Thursday, December 31, 2009

the jesus lizard - bang

released 2000

we here at the SGM offices wish you all a happy new year

and some of you...a happy nude year

2009 goes out with a....

(insert eye roll here)

DL: bang

the jesus lizard - sho(r)t

released 1996

"i called the cops to shut this shit down..i mean...this shit is too shouldn't get out of control like that"

this was a vhs promo for the SHOT album i'm assuming

you get to see the band play and interact with fans and tell stories about hanging out with the billy corgan and tortoise and whatnot

most of the film's 35 minute length is spent on a show they played at the vic theatre back in april of 1996

1 - thumbscrews
2 - fly on the wall
3 - mailman
4 - destroy before reading
5 - thumper
6 - bloody mary
7 - wheelchair epidemic

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
(links fixed)

rapeman - 7.13.88 - wzrd - chicago,il

and this is what happened after the bands big black and scratch acid split up (i don't think i need to tell you which members ended up i?)

after they broke up (a mere 2 years after their inception) steve albini went on to play in the live version of the band flour before starting shellac...david wm. sims went onto join the jesus lizard...and rey washam went onto play in various other bands (ministry/lard/tad)

and now those of you that didn't know what members were you kind of do...but that's as far as i'm leading you

this was a set they played on a radio station in chicago (in case you didn't already kind of figure that out)

DL: rapeman@wzrd

scratch acid

well...the year is coming to a close

the jesus lizard are playing their final show (ever?)...and then music can go right back to the sucking that it's been doing

if you didn't already know...2/4 of scratch acid went onto to form the jesus lizard (david yow/david wm. sims...which was started by guitarist duane denison...he brought in david yow to play some bass on some music he wanted to record...but he suggested they bring in david wm. sims to do so as he wanted to sing)

but that's kind of getting of course

originally...david yow was bass player for the band until original vocalist steve anderson was booted out...they were an instrumental band for a bit...then yow and sims made the switch and carried on until they split up 1987 (they had a tiny reunion tour back in 2006...playing 3 dates in austin,tx/chicago,il/seattle,wa)

but you probably already know all that (at least you should)

and now i give you this:

a 3 song demo with the band's original vocalist (none of the songs are titled)

2 unidentified shows (but if anyone of you out there know anything about them...send a little note)

(if you'd like more info on the stuff in this post...crack open the comments)

show 1:
1 - damned for all time
2 - crazy dan
3 - eyeball/skin drips
4 - mess
5 - albino slug
6 - the greatest gift
7 - mary had a little drug problem
8 - big bone lick

show 2:
1 - mess
2 - albino slug
3 - greatest gift
4 - mary had a little drug problem
5 - cannibal
6 - big bone lick
7 - eyeball
8 - skin drips
9 - damned for all time
10 - crazy dan

DL: early demos
DL: show #1
DL: show #2

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the jesus lizard - 10.23.90 - bar bazaar - ft. collins,co

well...come tomorrow it all comes to an end (or does it)

so if you live anywhere near chicago...go and get tight 'n shiny (that's right...i brought it back) with the lizard crew (unless your idea of having a good time on new years is spending it with the reanimated corpse of dick clark...or hoping that the slutty girl at the office will make out with you in the janitor's closet)


and i'm not gonna get all long winded about the band (and i can hear the collective "aw maaaaaaaaan!")

but what i am gonna do is give you yet another jesus lizard show for your collection

and if you do go...tell david wm. sims that SGM sends their regards and that we miss him

apparently the band was approached after the show to do some studio ids for a local college radio station kcsu (which are included here...each member (sans david wm. sims) went into the bathroom with a tape recorder to do them)

1 - intro
2 - one evening
3 - bloody mary
4 - then comes dudley
5 - killer mchann
6 - karpis
7 - sdbj
8 - my own urine
10 - lady shoes intro
11 - lady shoes
12 - (chatter)
13 - chrome
14 - monkey trick
15 - rodeo in joliet
16 - 7 vs 8
17 - tight 'n shiny
18 - seasick
19 - blockbuster
20 - yow intro
21 - yow id 1
22 - yow id 2
23 - duane id 1
23 - duane id 2
23 - mac id

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crooked Fingers - Live - Larimer Lounge 04-02-03

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2003

I believe my feelings for Eric Bachmann, and more specifically his old band Archers Of Loaf, have been made clear in this space before. In my humble opinion, the man is the best songwriter operating today...for reals. Fucking guy has an incredible knack for wrapping the gentlest melody in warped distortion, or coat it in a crackling patina. I am constantly going back to songs from his catalog when I need to hear "something good".
So, it was with great anticipation that I set out to see him play a solo gig in Atlanta this past weekend. I even had a couple friends from out of town (who used to live in town, so they were back in town) in tow for the event. As dudes are often wont to do, we met up at a local spot for some pre-game drink and catching up, which then morphed into a heated bocce match (no shit...I won), which dragged on a little longer than anticipated. So, we gather our things (and I leave my credit card) and head to the spot Eric Bachmann is playing. We roll in at 12:20am, certainly "late" by most standards, but we were floored to see Eric Bachmann selling merchandise to the post-show crowd gathered at the rear of the room. What the fuck? 12:20 on a Saturday night and fucking show is over?! Like, we don't even get the chance to yell out our obnoxious requests? Fucking pisser man, fucking pisser.

Monday, December 28, 2009

slughog - self-titled 7"/ungodly amounts of meat

self-titled 7" released 1992
ungodly amounts of meat released 1998

once again by zokuchou posting something it reminded me to do so as well

i had originally planned on posting their UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF MEAT album back when i'd made a megapost of bands from new england (as seen here) but for some reason didn't

but here it is...and i've thrown in the SELF-TITLED 7" as a bonus...all wrapped up in a nice little package

and you wanna check out this package

and is it just me...or does their song "monkey fly plane" sound like the surly drunk older brother to the pixies song "monkey gone to heaven"

DL: ungodly amounts of 7" meat


Label: Wonderdrug
Released 1995

Noise...Rock. It's noisy and it rocks. Kinda ticks the box firmly in both categories. From the opening bassline you would be forgiven to thinking that you are listening to mid-era Unsane but then when the vocals cut in you are reminded of Tad. Dual mouth on this album which then remind me of Hell No on the later songs. As the pope would say "good shit!"


Sunday, December 27, 2009

sgm vs facebook

it's finally been done

SGM invades facebook

is it wrong to use sexual harassment as an ice breaker?

let's find out

a food fight is not a buffet

seeing as how none of you know how to behave while eating in the break are ordered to watch this video

and yes...we can pin your eyes open and strap you to a chair if needed...and if any of you struggle...we'll be more than happy to show you that this was written into your job application

so after watching this...there will no longer be any "my germs" shenanigans on cream corn day...and no more eating your lunch in the bathroom

and once a more complete list is'll be posted on the door to the break room

so use common sense people

and while i'm on the subject...though it's not shown in the video...please stop poking the janitor with sticks and demanding he do things in front of his family

that is all

El Buzzard - Songs For Total Dicks

Label: The Static Cult Label
Year: 2008

I tell you, nothing brings you back down to earth after a Boxing Day hootenanny more than some blown out, in-the-red, vein popping, noise-violence. You know, the servants have the day off, whilst the gentry dines on a pre-prepared buffet of cold cuts and mulled's all very taxing, cutting your own meat, lifting your own fork, and chewing your own food. How do the plebeians do this labor year-round?! I am bushed!
So, to reward my hard work, I am sitting on the davenport, sipping a six year old Orujo, enjoying a San Cristobal de la Habana (I have a friend at the Embassy), and allowing the dulcet tones of El Buzzard to cleanse away all the unpleasantness of yesterday's hard won gains.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

from the blue oyster bar to hells angel rally : the ministry discography

i had planned on having this ready for you on christmas morning so you'd have something to look for under the tree...but mother nature and santa and the internet were having none of that (they're all very sore losers when it comes to losing at strip poker...which contradicts their "three the hard way" posting they made over on craigslist)

so here it is...a day later

"i'm gonna be famous someday"
-al jourgensen

the above quote was told to me by a cousin that lives in chicago...he was at some random apartment with a friend of his sometime in the early 1980's...and there was al jourgensen sitting on the edge of a bed dressed like someone that spoke in a faux english accent (which he did) and played in a synthpop/industrial band in the early 80's (which he did)

we've all heard the stories about ministry...from the drunken debauchery to the possible bestiality to them possibly having a hand in 9/11 (i mean...that would explain the disdain the band had shown for the bush administration...a ploy to shift the attention away from them)

and then there are all of al's side projects: revolting cocks...1000 homo djs...lard...acid horse...ptp...pailhead...most only releasing a few singles (revolting cocks and lard being the only 2 releasing more than one album)

then al got clean and became an imitation of his former self...and i'm not saying that in a hateful way...i celebrate the entire ministry catalog (yes...even the early britpop days)...and after they'd released the PSALM 69 just seemed like they couldn't recapture that old piss and vinegar attitude anymore...until they finally released PSALM 69 pt. 2 (aka "RIO GRANDE BLOOD")...and even then it was "yeah...but it's been done already al"

and then it all came to an end in dublin,ireland on july 18,2008

and was the perfect time for the band to call it a day...they'd done everything they could've possibly done (and then trent reznor followed suit and put nine in nails to bed this year (touring-wise anyway)...there's supposedly going to be new music getting released next year...but honestly...why bother...manufactured angst can only go so far...and it would just be beating a dead horse...i lost interest in the band after THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL...and seeing as how i'm now going on a rant about 90's industrial music...marilyn manson just needs to realize that he doesn't matter anymore and put all of the "ooooh i'm scary and controversial" theatrics to bed and get over puberty...and then there's skinny puppy...i've always been a fan of the band...even when everyone was all outraged that they brought in an electric guitar on THE PROCESS album...though i kind of lost interest in the THE GREATER WRONG OF THE RIGHT album)

moving on

so squeeze yourself into your leather pants...put on your depeche mode t-shirt...lace up your boots...crank the stereo to 11...

but before you go any might want to pull all of the blinds don't want to have another incident you?

DL: i'm falling 12" (1981)
DL: cold life 12" (1982)
DL: work for love 12" (1982)
DL: i wanted to tell her 12" (1983)
DL: revenge (you did it again) 12" (1983)
DL: with sympathy (1983)
DL: work for love (1983)
DL: all day/everyday (is halloween) 12" (1985)
DL: everyday (is halloween) remix/nature of outtakes 12" (1985)
DL: over the shoulder 12" (1985)
DL: the nature of love 12" (1985)
DL: twitch (1986)
DL: twelve inch singles 1981-1984 (1987)
DL: stigmata 12" (1988)
DL: the land of rape and honey (1988)
DL: burning inside 12" (1989)
DL: the mind is a terrible thing to taste (1989)
DL: in case you didn't feel like showing up (live) (1990)*
DL: jesus built my hotrod 12" (1991)
DL: just one fix single (1992)
DL: mix it yourself 2x 12" promo (1992) (
DL: nwo single (1992)
DL: psalm 69 (1992)
DL: box 3 cd single compilation (1993)
DL: just another fix (1993)
DL: the fall/reload 12" (1995)
DL: brick windows promo (1996)
DL: filth pig (1996)
DL: lay lady lay single (1996)
DL: bad blood single (1999)
DL: dark side of the spoon (1999)
DL: greatest fits (2001)
DL: what about us? single (2001)
DL: sphinctour (2002)
DL: animositisomina (2003)
DL: piss cd promo (2003)
DL: twitched (2003)
DL: early trax (2004)
DL: houses of the molé (2004)
DL: side trax (2004)
DL: rantology (2005)
DL: rio grande blood (2006)
DL: rio grande dub ya (2007)
DL: the last sucker (2007)
DL: cover up (2008)
DL: keys to the city (2008)**
DL: adios...puta madres (2009)
DL: the last dubber (2009)

*=the full version
**=a song written for the chicago blackhawks

alain in 1983

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tight Bros. From Way Back When - Take You Higher ep

Label: Ten-In One
Year: 1999

The debut 7" from the "ex-Karp classic rock band". I think this one has more AC/DC styled energy than the lps, and therefore is better, or more fun, or however you want to look at it. Maybe it's the length too (that's what she said), seven minutes is a pretty good blast of riffing, any more than that and you start to lose impact.
If you're having people over to your house for Christmas as I am, this is a good one to throw on the stereo after an hour of drinking has preceded it. Someone will break something, someone else will projectile vomit across the nativity scene, and someone will strip down to nothing but the stocking hung by chimney with care. If that sounds like something you want to invite into your life, then by all means, get this record into rotation. If you find that kind of behavior reprehensible, then may I suggest a Johnny Mathis Christmas album and a spicy egg nog? 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bl'ast! - Whirlwind Demo

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1990(?)

I've been on a Bl'ast! kick lately for reasons not entirely known. The obvious guess would be; Bl'ast! fucking slay, why wouldn't you be on a Bl'ast! kick? And while the merits of this assumption are not totally without grounds, I have to probe a little deeper to really ascertain the basis of my current mania (a Manic Ride per chance?). I don't know dudes (and that one girl who may be out there), I really don't. 
This is one of those bands that I turn to when I want to hear hardcore music. It's basically, Black Flag, Corrosion Of Conformity, and Bl'ast!. Surely, I also rely heavily on Minor Threat, TSOL, Dead Kennedys, DOA, Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, and on and on, but those first three are the ones that really speak to the "hardcore dude" still circle pitting round the insides of my brain. 
Ridiculous? Absolutely.
And then there are those who say, "why bother with Bl'ast! when you already have Black Flag?". I don't speak to those people. They don't get "it". Or at least, they don't get "it" enough. 
Bl'ast! were fantastic. 'Nuff said. 
Towards the end of their run, after the classic lineup had fallen away, and just before the band splintered into Spaceboy and Blackspot (later L'ab), they were starting to get away from the Black Flag-isms that defined their early material, and they recorded this demo, along with a couple others. It probably won't be what you expect if you know the band already, but that's kinda the point of the post right? I could post the albums, but that'd be too easy. Maybe one day, but today ain't that day. Today you get this weird fucking demo from a band about to implode. Merry Christmas!
Also, I couldn't resist including the photo of Rob "The Barn" Roskopp hoisting that huge head of his over Bl'ast! playing on the hip of the Combi pool. Classic.


Arsenal - Factory Smog Is A Sign Of Progress (including Manipulator ep)

Label: Touch And Go
Year: 1990

Two thirds of Big Black (Santiago Durango and Mr. Roland) reunite to continue that band's legacy, whilst adding keyboards to the mix, thus making a more accessible, and somehow industrial feeling record. Bass on this 12" is handled by Naked Raygun's Pierre Kezdy, who had written some of these tracks while in previous bands Strike Under and Trial By Fire. 
The cd version also includes the bands other, and first ep, "Manipulator", which is a little less focused than "Factory Smog...". 
If they were giving trophies for Best Post-Big Black album by former members of Big Black, it would certainly go to Rapeman, but Arsenal ain't nothing to slouch about. 
Also, as soon as I go to find a cover image for this post I realize Sister Hell had already posted this months ago. Those motherfuckers beat me to everything! I guess that says something about the quality of their shit versus the quality of mine huh?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Les Savy Fav - Rome (Written Upside Down) ep

Label: Southern
Year: 2000

I was late to the party on this band because I hated the hype they had been getting. I'm stubbornly reactionary that way, and it rarely works out for me. Go figure. 
So anyway, I got the "Inches" compilation when it came out in 2004 as a way to covertly catch up on what I had been trying to ignore, and, surprise, it was real good. Since then I've gotten in my DeLorean and driven 88 miles per hour back in time to scoop up some of the bands earlier releases, this being one of them.
I like their take on post-punk, it's twitchy, bubbly, kinda mean, and always well executed. It's as if they're smart enough to be clever, but not so smart that they resort to smarmy-ness, and I like that due to my low tolerance for smarmy-ness. Don't tolerate it. They have a good sense of when to hammer on an idea, and when to mix things up. The songs are cohesive, but never boring, like they've found their "sound", and that sound suits them so well. 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

the jesus lizard - 11.6.09 - variety playhouse - atlanta,ga

this was the 29th show on their reunion tour

their 927th show overall

hopefully you were one of the few dozen or so folks that managed to catch them this time around as it could very well be the last

and seeing as how the boys are givers and such...they're giving you yet another chance to do so this coming new years eve at the metro in chicago (you'd better get your tickets now...the previous 2 shows they played last month back to back at the metro sold out quickly)

but enough with the words

1 - puss
2 - gladiator
3 - seasick
4 - kill mchaan
5 - glamorous
6 - mouth breather
7 - dancing naked ladies
8 - thumper
9 - my own urine
10 - destroy before reading
11 - monkey trick
12 - boilermaker
13 - blue shot
14 - chrome
15 - 7 vs 8
16 - then comes dudley
17 - bloody mary
18 - thumbscrews
19 - fly on the wall
20 - wheelchair epidemic
21 - nub
22 - if you had lips
23 - blockbuster

DL: the jesus lizard@variety playhouse
(link fixed)

"then comes dudley" from this very show

Honor Role - Album

Label: Merge
Year: 1997

By request, but this one should have been here a long time ago.
This record is a compilation of Honor Role's entire discography sans the first 7" (which I will post at a later date). It includes the two albums, "The Pretty Song" and "Rictus" and some other recordings. Those albums were originally released in 1986 and 1989 respectively.
The band came out of Richmond, Virginia, and evolved from a simple hardcore band into a math rock monolith, eventually disbanding when part of the group wanted to explore heavier, more aggressive music (Butterglove...which I will also post here eventually). More famously though, they went on to be Breadwinner, another math rock masterpiece of a band. Other bands that benefited from Honor Role alumni included; Kepone, Labradford, Ladyfinger, Coral, Pillow Talk, and Dynamic Truths.
Musically, the band blended the straight ahead, vaguely metallic punk of Husker Du, with the wiry art punk of say, Gang Of Four, and the moody introspection of their Dischord neighbors to the north. All in all, this yields particularly impressive results, churning up some alien and moving sounds. I remember not knowing what to make of the "Rictus" album when I first heard it years ago since it didn't have the jarring attacks found on "The Pretty Song" (which was released by Reed Mullin of C.O.C. so you know it's good), or the atonal guitar scratches. I put that record (cassette actually) away for many moons, and didn't hear it again until I was literally throwing away a bunch of tapes out of my car (since tape decks were being phased out), and turns out, surprise, it's a really great record. Slower, and more nuanced, but great.
I'd be curious to hear some one's opinions on how this one who has not heard the band before. Part of me feels that it might not stack up these days, and I'm just remembering it's impact on my impressionable brain 20 years ago. Let me know.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Seaweed - Seaweed ep

Year: 1990
Label: Tupelo Recording Company

When I left my hometown to attend college, I was pretty much balls deep into hardcore. I had the band t-shirts, the cut-off camo shorts, the fanzine collection, and the condescending attitude to prove it.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I had bummed a ride halfway home to Charlotte where my buddy Rob and is girlfriend were going to pick me up to go home to play a show (with Avail no doubt). I get into Kris' car, and we're talking about some shit or another, and I ask, "have you guys ever heard this band Seaweed?". They looked at each other, started laughing, and then made fun of me for "going to college and getting soft", or something to that effect.  
The funny thing was, I knew exactly what they meant, Seaweed dared to infuse their punk with melody, and had nary a mosh part in sight. Maybe I was getting weak. Was college really where I needed to be? Was it hurting my hardcore bona fides? Shit.
In retrospect that exchange is pretty ridiculous for a few different reasons, the most of which being the obvious resistance to change we all had, but also because Seaweed really weren't all that different than the other bands I had been listening to. They were loud, and brash, and sloppy, but just the simple fact that they snuck those catchy melodies into the songs...well, that was enough...I as a pussy. 
Rob also hated my affinity for Archers of Loaf, but that's a different story. Oh, and he was also fucking my girlfriend at the time, which was pretty uncool, but...what are you gonna do? 
This 12" collects the first 3 7"s the band released.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fuckemos - Black Helicoptors

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1998

By request I believe.
An Austin-based oddity brought to you by dudes from Sugar Shack, Hamicks, Jesus Christ Superfly, and Cherubs among others, with the sole purpose of weirding you the fuck out. Imagine the psych-punk-metal that permeated the Texas musical underground back in the Eighties and Nineties. Got it? Okay, now imagine you took the instruments used to produce that psych-punk-metal, and you exchanged them for children's toys and pawn shop guitars. Still with me? Great, now imagine you purchased an album made on these instruments, but before you could listen to it, you accidentally left it on the dashboard of your car on one of those really hot, shitty ass, humid summer days. And then, even though the record is all warped and still bubbling from the heat, you want to listen to it. Fine, that's your prerogative, but, before you do, you snort a 1/2 cup of cough syrup straight into your nose. Um! Now, and only now are you allowed to sit back and enjoy this music. This music of Fuckemos.

Cows - Sorry in Pig Minor

1998, Amphetamine Reptile

1. Cabin Man
2. Finished Again
3. No, I'm Not Coming Out
4. Dear Dad
5. Eurekal Funday!
6. Death in the Tall Weeds
7. El Shiksa
8. Life After Beth
9. Saliva of the Fittest
10. Felon of Troy
11. Say Uncle

I was surprised to see that "Sorry in Pig Minor" by the Cows hasn't been posted here yet. I've actually been meaning to post this for a while. Not only is it a fantastic album by the wonderfully wierd, noisy, eclectic, schitzophrenic, Cows - but this particular album was produced by none other than Buzz Osborne. (I know what you're thinking.. Who the hell is that?)

Highlights of this album have to be "Finished Again", "El Shiksa" and of course "Cabin Man", which is a pretty fucking brilliant story about a cockroach. Sound wierd? What else would you expect from the Cows?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton

Label: Post Present Medium
Year: 2008

This is a relatively new release, and I always have mixed feelings about posting newer material, but I've been listening to this one a lot lately (admittedly, I'm pretty late to the game) so I wanted to share. But, if anyone associated with this release has a problem, let me know, and I'll take it down.
Everything I heard about the band referenced "No Age" and "The Smell", and while I'm sure Abe Vigoda would like to go about living their lives out from beneath the shadow cast by No Age, it's a reasonable starting point to discuss the band. Both share a penchant for skewed pop by way of echo chamber punk. Frenetic, but murky and detached. Do you know what I mean? It's hard to explain, but the results are pretty clear cut. You get to view the band through a pair glasses that are all kinds of fucked up. They're scratched, they have shit smudged on the lens, and the prescription was all wrong to begin with. The view is vaguely familiar, but nothing is quite in focus. In a good way. Nothing is quite in focus in a good way.
I don't know, I guess if you like No Age, try these guys. If you don't like No Age, try these guys as well, maybe it will tickle your fancy. 
I didn't do a very good job selling that one did I?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tar - Over And Out

Label: Touch And Go
Year: 1995

The final will and testament of the late great and much lamented Tar. As with their entire canon, it is impeccably performed and recorded, restrained when necessary, bombastic when warranted. An understated masterwork.
This record touches on all the different sounds that made up Tar, from the earlier post hardcore rumblings, through the noise rock attack, into the grungy pop darkness, and finally the refined math rock. It's not that simple of course, as Tar never seemed to be, but, if you ever liked what they had done before, this record pulls it all together in a nice neat bow.

Tad - Texas Chainsaw Assault

Label: Alien
Year: 1994

This strange collection is a bootleg of live records dating from 1992 and 1993 recorded in Los Angeles. So the sound quality, while well above average, is not consistent from track to track, but the song selection more than compensates. Then, you get some random studio tracks tacked on to the end, mostly singles, but there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to what songs were included or why.
Whatever, it's a fucking Tad record, get it.
I feel like I remember seeing this in record stores upon it's release, so I'm not real sure what the story is/was, and I know this isn't that difficult to find on the internet, but again, it's a fucking Tad record. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

monster voodoo machine - suffersystem

released 1994

i was listening to ministry and i got to thinking "you know...there isn't enough of this band on the blog"

then i went through the back issues of SGM to see what had been posted by the band

and in the comments section of the skatenigs album STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BREED (al jourgensen produced the album) of the blog's multiple anonymous posters mentioned this band...and then i thought "hey...i have an album by them"

so rather than post a ministry get this

some of you may remember them...some of you might not remember them

i remember picking this up out of a used bin back when it had come out (i think i picked it up because of the album's may recognize seeing some of the artist's other work on random old school metallica stuff...and i think i may have heard the song "fetal position" on some sampler that came in a magazine)

but you don't need my history with the band/album

this was canada's answer to ministry and later white zombie (actually...i guess they could still be canada's answer to both bands as they got back together in 2007 after splitting up back in 1998 and are supposedly working on a new album)

and i'm also going to provide you with a video of the band covering the quicksand song "thorn in my side" live

so hopefully by you seeing the words "cananda" and "ministry" and "white zombie" and "quicksand cover" you've made up your mind and are gonna give this a little action

DL: suffersystem

big baby - 2007 demo

i don't really know much about this band...i found this while randomly looking around the interwebs

but what i do know is this trio is from new orleans (but sounds as if they could've came from that seattle place circa the early 90's)...members of the band have been part of various other new orleans bands (eat a bag of dicks...the faeries...just to name a few)

listening to this you can hear some early nirvana mixed with some melvins and quite possibly some mudhoney

so now you know what you're getting

so get it,dig?

DL: 2007 demo

the hal al shedad - self-titled

released 1996

file this under the heading of: found buried under a bunch of crap on my computer

i've been giving my computer a colon cleansing of sorts for awhile now...and i keep unearthing all kinds of things that i'd forgotten i there'll be all kinds of goodies and whatnot showing up here in the future

now...i'm not gonna waste words coming up with some sort of description about this band/album...but what i am gonna do is point you in the direction of someone that can give you all kinds of info...someone on the inside...and that person goes by the name of james joyce (some of you may have noticed him popping in at the SGM orifices from time to time)

i was a little hesitant about posting this it's posted over mr. joyce's blog as well (it's called BEYOND can find a link over to the right...and i suggest that you go and check it out)...i kinda feel like i'm stepping on some toes by putting this here...but i'm thinking there are a few of you out there that have never heard of the band...or have ever heard this hopefully i'll expose some of you to something new (as opposed to something old...if you know what i mean)

and there's another reason for my we all know...grAy likes to prattle on like an old man that never has anyone come to visit him at the home about all things related to bands in atlanta (he fancies himself somewhat of a star of the scene there...a real belle of the ball)...but something tells me by just saying this i'm opening myself up for something

but enough outta me...go over yonder

DL: the hal al shedad

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Castor - Castor

Label: Mud
Year: 1995

And here's the "other best emo record of the Nineties". Castor's self-titled first album. It has the same elements that made Boilermaker great, but these guys were slightly less bombastic (if you can consider Boilermaker bombastic) in their delivery, their songs slowly churn away. They never fell victim to the boring "slow quiet part into big loud part" rudimentary school of dynamics either. When they build a song, it's a genuine climb, and when they release tension, it's even more rewarding because of it's earnestness. Bottom line, the song writing is second to none.
I only saw them play once, opening for Braid at the Driver Dome here in Atlanta, and they fucking blew me away. Braid should never have even stepped out on "stage" after them, that's how good they were. They had an honesty and integrity to their music that set them apart from the other bands of that ilk. They seemed to could have cared less if you were into it or not, they were still gonna play as hard as they could, and maybe you would catch on by the end of their set. None of the ridiculous posturing, or falling down and rolling on the ground that emo bands began to incorporate in their acts, just real, straightforward rocking. 
They have a second album which is just as good, and when they broke up they formed a few other really good bands (National Skyline being the only one I think we've posted here), but they never could capture the spirit of Castor again.
Hail mid-90's emo! And not the Endpoint kind, or the Frail kind, or whatever...I mean this kind!


Boilermaker - In Wallace's Shadow

Label: Goldenrod
Year: 1996

In the wake of Jawbox-gate 2009, I feel obligated to post two particular records. Two records that to my ears, are head and shoulders above what Jawbox was doing at the same time. The two greatest emo records of the 1990's; Boilermaker's "In Wallace's Shadow" and Castor's "Castor".
To the Jawbox contingent out there, if you haven't heard these, give them a listen and let me know what you think. 
And in the spirit of full disclosure, after everyone seemed to unanimously come to defend the honor of Jawbox, I went back into the archives and dug up all the Jawbox I could find. I gave it a listen (without prejudice volume 1 [token George Michael reference]), and have come to the conclusion that while I might have been a little rough on the band initially today, they aren't as boring as I remembered them being, but also not as inspiring as some would lead you to believe. It has honestly been about 12 years or more since I have actually listened to one of their albums all the way through, and I only rarely would hear them by way of a compilation track here and there, so it's been awhile since I've paid much attention. Being honest, I will admit they have a few hot rockers, but the part I did remember about their records (and seeing them live) was the long drawn out boring, sterile parts. And yes, I realize that Jawbox, Boilermaker, and Castor were not always musically related, or out to accomplish the same things, but in the grand scheme of independent music of the day, I think the similarities outweigh their differences.
I did my part, now you guys do yours and listen to this and the next post.
And by the way, Boilermaker, and this album in particular are what "emo" should sound like. Melodic, yet driving, sensitive, but not sappy, and most of all, rocking. This band had it all, the musicians were pushing and pulling, creating these big dynamics, and the vocals were soaring above the whole thing, carrying the songs to greater heights. Fuckin-a, this stuff still rules after all these years.

nirvana drum tracks

a friend of mine is in a band...and they wrote a song called "dave grohl,put the guitar down...this is an intervention"

no truer words have been spoken/written (well...there probably have been...just go with me here)

i've never really been a foo fighters fan...and the only song i've been able to listen to more than once was a cover of the gary numan jam "down in the park" that was put on the SONGS IN THE KEY OF X: MUSIC FROM AND INSPIRED BY THE X-FILES soundtrack released back in 1996 (and's 1 of 4 reasons to own it...the others being "red right hand" by nick cave and the bad seeds and "star me kitten" by rem w/william burroughs and "unmarked helicopters" by soul coughing)

as you may already know...he played for some band called nirvarna (or something like that) back in the 1990's...and before that he played in a band called scream out of washington dc...and he's played drums in various other bands (queens of the stone age...nine inch nails...killing joke (which is ironic because they tried to sue nirvana over a riff that was "stolen" from their song "eighties" and used in the nirvana song "come as you are"...which i will admit...sounds similar)...tenacious d)

but we're talking about nirvana here

before he joined the band back in 1990...the band had went through a string of drummers: aaron burkhard...dave foster...chad channing...

and then they had some guy named dale crover take over the stool for a was as if it were natural progression...then came dave grohl

it's like nirvana went from ac/dc to being led zeppelin (drummer-wise)

and to be honest with you...the first time i heard nirvana (which was via mtv showing the "smells like teen spirit" video every 10 minutes) i wasn't really all that impressed...but the more i listened to it...the more dave grohl's beating the drums like they owed him money style beat it's way into my head

now i could continue to gush like a head wound about the man...but i'm not going to

this is some nirvana music with everything else turned down (so if you wanted could impress the chicks by throwing this on the stereo and sitting behind a drum kit and be all like "hey ladies...check this action out!"...and you could mime your way into some girl's panties)

so get to stretching

1 - drain you
2 - lounge act
3 - moist vagina
4 - pennyroyal tea (different version)
5 - sappy
6 - very ape

DL: nirvana drum tracks

table - wnur session/self-titled

wnur session released 1992
self-titled released 1995

once again by zokuchou mentioning a reminded me that i have some stuff by this band (i'd meant to post it when he had posted a 7" last month...but life and whatnot got in the way of that business)

but here's what i got for you

first get a set they played on the radio station wnur (which includes a song not found anywhere else titled "m.e.g.o.")

and then you get the band's discography (all 8 songs of it)

"who exactly are table?" some of you may be asking yourselves

table were a band out of illinois that helped spearhead that whole "noise rock" thing (and of course...they worked with steve albini)...and during their short existence (1992-1993) they released 2 7" and some random songs

the band's bass player (warren fisher) later went onto play in the electronica band fischerspooner (apparently he's the reason for table splitting up as he had an addiction to heroin...that's sooooo 90's)

so go ahead and pull up a chair...

DL: wnur session
(link fixed?)
DL: self-titled

jawbox - 1.24.97 - black cat - washington dc

and now you can have even more live jawbox

good for you
good for me
good for us

this was one of the last shows they played in their hometown of washington dc before splitting up

1 - won't come off
2 - mirrorful
3 - 68
4 - desert sea
5 - nickel nickel millionaire
6 - livid
7 - iodine
8 - chinese fork tie
9 - tracking
10 - mule/stall
11 - reel
12 - spoiler
13 - his only trade
14 - chicago piano
15 - ff=66

DL: jawbox@black cat

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

jawbox - 11.8.09 - late night with jimmy fallon

well...hopefully there were a few of you out there that caught the show

and i'm not gonna lie to you...i was a little let down by the performance...maybe it was one of those waiting for something to happen for so long and when it finally does you feel a little let down afterward kind of situations

but i'm not blaming the band

i'm blaming the soundman

for some reason...the other 2 songs the band played that weren't televised ("ff=66" and "68") ended up coming off sounding better than the televised "savory"

and was it just me...or did the band's bass player (kim coletta) look out of place?...the whole time i felt as if they had a soccer mom/teacher trying to look all hip and cool playing with them (she's actually a substitute teacher nowadays...and partially owns desoto records with her husband and former jawbox guitarist bill barbot)

and their drummer has turned into a behemoth

it's sad that this will be the only time the band does anything...i mean...they could at least go out and play a few dates (or at least play one show...and that would be playing FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL SWEETHEART in it's entirety...a person can dream...)

but for those of you that missed the show...i present you all with both audio and visual documentation

DL: jawbox@late night with jimmy fallon

Cherubs - Short Of Popular

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1996

Someone, somewhere, back in time asked for "more Cherubs", and as much as I would like to give you "more Cherubs" everyday, this will have to be the last bit of Cherubs we can offer up. Unless someone can dredge up the remaining 7"s that I don't currently have, this represents the extent of my Cherubs memorabilia. 
Hey, what a second! Is "more Cherubs" a euphemism for "in the butthole"? 
Stinky brown starfish aside, this is the third of the three full lengths that Cherubs released. It was posthumous at that, and not a proper album per se, more a collection of compilation tracks, rejected session tracks, and just general crap lying around. It still plays like an album, not in a story-about-wizards kinda way, more in a mastered-real-well kinda way. So the intensity of previous releases is present and accounted for. 
I'm still thinking about that butthole from earlier. 
I hope you enjoy this more than some rough trade rectal play, I know I do. 
Cherubs rule. Tailpipes stink.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records
Released 1995 & 1996

Forum request No.2. I had both the Silver Salute singles on Am Rep plus their debut single called "Bad Monkey". Though the latter is taken from a CD from a German magazine called 'Harakiri'. So I thought I'd chuck them all together.

Silver Salute are 2/3 Vertigo but harder rocking in this outfit and a bit punkier (is that a word?) too.



Label: Toy Factory (Japan)
Released 1993

Ah the glory days...being a massive fan of Helmet & Unsane at the time, when this came out I was like a teenager watching a porno for the first time - I could not contain myself! 16 had quite a few limited releases at the time but I was lucky enough to pick this up. This has a few extra tracks than the US release, most of which ended up on the Scott Case CD. Please note - track titles are in Japanese so the tracks are: Texas Tunnel, Curves That Kick, Chum, Resin, Amish, Grandpa's Chair, Mr Mouse, Sedatives, Nova, Doorprize, Loafer, Joe The Cat, Hate, Holly Bunny.

This has loads of killer tracks on it and to me it's one of the noise rock greats. But as the dude would say "well, like, that's just your opinion man!"


Sunday, December 6, 2009

lightning bolt - 7.2.02 - under the couch - atlanta,ga

now some of you may have been reading the previous 2 posts and got to scratching your head and while asking yourself "what's lightning bolt?"

one guy plays the bass
one guy plays the drums and screams things into a microphone mask

the drummer wears you out by just watching him

and yeah...i'm gonna say that he's a few notches above hella's zach hill

what you need to do is search out the movie THE POWER OF's a documentary about a tour the band did back in 2001

now...the bass player does what he does...but my all comes down to the just sit there in bewilderment

but enough with the words

1 - intro
2 - thirteen monsters
3 - on fire
4 - dracula mountain pt.1
5 - dracula mountain pt.2
6 - untitled
7 - 30,000 monkeys/force field
8 - conan

DL: lightning bolt@under the couch

the opening for THE POWER OF SALAD (song: "assassins")

jackwacker - ...things from inside your body

released 2006

and looking even closer into the crap i have stored on the computer...i came across this

this was a drum and bass duo from bloomington,in

this album compiles random bit and pieces they'd released during their 2 year existence (they split up back in 1995)

so if you like lightning bolt...godheadsilo...the flying luttenbachers...go ahead and drive your family crazy with this as well

DL: ...things from inside your body
(link fixed fixed)

headbutt - solvent bassed product

released 1998

zokuchou's post reminded me that i had one the band's albums amongst all of the crap on my computer computer should be on that hoarding show on the tv

"barry manilow does an acapella version of the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW soundtrack...really?"
"yeah...i need to keep that need to stop pressuring me!"

and scene!

4 bassists
2 drummers

mix that all in with some later ministry...maybe some pussy galore...and some lightning bolt...and this is what happens

and not only that...the album provides you with a little something that'll freak your neighbors out when played at top volume at 3:00am on a tuesday (check out the unlisted track)

DL: solvent bassed product


Label: Dirter Promotions
Released 1994

Don't be fooled by the puddy cat as this is somewhat dark and sinister. Essentially industrial in nature and likened to the Swans & Einsturzende Neubauten. Abrasive, vocals go from singing to a strained bed of nails. 3 basses no less and sounding somewhat tribal on a few tracks. Headbutt get into some good rhythmic action here and when they get bored of that they go scrape some flesh. Perfect for dinner parties.


Friday, December 4, 2009

melt banana - cell-scape

released 2003

i could be seeing these folks right now...but no...i had to go and spend money on tickets to go and see young widows (who didn't even show up...their van saw to that)

they're currently on tour with themselves

"how could that be?" you could be asking yourself see...they're also playing part of their set under the moniker of melt banana lite...which is essentially still melt banana...just with synths and samplers taking the place of the guitar (which can be heard on their new album MELT BANANA LITE LIVE VERSION 0.0)

on this album...the band stretch out beyond their usual short blasts and become a little more accessible sounding

and there's just something about the bass and guitar play at the beginning of the song "shield your eyes,a beast in the well of your hand" just gets you pumped up

all of the drums were performed by a drum machine (though there's been some speculation that sometime touring drummer dave witte played on the album in some spots)

so join me in the drinking of the laced kool-aid...

DL: cell-scape
(link fixed)

jawbox - split w/jawbreaker / your choice live series split w/leatherface

split w/ jawbreaker released 1991
split w/ leatherface released 1995

i'm posting these so i can take the opportunity to remind you folks that the band are going to regroup and play on the LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON show on the 8th of this month (they're going to perform a total of 3 songs...the one that will get televised is "savory"...and the other 2 will be available for download)

it'll be the first time they've played together since splitting up in 1997

there have been mixed reports of the band possibly doing a tour and recording another album (from bassist kim coletta)...but frontman j. robbins has said that none of that will be happening

now if you go back in time and remember me saying that the jesus lizard should be the only band from that time period that should continue touring and releasing an album...i'm going to go against myself and say that jawbox should be added to that list as well

and if you didn't already know...their album FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL SWEETHEART recently got reissued with the SAVORY +3 EP getting tacked on for good measure (which if you go here you'll see that someone from their camp has totally been reading this blog)

you can also find the above mentioned reissue a few spaces below this

set your tivos
set your dvrs
set your (insert recording device here)

LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON...december 8th...11:35 cst (or for you other folks...the time slot conan o'brien used to inhabit)

DL: split w/ jawbreaker
DL: split w/ leatherface

the dead milkmen - if i had a gun

released 1992

"takin' retards to the zoo"
"punk rock girl"
"bitchin' camaro"

i'm assuming that you've heard of those songs

you in the back wearing the offspring t-shirt...i'm telling you now...before you're burned alive...i'd exit through that door over there

sorry folks...i don't know how that person got in here...i suppose if anyone can crash a white house party...i guess anyone can make it into the SGM offices

now...back to the business at hand

take nofx...and mix it with what the vandals would become later on in their career...and you have the dead milkmen

but totally in a good way

i remember listening to the radio back in the day...and the dj played a little ditty called "the best thanksgiving ever" (which lead into the song "bitchin' camaro) from this very album...and i just so happened to tape it off the radio...and i was hooked...and i then spent multiple hours scanning multiple music stores and pawn shops for this album (though i didn't know the title of it at the time)

then i eventually lost the tape and forgot about it and went on living my life

but for some reason...the above mentioned song snuck it's way into my head...and i then took to the internets to look for it

and to make a not so long story it is

DL: if i had a gun

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Die 116 - Damage Control

Label: Wreck-Age
Year: 1994

Gavin Van Vlack holds mighty sway in my home. Well, at least to me he does. I'm sure my wife and children would have no idea who, or what, in the fuck is "Gavin Van Vlack". 
Regardless of my families' obvious shortcomings in their NYHC hero-mongering abilities, I found myself in a pretty deep Van Vlack trance in the early Nineties. Shit, the dude was in Absolution and then Burn for shit's sake! Dan O'Mahony name-checks him on the legendary "Free For All" compilation! What more could you want?! He was churning out some of the meanest, burliest, and most forward thinking riffs in all of New York. Dude was single handedly, and I repeat, single handedly, changing the sound of modern hardcore music. He introduced a fractured groove to the genre, and in his wake came the "post hardcore" boom of 1991 that all but rendered the Youth Crew sound a moot point.
Yes, granted, had you already been listening to Unsane, Helmet, or Cop Shoot Cop, then you were privy to this "new" sound already. But most young men under in the influence of Revelation Records were still convinced Gorilla Biscuits was about as far as you could push hardcore music away from it's core (pun intended) characteristics.
I'm sure I'm making too big a deal out of all of this, as in, "who gives a shit about my opinion on the intricacies of contemporary hardcore music?" (although you really should, I have plenty of other theories on modern music...seriously.), so I'll quit yammering. But, should you need any further proof that this band is no joke, please see the roster of bands that either made up, or were born out of Die 116:
Rorscach, Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, Pry, The Big Collapse, Burn, Absolution, Playing Enemy, Made Out Of Babies, Kill Van Kull, JJ Paradise Players Club, Stillsuit, Glassjaw, Shai Hulud, and  Saves The Day (ouch). I know I'm missing someone, but whatever, that's plenty. 
Just get this.  Now.

Engine Kid - Live - Thurston's - Chicago

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1993

I can't for the life of me remember where I got this bootleg, and until a few hours ago, I had completely forgotten I even had it. Turns out I have a couple of those organizer books full of cds that I had misplaced in a closet in the house, and it took a fairly aggressive cleaning spree to uncover them (along with an almost forgotten Derek Hess poster...good find!).
So anyway, I put it on, and I'll be damned if this isn't a really good quality live show. The sound is fantastic, must have been straight off the soundboard. Anyone here familiar with Thurston's in Chicago? I haven't ever heard of that club, but of course, I've never spent more than a few hours in Midway and O'Hare airports (and one side trip into that neighborhood with all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, Oak Park maybe?), so my knowledge of the greater Chicagoland area is pretty limited to the Blues Brothers, John Hughes movies, the Superbowl Shuffle, and at least one "Chi-town Heat" version of an old NWA (National Wrestling Alliance, not Niggas With Attitude mind you) Starcade event. So, not a lot of familiarity. Sorry.
But, if you're a fan of Engine Kid's breakneck dynamics, and big guitar histrionics, as I am wont to be, do yourself the honor of trying this show out. Das is good.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Label: Am Rep
Released: 1993

Forum request (1). Classic release on Am Rep as part of the "Am Rep Industries" singles. As you can see this release has rather raunchy artwork by Coop. The band only ever released 2 singles which included this one (which is the better of the 2). Great noise rock on both sides and if you like anything noise rock or Am Rep related then I'd be very surprised if you didn't dig this. Some background info on the band can be found here.


Melvins - Tanks - Peel Session 03.10.91

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

The classic line-up of Buzz, Dale, and Shirley Temple's daughter, doing it in classic Melvins style, slow and low, for the classic John Peel.
'Nuff said, yes?
Alright...four songs, including the rare Clown Alley cover "Theme", and an added bonus (not on the original 7" bootleg) Flipper cover "Way Of The World", with bits of Mr. Peel's dialogue interspersed. 
Honestly, that's 'nuff said now. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red Expendables - Factory Issued Sealed Packaged Printed and Pressed CD

Label: Grimmwerks
Year: 1997

I had not heard this record until very recently, so my take on it is not based on any historical significance in my own life, merely, it was a curiosity I had heard about but never sought out. I stumbled over it the other day, grabbed it, listened to it, and decided to post it. 
The story goes, at the end of Cop Shoot Cop, the band had spent about $150,000 of Interscope's money recording what would be the follow-up to the album "Release". The band had mixed feelings about the process and the songs, and group founder Tod A decided the music wasn't up to par and split. The rest of the band approached Interscope with the nine songs they had, but the label refused to release the album. That marks the end of Cop Shoot Cop, but the remaining band members polish off those nine songs, and add four more and release the record as Red Expendables. There is a connection to the previously posted Book Of Knots record, but frankly, that's just what I'm told, and I can't confirm or deny anything.
Bottom line is, if you liked Cop Shoot Cop on "Release", the more streamlined version of the band, then you will like this. If it weren't "ex-Cop Shoot Cop", then it probably would have been a well respected album, but in the shadow of one of the great noise rock bands of all time, it's a little flat. See for yourself.

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