Thursday, May 28, 2009

jawbox - for your own special sweetheart/savory +3 ep

both released 1994

who can forget seeing the video for "savory" on 120 minutes...didn't you want them to play your next birthday party?...with their jangly guitars and their plodding basslines and their precise off-kilter drums....sounding like a mixture of post punk goodness that came from mission of burma and gang of four.

as for the rest of the album...let's just say that once you hear it you can't seem to get it out of your head...from it's les claypool sound alike opening to it's moody restrained "whitney walks" closing...and in the middle you get the frantic sounds of 4 instruments playing with one another

now...i wouldn't go as far as to say that this is the perfect album...but...

maybe i'm gushing like a head wound over this album...but it takes me back

they were the first band to jump the dischord records ship to move onto a major label (this being their first major label album)

if only all major label albums sounded this good

as for the SAVORY +3 EP...the songs would've easily fit on the FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL SWEETHEART album (you even get a cover of the austin,tx punk band the big boys "sound on sound"...which can be found on the 1983 album LULLABIES HELP THE BRAIN GROW)

so if you're a fan of quicksand...guy picciotto-led fugazi (and i'm gonna say it...i actually prefer him over ian)...or anything put out on dischord post-1988...

DL: for your own special sweetheart
DL: savory +3 ep

"savory" -3.27.93 - howard johnson's - rapid city,sd


Sean said...

I thought Shudder To Think jumped ship first..but maybe my DC history is askew after a rusty decade. I loved Jawbox almost to a fault..they were/are some of the nicest people once the instruments were put away as well. I remember finally finding a copy of the EP in a cut-out bin in some mall giant box retailer for $.99 and going nuts with glee...if I ever get my act together, I'll post their Avengers cover of "Thin White Rope" that appeared on a radio station promo thing and mysteriously nowhere else, as well as a live version of Wire's "Lowdown" that they never recorded..somewhere I've got an off the board cassette of the Jawbreaker/Jawbox set from New London, CT with that on it. Thanks for posting these!!

Anonymous said...

great band! thanks!

Kevin said...

Stupid YouTube and their shitty quality. You can get a much better version of that same Savory video on my site:

You can also download the whole show on the Rapid City Punk Rock Archive (two different angles even). Here:

And I'm with you on Fugazi. They are really just a vehicle for Guy to look cool.

julius orange said...

jawbox were amazing. one of the few "alternative" bands whose major lable albums were just as good their indie stuff.

1009 said...

Awesome awesome record & band. Hope J & family are doing ok.

That's the poet William Carlos Williams at the beginning of the record, FWIW.

Shire said...

Guy's songs were always my favorite ones too!
thanks for the digital copy of a badass album!

Matt Anderson said...

joe lally's solo album kick ass, too. if anyone wants it that doesn't have it, i'll upload it and put the link here or submit to monotone to post at some point.

thanks, guys! good record(s).

panzan said...

thank you for posting the savory +3 ep. unfortunately, the version of "savory" in that file is just a copy of the one recorded for "your own special sweetheart," not the earlier version with slightly different arrangement and much different fidelity that was released on the 7" record. i would love to get a copy of the 7" version if anyone has it ripped.

panzan said...

oh gosh, my mistake maybe... i was thinking of the version of "savory" recorded for the jawbox/edsel split 7"

so, anyone have THAT one?

.t-im said...
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