Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Death Pedals - Death Pedals

Label: Hominid Sounds
Year: 2018

You're too late. Death Pedals couldn't hold on any longer, and due to your specific indifference (you...there...reading this right now), they have stepped off this mortal coil to embrace to cold black omnipotence of the inevitable void. Consumed by finality, the band has been so kind as to gift those left behind with this brand new last gasp of a document to prove they were here. As much as one can..."be here".
This record shakes loose some of the "stiff upper lip" that kept their last album with one foot in a post punk bad mood, and...well shakes loose. It's a more wide open approach that keeps the band at a full tilt rock for the majority of the proceedings. I mean, yes, they still have a palpable bad mood vibe to them, but it's less overcast of a pall, and more of a "been over-served at the bar (excuse me, "pub")" belligerence. I'll have what she's having.
There's a wide net of things to like about this album. It has energy and finesse and power and atmosphere and bracing intensity. Not a dolphin safe net. You're advised.
You'll also very much enjoy it. Even though they felt compelled to name one song 'Shower Of Shit''ll understand it, and you will enjoy it.
You actually have until February 17th before you're finally truly too late. But you have to live in London (Newport, or Bristol if you're an early bird), or possess the financial capacity to place yourself in London, (Newport, or Bristol if you're an early bird) on or prior to that date ( 15th or 16th if you're an early bird).


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giannis said...

the timing of (me reading) this post is phenomenal! listening now for the first time and positively banging my head to these sexy tunes and guess where i live and what i'll be doing tonight! nope got it wrong, one more try. you sir are an international treasure.

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