Friday, October 4, 2019

black melvins

ok. before any of you get all like "black melvins? maaaaaaan! i haven't heard that name in years! i saw them open for styx back in '73. they were so friggin good,bro!" i'm going to have to call you a liar because there was no such a thing as black melvins (but feel free to use the name if'n you'd like). nope. that's just the name of the folder that i'd had some melvins  black sabbath covers in. black+melvins.....

that's it.
that's all.

but if you're wanting to keep on riding that whole "i saw them open for styx" story go right on ahead.
do you.
everyone knows that you sleep with the record sleeve for their KILROY WAS HERE album under your pillow.
is it the masks?
is that what does it for you?
i'm not here to judge.
and i don't care how many sorts of fluids have ended up on it.
don't care.
have you seen the cover for pink floyd's ATOM HEART MOTHER album?
perhaps i've said too much.
moving on......

also: if the melvins doing the sabbath thing trips your trigger....


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