Thursday, April 30, 2009

the people have spoken

and the consensus is that it would probably be a good idea if both blogs stayed separated

and the more it's been thought's probably a good idea to keep this blog's purity away from such ruffians

besides...things around here would probably just turn into one big clusterfuck...and there's already one too many blogs out there like that...if you know what i mean...

so...those of you that are still somewhat interested in will once again get posted there soon

and now on to the next order of business...banana hammock day...when should this happen?...and should it coincide with ring toss day?

make believe/need new body/hella - 6.10.04 - bottom lounge - chicago il

this isn't a recording of the show...i was parusing the internet the other day and i came across this flyer...i was at that show...and if you know anything about any of those bands then you already know it was pretty awesome...and it put me in the mood to share some of the above mentioned folks musics

make believe - self-titled ep (released 2004)


DL: make believe - self titled ep

they opened this hometown show...and got about 60 seconds into the first song when vocalist tim kinsella hit the floor...he was hit in the head by a swinging object (i can't remember if it was a mic stand or guitar stock)...thus ending the bands set

for those not familiar with the's pretty much an on the road version of the band joan of arc made up of members of cap 'n jazz...owls (which is pretty much a newer version of cap 'n jazz)...and the promise if you dig on some indie post math rock...

need new body - ufo (released 2003)


DL: new body - ufo

after waiting for about an hour for the band to set up their instruments and such...roughly 9 people took the stage...and the best way to describe them is an experimental freakout...their drummer was always moving...folks were randomly banging on objects...their vocalist loomed over everyone else and at one time played a banjo...this is what the album would've sounded like if beck and captain beefheart drank a lot of zappa coffee and then locked themselves in the studio for a weekend

hella - hold your horse is (released 2002)


DL: hella - hold your horse is

and by the time you could say "what the hell just happened?"...two men took the stage...the reason i was with a guitar...the other a drumkit...and you're thinking "simple enough"...and then zach hill starts a child with ADD let off it's leash...and all you can do is stand there and study him...looking for his circuit the second song zach had already lost his shirt along with half of his body weight...and guitarist spencer seim just stands there alongside him...being larry lalonde to his les claypool/tim's a known fact that i have a soft spot for drummers...and the only complaint that i have about zach hill is this: i'd like to hear him stick to a rhythm for more than 10 seconds than go through a string of fills (ie: as he did on the first crime in choir album)...but cannot deny this man and his appendages...he could power a smurf village with one song for a year

so there you have it...and you didn't even have to put up with any of the hip kids just standing there looking as if they missed their table at starbucks

primus - miscellaneous debris/pork soda

miscellaneous debris released 1992
pork soda released 1993

for those of you not already familiar with this band...the best way to describe this band would be this: you've seen the movie deliverance...yes?...ok...well...and you remember those nice folks they meet in the woods?...well...before taking ned beatty out for a milkshake...the mountain man would've excused himself because he had to get to band practice...and the other guy would've been all like "whut? i dint knew you was in an instrument band. what does y'all play?"...and the other would reply "well...i'll tell know how i like that tom sawyer band from canadia? well...we sounds like them making a frank zappa and the residents tribute album"...and the other would just stand there slackjawed...and then the other would go behind a tree...produce a bass...and walk off


all three members of the band have roots in the bay area thrash scene of the early 80's...a 17 year old larry lalonde played in the band possessed (whose SEVEN CHURCHES album is considered by some as the first death metal album) and then went on to play in a band called blind illusion with singer/bassist les claypool (who auditioned for metallica after their bassist cliff burton was killed when their tour bus flipped...he was told that he was too good for metallica...but then again...nowadays...what isn't?)...and drummer tim alexander was in a band with testament guitarist alex skolnick (he also had his own band called laundry in which he played drums and sang for)

i couldn't decide on which album to you get a two fer

and yeah...i could've posted SAILING THE SEAS OF CHEESE....or FRIZZLE FRY...or SUCK ON THIS (as far as i know...this is the only band to release a live album as their debut)...but i consider these two albums as turning points in the band's career...with MISCELLANEOUS DEBRIS they started going into a more experimental direction (it's made up of all covers...peter floyd...the residents...just to name a few)...and with PORK SODA they went into an almost tom waits-ish direction (whom they've collaborated with many times...he's tommy the cat fer chrissakes) and pretty much laid the groundwork for future primus albums with it's experimental/psychedelic tones

so do yourself a favor...pull up your pants...and stay out of the woods

DL: miscellaneous debris

DL: pork soda

Dan Friel - Ghost Town

Released: 2008

The first solo LP by Parts & Labor co-founder Dan Friel is very odd album and one of my absolute favorites of last year. It combines elements of noise, ambient, industrial and glitch to create something that resembles a pop album from an alternate universe (perhaps one composed entirely of broken machines).

The best description I can come up with for what this sounds like is: the soundtrack to an NES game where a cowboy in the old west eats a bunch of 'shrooms and thinks about his mortality and the impact of the industrial revolution.

If you are familar with Friel's main band Parts & Labor this sounds kind like what would happen if you removed all the more tradional "rock" elements from P&L and replaced them with even more distorted keyboards. Kind of reminds me of the first Medicine album in that this isn't pop that has been slathered with noise like so much noise pop (i.e. Wavves) but instead pop that is made out of noise.


Clockcleaner - The Hassler + Nevermind

Year: 2004, 2006
Label: Manic Ride, Reptilian

By request for Mr. Fay Fock, here's the Clockcleaner you ordered sir.

"The Hassler" was their first lp, and it cribbed pretty hard from both The Jesus Lizard and Big Black (not bad bands to pay homage to nonetheless), with it's throbbing bass-lines and scratching guitar riffs. The vocals are pretty much driven into the red for most of the proceedings, but lyrically things stay pretty negative when you can make them out. It's a hot shit record no doubt.

"Nevermind" was their second lp, and while still using the early 90s noise rock canon as it's major touchstone, this time around they started integrating Flipper influences, and it ends up sounding vaguely like The VSS, although less spazzy. Nah'mean? The bass is less prominent, and the songs got a little more sinister sounding. I suppose it sounds exactly like what it is, a bridge between the 1st and 2nd records, when they went from Big'N to Birthday Party. 

The best story about Clockcleaner was when they opened for the reunited Negative Approach in Brooklyn, and decided to mock Negative Approach by playing a super slow, 15 minute version of "Ready To Fight" (which of course, NA would have in their set list as well). Needless to say, the meatheads were bummed, and there were numerous attempts made to fight the band, but ultimately they prevailed, and even released that performance as a 12". 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wetnurse - Wetnurse

Label: Self Released
Year: 2004

In 2008 Wetnurse released one of the top ten best albums of that year, "Invisible City", which I believe was posted around here somewhere. You should go buy it. Well, rewind four years and you can hear the band in their formative years, honing their noise rock / metal hybrid on this self released, self titled, debut.
This record leans far more to the metal side of the spectrum, and even allows in some modern hardcore, which might not seem like a good idea (oh, hey, yeah...metalcore...uh yeah, i was totally gonna call you back....but...uh...hey, what's that over there?), but they handle it well. I spy some Coalesce, some Akimbo, maybe some Keelhaul in mix, a little Unsane, a dab of old Isis, hell, some Voivod even. You get what I'm saying? Whereas "Invisible City" leans more towards Jesus Lizard as played by metallers, "Wetnurse" sticks with more of a riff-tastic frenzy than a noisy groove.
In the end, the band has gotten better since this record, but this record is still metal excursion worth taking. Just keep your hands and feet inside the bus...and sit quiet back there, the metal excursion is starting! Who farted?


don't read any further before seeing the above video

it's ok...we'll wait...

i'm using this video as a metaphor for what may or may not be taking place here at SGM in the future

you see...we've been discussing things here at the office...everything from whether or not vietnam actually happened...could santa claus be cosidered training wheels for jesus?...and maybe having some other kinds of music make a stop at SGM

now before we actually have some folks with names such as cannibal corpse...brutal truth...obituary...employer,employee making appearances here...we'd like to know what the population would make of all that...and it wouldn't be an everyday kind of thing...if anything it would be possibly once a week...and if any of you have been over to colostomy know what you'd be in store for

and the reason for all of this is...well...CGB hasn't been doing all that great...and it's been brought back to life on the table a few times...but it's never really caught on...and we have all of this other music that we'd like to disperse amongst you that wouldn't exactly fit in around these we thought that maybe if we had a CGB day here every so often that maybe...just maybe...a few of you would learn to love it...and if not...well...we'll just dig through the garbage for the receipt and take it back to the store and buy you all a kick ass toy from the machines out front

so...before any of this goes down...give us some feedback

and if none of you want that...well...we'll just send the boys to work at a burger king...and then try sending back your whopper with cheese no tomato but they put one on it anyway...think about that...

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don't fall asleep or we'll mutilate your genitals that i have your attention...

i'd like to take this opportunity to extend a warm SGM welcome to a one The DL

thus far he's been the only one to pick up the phone when we called (and we knew he was the right guy...i mean...who else could put up with gallagher calling your house every 2 minutes for 6 hours screaming "IS IT SAFE?" and then busting a watermelon with his forehead?...and if this doesn't work out mr. The'll be reimbursing us the cost for a one gallagher and multiple watermelons)

and thus far...he's been showing some us some good stuff (and by "good stuff" i don't mean the neon red speedo that he's been wearing around the office...though i do have to make a suggestion...perhaps you should try wearing one that's a little form's not polite to point...or so my gramma would tell me...though she was always pointing at the floor)

and it's been brought to my attention not so subtly (come on now...waking up next to a tranny fellas? normally i'd totally appreciate this...but it was the same night i always order out for chinese...and you know he's still slightly uncomfortable about i had to take the rest of the night to explain to him that the person out on my couch wasn't a chameleon)...and i'll admit that i get all hopped up on stuff i find in bottles in my basement from time to time and i just get all nuts and go through blog formats and end up on random lawns around the neighborhood wearing assless chaps and a sleeveless slayer tshirt cuddling with a yardgnome...but i'm working on it...and the city now has an ordinance out against me (something like a leash law)

so...if you take anything away from should be this: we have a new guy...i'm gonna change the layout one more time and leave it...and you should probably put up an electric fence around your yard

(and as you can probably see...i've changed the layout...out with the old and in with the old...and i've moved the pong to the bottom of the hopefully this is more pleasing to the eye and other appendages...if it isn't...well...i'm sure that i'll wake up to something new in my bed)

and now if you look over to the'll see a little box...and inside this box...for those that wish to...can reach out and touch us here at SGM...and i'd recommend that you keep some wetnaps within arms length the whole time (or you could just borrow some of ours...though they are slightly used...they're still totally usable...i mean...never turn down some free wetnaps) yeah...go on over and say's just words...right?....what could that hurt?

Six Finger Satellite - Severe Exposure

released 1995

Six Finger Satellite were formed ten years too early; combining the witticisms of Devo, the taught rhythms of Gang of Four and the brutal sonics of Suicide they would have fit perfectly right next the Liars' They Threw Us In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top at the most aggressive end of this decade's post-punk revival.

However, they were so out of step with the lo-fi underground of their time that Severe Exposure has never really gotten the recognition it deserves. It's been out of print for years now and is currently not even available on iTunes (I can understand Sub Pop not wanting to print up shiny CD's that no one buys anymore but what on earth are the downsides to putting some files on iTunes) which is unforgivable given its genre classic status, Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav will tell you that Six Finger Satellite and Braniac are the two bands that had the biggest impact on their sound.

Severe Exposure marks the point at which everything came together for Six Finger Satellite. The keyboards that would come to dominate their later works only add flourishes to John MacLean's destructo guitar parts, singer J. Ryan manages to be simultaneously hilarious and terrifying and the rythym section is as tight as they ever were. So download away and tell Sub Pop that they need to do a re-issue, I'd really like to have this on vinyl someday.


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ok mediafire....

mediafire...i do believe i speak for the others when i say that you're no longer needed around these parts

you're done
dumped in the country on prom night

i don't know what the problem is...but myself...i'll not be using mediafire for the time being...i'm tired of it's shenanigans...i've went back and checked past posts using mediafire and they seem to be ok...but if you come across something that's no longer operational...see that email address over to the right...that's there for a now's all megaupload,baby

hopefully it lives up to it's name

as for mediafire...get to the shower...and no bubbles this time

we finally managed to reach an even 60 followers

and we'd like to take a moment to say thanks for joining the donner

and as you can see...another waste of your time has been added in the upper right hand corner

and i'd also like to take this opportunity to put out an APB for some new contributors for both SGM and CGB...perhaps there's 1 or 2 of you out there that would like to share some stuff with other people (something other than an std for once) of you that are off an email to the address that you can also find over to your right

and with that...i feel as if i should warn potential contributors...we here at the SGM offices will be putting applicants (and hopefully a few of you will turn into applicans) through a stringent screening process (or as we like to call "awakening") that may or may not involve vegetable oil...jumper cables...a slip-n-slide...leather...and a talent show at a senior citizen home

but...if you still feel like sharing that std...i have a list of rest areas that i can lend you (and i do mean lend...i want it back)

Godflesh / Loop - Loopflesh

Label: Clawfist
Year 1991

Ah yes, the ole' you cover my band and I'll cover yours split release trick. It's a tried and true way to pad the repertoire, and usually with decent results.
Well, this time around you got two pretty awesome bands, so the outcome would seem destined for greatness. Loop cover "Like Rats", and are pretty faithful to the original, it's a much gnarlier version of Loop than you may be expecting. Godflesh do "Straight To Your Heart", and, what do you know, it sounds like a Godflesh jam although a bit more meandering. Go figure. The bands are listed as Loopflesh and Fleshloop which is just adorable, I mean, seriously adorable.
This was part of the Clawfist Singles Club, and limited to 1400 copies, so chances are, you don't have the original vinyl (nor do I), so here's your chance to snag the songs.
If you're a fan of either band, this is well worth your time.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Part Chimp - Chart Pimp

Label: Rock Action
Year: 2002

It should come as no surprise that Part Chimp are pretty big around these parts ("these parts" being my earholes, which aren't that big, so I'm not sure how relatively large Part Chimp could then be surmised to be...sorry), and we feel they should be held on high as the rock-n-roll masters that they are.
This record was their first lp for Rock Action, and it pretty much lets you know what you need to know about knowing this band. Know what I mean? Over-distorted everything. Nothing is quiet or subtle, everything is in the red, blasting at full volume. Completely perfect in it's execution, and a record not to be missed. If you need touchstones, how about Lightning Bolt cover And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead? Seems about right.
If you live outside of the UK, Monitor Records has re-released this album and you can purchase it from them. I would have included a link, but their website appears to be it've bought a record before right? 

sometimes goats just go out for a pack of cigarettes and never come back

as most of you have probably already noticed...the goat is gone

and the new header may or may not be familiar to you...i had been using it over at colostomy grab-bag (which if you haven't already done...go and check it out...all new and improved and smelling like your gramma's purse)

i was involved in a staring contest with the header a few days ago (in which i won...never look when someone says " that the cast of friends re-enacting the texas chainsaw massacre?"'ll lose every time)...and the more i looked at it...the more i thought that it would be more at home over here...and i mean...come on...who wouldn't want a neighbor like that?...he has his own trolley dammit

so...he'll be sticking around awhile

and if you really miss the goat (or as his parents call him...zeke) and you want him back...i'll see what i can do...i'll just have to start saving up aluminum cans and porn

Friday, April 24, 2009

McLusky - Live At Wireless - 01.05.04

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2004

Admittedly, I did not pay attention to this Welsh band until after they broke up, so I missed the boat. Maybe you did too? I don't know, maybe you're a lot more astute than I am, and these things just don't pass you by. 
So, once I finally heard the band, it was one of those moments when you smack your own forehead, and think about how stupid you are. Like, where the fuck was I when these guys were mangling these songs into existence? How did I miss a band that seamlessly melded the quirky pop of the Pixies with the acerbic, slicing hatred of Shellac (come to think of it, that sort of describes Les Savy Fav, whom they share certain sonic sensibilities with)? I'm dumb.
Well, I at least got on board after the fact, got all their records, and started my unrequited love after posthumously. It'll have to do.
Then, I stumbled upon this sweet live recording from one of their later shows, and that makes things a little bit more "right". It's soundboard quality, and the band is in prime form, ripping through a good cross-section of their recorded material. The musicianship is top notch, it's a great performance. 
If you are dumb like me, try and reconcile that fact by getting on board with McLusky now, before it's too late, and they end up on a movie soundtrack or something....oh....that just happened? Too late.

By the way, Mediafire was being testy, so I tried Megaupload, let me know if it works please.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the jesus lizard - 3.27.99 - umea,sweden

the "last show"'s not big secret around there parts that i'm a huge jesus lizard fan...i compare everything to them...even an inappropriate times (there have been many a time that i've screamed out the words "then comes dudley" and get met with a confused/horrified look) can just imagine what happened while i was reading online about a month ago and came across an article saying that they were reforming for a small reunion tour...well...let's just say that the desk was raised a few feet of the floor (okok...a few inches...and i had to press myself up against the bottom of it...and it didn't really actually just kind of groaned as if to say "oh man....again?!" yeah....moving can thank my cat's raised eyebrow for this awkward confession) i was saying...they're touring again for a wee bit...and there are rumors of another studio album in the works as well (mostly started by me...and i've never actually said that to anyone else...folks really don't listen to me)

and if this thing comes anywhere near'd better do yourself a favor and go see this...and won't be the same yow and the boys of yore...but it's still yow and the boys playing music on a stage in front of people for the first time in over a decade (that's 10 years for you layman)...and thus far they're playing 4 shows on american soil

and now...i'm pretty sure you know what to do here...

1 - "yow speaks"
2 - glamorous
3 - i can learn
4 - horse doctor man
5 - thumb screws
6 - eucalyptus
7 - blue shot
8 - seasick
9 - gladiator
10 - puss
11 - then comes dudley
12 - wheelchair epidemic
13 - blockbuster
14 - monkey trick
15 - "yow speaks again"*
16 - "yow won't stop talking"*

*=a radio "interview"


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love 666 - American Revolution

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1995

This marks one of my nominees for "band that should of been huge" (others include; Craw, La Gritona, and any band I've ever been in). For whatever reason, they just sorta existed. You know? They released a couple records, played a few shows, and then, poof, gone.
Well, lucky for all of us, the internet allows once forgotten gems like this lumbering hate fest of a record to once again see the light of day. Way to go internet!
The music on this album is of the maximum distortion variety, but at it's core, there are some simple pop songs being mangled on here. And mangled they are. Severely. With extreme prejudice even. No bass, none needed. Just a couple guitars, drums, a few different vocalists (though all share a similar detached delivery), and a dollop of sine-wave keyboard mutations. And really, that's all it takes to alienate most listeners. Mission accomplished, I doubt my mother will ever file this album next to Leo Sayer or Emmylou Harris in her music collection (even if she could get past the moniker). Point being, this music requires some effort from you, the listener, in order to be appreciated. It ain't background music, and maybe that's one of the reasons they missed the proverbial boat. Who knows?

Clockcleaner - Babylon Rules

Label: Load
Year: 2007

A lot of bands like The Jesus Lizard enough to think, "hey, I can do that", and then viola, they do it. But generally speaking, it doesn't really sound like The Jesus Lizard, merely a plausible facsimile, and that's fine. Imitation's the sincerest form of flattery right? I mean, shit, I haven't had an original thought in my head for years, and I seem to be motoring along just fine, so maybe innovation is overrated. Maybe.
Well, Clockcleaner actually did sound a lot like The Jesus Lizard, but were able to put enough of their own spin on it to make it memorable. That, and they developed a reputation for being complete dicks both on record and on stage, proving that there's no such thing as bad press. They have the chops to back it up, but still. So, after mining the fertile ground of The Jesus Lizard, they went on to release an album called "Nevermind" in an effort to take the piss from tight-assed rock nerds who had canonized Nirvana beyond mere mortal status. I think it's pretty funny, but again, I'm a big fan of fart jokes too, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Anyway, "Nevermind" started to get a little noisier and more abrasive and moved out from under the shadow of that other band they used to sound like. It's a great record, and the band's chaotic punk racket was getting better.
Then, they put out this record, "Babylon Rules" (another great title by the way...fuck you Rastafarians), and continue their sonic evolution. This time around there's definitely more of a early gothic tinge to the punk, with added psychobilly touches for good measure. Think The Cramps, 45 Grave, Birthday Party, Alien Sex Fiend, and even the "punker" moments of Bauhaus and you'll get the picture. Yes, it's still noise rock per se, but a more piercing and sinister approach. I like it a whole bunch...even if they are dicks. 

v/a - the estrus 100% apeshit rock sampler vol.2

released 2000

you like bon scott-era ac/dc?
you like the murder city devils?
you like the ramones?
you like mind blowing freakouts?
you like asian men with elvis hair dancing in the street? might just dig on this here sampler from the (bellingham) washington state based estrus records (and you probably thought there was only just the one label)

1 - the bobbyteens - rock and roll show
2 - the coyotemen - who rattled your cage
3 - crown royals - old skin
4 - the drags - dirty little bird
5 - estrella 20/20 - what kind of power you got?
6 - famous monsters - blood of frankenstein *
7 - fatal flying guilloteens - guilloteens are going to jail
8 - fireballs of freedom - sweat vest
9 - the gimmicks - separation
10 - the insomniacs - egarag
11 - the immortal lee county killers - let's get killed
12 - lord high fixers - slow boat to china
13 - the monkeywrench - empty place **
14 - the mooney suzuki - make my way
15 - the no-talents - i want some more
16 - the nomads - i've seen better
17 - the quadrajets - lightspeed kings
18 - the swervegrooves - should i care
19 - soledad brothers - gimme back my wig
20 - sugar shack - my girl the vampire
21 - the switch trout - in the kitchen
22 - tv killers - sock it to me
23 - the von zippers - brokedown
24 - watts - cool american

*=features former white zombie bassist sean yseult on vocals and bass

**=made up of members of mudhoney/gas huffer/poison 13


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds


Year: 1993

Aside from gathering supplies and making weapons and shelter to defend and sustain myself through this Victory Records war, I am reveling in the victory that no one has posted this band on monotone yet. Janitor Joe's some good old fashioned noise rock from the legendary and now comparably decrepit Amphetamine Reptile label. It's dirty, nasty, and a tiny bit grungy, and marks the last appearance of Kristen Pfaff before she joined Hole and subsequently "committed suicide". Janitor Joe released "Lucky" a year later before breaking up at the news of Pfaff's death, who was preparing to head back to Minneapolis to rejoin the band the night before she was found dead. Fucked up.

Check it:
Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds

1.6 Band - Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Label: Wardance
Year: 1993

Here's a quick shot of off-kilter hardcore for you, the 1.6 Band, made up of the same folks who brought you, Beyond, The Last Crime, The Crownhate Ruin, Canyon, Die 116, The New Dark Age Ensemble, and The Sorts. This confluence of membership allowed the 1.6 Band to operate amongst the patch punks of ABC No Rio, the Positive Force folks at the community center, the straight edgers in the VFW halls, and the careerists trying to score major label deals at the rock clubs. They were all over the place, but essentially they were a hardcore band, and played really good hardcore music that injected some new blood into a stale scene. 

Das is good.

Engine Kid - Bear Catching Fish

Label: C/Z
Year: 1993

If you don't have this in your record collection already, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly shame you. You are a worthless piece of shit, and do not deserve to breath the same oxygen as the rest of us. I hope you die a slow and painful death, surrounded by the rotting corpses of your loved ones and pets.
Now, to redeem yourself, go quickly to the download link, get this music onto your computer (or applicable sound device), turn it up as loud as permitted (check local zoning ordinances on this issue), and allow the bombast to begin.
Engine Kid took the math rock elements of Slint (quiet/loud dynamics) and turned the "loud" part up real loud. Not surprisingly though, as the guitarist for Engine Kid is Greg Anderson, a dude who has made an exceptional career out of being very very loud. They can get oddly eerie and quiet, but you know the huge riffs are just around the corner, and they never fail to deliver. Helping to aid and abet in this approach is a sweet engineering job courtesy of Steve Albini (that motherfucker is everywhere on this blog! Holla!) which accentuates the still empty spaces and destroys the gigantic heavy parts. 
After this record, Engine Kid started flirting with jazz, released a split with Iceburn, and a full length on Revelation (among some other 7"s and compilation tracks), but kept it heavy and strange. Later Greg Anderson would go on to front some of the best metal bands around while founding one of the (thee?) best record labels around. Not too shabby. His musical lineage has been discussed on this blog before, but the other guys in the band had spent time, or would go on to spend time in Resolution, Fairgrove, Lucky Me, and Bali Girls.
If you've been enjoying Harvey Milk the last couple of years, you'd be wise to look into Engine Kid.

someone finally removed something from somewhere....

minus - jesus christ bobby

released 2001

i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this would have to be the most extreme (though not the heaviest) release put out on a certain label

they were being touted as the "new refused" at one time...though if they had to be compared to a band now...i'd go as far comparing them to converge if jacob bannon's vocals were more dragging your nails across a chalkboard and less BRAH RAAAH SHAAAAH!...but totally understandable somewhat

though sadly after this album...the band pretty much ditched the vocal style and the intensity and adopted a more straightforward rawk and roll style...they'd actually fit in more with the previously (un)mentioned label's roster nowadays

this is perfect drive time commute music

(they share a homeland with bjork...not refused...someone please take my passport away from me forcefully)

ok...before i wake up to find tony brummel's head next to me....


there have been some heated words exchaged around the SGM office as of late...and me finding my donuts sucked free of their bavarian cream in the cooler in the break room...well...that was the last straw the past i've made some references to the victory records label...and apparently folks are starting to think that i'm all about the label...and that i have the label's mascot tattooed on my back (and for those of you not in the's a white bulldog)

honestly...i only like about a handful of the label's bands....those being: deadguy (even after tim singer left...i figured that this deadguy was better than no deadguy)...a little snapcase...a little earth crisis...bloodlet...cast iron hike...a little hatebreed...a little strife...the one minus album...iceburn...

so...i'm far from championing the label...though i keep making references to the "glory days"

as for the last 2 victory posts i've made...i just decided to post them because they took me back to growing up and such

and i will agree that yes...the label is far from being victorious...tony victory is either a sell-out or a genius snake oil salesman hope that i've proven my point

and to whoever stole my bavarian cream...i'd like to have it'm gonna go use the restroom...and i'm gonna be gone for at least 15 minutes...i'll leave a drawer open...and i won't ask any questions

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker (Albini Demos)

Label: bootleg
Year: 1993

This one is sort of a no brainer, but maybe you haven't had the chance to hear these versions of some of the tracks that would later show up on the "In On The Kill Taker" lp.

Let's review why you will need this in your record collection:
1. Fugazi, turns out, are one of the best bands of our generation (assuming we're all between the ages of 20 and 40 here). They are the proverbial "often imitated, never duplicated" band of this subculture. Can you name one band that actually sounds like Fugazi? Nope? Neither can I.
2. "In On The Kill Taker" is the band's finest body of work. Period. Sorry to step on your toes, but for my money, this record demonstrates the band on top of their game, and perfects all the elements that make up their "sound". I am fully aware of the importance of the first 12", trust me, I have it committed to memory too. Not to pull the age card, but in order to establish some credentials lest you think I'm speaking out of turn, I have been listening to, and seeing the band perform since their inception. I pre-ordered that first 12" from Dischord, and I saw the band play on their first run of shows outside Washington D.C. You gotta believe me when I say, "I'm a fan of Fugazi". Well, a few years into their career I thought the band was losing it, and winding down, and I began to drift away ("Steady Diet Of Nothing" being the prime reason), but then found myself staring down two nights in a row of them playing Athens, Georgia at the 40 Watt in 1992(?), and they were playing a bunch of songs that would be on "In On The Kill Taker", and those songs were unreal. The band was playing harder, the songs were more intense, the whole show was a slap in the face...Fugazi were in no way, shape, or form, losing it. They were focused like a laser, killing it like I had never seen before, and would never see again, those two nights are still among the best live performances I've ever witnessed. So when the new record came out, it only re-affirmed what they proved at the 40 Watt, that they were untouchable. So, yeah, it's their best record.
3. Steve Albini, the much maligned anti-producer, has a real knack for "selecting and placing microphones" in such a way that the end result is a crisp BOOM. These recordings are no exception, the drums are huge, the guitars are crunchy, Joe Lally shakes the floorboards, and the vocals cut through the din in perfect desperation. Supposedly the band weren't happy with their performance, so they re-recorded these songs and the rest of the album back in D.C. for release.

So: Fugazi + their best songs + Steve Albini engineering = a must have. Easy.

Gob - The Kill Yourself Commandments

Label: Satan's Pimp
Year: 1999

Let's first start by saying this; Ipecac, you are in a safe place among people who care for you and hold your best interests at heart.
That being said, now let's try and undo some of the damage our friend has done with his reckless postings of not one, but two Victory Records stinkers. And let it be known, I was actually at that California Takeover show...truth be told I was a Snapcase fan, and it was one of the most poorly kept secrets that Tony Victory would be on stage performing some Even Score covers with Strife, and who here doesn't want to hear some Even Score covers? Show of hands. I mention that only to preface my argument that Victory Records was on the fast track to ruining hardcore music at this point. Their bands were asking for guarantees and prime time slots at any show they would play. They were painting hardcore music as mindless sloganeering and macho posturing (hey....wait a minute), overshadowing the hundreds of great bands that were haunting the basements and VFW halls of this great land. 
I will always grant that Victory had it's place, and certainly you can choose to purchase whatever records you want. And there's a good case to be made that Victory happened to be savvy businessmen who capitalized on a niche market and deserve all the success they had. Sure. Whatever. Deadguy were great, Guilt were really good, Snapcase had that one really good record, Iceburn ruled, Integrity were at one point the hottest band in the game, and I'll even big up the Insight 7" (but that was a re-issue). They had their run, but goddamn did that label go to hell in a hand basket quick. Ouch.

Soooooo...long story, long.

Here is Gob. Gob was putting out their weird brand of noisy, grindy, hardcore at the same time those Victory compilations came out. Listen to them side by side won't you?
Gob got lumped into the West Coast Powerviolence family of bands even though they were from Nevada, and not very "powerviolent" if you ask me. They sound like noise rock fans playing fast hardcore and warping it out of shape. If you like the gnarlier moments of Mama Tick or Glazed Baby, you should do just fine with this one. Or if you happen to remember the name Satan's Pimp Records, you will definitely do alright.
Members have gone on to Iron Lung and Pig Heart Transplant.

Supposedly this is being reissued one day. If so, go buy it, but don't hold your breath. Unless someone just farted, then by all means, hold your breath until the threat has passed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

mike v and the rats - 5 song ep

released 2002

some old school punk rawk fronted by pro skater/friend to security guards everywhere mike vallely

simply put...if you dig on black'll totally dig on this

so convincing as a hank rollins lead flag...vallely went onto front the band for a string of reunion shows in l.a. back in '03...covering the entire DAMAGED album

v/a - the california takeover live

released 1996

how could i make my last post and not post this as well

this album will enable you to mosh it up in your living room/bedroom/shower/basement and not have to worry about getting a foot in your face...or any unnecessary pile ons...or big sweaty guys donkey punching you...or come in contact with any amateur ralph macchios

1 - strife - to an end
2 - snapcase - filter
3 - earth crisis - inherit the wasteland
4 - snapcase - windows
5 - earth crisis - ecocide
6 - strife - the essence
7 - snapcase - incarnation
8 - strife - lift
9 - earth crisis - forced march
10 - snapcase - steps
11 - strife - the fire
12 - earth crisis - firestorm

v/a - victory style II

released 1997

a few posts back i gave the 40 year old goth punks something to get stoked i figured that i'd go to the opposite end of the spectrum and give the Xd up backpack wearing crowd another reason to start picking up change off the floor again

and you may remember a few years back on this very blog that the glory days of the victory records label was discussed...words were exchanged...liquids were dumped (and speaking of which...i'm still waiting for you to pick up this dry cleaning know who you are)...and with this can't go wrong in saying that it captures not only the glory days of victory...but it's also a pretty decent showing of where hardcore was in the mid 90's (the glory days for that as well)

this is what it was all about before the signings of the emotional tight pantsed brigade

so put your new old hardcore albums down...and walk away....

1 - earth crisis - gomorrah's season ends
2 - strife - force of change
3 - snapcase - caboose
4 - warzone - united worldwide
5 - cast iron hike - let me down
6 - integrity - rise
7 - deadguy - turk 182
8 - cause for alarm - lies
9 - baby gopal - lost generation
10 - doughnuts - hands too small
11 - hi fi and the roadburners - get up and go
12 - guilt - untitled #3
13 - refused - it's not ok
14 - the path of resistance - counter
15 - by the grace of god - november's lie
16 - bloodlet - eucharist

Friday, April 17, 2009

whale - we care/all disco dance must end in broken bones/singles and rarities

we care released in 1995
all disco dance must end in broken bone released in 1998

(it was brought to my attention that the link for ALL GOOD DISCO DANCES MUST END IN BROKEN BONES was messed i'm putting it all up again...but for some reason track 5 ran away...i don't know why...there was no note...which is totally like something track 5 would everything else should be kosher...if not...say something)

i remember seeing the band's video for the song "hobo humpin' slobo babe" on 120 minutes back in the day

and i was hooked

it was their singer cia was her lollipop...and her braces

but...if it was the boys wearing tin foil shorts that did it for you...hey man...i'm not here to judge

and i remember scouring music stores for this album...and at the time all i could come up with was a cassingle for the song "hobo humpin' slobo babe" (remember those?)...and i kept bugging employees at the local music store about the album...and finally they got it (a year later) copy...and they held it for me just in case someone else picked it up (which i highly doubt would've happened...this was a little too out there for the kids in said town)

the only way i could describe this is a more upbeat sounding portishead with some punk rock bjork thrown in...but from sweden

and if you're looking for some bass to make that trunk's all here (provided by trip hop fella tricky)...just listen to "electricity" and "tryzasnice"

and yeah...this is a little different than anything else put on this blog...but dammit...she's cute and you will listen to her!

and you know...seeing as how i'm a nice guy...i'm going to give you their other album as well...because need them both

don't just do

these were the only two full lengths that were released in america (they'd released multiple albums back in the homeland under the name southern whale cult)

on all disco dance must end in broken bones they tone it down just a little...they've still got the portishead thing going on...but they're also massively attacking the pixies garbage (see what i did there?)

and if anything...they were friends with steve albini...that's gotta mean something...right?

we care

all disco dance must end in broken bones

and seeing as how well this band was remembered by most of you...i'm gonna toss some singles and such on the table

and this...find out:

Green Magnet School - Blood Music

Label: Sub Pop (Germany)
Year: 1991

If you can get in your Way-Back-Machine and teleport yourself a few posts back to the Daisy Cutter entry, you will find that make some sort of reference (my Way-Back-Machine is busted so I can't get the exact reference...I'll paraphrase though) to the early 90s being ripe with heavy, stuttering, ugly, bands. Something like that. Well, Green Magnet School are another prime example of that heritage. They never got very popular, but they put out some quality noise rock turning their 8 or 9 year reign of terror in Boston, and would later spawn the equally quality Black Helicopter (who's been posted many moons ago here). They came, they bludgeoned, and they were gone. Like a dinosaur or some shit.
Musically, they take some of the repetition of  Killing Joke, the thud of Tad, and the three guitar wail of Band Of Susans to produce a bleak but meaty slab of filth. It's pretty much what you should expect from the bands I just mentioned, and from what we feature on this blog. You know the drill.

Cutthroats 9 - Cutthroats 9

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 2000

The other Cutthroats 9 full length was posted a few months back, and I believe I made my opinions clear then as to which band was superior, Cutthroats 9 or Unsane (here's a hint, it was Cutthroats 9). But with that recent JJ Paradise Players Club post, I started thinking about these guys again (Dave Curran is in both bands) and thought we should get this record up here post haste. I'm not sure exactly how Chris Spencer did it, but he took the Unsane template and made a band that was more menacing than it' predecessor. This band just feels more aggressive and hateful than Unsane...and that's saying something. There's also a more liberal use of the slide in his solos on this record, if you're into that kind of thing. I don't want to speak for you or anything.
Reptilian Records re-released this album a few years after Man's Ruin went belly-up, and you can probably still find it in their catalog, it's an impressive catalog after all.

In other news, did anyone else notice that Fred and Ipecac were back in effect? It's like a real team here now, shit, I was just in the Shiny Grey Break room and Fred and I made plans for a little beach volleyball match this weekend (cue Top Gun montage), and Ipecac and I are back to our standing 3:30pm slap fight date. It's just like old times!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goblin Cock - Come With Me If You Want To Live

Year: 2009
Ever heard of Heavy Vegetable? Pinback? Physics? Optiganally Yours? uh...Thingy? No? Me either. But these were all brain children and projects of Rob Crow, most of them of the indie variety. Goblin Cock was decidedly envisioned as a metal band, however, over the past couple years, has evolved into something much different; sort of a middle point between Goblin Cock's first album 'Bagged and Boarded' and Heavy Vegetable (which isn't a bad thing by any means). Most of the ridiculous gimmicks of yester-album are gone now, as the band trades in it's minimalist stoner riffs for low-frequency melodies; harkening back to the days when having a little melody in your rock didn't make you a "faggot" or a "pussy" or a "stupid faggot pussy indie kid who wears a cardigan and plays his shitty acoustic guitar at parties".

...Goblin Cock! (Alternative Rock set at a Stoner's Pace)
Goblin Cock - Come With Me If You Want To Live

Shameless Self Promotion - Volume 6

Alright already, this will be the last time you have to suffer through my sales pitch whilst searching for pirated music. This will be the last time I say, "if you live anywhere near Atlanta, come on out, it will be fun". This will be the last time I have to think of a way to describe my own band's sound. 
That being said...if you do live anywhere near Atlanta, you should get your sluggish ass to the Drunken Unicorn for one final night of knuckle-dragging southern apocalyptic boogie dirge. 

Doors are at 9:00, it's 18+, I think $5 for 21+ and $8 for 18-20, first band on at 10:00

Hell Comes To Town - lumbering bear awoken from winter slumber wildly swings paws at cave intruders. If it means anything, the guitarist was in the original Zoroaster lineup.

G.G. King - frantic babysitter realizes child in her care has wandered over to the edge of the family pool, of course, she's a little too buzzed to really do anything but laugh. If it means anything, the band is made up of the old Carbonas, and Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, and many many more.

Sonn Av Krusher - naive boy accepts invitation for ice cream and cartoons in the apartment adjacent the bicycle shop, decides it's worth the ice cream to humor an older man in the sunset of his boy sees wad of cash in sock drawer he will pocket later after old man falls asleep...and not to feels alright.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Burning Brides - Hang Love

Label: Modern Method
Year: 2007

So I finally tracked down a copy of this, the third record from rock-n-roll party animals Burning Brides, and sweet jesus does it rip! The riffs are even riffier, the tones are heavier, and the overall vibe is more menacing and sinister than before. I mean, you still get your nuts (or ovaries) rocked the fuck off, but this time around it's with extreme prejudice. Seems to me that they came off their ill-fated major label run with a sneering batch of venomous jams to re-assert themselves as the premier hard rock band in America, and you know what? They just might be.
The key is that this band can fucking play. Dimitri Coats can slay the guitar, and they got Pete Beeman from Guzzard on drums, and you know that fool can get around a drum-set quick fast (and in a hurry no doubt). So musically, they're a hard act to follow. Plus, they understand how to write a catchy pop song, and then dunk it into the sludgy murk of their ink-black bile. It's a real thing of beauty man, for reals, I mean it. It's not unlike Nirvana in that respect, not that it really sounds that much like Nirvana (more Mudhoney...still), but they have the knack for subverting heaviness with catchiness. 
Go for it.'s happened once again

a re-relaunch
a re-imagining
a slow motion enema/car accident/christmas morning

call it what you will...but the colostomy grab-bag (or for those into brevity..the CGB) has managed to drag itself out from under the couch once again...and it's filled with the hope that it will be able to make you feel funny in your no-no zone once again...but this time it won't have to end in the use of a topical ointment

so pull up a chair...strap on a comes the gravy

Sunday, April 12, 2009

J.J. Paradise Players Club - Wine Cooler Blowout

Label: Tee Pee
Year: 2001

I posted the "Regenesis" album some months back, and I think that when I did, someone asked about this one. If I am in fact remembering correctly, then I apologize for taking so long to remember to get around to it. If I'm remembering incorrectly...well...fuck it all then.
In that original post I gave you my two cents on the band, their lineage and all of that, so there's no real need to rehash. But, in spirit of fairness, here's the Cliff Notes on J.J. Paradise Players Club:
Four dudes, all playing in other bands; Glazed Baby, The Kill Van Kull, Unsane, Kiss It Goodbye, Hell No, Die 116, Go!, and Shiner decide to get together to play loud, nasty music which draws equally from their nuanced pedigrees. Do I need to explain what that sounds like? I feel like I shouldn't have to, so I won't. Just listen to it. You'll thank me later. I thank me all the time.
All music should be this good.

Mukilteo Fairies - Closet Check

Label: Outpunk
Year: 1994

Phone conversation between me and Mukilteo Fairies.

MF (Mukilteo Fairies): Hello?
GK (me): Hi, is this Mukilteo Fairies?
MF: Yes it is, can I help you?
GK: Sure can, I just had a quick question for you.
MF: Okay, shoot.
GK: What the fuck?
MF: What do you mean? Is that your question, 'what the fuck'?
GK: Yes it is. That is my question. What the fuck?
MF: Wow, that's a tough one to answer. I'm not sure where to start.
GK: Well, how about explaining to me how what's essentially a grindcore band ended up putting out records on Kill Rock Stars, YoYo, Honey Bear, Outpunk, and Bang Pop.
MF: Oh, yeah that. And like, how no actual hardcore or grindcore fans ever even heard of us? Sure, it's a fair question, and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that we were indie rockers at heart flirting with this kind of music for the two years that we even existed, and so our friends were the people at those labels, and on a lark they would release our records. Generally speaking, most Masskontroll fans aren't shopping in the same record bins where the YoYo releases are. Know what I mean?
GK: Yeah, I do. So then why should I give a fuck?
MF: Well, you certainly don't have to, but our music is well done if you like sloppy, speedy, screamy, thrashing punk blasts. Oh, and the band has members who went on to be in ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead, Behead The Prophet...No Lord Shall Live, The Emerald Down, and Lords Of Lightspeed. People seem to really be into those bands.
GK: I get it. Thanks. Anyway, I gotta run now, but I appreciate your time. Have a great evening.
MF: No sweat, my pleasure. Good night.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

fudge tunnel - creep diets

released 1993

i first came across this album years ago at a garage sale of all places...for a dollar no less...apparently the people were selling off some of their daughter's (yes...daughter) belongings while she was away in school...and as i handed over my hard earned dollar bill...part of me wanted to ask for the daughter's phone number...but these folks didn't exactly look the type to be setting their daughter up with someone who was being accompanied by someone with facial piercings and such

oh what could've been

this album has a little bit of everything...from helmet-like grooves (listen to 2:56-3:24 of the song "face down" and try not to break some furniture...or at least scare the wife and kids...i'm thinking that you don't really need another "incident") a touching song about an ex girlfriend ("don't have time for you")

after the band went on "hiatus" in 1995...singer/guitarist alex newport went on to form a short lived industrial metal band called nailbomb with ex-sepultura frontman max cavalera..and became a producer on albums from the likes of at the drive in...the melvins...and system of a down (just to name a few)...and then went on to form the band theory of ruin

what happened to the other two guys?
only their parents know for sure

take with some unsane...some early helmet...and steve albini
live with it

Truly - Heart And Lungs

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1991

As a follow up to the Soundgarden from yesterday, here's the band Hiro Yamaoto started after leaving that group. He got the drummer of Screaming Trees, and the vocalist of Storybook Krooks on board as well, and away they went. On to murky, catchy, grungy (dare I say?) world of Truly. Certainly not metallic like Soundgarden, they have more in common with the epic dark pop of Screaming Trees, but without the booming vocals. There's also a touch of Mudhoney styled garage rave-ups in there too.
This was their first record, and it's a good one. Give it a whirl.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Soundgarden - Screaming Life / Fopp

Label: SubPop
Year: 1990

Hey, remember when Chris Cornell didn't sing like Peter fucking Cetera? Remember? Before he started sporting that pervy-ass moustache (I'm aware of the goatee, but somehow that's less "kid toucher" and more "greaseball")? Remember when Soundgarden were the saviours of American heavy metal? Kim Thayil was rocking a goddamn C.O.C. shirt in every photo? Prior to Matt Cameron playing with those wet turds Pearl Jam? Any of this ringing a bell? 
If you ever wanted to hang yourself over "Black Hole Sun", or god forbid, Audioslave, then please go back and be reminded just how far the mighty have fallen. 
Fuckin A, Soundgarden used to be good as shit.

Garden Variety - Knocking The Skill Level

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1995

Recorded in Washington DC with Geoff Turner, and mixed in San Diego by Mark Trombino (Drive Like Jehu)....and that's pretty much the whole story. What else do you need? D.C. styled guitar rock meets San Diego styled guitar rock, turns out that equals Chapel Hill styled guitar rock, although Garden Variety were from New Jersey no the Cacka.
It's upbeat, slightly noisy, slightly poppy, good time music. Nothing more, nothing less. It holds up very well after 14 years, and that's more than you can say for most records. If you ever find yourself listening to Superchunk, Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu, or Seaweed, then you'll most likely find something to latch onto in Garden Variety
Members went on to be in Radio 4, Retisonic, Bluetip, and Vic Thrill.
One of these songs was on a split with Hell No, and one was on a split with Chune. FYI.

silversun pickups - carnavas

the best album from 1993 to get released in 2006

i remember the first time i came across this was early in the morning and i was flipping through the channels...and i was stopped by what i thought was vintage smashing pumpkins (you know...with pre-vampire in the matrix billy corgan) was the video for the song "lazy eye"...and i just sat there watching and missing 120 minutes...and then the end of the video came...and suddenly i got even more excited..."is music going to get good again?!" i asked myself..."probably not,davey" myself said..."that's not my name dammit! damn you davey and goliath!" i immediately went to look for the band's album online (yeah i know...piracy baaaad! grrrrrr! but you know're looking at this blog for a reason,right? that's what i you can take that hurt bunny look elsewhere)....and for weeks after i drove folks crazy playing said song over and over and over and over and over...and then the death threats started coming in...the cat wouldn't hang out with me anymore...the fish would stop swimming when i'd walk by (but i taught them all a lesson in flushology...poor larry)...i'd start waking up with my pillow covering my face (and i sleep alone)...the guy in the mirror quit showing up...

anyway...moving on ....

if you dig on some gish-era smashing pumpkins...some goo-era sonic youth...a little bit o' radiohead...and some my bloody valentine-esque noise...

in yo' face cat!
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