Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Corrosion Of Conformity...this Friday in Asheville!

Is anyone within the sound of my voice going to be in Asheville, North Carolina to see Corrosion Of Conformity on Friday night?
I am.
If you are, it would be awesome if you wanted to take the opportunity to buy me a drink.
If you live within, let's say, 500 nautical miles of Asheville, North Carolina (I live 201 miles, I just checked) you should be at this show. It's fucking Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean, and Reed Mullin...duh. None of the southern rock C.O.C., just the outrageously righteous Animosity era C.O.C. You remember them, thee greatest band to ever come out of North Carolina (and I'm including all the wonderful bands I was in as well here folks, not to mention Buzzov*en, Archers Of Loaf, Antiseen, Blownapart Bastards, Polvo, Pipe, Raymond Brake, Stillborn Christians, Geezer Lake, Naked Angels, Catharsis, Superchunk, James Taylor, Flat Duo Jets, Southern Culture On The Skids, Connells, Let's Active, Soda Can, Picasso Trigger, Squatweiler, No Labels, Bloodmobile, Ben Folds Five, Squirrel Nut Zippers, John Coltrane [for real, he's from NC, look it up. So is Thelonious Monk for that matter. Shit, Maz Roach was too, even Dizzy Gillespie went to school there...NC is ballz deep in that ole jazz bull], Hellbender, Motocastor, Rights Reserved, Whiskeytown, Small, Regraped, Shiny Beast...alright...I'm running out of steam), and one of the top five greatest hardcore bands of all mother-fuckin' time? Those guys?
Let me know if you're going.
An eye for an eye will justify murder by the state!

u.s. maple - 5.28.04 - the casbah - san diego,ca

u.s. maple: like shorty...but drunker

1 - my lil' shocker
2 - letter to zz top
3 - babe
4 - rice ain't afraid of nothing
5 - bumps & guys
6 - dumb in the wings
7 - more horror
8 - sweet and center
9 - la click

DL: u.s. maple@the casbah

Friday, July 23, 2010

guyana punch line - maximum smashism

released 1999

seeing as how they were mentioned in the comments section down yonder in the in/humanity be guyana punch line

i first came across these guys back in the days (remember that site?)

what first caught my ear was how chaotic the music was...2 words: reckless abandon

so if you like the dead kennedys (who they've been compared to)...pretty much anything released on the robotic empire label...this blog...the catalyst (who they sound very similar to...or maybe it's the other way around...)

you know what to do (you shouldn't even have to be told to do so anymore...come on!)

DL: maximum smashism

tinsel teeth - pink eye

released 2010

as requested...we present you with tinsel teeth's (lesser known) first full length

and as you probably know...this band will always be backed by SGM

actually...if this blog were a would be tinsel teeth's frontwoman,stephanie

the band also recently released another full length that goes by the name of TRASH AS THE TROPHY...and that may or may not find it's onto SGM...i mean...we can't just hand you everything

and seeing as how some folks aren't getting a track listing:

1 - mirror mirror
2 - captain antagonist
3 - a farewell to architecture
4 - post modern posture
5 - deadweight
6 - into the setting sea
7 - carpathicorn
8 - vertigo inferno
9 - bone orchard
10 - full metal palette

DL: pink eye

the breeders - safari ep

released 1992

these folks sound like the pixies

and they cover a song by the who ("the who?" "yeah" "but who?" "the who" "who?" know...the more you write it..."who" doesn't even seem like a real word)

DL: safari ep

party diktator - stand behind me/quiet line 7"

released 1994

they're german

this was released on amphetamine reptile

now go

DL: stand behind me/quiet line 7"

Thursday, July 22, 2010


but that doesn't mean you can't go and see unsane play their SCATTERED,SMOTHERED & COVERED album in it's entirety for free the night before...or attend the post bash bbq

but you know...if you'd much rather sit at home and watch the mtv in your underwear and have to put up with your grandparents constantly nagging at you to go out and get a job because back in their day they were working at the age of 10 up a hill both ways even in the winter...then by all means...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

In/Humanity - Your Future Lies Smoldering At The Feet Of The Robots

Label: Coalition
Year: 1997

Here's the European version of this 7" (also released by Prank and Stereonucleosis [the band's own label]) which has an extra song the domestic versions don't.
If you lived in the South (that being the southern part of the United States of America, not Namibia or Tasmania, or Uruguay [Uruguay? No, you're a gay!], you know..."the South") during the early and mid 1990's and you found yourself on the business end of a house show or two, chances are In/Humanity rocked your face in. Furthermore, you probably thought of singer Chris Bickel as Jello Biafra reincarnated, reanimated, and (re)updated for the coming millennium, due to his searing wit, confrontational approach, and wild gesticulations. The guy really was a showman par excellence, and the bizarre grinding, throbbing band behind him only accentuating his oddities. Not a lot of bands could mix up the styles In/Humanity did (shit, they coined the "emo-violence" tag) and still come out with a signature sound that raised their craft above the tuneless screamers populating every basement and warehouse within 200 nautical miles of a college. No, In/Humanity carved out quite a legacy, and maybe they were bigger outside of "The South" than I'm giving them credit for, but they seemed to be overlooked in the more fashionable parts of the hardcore world circa 1996, so I thought it'd be time to give you a taste.
Ask Chris Bickel about the rumor that he had both his nipple piercings torn out simultaneously by an overzealous "fan" as he was stripping (as in, in a strip club). Ask him for real, cause I don't know if that one was a true story. Get back to me on that will you?

Shit And Shine - 229-2299 Girls Against Shit

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2009

This came out in an edition of 1000, and I believe it's sold out, but if that's incorrect, somebody tell me, and I'll take this link down.
Legalities out of the way.
The main man behind Todd, Craig Clouse, is also the man behind this ensemble, and one could suppose he started this band because Todd was too "straightforward"? Whereas Todd can easily drop you with their bombastic riffage, Shit And Shine would rather mow you over and pin you down with their scathing mechanized drones. The word "pummeling" certainly springs to mind. Elements of industrial music are overdriven beyond most tolerance levels, then bored into your ears like the most unwelcome of house guests, "Hello, what are you having for dinner, you don't mind if I piss in your potted plants do you? You got a dog around here, cause, boy am I feeling randy? By the way I accidentally punched a few holes in your walls, and that dude that lives next door, yeah, he seemed like a real asshole so I punched him too. That was your boss? Oh...oh well, fuck it, sounds like you got tomorrow off, let's get hammered and go pick up some trim."
That dude.
Anyway, this is a punisher of a record, but I recommend it highly. If you like things like Rusted Shut, this one's for you. Get it and try to resist the urge to bang your face against the counter a few times.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

teenage larvae - i'm so lonesome i could cry/songs for pigs

I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY 7" released 1992

SONGS FOR PIGS 10" released 1993

this was a band made up of kevin rutmanis (cows/melvins) and david livingstone (god bullies)

and there's a hank williams sr. cover

that's all you need to know

now go

DL: i'm so lonesome i could cry/songs for pigs

v/a - melvins bbs tribute

released 2009

some folks from the message board got together and made a tribute album

and this is it


1 - melvins - pfhloooyyyyyddddyyyyyooolhfP (intro)
2 - sick nurse - wispy
3 - vwt - anaconda
4 - vwt - toy
5 - green tomarba - roman bird dog
6 - lysol pine action - lovely butterfly
7 - lagomorphs - dead wipe
8 - starlite agency - night goat
9 - mar - eye flys
10 - beatraver - let it all be
11 - grimreaper jnr. w. matt hoffman - queen
12 - eponymous - oven
13 - armofinfant - joan of arc
14 - lzaer - theresa screams twice
15 - bjn - we we/lizzy/lacrimosa

DL: melvins bbs tribute

Thursday, July 15, 2010

tinsel teeth - 7.15.10 - 91.5 wuml - lowell,ma

this was a little something those crazy kids did last night on the station's BEDLAM,THE AMERICAN DREAM show

nudity and bodily fluids always look better on the radio

1 - a dirty dozen eggs
2 - danielle
3 - like rubber sniffing glue
4 - failure to perform
5 - horizontal hustle
6 - in the tradition of progress
7 - (nameless)

DL: tinsel teeth@wuml

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pissed Jeans - Throbbing Organ

Label: Parts Unknown
Year: 2004

a) Pissed Jeans are a quality band
b) Parts Unknown is a quality label

Done and done, right? Right.
Pissed Jeans do a convincing version of Drunks With Guns covering mid-period Black Flag, and friends, that's hard to come by these days. There's a good group of bands currently operating within this genre (classic hardcore by way of classic noise rock), Pissed Jeans maybe being the best of them. Although...shit...maybe not, there's Hawks, and Drunkdriver, and Slices...and...well fuck, you can't really have a "favorite band" now can you you? That'd be queer.

Helios Creed - Lactating Purple

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1991

Music has gotten too easy. If you released this today it would be greeted with a yawn and flippant dismissal, because today anyone can daisy chain a few effects pedals together and jerk themselves off, on glorious digital delay. Too easy.
I will say, if you've been on the fence about trying Helios Creed, this record is a good start as it's slightly more straightforward (a relative term here) than the other two posted on this blog. That's not to say it sounds like Bon Jovi or nothing, but it does use the touchstones of rock, punk, and electronic music as opposed to simply abandoning all former modes of popular music as evidenced on other releases.
Also, this was engineered by Billy Anderson, if that helps.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

necros/misfits/black flag - 12.25.81 - hittsville - passaic,nj

there was probably a lot of nonstop rock dancing that night

the fat jolly guy was even there

santa brutality

mommy,can i got out & sleigh tonight?

santa story

(thanks to cdlv in helping get the complete experience)

1 - ...your version of what i think
2 - police brutality
3 - better late than never
4 - caste system
5 - peer pressure
6 - past comes back to haunt me
7 - bad dream
8 - satisfy
9 - public high school
10 - (unknown)
11 - work now
12 - reject
13 - race riot
14 - rip off*

*=sham 69 cover

DL: necros

1 - halloween
2 - 20 eyes
3 - i turned into a martian
4 - horror business
5 - vampira
6 - mommy,can i go out & kill tonight?
7 - london dungeon
8 - attitude
9 - teenagers from mars (bobby steele version)
10 - night of the living dead
11 - all hell breaks loose
12 - hatebreeders
13 - bullet
14 - we are 138
15 - last caress
16 - horror hotel
17 - ghouls night out

DL: misfits

black flag:
1 - clocked in
2 - nervous breakdown
3 - six pack
4 - depression
5 - jealous again
6 - padded cell
7 - thirsty and miserable
8 - american waste
9 - life of pain
10 - damaged II
11 - no more
12 - police story
13 - gimme gimme gimme

DL: black flag

Friday, July 9, 2010

misfits - angelfuck

released 1990

this was a 7" released in germany

you get to hear a small interview with tiny elvis and the original version of "return of the fly"

there's not much more you need to know

DL: angelfuck

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Great Unraveling - The Great Unraveling

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 1997

Back from vacation, back in action! Thought I might have contracted Lyme disease on the way, but turns out I'm just a puss who can't handle New York City walking and heat waves. Summer can suck it, the heat is for the birds.
So back to blogging.
The Great Unraveling was great, just what you needed after Universal Order Of Armageddon broke up, more of that tense, dynamic, weird, scratching rock. Can't get enough of that shit. Getting Steve Albini to produce it? Nice touch. This was a fertile time in post punk, post emo, whatever you "post" you decide, the amalgamation of DC emo, Louisville noise rock, Flipper, Black Flag, Wire, and most other good, good things.

our blog could be your life

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

v/a - the virus that would not die: an alternative tentacles catalog sampler

released 1997

i'll bet you can't guess what this is

1 - buzzkill - video
2 - dead and gone - trainwreck
3 - logical nonsense - half life
4 - facepuller - bored with beauty
5 - the fixtures - oklahoma city alarm clock
6 - dead kennedys - life sentence
7 - dicks - dicks hate the police
8 - mumia abu-jamal - a bright shining hell
9 - zen guerilla - trouble shake
10 - pachinko - 5 cent hustler pt. II: trouble in vegas
11 - hissanol - swell song
12 - tribe 8 - wrong bathroom
13 - thrall - sometimes i get this urge
14 - nomeansno - would we be alive?
15 - half japanese - c'mon baby
16 - lard - i wanna be a drug sniffing dog
17 - ultra bide - sleepin' on bowery street
18 - judi bari - bomb school
19 - the crucifucks - the story of thomas mcelwee
20 - lifer after life - marijuana
21 - wesley willis - the chicken cow
22 - man is the bastard - subterfuge
23 - peligro - king of the road

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

s.w.a.t. - deep inside a cop's mind: the soundtrack to the new police state

released 1994

"cops are the only people standing between you and them. You're too weakened by civilization to defend yourself. you want someone else to do the dirty work for you, just as you expect ronald mcdonald to slaughter your cattle and chicken before you eat them."

this is what happens when jim goad...boyd rice (death in june)...members of poison idea (drummer steve hanford/vocalist jerry lang/guitarist thomas roberts)...adam parfrey (founder of feral house books) and anton lavey (aka "satan") get together to record an album of honky tonk country jams praising the boys in blue

or not

and i recommend you snag this up a.s.a.p. as the other previous jim goad related materials on this blog mysteriously disappeared

DL: deep inside a cop's mind

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cows - "Slap Back"

The infamous Cows "Slap Back" single from 1990. 2 tracks. First is the noise and filth ridden title track, "Slap Back", and the second is a fun little messy and catchy track called "One O'Clock High". I would type more about this but feel like it's unnecessary since it's the goddamn Cows and you probably already know what you're in for.

DL: "Slap Back Single"

Friday, July 2, 2010

unsane - amrep christmas

released 1997

this is just a taste of what you could possibly see if you decide to drop by grumpy's in minneapolis the night before the amrep anniversary bash

this was recorded at the turf club in st. paul,mn

not only do you get to hear the band cover led zeppelin's "four sticks" even get to hear the cows play a song ("hitting a wall") as they were asked to get on stage to play by the band and the audience

you know where to go from here

1 - sick
2 - straight
3 - out
4 - no soul
5 - can't see
6 - body bomb
7 - test of faith
8 - swim
9 - four sticks*
10 - empty cartridge
11 - get off my back
12 - special guest appearance**

*=led zeppelin cover

DL: amrep christmas

amrep bash II: electric boogaloo

as if there weren't enough reasons to attend the 20th anniversary bash

you now have another whole set of reasons

it's as if you're being pressured into going...i mean...come on...all the cool kids are gonna be there

more info can be found here're running out of time to get your tickets for bash last look...that counter to loserdom is getting you closer to being just that (there are 163 left)

AND unsane is playing their SCATTERED,SMOTHERED & COVERED album in it's entirety for free at grumpy's the night before the bash

Thursday, July 1, 2010

germs - cruising studio sessions

released 1985

the band was approached to provide the music for the movie CRUISING (which you should all see for 2 reasons: al pacino wearing leather and a muscular black man wearing only a jockstrap and a cowboy hat slap al pacino in the face)

but only one of the songs actually made it onto the soundtrack ("lion's share")

so what you get on this 7" are all of the other songs

DL: cruising studio sessions

void - condensed flesh 7"

released 1981

they were one of the first dischord that should tell you what you're in for here

and as any loyal SGM follower should already know what this band is all about

so if you like you some early dischord...some early melvins...some black flag...some die kreuzen...

but i shouldn't have had to tell you that...right?

DL: condensed flesh

the dicks - 14" of....

HATE THE POLICE released 1980
PEACE? released 1984

these boys from austin,tx could be compared to black flag as they were both bands that started out as a straightforward punk band but later morphed into something else (black flag going into a more free jazz/hardcore direction...the dicks going into a more rock/blues direction)

the butthole surfers liked them (writing the song "gary floyd" after the band's singer)...mudhoney liked them (covering the song "hate the police")...and the jesus lizard like them (covering the song "wheelchair epidemic")

so that means you should like them too

DL: hate the police
DL: peace?
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