Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sonic youth - flower/halloween 12"

released in 1985

the first single from the "bad moon rising" album

the song "halloween" was later covered by the band mudhoney for a split with sonic youth that was released in 1988 (sonic youth covered mudhoney's "touch me i'm sick")

nig-heist - snort my load

originally released in 1983 (re-released in 1997 with extra songs as a discography)

the band consisted of black flag roadie mugger on vocals...and had a revolving door of members (which consisted of various members of black flag and crew...members of SST records...d. boon of minutemen fame...and ian mckaye of then minor threat fame)

they'd frequently open for black flag...playing "cock rock"...taking the stage half-nude and wearing wigs...taunting the punks in the audience

and they"cover" the velvet underground song "here she comes now" (tongue in cheek-ily titled "if she ever comes")

the cover of the album was supposedly drawn by devo's mark mothersbaugh

king missile - mystical shit & fluting on the hump

released in 1990

this is a compilation of their first and third album (released in '87 and '90)

king missile was a band lead by poet (later an author and lawyer) john charles hall (who later adopted the stage name "john s. hall")...they've had 3 incarnations ("king missile (dog fly religion)...king missile...king missile III)

you may have seen the video for their song "detachable penis" on beavis and butthead (the song can be found on the happy hour album released in 1992)

Friday, July 25, 2008

dazzling killmen - face of collapse

released in 1994

they came from st. louis,mo...and played what would later become labeled as "math metal" (irregular start/stops mixed with a free jazz experimental sound...taking inspiration from such prog bands as captain beefheart...genesis...and yes)

they released 2 full lengths (this being their second)...a few 7"...and a compilation

after splitting up in 1994...vocalist/guitar player nick sakes relocated to minnesota and went on to be in the bands collosamite and currently in a band called sic bay...bassist darin gray played in a band called you fantastic!...guitar player tim garrigan also played in you fantsatic! and is currently in a band called phut...and drummer blake fleming went onto to play with the mars volta and started an instrumental band called laddio bolocko and is currently living in new york as a drum teacher

the supersuckers - the sacrilicious sounds of the supersuckers

released in 1995

originally called "the black supersuckers" when they started out in tucson,az back in 1988...and as if they could see into the future...they later made the move to seattle,wa in 1989

the sister of willie nelson plays the piano on a song ("don't go blue"...which is a showing of what was to come on the next album...a more country sound)

fiREHOSE - fromohio

released in 1989

this was the first in many mike watt endeavors after the ending of the minutemen (singer/guitarist d. boon was killed in a van accident while on the way to arizona in 1985)

the band was started after a minuteman fan from ohio named ed crawford (who went on to play guitar and sing in fiREHOSE) found mike watt's phone number and called him saying that he wanted to form a band with him and minutemen drummer george hurley

they went on to release 5 albums (this being their third) and 2 eps before breaking up in 1994

black flag - 6.27.86 - detroit,mi

the final show

1 - retired at 21
2 - annihilate this week
3 - bastard in love
4 - drinking and driving
5 - paralyzed
6 - in my head
7 - white hot
8 - black love
9 - kickin' and stickin'
10 - society's tease
11 - this is good
12 - i can see you
13 - nothing left inside
14 - gimme gimme gimme
15 - louie louie

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TAD - Salt Lick/God's Balls

Year: 1989

This is an awesome compilation (First album and a later EP) of TAD's early work, that's unfortunately out of print nowadays. TAD's probably one of my favorite bands from the era, and also one of the rawest. They mixed primal drumbeats with 70s heavy (and noisy) guitar work to create one of the finest records released on Sub Pop. Good luck finding this anywhere:

TAD - Salt Lick/God's Balls
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