Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shaved Women - Static

Label: Pass Judgement
Year: 2011

Holy fuck. There's this  Midwestern battering ram of deep seeded hate and contempt that called Shaved Women, who undoubtedly have sagging shelves full of early 80's American hardcore (Die Kruezen, Black Flag, Corrosion Of know), and late 80's/early 90s noise rock (Cows, Drunks With Guns, know) records.
The result is a blood scrawl of nihilistic intent sprayed across a cinder block wall in the blood of a folded arm audience member sacrificed in the name of vein bulging intensity. Sorry about the mess.
If you like bands like Meat Mist, Twin Stumps, Slices, or Buildings...this one is for you.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Polvo - Today's Active Lifestyle

Label: Merge
Year: 1993

Do you need the refresher course on Gray's Top Ten North Carolina Bands again? Already. Don't you guys ever listen? Ugh. Fine.
1. Archers Of Loaf
2. Corrosion Of Conformity
3. Buzzoven
4. Polvo
5. The Raymond Brake
6. Naked Angels
7. Bitch Magnet
8. Regraped
9. Double Negative
10. Pipe
Honorable Mention: Blownapart Bastards, James Taylor, Subculture, Antiseen, Hellbender, Superchunk, Rights Reserved, Griver, Shatterhed, 700 Club, Well Nigh Forgotten, Confessor, Catharsis, Seven Foot Spleen, Avett Brothers, Small, Flat Duo Jets, Bloodmobile, The dbs, Stillborn Christians, No Labels, Weedeater, Sewer Puppet, Whiskeytown, Geezer Lake, Picasso Trigger,'s late.
Point being, fucking check out number 4 up there.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Metz + Odonis Odonis + Hawks + Liverhearts - Live 04-22-13 Atlanta

Lots of good, nay, great, shows in Atlanta recently or on the horizon. Tons. Hell, tomorrow night you got Thrones with Long Grey Mare (Hawks personnel), Whores just played, there's another Torche show coming up, Iceage, Mudhoney, Coliseum, The Men...and on and on.
But (insert "big butt" joke here), if you can only make it to one show in awhile, may I recommend the above mentioned Metz / Odoinis Odonis / Hawks / Liverhearts joint? Not a band bad in the lineup, including not one, but TWO of the best Atlanta bands in the game! The new Metz record has been in constant rotation, it's incredible.
It's a Monday night which kinda, sorta, definitely sucks, but I figure you can make the school night sacrifice every so often, and this one is worth it. Don't be like me and find a way to puss out at the last minute...fucking go. Make some new memories.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Swine - Self Destroyer

Label: N/A
Year: 2013

Fuck yes. L-O-U-D and fooked. Apparently this is a one man (nut) jobber, which makes it even more impressive. It employs the use of a drum machine, which will get the inevitable Big Black comparison, but I would say there's more Ministry than Big Black (but it's probably more Pissed Jeans than either). There's a highly warped "cover" of Helmet's "In The Meantime" which is barely recognizable, as it's been overdriven into complete submission and the riffs seem to have been..."altered"...which is way more fun than just playing it, as Helmet already made their version readily available. All-in-all, a good, noisy, death ride that will most certainly not help you sleep anytime soon.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 10

Label: N/A
Year: 2013

It's been a couple months since the last Shiny Grey Monotone Radio show, huh? Anyone keeping score?
Well, with spring in the air, pollen filling my head, and shitty ass baseball ruling Sportscenter, here's the next installment of bummer music to turn your frown upside down, and then upside down again. It's guaranteed to clear out any backyard corn hole tournament in under 27 minutes (which is, incidentally, about the time Mule is swinging their collective dicks through a swamp-blues-boogie woogie). Fun Fact: close observers to the series will also note this volume marks my first "mistake", in that I repeated a band, which I was trying not to do...see if you can determine who that is.
The bands:
Autumn Rising
Oil Rape Seed
Marjan Crash
Lightning Bolt
Black Eyes
Men Of Unitus
Wrangler Brutes
The Bronx
Officer May

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