Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Easy Prey - Teeth

Label: self released
Year: 2018

No doubt both (maybe all three...fingers crossed?) of the Shiny Grey Monotone superfans will recognize Easy Prey as a band I thought I had discovered in 2017, only to rightfully discover that much like Christopher Columbus and his syphllis-ridden search for the Northern Passage, Easy Prey had already been discovered a year earlier. So, they were not allowed in the coveted Best Of 2017 (bet they are pretty crushed).
Well, holla atcha boy, it's 2018, Easy Prey have a bona fide 2018 release on the shelves, and we're STILL supposed to be celebrating that scourge of the Arawak peoples...Christopher "Can't Read A Map" ColumbASS?! Life is a fucked up roller coaster. We need a band like Easy Prey to come along and drop the hammer on us. We need the unrelenting truncheon strikes to the throat that Easy Prey traffic in.
The last record we (I...us) heard from the band was only two songs, and it belied their Austin roots in a very Johnboy kinda way. It was noise rock ridden hard into the red. On this record there's less of an Austin foundation and more of a Hydra Head circa 1998 foundation. Cable and Vent type hardcore damage that roars and indiscriminatly lashes out. The noise rock is still there in the staggering bass pulse, and bulging eye rhythms, but it's run through Matt Bayles' production, which establishes a baseline swarming heaviness and doesn't let up for the duration.
Appears this is on cassette for now, but hopefully a proper album release soon? Highly recommended.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bad Brains - Live - Wabash Hall, San Diego, CA - 10-11-85

Label; bootleg
Year: 1985

Pretty impressed that this audience-sourced bootleg does such a commendable job capturing (that you could) the whirlwind of blurred heat that was this era of Bad Brains. Certainly not "pristine" in terms of a recorded artifact, but, it's far better than it should be.
Did you (and I suppose technically, you still could) see Bad Brains? And if so, what was the general reaction when the band went from breakneck ass whipping into hackneyed reggae noodle? Mass exodus (pun intended) to the restrooms? Yeah. Were you ever lucky enough to catch the Bad Brains on a full irie mellow toke night? I was. So lucky. I count my blessings every time I think back on it. Either way, as per the deal, the set chronicled here gets a bit wonky in spots when the band take their foot off the gas and #blessup (historical footnote: I believe that marks the first ever hashtag in this blog's illustrious run. We've hit a new low). Soon-to-be-released 'I and I' jam "Hired Gun" takes some of the momentum out of the night, which they rescue, but then torpedo again with some extra Jah luv, but ultimately rescue again with also-soon-to-be-released 'I and I' stomper "Re-Ignition".
So, like every Bad Brains show ever, you roll the dice and cross your fingers that things go ok for at least 75% of the time, and on October 10th, 1985 in San Diego they seem to have.

*originally posted 04.25.17, reposted 02.20.18


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wymyn's Prysyn - Head In A Vice

Label: Drugged Conscience
Year: 2014

Is this the final Wymyn's Prysyn we will ever be privy to? A swansong, if you will? Is Europe's 'The Final Countdown' playing in the background as I type?
Fucking hope not...the world needs this kind of band. I need this kind of band. You don't even know!
An Atlanta supergroup of sorts (meaning, they've all worked at a supermarket at some point), on this recording they are a true power trio. Power to spare even. That all killer, no filler kinda power. The members on this record were:
Josh Feigert - GG King, Uniform, Camaro Crotch, Transvestite
Andrew Wiggans - Hawks, Blame Game, GG King, Uniform, Caesium Mine
Bobby Michaud - Grids, Double Negative, GG King, Uniform, Mutual Jerk
Musically, it's maybe a more focused version of Wymyn's Prysyn? Still super fun to listen to, but the keg's floated and somebody is passing around a bottle of Tullamore Dew...the mood is shifting a bit. There's that undercurrent, the buzzing feeling that a fist fight could break out at any moment. But rest assured, though these dudes aren't trying to start anything, that's not their bag. Still hear Hammerhead and Vaz in this album. The Hot Snakes references have diminished, but you can hear some of their mathy take on Wipers still. You could draw a legit Meat Wave comparison as well. Mix all that up, and here we are. Wymyn's Prysyn. If you haven't heard it, you need to hear it. They're one of the best bands to fly under the radar in a long time.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Death Pedals - Death Pedals

Label: Hominid Sounds
Year: 2018

You're too late. Death Pedals couldn't hold on any longer, and due to your specific indifference (you...there...reading this right now), they have stepped off this mortal coil to embrace to cold black omnipotence of the inevitable void. Consumed by finality, the band has been so kind as to gift those left behind with this brand new last gasp of a document to prove they were here. As much as one can..."be here".
This record shakes loose some of the "stiff upper lip" that kept their last album with one foot in a post punk bad mood, and...well shakes loose. It's a more wide open approach that keeps the band at a full tilt rock for the majority of the proceedings. I mean, yes, they still have a palpable bad mood vibe to them, but it's less overcast of a pall, and more of a "been over-served at the bar (excuse me, "pub")" belligerence. I'll have what she's having.
There's a wide net of things to like about this album. It has energy and finesse and power and atmosphere and bracing intensity. Not a dolphin safe net. You're advised.
You'll also very much enjoy it. Even though they felt compelled to name one song 'Shower Of Shit'...you'll understand it, and you will enjoy it.
You actually have until February 17th before you're finally truly too late. But you have to live in London (Newport, or Bristol if you're an early bird), or possess the financial capacity to place yourself in London, (Newport, or Bristol if you're an early bird) on or prior to that date ( 15th or 16th if you're an early bird).


Monday, February 12, 2018

1.6 Band - Tongue Family Style

Label: Sunspot
Year: 1992

New York by birth, but D.C. in their minds? 1.6 Band took some of the scrappy ABC No Rio version of their hometown hardcore, but ran it through a deep love affair with the mid-to-late-80's Dischord Records discography. Comes across as a vibrant, punchy take on post hardcore, which, let's be honest with each other, is the kind of take you want taken if it's for the taking.
Kevin Egan from Beyond, and later of The Last Crime sings.
Vin Novara, later of Crown Hate Ruin, Alarms & Controls, and Crayon plays drums.
Lance Jaeger, also of Beyond plays bass.
Mike Yanicelli, briefly of Die 116 plays guitar.
Wharton Tiers who recorded most everybody recorded this.

It's good.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Hammerhead - Evil Twin

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1993

Man, color me embarrassed. This record as never been celebrated here, and that's a glaring oversight by the staff, underwriters, and pagan idolaters of this blog. I apologize. Sincerely.

This is the 10" version which has the four songs from the original Evil Twin 7", plus the two songs from the Research And Development Series picture disc 7", and re-recorded version of the song "Load King" from the (wait for it) Load King 7". Everyone is a scorcher. Essential beyond belief.

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