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Skewbald - Grand Union

Label: Dischord
Year: 1991

Released in 1991, but recorded in 1981 during a Minor Threat hiatus, these songs are sometimes considered the "lost Minor Threat" since they basically sound like Minor Threat, no doubt because Ian Mackaye is singing and Jeff Nelson is playing drums. The other two members are Eddie Janney of Rites Of Spring, Faith, Happy Go Licky, Faith, etc., and John Falls who was in Youth Brigade for a minute or two and has done a lot of the Dischord graphic design over the years.
The band formed as Grand Union, but Ian wanted to change it to Skewbald, and they never really got beyond that, hence the name of this record. Not long after recording three songs, Minor Threat reactivated, and Skewbald/Grand Union was over. No shows, no record, nothing. Not until Dischord reached a release number that was a factor of ten, and needed an Ian MacKaye project to cover it, years later. The old recording session was dug up, and Dischord number 50 has in the bag. Easy.




Monsterbator hail from the easternmost city in North America, St. John's, Newfoundland, and have crafted a record that shakes and rocks, pulses and grinds, and while some of their influences are worn proudly on their sleeves the sound they make with the bass, drums, guitar, keyboards (yes, keyboards!) and vocals setup is urgent and fresh like it just came in the mail tomorrow.

One of the first times I saw the band play live I turned to shout into my buddy's ear over the beer and sweat and volume of it all that these guys sounded like a cross between the Melvins and the Cars. Well, maybe. Maybe aspects of what it'd sound like if Scratch Acid were to make babies with Ho-Ag, and there's definitely some sort of scary dance party thing happening here. Also, on the vinyl version of Precious Rhino I find myself thinking again and again that it sounds somewhat like a Cows record, but I do think this is more due to how the recording transferred to this medium than the bands actual and near perfect performance.

Below is a paypal link for you follow if you would like to buy a copy of the vinyl edition of this record; believe me, as great as it is in it's digital format the actual wax is amazing. If you have a Paypal account I suggest getting a copy of it while you can, as there probably aren't too-too many of it left. If you don't have a Paypal account, get one, then, get this.


cost including shipping



Monsterbator - Precious Rhino


1983, Subterranean

Bruce Lose of Flipper.

Flipper like, but not Flipper. Makes me imagine Depeche Mode hallucinating on anti-nausea medication and loaded on cough syrup. Great stuff.

Bruce Lose - What's Your Name?


1994, Tres Hombres Musica

Here's a single from Gary Floyd of the Dick's, Black Kali Ma, And Sister Double Happiness. Two country (sort of?) songs for the price of one.



AC/DC are probably my favourite rock band of all time.
They ring in my ear the way both Chuck Berry and the Sex Pistols do really, or maybe like a combination of the two. I can remember recognising their music as the littlest boy and I've got Powerage on right now. Now, I don't dislike Brian Johnson at all or in any way really, at all, but when he filled those boots, AC/DC grounded and became the blues and rock n' roll institution that they are. Commercially successful, credible, still working class respectable, and still good. They're still AC/DC.

With Bon Scott the motivation was different.
In this approach there was an eagerness and near but not quite desperation; too much balls to be afraid. Bon Scott seemed willing to give himself over to that spirit, all those beautiful dionysian and bacchanalian hangups and love them, revel in that; or, maybe he was a natural and just came by that honestly.

In 1995 Skin Graft Records released the first in a series of four seven inch records, and released the final installment in 2008. In terms of digital copies of the vinyl alot of the audio available of them online are corrupted, missing channels in stereo rips, poorly ripped, etc, along with a couple of good copies but never of the entire thing.

What I've done here is take the very best of what I've found and repaired what needed it and applied a little TLC.

The result here? It sounds fucking great. You really will love this. You probably already do.

Shellac does "'95" Jailbreak and sounds like that this is the most fun they've had doing anything. Brise-Glace give us "Angus Dei Aus Licht", and it's a personal favourite from these songs (name the pieces). The Denison Kimball Trio take "Back in Black" and return it almost unrecognisably reinterpreted as "Back in Blanc", though maybe I just think I recognise it.
Big'n does a kickass version of TNT and Mount Shasta's "Whole Lotta Rosie is as shithot as can be. The song that's still my favourite after listening to my "remasters" here is US Maple's redition of "Sin City"; it's a thing of great and terrible beauty and they even end the song with the beginning of "What's Next to the Moon".
Pre's cover of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" really does sound dirty, and as though it was recorded dirtly cheaply, and in this case, that is good.

Counting the four hours this took, this is me calling this a labour of love. Hope y'all enjoy this at least as much as I do.

the Skin Graft Records Tribute to ACDC.

Sunday, November 27, 2011



Here's Big'n at one of their sparse reunion shows year before last, just prior to getting their shit together to record and release both Spare the Horses and Dying Breed. Supposedly after the Lyons show, Big'n are officially done. Supposedly, Mike Chartrand wasn't getting a new bass. Whatever. Wait three years and someone will probably put a j bass in his hands and that'll be it, but then again, probably not.

Anyway, this set smokes.
At the beginning just before Big'n starts playing King Hot Pants, you hear Steve Albini say off mic, "Make it worth your time, make it worth your time..." What followed was said to be a drunken mess of saucy ribs and beer, full-court bag-tag, and unfortunate witnesses at the front of the crowd/in front of the band getting their clocks cleaned whilst caught up in the fray and whirl of thee sheer rock action.

Sounds like a fun party. And the band is great!

Big'n - PRF BBQ Auktoberfest 2010


1996, Skin Graft

This is a wild ride.
Chicago, Illinois' Mount Shasta collaborated with Japanese punk/techno/noise quartet Space Streakings and produced this monolith of a record. While it does recall the sound and approach of both bands the result here is something else altogether. It's cartoonish and disorienting, hilarious and pummeling; it absolutely rocks and is positively weird, and it's an enjoyable tour de force from beginning to end.
Kinda makes me think of a cross between Devo and Ministry and it does in places remind me of Last Temptation of Reid era LARD.
However, this is very much it's own creation.


Saturday, November 26, 2011



Here we Arkansas'/Providence RI's The Body doing what they do well, which on this single is cover both Body Count and Millions of Dead Cops.
If you've listened to the band before you most likely already have an idea of what sort of reconstruction this band interpreting those songs would entail, but holy shit this is great. Just do yourself a favour and if you think you even like heavy metal at all, even a little bit, even if you just pretend to, listen to these songs together. As far as I can tell I'm pretty sure they got them right.



Here we have a mighty fine live set from das Melvins mit Big Business.
Not a whole lot to say aside from the fact that this is all one mp3, so, get at it, get it, let the whole thing play, yes, the whole thing, and bloody well enjoy it. The whole video of this is on Amoeba.com, right here.

The setlist follows

Dog Island
Dies Iraea
Civilized Worm
The Kicking Machine
Suicide In Progress
Billy Fish
Honey Bucket
Blood Witch
Rat Faced Granny
The Hawk
You've Never Been Right

the Melvins - Live at Amoeba Records, 2008

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ted ed fred - 1.23.88 - community world theater - tacoma,wa

this was some band from washington state

you remember that state,right?

that whole grunge thing and whatnot

this was one of those random bands that got all popular because of it

i don't really know much else about them

some guy named kurt did vocals and played guitar

some guy named krist played the bass

some guy named dale played the drums

i wonder what became of them

1 - if you must
2 - downer
3 - floyd the barber
4 - paper cuts
5 - spank thru
6 - hairspray queen intro/aero zeppelin
7 - beeswax
8 - mexican seafood
9 - pen cap chew
10 - anorexorcist
11 - hairspray queen
12 - raunchola/moby dick*

*=it's not so much a led zeppelin cover than it is a jam

DL: ted ed fred @community world theater

melvins fan club newsletters

i downloaded these from here awhile back

they're from the early/mid 90s

you also get an issue of dale crover's DRUMB zine


DL: melvins fan club newsletters

lard discography

hey...you got your ministry in my dead kennedys!

hey...you got your dead kennedys in my ministry!

(end scene)

DL: the power of lard (1989)
DL: the last temptation of reid (1990)
DL: pure chewing satisfaction (1997)
DL: 70's rock must die (2000)

Hey Colossus + Dot(.) - Split

Label: Shifty
Year: 2006

Two songs, one from each band, total length: 37.2 minutes. 'Nuff said?
Slow building dense heaviness from Hey Colossus, a band championed in these pages for their ability to rock out in myriad ways. Love them, love this jam.
Dot(.) come correct with the over saturated doom blow out that they do. Everything is distorted and drenched in a thick coating of grime. Hopefully you have no problems with that.




Heavy Medical are a powerhouse bass and drums duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, comprised of two Davids, one Angiolini and one Altman (both also of the mighty Nervous Sex whose Creep Sea record can be found on this blog), who bring their combined noise with rumbling bombast and genuine vigour. I won't go on at length about just how frigging great this band is, though, justly, this band really is frigging great, but I will sugggest you head on over to their Bandcamp page and download their THREATS EP, which they have so graciously made available for free.

While your at it, I also suggest you head to their Facebook, their Myspace, and their Tumblr, and proceed to "Like" them, become their "friend", and check out what they've posted so far themselves.





Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Bootleg, 1982

Despite the name of this record, Toxic Shock did in fact exist.

Comprised of Karla Eppler on vocals (who also sang for Burn Center and God On Drugs), Brian Flaherty on drums (rest in peace; he also played drums in Burn Center), Fred Hawkins on guitar, and some young gentleman named David Yow on bass, the Austin, Texas quartet went into a studio in either late 1981 or early 1982 and recorded a twelve song demo. Culled from a second-generation copy of the original master, this long-player was pressed and released by persons unknown and distributed in a very limited run of one-hundred and ninety-seven copies.

Over the years the alleged surviving members have denied the existence of the band, despite having torn shit up enough playing shows with MDC (formerly the Stains), the Big Boys, Whoom Elements, the Butthole Surfers, the Pagans, Jerry's Kids, the Rejects, the Make, and probably plenty more, along with having won the number 10 spot (Number 1 went to blues singer Angela Strehli) for Best Female Vocals in a 1981-82 poll of Best Austin Musicians.

An old Toxic Shock flyer exclaimed:
"Fuck the KKK. Fuck oppression. Fuck Christianity (and all religions). Fuck frats. Fuck fake bands. Fuck hippies & liberals. Fuck the music press. Fuck you."

Despite the name of this record, Toxic Shock did in fact exist.


misfits - bullet ep

released 1979

it's the misfits

'nuff said

DL: bullet ep

dead kennedys - plastic surgery disasters

released 1982

happy 48th birthday,jfk assassination

DL: plastic surgery disasters


2001, Total Zero

Ah, Montréal. Canadien cultural mecca, home of many varieties of feral poutine, probably the most Eurocentric of North American cities, and host to the mighty AIDS Wolf. But, before AIDS Wolf, there was Da Bloody Gashes.

Da Bloody Gashes were like some sweltering, perpetually horny and rearin' to go love-monster intent driving home the point that if you free your ass, your mind would follow.


This is the glorious artifact left behind in their wake. In it you'll find fuzz, blood, sweat, thunder, sincerity, and a pretty nifty cover of Leslie Gore's "U Don't Own Me". Yes, very nifty. You can actually smell the heat radiating from this, if you have a nose that knows that is, if you know what I mean.

After the demise of Da Bloody Gashes, Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau went on to wow the world with their printmaking brilliance and poster art genius with Seripop, and engaged themselves in the ongoing process of personally delivering tinnitus to their loving audiences via the power of the aforementioned AIDS Wolf.

Anyway. Enough talk. Bow at the altar of Da Bloody Gashes, and let the gospel and their wisdom and the love wash over and through you.

Cum on, feel the noise.


Monday, November 21, 2011

v9r9d - the boom/bip ep

released 2002

it was recently brought to my attention that the original upload's link was dead

so here it is again

"what's a v9r9d?" you may be asking yourself

sound-wise...they'd probably get tagged with a "for fans of godheadsilo" sticker at a record store (because one guy plays a bass...the other plays the drums)...but they're not as pummeling as ghs...if anything...you could say they sound like a less busy hella and a less caustic lightning bolt (you know...just without the voices/squeals)

so...there you go

DL: the boom/bip ep


OXBOW, touted as the "Greatest Art-Rock Band in the World" have a little something (well, maybe not so little...) in the works; in collaboration with French director Mariexxme, they hope to release a film, THE LUXURY OF EMPIRE, but first they need our help.

With twenty-five days left to go they have surpassed the half-way mark to the $4,138 needed to make this project a reality, so, if you're a fan of the band and you're in a position to do so, head over to the project's Kickstarter page and give what you can. With a little luck and a little more generosity, this will happen.

Also, if you pledge ten dollars, a member of Oxbow of your choosing will call you at home, once, as preface to mailing you a copy of "The Unpublished Word", a lyrical exploration of the FUCKFEST and KING OF THE JEWS albums. For twenty-five dollars you get a digital download of the documentary and a first look at the video. Pledge fifty dollars or more, and you'll receive a specially autographed version of the DVD, along with four monthly calls from a member of Oxbow, again, of your choosing, and a t-shirt of any size they have in stock.

Basically, the more sweetly you give, the more sweetly you get.

Get OXBOW on Film!

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So many great bands have come out of Austin, Texas, but there aren't too many that match the pedigree of the one and only Gary Floyd. Here we have a recording of the very first Dicks show, way back in 1980; no need to wear your bootleg ears here as the sound on this is actually pretty good, and just listen to the rendition of Wheelchair Epidemic we get treated to.
If you're not already familiar with the Dicks this would be a decent starting point, and from here go on and poke around the rest of the blog and you'll find more material from these Texas hardcore legends.

Also, this is my first post here on Shiny Grey Monotone; here's hoping you enjoy what I have to share as much as I enjoy sharing it.

THE DICKS - LIVE, MAY 16, 1980

unsane - coextinction recordings 1

released 2010

once upon a time...there was a group of musician friends that decided to start an online record label that would only release eps

and the first release came from unsane (which only seems right as chris spencer and dave curran are co-founders of the label)

this will have to hold you over until they release their new album in march

DL: coextinction recordings 1

helmet - betty

released 1994

this was a little something that got released over in germany

not only do you get a special blue cover...you also essentially get the WILMA'S RAINBOW EP

those germans are such givers

in most folks opinions...this was the last album helmet were helmet on

but i'm just gonna go on ahead and say that it was AFTERTASTE

that's right...i said it

DL: betty

Friday, November 18, 2011

at the drive-in/the aasee lake split 7"

released 1999

you already know what at the drive-in is all about

so...that brings us to the aasee lake

they came out of louisville,ky during the later part of the 90's

they only ever released 2 7"

musically...they had a lot in common with bands like slint and rodan


DL: at the drive-in/the aasee lake split

spite - heavy whipping cream

released 1997

the call went out for this on the posting of the band's other album BASTARD COMPLEX

and SGMer dangerbird answered the call with a hearty "hey,man...i've got that" (though it did take him a bit to reach the phone...and when he answered he was all out of breath...and i'm just gonna chalk that up to him having to run up a flight of stairs)

and now your spite collection is complete


DL: heavy whipping cream

v/a - rebuilding compilation

released 1992

"come on! i just sat down! isn't there someone else you can go and bother?" -90's hardcore

ok,90's hardcore...it's either this or you can go and help your grandmother clean out her basement

that's what i thought

this compiles the REBUILDING 7" with the FOREVER 7" and a turning point/no escape split

1 - turning point - broken
2 - burn - drown
3 - gorilla biscuits - biscuit power
4 - no escape - silenced
5 - turning point - insecurity
6 - burn - decay
7 - turning point - thursday
8 - turning point - behind this wall
9 - turning point - anxiety asking (1)
10 - no escape - framework
11 - no escape - guilty
12 - no escape - no (2)

1=ignition cover
2=big boys cover

DL: rebuilding compilation

Pitchfork - Saturn Outhouse/Eucalyptus

Label: Nemesis
Year: 1990

James Joyce asks...James Joyce receives. Period.
Actually, this record fits in well with the Hot Snakes posting earlier (for personnel reasons) and the Garden Variety posting of today (for sonic reasons). So, everybody wins.
Just in case, Pitchfork was the first John Reis and Rick Froberg collaboration (back when they were still apt to write "SDHC" on their releases. If you have followed their careers, then you will certainly hear the beginnings of the Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes sound they were heading towards, but this band leans more to the simpler, straight post-hardcore stylings that were coming down the pipeline. Don't get me wrong though, Pitchfork were better than most of what "came down the pipeline" (excrement reference? you decide), and this is ground zero for the "San Diego sound" that would define that city's most popular output for years to come, it's melodic but twitchy and noisy, and there's hardcore in there, and rocknroll there too, and it comes together darker than it should from a place where it never rains and the local weathermen don't have much to say beyond, "yep, foggy in the morning on the coast, otherwise sunny and warm...again".
Also of note; I believe this to be the first Nemesis Records release on Shiny Grey Monotone. Shameful!
Also, also, of note; the other dudes in this band are associated with; Forced Down (SDHC for reals!), Exhale, and Bureau Of The Glorious


Garden Variety + Chune - Split 7"

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1995

One song from each band, but it should be noted that this is easily the greatest Garden Variety song ever (ever) recorded, and a different (better) version than the album version, and the Chune song is one of their better ones (but not their best...I mean, if I'm being honest, and isn't that sorta why you're here?).
Garden Variety = super catchy, upbeat, post-hardcore in a D.C / San Diego stee-lo
Chune = moody, swelling (gross), post-hardcore in a San Diego / Chicago stee-lo


Brain Handle - Brain Handle

Label: No Way
Year: 2007

More Brain Handle, more fast, more hardcore, more to be played l-o-u-d! A dead ringer for "best hardcore album" in the Maximum RocknRoll reader's poll circa 1987, except that this wouldn't be released for another twenty years (so, The Accused wins the 1987 prize with "More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral"...better luck next time...in the past...Brain Handle).
It's fucking Friday, so do me proud and have this record blasting as you do something incredibly stupid tonight. Deal?


Thursday, November 17, 2011

scratch acid - 11.5.11 - union transfer - philadelphia,pa

this was date #4 of the reunion tour

if you've missed them thus far...you have 8 more tries (as seen here)

1 - mary had a little drug problem
2 - mess
3 - el espectro
4 - for crying out loud
5 - crazy dan
6 - monsters
7 - moron's moron
8 - skin drips
9 - big bone lick
10 - albino slug
11 - lay screaming
12 - amicus
13 - eyeball
14 - ain't this love
15 - this is bliss
16 - greatest gift
17 - she said
18 - damned for all time
19 - cannibal
20 - owner's lament

DL: scratch acid @union transfer

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Snakes - Live - San Diego - 03-29-00

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2000

Hot Snakes slaying a hometown crowd in the early days of their existence? Sounds good to me.
How about this: I prefer Hot Snakes to Drive Like Jehu. Is that crazy? Sort of? Don't get it twisted (Son), I do love me some Drive Like Jehu...love 'em lots, but Hot Snakes just comes fucking correct (Son)! Recognize!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freemasonry - Sparrin' With The Varmit

Label: Sky
Year: 1995

All that talk about TurnDownService not so long ago, got me on a Freemasonry kick, with this album in particular. In our little incestuous circle of Atlanta punk/hardcore, the fact that Freemasonry put out an album on what was essentially a "major" label was a big (if not retarded) deal. Did that mean Freemasonry couldn't play all ages shows anymore? Would they no longer be allowed in the basement of the Driver Dome? Could they as a band have cared less?
For you though, the people who are saying, "what the fuck is a 'Driver Dome'?", then this record might just be the most pleasant surprise you have all day. Imagine a cocktail of Drive Like Jehu/Jawbox/Fuel, and you would be pretty right on. It's a more melodic take on the mathy post-hardcore of the middle 1990's. It's an essential document of a band that came and went but had a big impact on those who happened to catch them in the act.
For a (much) more detailed essay on the band, root around Beyond Failure, starting here.


Monday, November 14, 2011

killing joke - singles & rarities

released ?

this is a bootleg collection of singles and rarities from the band killing joke (in case you hadn't already put that together for yourself)

and no further information is needed

DL: singles & rarities disc 1
DL: singles & rarities disc 2
DL: singles & rarities disc 3

mock duck - altars of radness ep

released 2011

this was sent my way by a member of the band that goes by the name of clay (and he's the same person that sent this remastered version my way as well)

but you see...there are only 2 people in the band

and they're both named clay

one clay is from los angeles,ca and lays down the vocals and plays the guitar

the other clay is from tokyo and lays down the drum beats

and in the space of this ep...you can hear everything from the pixies (l.a. troy could front a pixies cover band)...to mudhoney...to the wipers...to nirvana...to dinosaur jr.

and you have to like the fact that when you look at the album's cover it instantly brings the cover to fugazi's 7 SONGS ep to mind (at least it did for me)

and by now...you should be excitedly exclaiming out loud "SOLD!"

just do it...don't care what the others in the room think...they don't understand you...SGM does though...we don't care that you sing the lyrics to "baby got back" into your shampoo bottle while you're showering because no one can see you doing so...but SGM sees you...and we think that you should get that mole cluster looked at...and no...we don't care if no one else thinks that it looks like courtney love...we can see it as well...even with all of the hairs

DL: altars of radness ep

karp - 11.11.94 - maxwell's - hoboken,nj

you know who this band is,yeah?

they have links to big business...the melvins...tight bros from way back when...the whip...

and you like all of those bands,yeah?

1 - intro
2 - dueling banshees
3 - a turkey named brotherhood
4 - 13 ways to cavity
5 - ah,flavor
6 - i'd rather be clogging
7 - me big mouth*
8 - get no toys (when you pay the money)
9 - get your hands off my cake

*=long hind legs cover

DL: karp @maxwell's

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sonn Av Krusher - Live at Drunken Unicorn 11-05-11

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

It is with great hesitation that I post this particular live recording of the final, final Sonn Av Krusher performance. But, I figure there are enough people out there who like their loud music a little sloppy and a little out of tune that it'll somehow be worth it.
The second song in has some guitar cable issues that make for a pretty decent technical difficulty, but James "Splice" Joyce managed to cut out the offending few seconds that the band actually stopped the song to change equipment, and the uninitiated listener might not even have caught the error (unless some blabbermouth with a blog happened to mention it).
Historical note: the lead singer of Sonn Av Krusher is Matt Mauldin. Matt's son is Ian Mauldin. We recruited Ian Mauldin to play bass with us on this occasion, since a) we've never had a bass player and thought it'd be fun, b) this was the last time we'd ever play, so why not have two generations of Mauldin on stage at the same time?
So, there you go. Enjoy?


we'll go machete - strong drunk hands

released 2011

you remember these folks,yeah?

if not...i suggest that you revisit this

and welcome back

this is the band's first full length

do you remember what i said about the band in the previous posting?

well...you get more of the same here

and it is good,kids

really good

and i don't think that i really need to say much more

you're going to hesitate?


so...let me get this straight...you don't like quicksand?...or drive like jehu?...or jawbox?...or fugazi?...or at the drive-in?

why are you here?

we're not allowed to take in strays anymore

DL: strong drunk hands

ho-ag - pray for the worms

released 2005


these folks come from bahstin,mass

they like playing complete sets of devo covers

they get compared to the melvins...six finger satellite...brainiac...the jesus lizard...

and that should've already sucked you in

DL: pray for the worms

spite - bastard complex

released 1999

i know what you're thinking...yes...this has already been posted here before

but i've been listening to this quite a bit lately...so i decided to re-post it


because i can

is that ok with you?


at one time these folks were considered one of alternative press' 100 bands to keep your eye on

and then they were gone (turns out that their guitar player had passed away)

these fine folks from charlotte,nc cranked out something that would've taken shape had unsane/kittens/helmet/the jesus lizard combined forces

they had released an album before this called HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM...but my search for said album has been fruitless...so if anyone out there has it...let me know and i'll make you something in shop class

one word to describe this band: annihilism (and i realize that's not a word...yet)

DL: bastard complex

jfk didn't even see it coming - self-titled ep

released 2011

excuse me

you look like a person that digs some drum and bass

no no....not that stuff that came out of the uk back in the 90s

this is some of that godheadsilo and gay witch abortion-like business

you like that...right?


we can be friends

so...you got some food at your house?

DL: jfk didn't even see it coming

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

masters of reality - sunrise on the sufferbus

released 1992

do you like kyuss?

do you like queens of the stone age?

do you like cream? (the band's drummer played on this album)

do you like zz top?

"ipecac...what the hell are you talking about?...are you just making up names for bands?...where's the melvins and the jesus lizard?...are you on the dope?"

what i need for you to do is just mellow out,bro

give this a chance

just go on ahead and pop this into your car stereo and take a ride out in the country

and you know what...i'll just come along with you...i like the country

and if you're not willing to give this a try...i'm going to do things to you in front of your friends ala joshua homme

"who's that?"

just never you mind

get in the car

we should stop for some ice cream as well

i'm thinking rocky road

DL: sunrise on the sufferbus

cloon - mostly harmless

released 2011

"did he dance naked on the kitchen table covered in peanut butter with a broomstick up his ass?"



yeah you.

reading this.

do you like faith no more?

do you like primus?

what about nomeansno?

uncle touchy?

well guess what.

get ready to like this.

DL: mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

they never sleep - mother nature sings her lullaby

released 2009

"pornographic images fill my head"

and with that...we begin our journey

while listening to this...you may find yourself thinking "wow...these folks really like them some god bullies"

that's because 3/5 of the band make up this band (vocalist mike hard/guitarist david livingstone/drummer adam berg)

they're joined by bassist karen neal (who was in the band thrall along with mike hard)

and if you've ever wanted to hear a drunk satan cover the song "morning dew"...this be the place

so...with all of that being said...

DL: mother nature sings her lullaby

ifihadahifi - nada surf ep+3

released 2011

the band describes themselves as "bitter,pissy assholes who play loud,unlistenable cacophony with a dance beat"

just our kind of folks

do you dig stuff like:

the united sons of toil? (whom the band shares a state with)


mission of burma?

at the drive-in?

les savy fav?

guy picciotto led fugazi?

so...what you need to do now is...wipe the slobber away from your mouth with the sleeve of your shirt...and then click the DL

and then burn the shirt (we're not gonna talk about the substances that could probably be found on the sleeves...i mean...once the shirt ends up looking like a motel bedspread under a black light...it's time to move on)

DL: nada surf ep+3

TurnDownService - Live Drunken Unicorn - 11-05-11

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

In case you weren't paying attention to my more self-indulgent posts of the past week or so, the ones pimping an upcoming performance, then you might have missed references to this band. If that's the case....well, then frankly you're an asshole. But maybe you've just been busy, or out of town or something and missed them.
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt...this time.
So, TurnDownService is a band in Atlanta that plays infrequently to say the least. Their internet presence is minimal, and they don't make a big stink about what they're up to. Mysterious, yes?
For those music nerds who have kept up with Atlanta post-hardcore since the early 90's then TurnDownService is a real treasure trove of musical wealth and history. Their membership spans the best of what Atlanta had to offer: Fiddlehead, Freemasonry, Haricot Vert, Galanas Cerdd:, and on and on. The kinds of bands that when you think back on, you have to scratch your head (because you have dandruff, not because it helps you think) and wonder, "how the fuck were those bands not huge?".
So, TurnDownService takes all that they've learned over their years crafting precision math rock, and sweeping post-hardcore, and delivers you a seamless set of songs that hearken back to your favorite era of music, while fine-tuning the musicianship to perfection. They are a staggeringly good band, but unfortunately they will continue along doing their thing oblivious to and unfazed by the machinations of the "music industry", and thusly, won't get too far outside the city limits.
Luckily for us, they opened up the show last Saturday night, and double lucky, James Joyce was smart enough to record their set and share it. They broke a bass string one song in, but pick up steam quickly thereafter.
Also, sidebar: sounds like Geoey Cook the singer in Fiddlehead will soon be singing in TurnDownService. Fucking righteous.


Monday, November 7, 2011

off the beaten track

you may remember me mentioning a radio show that went by the name OFF THE BEATEN TRACK a few times here and there

i had come across a facebook page for the radio station that broadcast the show and made mention of it

then i was contacted by someone saying that he had some recordings of the show and that he was more than willing to share them with me (though it wasn't from the same time frame as when i'd started listening...i didn't come across the show until 1994)

and now...i'm going to share it with all of you

a playlist was sent along with the discs...but i can't find it at the moment...but you do get to hear some black flag and band of susans and the butthole surfers and front 242 and the violent femmes and they might be giants and the dead kennedys and the meat puppets (just to name a few)

so...let's get all nostalgic up in this bitch

DL: july 1984 pt.1
DL: july 1984 pt.2

DL: august 1984 pt.1
DL: august 1984 pt.2

DL: june 1987 pt.1
DL: june 1987 pt.2
DL: june 1987 pt.3
DL: june 1987 pt.4
DL: june 1987 pt.5
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