Thursday, October 31, 2019

misfits - 12.17.81 - the ritz - new york,ny

it's halloween.
it's the misfits.

before going into this you should probably know that it has a "just like you're there" quality to it. it'll be like he's actually telling you to not go into the bathroom with him. it'll be like he's actually telling you that you've got some fucking attitude and that you need to tone it down a bit. so just get out there and enjoy yourself. your mom will pick you up at 10:00.

1 - we are 138
2 - i turned into a martian
3 - horror business
4 - night of the living dead
5 - attitude
6 - mommy,can i go out and kill tonight?
7 - london dungeon
8 - 20 eyes
9 - astro zombies
10 - teenagers from mars
11 - nike-a-go-go
12 - hatebreeders


Monday, October 28, 2019

ministry - just another fix

released: 1995
label: warner bros. records

you know how awesome the PSALM 69 album is.
fuck yeah you do.
you're not the only one that's cranked the "corrosion"/"grace" combo to 11 in order to clear a room after a shindig.
we've all ding-a-ding-danged our dang-a-long-ling-long.
we've all connected the goddamn dots!
good times.

this was released as an australasian tour souvenir.
"what does that even mean? they toured a pelican album? how does that even...."
it means that it was only released in australia and new zealand and some of the surrounding areas when they were touring behind the PSALM 69 album as a promo.
so there you go.

1 - scarecrow (12.17.92 - denver,co)
2 - just one fix (12.17.92 - denver,co)
3 - hero (12.21.92 - seattle,wa)
4 - psalm 69 (12.20.92 - vancouver,canada)
5 - tv song (12.17.92 - denver,co)
6 - n.w.o. (8.25.92 - charlotte,nc)


v/a - industrial accident box: cash grab edition*

released: 2019
label: wax trax! records

*=kinda sorta

this was limited to 1000 copies.
maybe you were one of the lucky few that had the $140 to snag one up.
thumbs up on that one,kid.

as you can clearly see that there's no vinyl here.
there's no book.
there's no movie.
there's no poster.
there's no this or that ot the other.

what i'm providing you with today are 2 7" and a "cassette" filled with answering machine messages and messages from folks having orders that need to be filled and someone wanting to borrow some pee wee herman tapes so he can watch them and other "general fuckery".

you don't need any of this?
you already have all of this?
why are you here?
also: what's your address again and what time do you usually go to bed?


Friday, October 25, 2019

guilt - a comprehensive guide to anger composed in drop d

released: 1999
label: nerd rock records

this is me fulfilling a dream....

someone had recently asked for this to be re-posted because they'd been patiently waiting since 2009. yeah. we saw you,kid. we noticed you trying to break into the SGM offices. we have cameras. we'd sit around during lunch and watch the security footage. we weren't upset with you. you got moxie. we'd even started setting food out for you but you never took any of it. that's understandable. would you really accept a sandwich from us?

it was grAy that had originally posted this and seeing as he's be disappearing more and more (we're not really sure of his whereabouts all the time was he's found the tracking device and removed it) i've decided to post it up. so without further ado....

"Guilt were born of the fertile Louisville punk and hardcore scene and belong to the same family tree that brings us Endpoint, By The Grace Of God, The Aasee Lake, Enkindel, Elliot, and Ink And Dagger among others. This particular record is a compilation of vinyl and rare releases, although it doesn't contain the "Further" ep for whatever reason. It begins with the Stepdown demo from 1991 which is the straight ahead hardcore band that spawned Guilt as an Endpoint side project. It's pretty much by the numbers hardcore that really serves as a point of departure to gauge how far, or how much better, this band got as they aged. Once you get into the actual Guilt material, they pick up where Stepdown leaves off, but continue to spiral into more complex and interesting territory, taking cues from the Louisville scene elders, Slint and tempering the hardcore with math rock and big dynamics. Once you get to the halfway point in this record it's like listening to a new band, a much better band, a more evolved and sophisticated band. That being said, it's still heavy hardcore based stuff, but more interesting than a lot of their contemporaries. 
At some point I'll post the Bardstown Ugly Box lp and Further record, as those are the most fleshed out of Guilt's catalog, but for some good kick in the gut hardcore, this one does just fine." -taken from grAy's original posting


david yow w/ shellac - the shellac pistols

are you ready for some treats?
you're going to have to open your candy bags nice and wide.
i hope that you have the inside of it scotchgarded or else you're going to have to burn it.
picture it....
the year is 1998.
lounge ax.
a band takes the stage.
are they from england?
so this guy doesn't want a holiday in the sun?
this is illinois in october so that's exactly what's happening.
david yow?
are they covering the sex pistols?

"david yow stalked onto the stage, in full 1970’s-era johnny rotten attire to the letter. bleached and spiked hair, psychotically glaring at the audience, the whole nine yards. he’d done his homework on this one. he was followed by the three shellacs, with steve albini doing his best steve jones in vinyl pants (!) and a red doo-rag on his head. bob weston *was* sid vicious, in spiked black hair, mesh shirt (with scratches and scars visible underneath), glassy-eyed, and an impressively bloody IV bandage on his arm. only todd trainer seemed to buck the whole pistols image. i mean, he could have found one of those big sweaters or something. paul cook had style too. anyway, they ripped into “holidays in the sun”, and that set the tone for the evening. yow had rotten’s nasal brit accent down pat, even in song. he pulled the whole thing off so well, i tell ya. weston kept coughing up “blood” and running into things. steve’s guitar sounded kind of sloppy, but I don’t think jones could have done it any better. between songs the band taunted the audience in mock cockney accents, steve asking if there were “any PAA-ties about”. the audience responded by throwing chunks of a dismembered jack-o-lantern at the band. the setlist was confined to material from NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS, including “bodies”, “submission”, “anarchy in the u.k.”, and closing with “god save the queen”. yow seemed to remember the words to them better than he remembers the words to jesus lizard songs. yow ended the evening by asking, “ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” and the band walked offstage, barely an hour after they started. for a long time, nobody left. the house lights came up and nobody left. todd trainer started taking his drum set apart and people booed. it finally registered that that was the evening, that they weren’t going to get anymore, and they weren’t getting any shellac songs"

yeah. that could've been you telling your friends about all of it. but no. you chose to stay home and hand out candy with your mom in hopes that the girl from down the street would show up in her pink power ranger costume. but she didn't. now what are you going to do with all of those black jelly beans? i'd tell you to bury them in your yard but the last time someone did that a portal to hell opened up. do you want that? sure. it sounds cool at first but then demons start coming through and making long distance phone calls and using the toilet in your parent's bathroom and spoiling the endings to all of the tv shows your watching. you don't want that. but you're going to do whatever you want,yeah? i've been wearing that same rush t-shirt for 4 days.

1 - holidays in the sun
2 - bodies
3 - pretty vacant
4 - seventeen
5 - submission
6 - pills
7 - anarchy in the u.k.
8 - god save the queen


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Skryptor - Luminous Volumes

Year: 2019
Label: Skin Graft / Sleeping Giant Glossolalia / Aqualamb

While I wait (and wait) for some new Craw material to miraculously be birthed from the bosoms of the Cleveland Flats, I must take some semblance of solace in the knowledge that David McClelland is making new music...and that's something.
The former Craw guitarist has teamed up with Dazzling Killman's Tim Garrigan, and Hank Schteamer from Stats (the guy responsible for the Craw reissues as well) to form the serpentine math metal equation Skryptor. A climbing tower of densely intertwined vines that threaten to fully blot out the sun, or come crashing to earth in the process. It's legit fusion we're talking about. Possibly nuclear fusion, but definitely a fusion of noise rock, free jazz, art metal, and progressive rock. No vocals, just some labyrinth riffs flying hither and yon, and a rhythm section doing their damndest to hold the wheel.
You would impress the dudes at Guitar Center with these fiery fretboard theatrics. Put it that way. new Craw material yet. I'm not sure how much longer I have to live...will somebody please get me Choke Inc. on the phone?!


Friday, October 18, 2019

shithaus - live crush '84-'85

released: 1985
label: none

it would appear that grAy beat me to the posting of this by a couple of years.
i came across this and was all excited and couldn't wait to post it.
i then came to the blog to double-check it and there it was.
and then the excitement went away.
this isn't the first time that grAy has taken away my excitement.
all i'm saying is that you should never invite him to your birthday party and leave him alone with your kick-ass TRANSFORMERS birthday cake.

and now a few words from grAy himself....

"This band features the talents of, Jon Spencer, Tod Ashley, Tom Fry, and Jaime Jacquin when they were students in Providence, Rhode Island, before going on to form Pussy Galore (Spencer) and Cop Shoot Cop (Ashley) among their myriad other projects. 
While not the greatest sound quality, this cassette was recorded live, and during a radio broadcast on Rhode Island station 90.1 WRIU during a show called Noise With Neville where the band had to alter their moniker to Knocked Up Teens in order to spare the wrath of the FCC. Still, you get the early industrial vibe of Cop Shoot Cop with what seems to be homemade metallic percussion instrumentation, plodding bass lines, and some nasty guitar screeches. Kinda lo-fi Foetus? Maybe? I'm not exactly sure how to categorize it, so you'll have to listen to it yourself and figure out if this is a historical footnote, or a diamond in the rough."


drive like jehu - bullet train to vegas / hand over fist 7"

released: 1992
label: merge records

if'n you were to come across this is a record store it just might have one of those "for fans of..." stickers on it and perhaps some of those bands would be: fugazi/shellac/polvo/metz.

"waitaminute,guy. metz wasn't even a band back then. so,uh...."

do you know that for a fact,sir?
you're going to come in here and try to tell me that i for a fact didn't see them open for fugazi in chicago while on the IN ON THE KILL TAKER tour?
you're going to have to try harder than that,sir.
and i'm pretty sure that metz were mentioned in the bible.
who do you think the house band was during the last supper?
i was there,bro.
"and jesus said "let there be "wet blanket" and then it was so."
i'm not going to stand here and try to convince you of anything.
i have better things that i could be doing.
actually i'm late for something.
i have to take black sabbath to play a school dance back in 1955.
oh yeah.
i have a time machine.
you could've just asked me about that.
gotta go now.
one more thing....
i'm your father.


butthole surfers - peel show 1988

released: 1988
label: none

it's the butthole surfers.
it's the butthole surfers that you know and love.
it's the butthole surfers that you know and love doing their thing in england.

fun fact: if'n you were to ever find yourself in england with a butthole surfer it's best that you never mention the words "tea" and "bag" to them. it's just best that you make your own tea.

1 - blind man
2 - e.d.g.
3 - neee neee


Thursday, October 17, 2019

of cabbages and kings - hunter's moon

released: 1992
label: triple x records

let's play the "associated with...." game:

this band has links to prong and motherhead bug and foetus and lubricated goat and unsane and swans.
has your interest been peaked?
now clean up your mess and get outta here.
i don't think that we should hang out for awhile.
i'll be sending you a bill for the rug as it's going to need to be professionally cleaned.


ministry - 1.1.89 - oz nightclub - seattle,wa

"this is fucking scary!"
"what the fuck,man."
"i thought this was supposed to be ministry."
"this is ministry."
"they're supposed to sound like the revolting cocks."
"this is the way ministry is now."
"al jourgensen is the driving force behind both bands."

that was a little tete-a-tete between a man and a woman that could've been overheard if'n you were standing next to them whilst the band were playing "you know what you are". i wonder how they'd feel about ministry nowadays. the things that make you go "hmmmmmm?".

1 - where you at now?
2 - we believe
3 - you know what you are
4 - the land of rape and honey
5 - flashback
6 - the missing
7 - deity
8 - no bunny*
9 - i will refuse*
10 - stigmata
11 - golden dawn
12 - no devotion**
13 - the light pours out of me***
*=pailhead cover
**=revolting cocks cover w/ nivek ogre on vocals
***=magazine cover


Monday, October 14, 2019

Wylde Ratttz

released: 1998
label: ?

this is a band out of michigan doing their best iggy and the stooges impersonation.

actually this was a band put together for the movie VELVET GOLDMINE that was fashioned after iggy and the stooges.

and the players are:
ron asheton (the stooges)
mark arm (mudhoney)
mike watt (minutemen)
sean lennon (cibo matto)
thurston moore (sonic youth)
steve shelley (sonic youth)
don fleming (gumball)


sonic youth - whores moaning

released: 1993
label: geffen records

what i've brought to you today is a little something that was only released in australia and new zealand as to promote a tour.
so yeah.
slip a little sonic youth on that bahbee.
woop woop.
rattle ya dags.

and with that....
you're now ready for your own tour of australia and new zealand.

1 - sugar kane (edit)
2 - personality crisis*
3 - the end of the end of the ugly
4 - is it my body**
5 - tamra
*=new york dolls cover
**=alice cooper cover


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

v/a - fiesta comes alive!

released: 1997
label: slap a ham records

you know how them slap a ham boys like to throw down....
it all goes by in a blur.
you know a little something about that,huh?
prom night?
does that ring a bell?
you slapped a little ham that night.
it was short.
it was fast.
and oh yeah....
it was loud.
to those that were in the next room it was said that it sounded as if an elephant and a cat were dying.
i don't even want to know what that sounds like.
it's a good thing that i was unpopular in high school.
no school functions for me.
it was all chess team and asthma inhalers for this guy.
oh yeah!

so this....
this has got some of your capitalist casualties and some of your discordance axis and some of your man is the bastard and some of your spazz and the like.

if'n you're wanting to know the track listing go here.


Monday, October 7, 2019

fugazi - furniture

released: 2001
label: dischord records

please keep your feet off of the fugazi.
it's an antique.


qui / mike watt + the secondmen

released: 2013
label: org music

some of you folks may remember the band qui from the album they did with david yow called LOVE'S MIRACLE.
you know know that they've done other things,yeah?
come on now.
they've obviously done other things.
what do you think this is?
you know that david yow isn't their official lead singer,yeah?
are you just going to be shocked at everything i say?
get ready for this one.....
that mike watt guy.....
he was in the minutemen once upon a time.
played the bass and did vocals sometimes.
are you going to throw up?
would you like for me to stop dropping fact bombs on you?
there there.
you're going to be ok.
you're safe.
boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.
and you're passing out.....


Friday, October 4, 2019

v/a - matador at 21

released: 2010
label: matador records

you've been comin' 'round here long enough to know who matador records are.
you more than likely share a few friends....
bardo pond?
fucked up?
yo la tengo?
so there you go.
this was a box set put together for charity.
not that charity.
have you ever seen her dancing to any of the above mentioned bands?
and you never will.
she was born in 2000.
if'n you're curious here's all of the info.
i know.
this doesn't have all of the bells and whistles.
you're just not happy with anything,huh?
back in my day we had to fight each other for bells and whistles.
sometimes up a hill both ways in the snow wearing only a thong.
some people's kids.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
Disc 5
Disc 6

black melvins

ok. before any of you get all like "black melvins? maaaaaaan! i haven't heard that name in years! i saw them open for styx back in '73. they were so friggin good,bro!" i'm going to have to call you a liar because there was no such a thing as black melvins (but feel free to use the name if'n you'd like). nope. that's just the name of the folder that i'd had some melvins  black sabbath covers in. black+melvins.....

that's it.
that's all.

but if you're wanting to keep on riding that whole "i saw them open for styx" story go right on ahead.
do you.
everyone knows that you sleep with the record sleeve for their KILROY WAS HERE album under your pillow.
is it the masks?
is that what does it for you?
i'm not here to judge.
and i don't care how many sorts of fluids have ended up on it.
don't care.
have you seen the cover for pink floyd's ATOM HEART MOTHER album?
perhaps i've said too much.
moving on......

also: if the melvins doing the sabbath thing trips your trigger....


Thursday, October 3, 2019

sonic youth - dirty boots

released: 1991
label: dgc

question: have you heard of the band silversun pickups?
question: have you seen the video for their song "lazy eye"?
question: if'n you have did you find yourself thinking that you'd seen something like it somewhere before?

1 - dirty boots (edit)
2 - white kross*
3 - eric's trip*
4 - cinderella's big score*
5 - dirty boots*
6 - the bedroom*
*=11.90 - irvine,ca


butthole surfers - remixes

i came across this here collection that i believe someone put together themselves.
it's ok to put things together yourself.
it's fun.
lincoln logs.
you've seen the movie FRANKENHOOKER,yeah?
this is exactly what it says that it is: remixes of butthole surfers songs.

1 - pepper (butcha bros mix)
2 - the hurdy gurdy man (jim melly mix)
3 - the shame of life (z-trip mix)
4 - pepper (mountain mix)
5 - who was in my room last night? (thompson/barbiero mix)
6 - tv star (funky tv star mix)
7 - pepper (short shot mix)
8 - the shame of life (bonus beats)
9 - who was in my room last night? (trent reznor mix)
10 - pepper (hallucination mix)
11 - the shame of life (a capella)


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

nirvana - 12.13.93 - pier 48 - seattle,wa

what i've brought to you today is the rehearsal for the show that would be known as LIVE AND LOUD.

fun fact: also playing were the breeders and cypress hill. pearl jam was supposed to be there as well but pulled out (teehee) because eddie vedder had gotten the flu so nirvana offered to play a longer set.

fun fact II: the show was originally supposed to happen in new york city but pearl jam wanted it to happen in seattle.

fun fact III: you didn't come here for useless information. i know why you're here. you want my chili recipe. good luck with that. it's located in a bunker somewhere in montana. come on now. do you think that i'd actually dedicate any of my memory to that? if'n i did that i couldn't keep all of that useless crap info up there. example: did you know the same gun killed both john f. kennedy AND kurt cobain? oh yeah. example: the night elvis presley showed up at the white house to meet richard nixon they switched bodies because elvis didn't want to be elvis anymore. richard nixon had absolutely no idea what was going on. there was a picture taken during the transformation. it happened with a handshake.

1 - (partial) very ape
2 - radio friendly unit shifter (cuts out)
3 - drain you
4 - (partial) breed
5 - (partial) serve the servants
6 - serve the servants (aborted)
7 - serve the servants (aborted)
8 - (partial) rape me
9 - sliver (aborted)
10 - sliver (aborted)
11 - sliver (aborted)
12 - (partial) sliver
13 - (partial) pennyroyal tea
14 - (partial) scentless apprentice
15 - (partial) all apologies

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