Sunday, May 31, 2009

the jazz june - the medicine

released 2000

i happened upon this band waiting to pay for a johnny cash t-shirt at a hot topic (yeah yeah...i know alllll about it) i somehow had managed to wander into...i was standing there waiting for the short girl with the dreads and too many facial piercings (aka "my type") to change the paper roll in the cash register...there was a display that had a few cheaply priced cd samplers (and i'm a sucker for cheaply priced samplers) setting on the counter...i ended up buying 2 of them (one being SWEET DEAL! THE INITIAL AND EULOGY RECORDS SAMPLER (the band had the song "the medicine" on that one) and the other being INITIAL EXTREME MUSIC SAMPLER...and i somehow managed to lose both of them somewhere at if anyone has them...send me a message)

so i walked out to my van afterwards and popped the disc into the stereo and drove home...and what stuck out to me about the song was the line "so i fucked up/but i'm getting on with my life" (and who hasn't said that to themselves in the bathroom mirror...or after waking up the morning naked after a night of binge drinking next to someone on the kitchen floor in someone else's house)

that was a good story,grampa

so...if you enjoy the likes of milemarker...(insert obligatory post-1989 dischord band here)...some modest mouse...and maybe a little of the get up kids...

DL: the medicine pt.1
DL: the medicine pt.2

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Anonymous said...

If you still cant seem to find that Initial sampler, i have it. templarsquad at hotmail
Hit me up.

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