"

hex machine - omen mas

released 2009

you ever find yourself wondering what it would sound like if today is the day's steve austin fronted the melvins?

and if you're one of those nerds that likes to smell should go here,nerd

DL: omen mas

Sicbay - The Firelit S'coughs

Label: Obtuse Mule
Year: 2001

The best Sicbay album? Maybe, you tell me. I think it's a contender, as it's the most varied of their full lengths, it takes you from their noise rock roots through to their eventual English post-punk stylings, and makes a few stops in between.

Can't really go wrong with Sicbay no mater what they're playing though, so your best bet is to simply sit back and let them do the driving.


V/A - Louisville Babylon

Label: Analog Distillery
Year: 1994

Not surprisingly, based on the title, this is a compilation of Louisville bands covering their favorite Misfits songs, to varying degrees of success, and with varying degrees of fidelity.
I will say this; as much as I love a lot of the music that has come out of Louisville, I can't help but bristle at the sorta self-congratulatory aura that was built up (internally mind you) in the mid-Nineties around the hardcore scene (I'm looking at you Scott Richter), when anything coming out of that place was documented to the hilt. It took the concept of scene pride and made it tough to digest, even when there were really good bands, and the city does have a rich history of music, especially for a town it's size. But, for every Endpoint, there was an Enkindel, you know? Like, it wasn't all that great, so maybe let's downplay the hype a bit, that's all.
So, this was originally released on cassette, 500 copies, the bands are:
Crunchy Cereal
Cherub Scourge
Content Zero
Da' Yodelin' Taxidermist
Hula Hoop
Falling Forward
84 Lumber

Also, no Kinghorse? Would it have killed you to get Kinghorse on this thing?


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

helmet - some random crap

this was something i came across while looking through some files on my computer

it's a collection of random stuff culled from some compilations and whatnot


1 - army of me
2 - lord of this world
3 - complete
4 - custard pie
5 - street crab (live)
6 - impressionable
7 - symptom of the universe
8 - sinatra
9 - turned out (live)
10 - rude
11 - you borrowed (live)
12 - gigantor

1=bjork cover from the MUSIC FOR OUR MOTHER OCEAN compilation (1996)

2=black sabbath cover from the VOLUME ELEVEN: READING SPECIAL compilation (1994)

3=from the JOHNNY MNEMONIC soundtrack (1995)

4=led zeppelin cover w/david yow on vocals from the ENCOMIUM: A TRIBUTE TO LED ZEPPELIN compilation (1995)

5=from the METALLURGY compilation (1995)

6=from the DOPE-GUNS 'N FUCKING IN THE STREETS: VOL.5 compilation (1990)

7=black sabbath cover from THE JERKY BOYS soundtrack (1995)

8=from the AMPHETAMINE REPTILE PEEL SESSIONS compilation (1992)

9=from the JABBERJAW: GOOD TO THE LAST DROP compilation (1994)

10=from the AMPHETAMINE REPTILE PEEL SESSIONS compilation (1992)

11=from the IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS compilation (1993)

12=from the SATURDAY MORNING: CARTOONS' GREATEST HITS compilation (1995)

DL: random helmet crap

melvins - 9.13.91 - lounge ax - chicago,il

now...i'm an illinois native...but i'd never attended a show there before it closed back in 2000...mainly because i was just some stupid kid that didn't know any better (we've all been there)...and from the impressive line up of bands that had passed could've been mtv's 120 minutes as a building back in the day

the word "institution" always seems to get thrown in reviews and whatnot

and whenever someone talks about the place...they kind of just stare off into nothing with a smile and a glazed look in their eyes

and you know...if it was good enough to be included in the movie HIGH FIDELITY...that must mean something

oh...and some band called the melvins played there

1 - charmicarmicat
2 - it's shoved
3 - antioxidote
4 - oven
5 - euthenasia
6 - if i had an exorcism
7 - boris
8 - wispy
9 - eye flys
10 - adolescent wet dream*
11 - cow
12 - vile
13 - hog leg

*=pussy galore cover

DL: melvins @lounge ax

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

witchypoo - 4.13.91 - tinuviel's phoenix house - olympia,wa

i suppose this could be considered a "grunge supergroup"

what you get here is slim moon (founder of the kill rock stars record label) on vocals...kurt cobain (duh) on guitar...dave grohl (seriously?) on drums...and joe preston (oh come on!) on bass

1 - intro
2 - (i saw you) shine*
3 - the bars**
4 - three nights**
5 - unknown
6 - jam
7 - unknown
8 - unknown

*=flipper cover
**=black flag cover

DL: witchypoo @tinuviel's party house

poison idea - pajama party

released 1992

do you like poison idea?

do you like cover songs?

this is poison idea playing cover songs.

consider your mind blown.

1 - kick out jams (mc5)
2 - vietnamese baby (new york dolls)
3 - we got the beat (go-go's)
4 - motorhead (motorhead)
5 - endless sleep (jody reynolds)
6 - lawdy miss clawdy (little richard)
7 - jailhouse rock (elvis)
8 - flamethrower love (dead boys)
9 - new rose (the damned)
10 - doctor,doctor (the who)
11 - up front (the wipers)
12 - harder they come (jimmy cliff)

DL: pajama party


1996, Kill Rock Stars

Star Pimp's second and last full-length record, following up on 1993's Seraphim 280z. with more of the goodness they inflicted on whatever open ears that happened to be within range.

Star Pimp - Docudrama
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