Thursday, November 29, 2012

barkmarket - lardroom

label: american records
released: 1994

this is some barkmarket

you like barkmarket

you need more barkmarket (your gram gram told us)

DL: lardroom

descendents - everything sucks

label: epitaph
released: 1996

"the descendents are like black flag's annoying friend"

that's how i once heard the band being described in a music store by an employee

you'd think lying to customers was bad business

i don't hear it

the only link to black flag would be the band's drummer...who just happens to be bill stevenson (he also produced the album)

so...i'm not gonna go into my usual "they sound like this band and this band and this band"...because they're one of the bands i'd use to describe another band

and should already know who the descendents are

and if you don't...that's ok...just stick to your good charlotte cds

DL: everything sucks

molasses - whiskerbiscuit ep

label: ?
released: 2012

 once upon a time...there were bands with names like hole and babes in toyland and th' faith healers...

 and this self-described "noisy two-piece" from the uk seem to like them

 and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that

 you should like all of that

 you should like this

 because we say so...that's why

 DL: whiskerbiscuit ep

crime in choir - self-titled

label: omnibus
released: 2002

i've heard them described as don caballero with synths...a more structured sounding tortoise with a slight prog overtone

and i suppose they'd all be right...though i would also compare them to the italian prog band goblin (you might know their work by the soundtracks they've done for director dario suspiria)...and with that comparison you could also throw in king crimson and pre-1976 genesis and honestly...the only reason i picked up this album was the involvement of hella drummer zach hill (this was the only album he played on)....i was impressed by zach's playing on this...i'd been a fan for awhile before i found out about this band...and i was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was actually able to lay down some actual beats instead of being all filler and no killer as he is in hella...and don't get me wrong...the stuff in hella is still jaw dropping (the one time i saw them live...all i could do is just stand there and curse my body for not being able to to that)...but it seemed as if he could never really dedicate himself to laying down anything solid

but...i've prattled on long enough...i've either convinced you to get this...or that i have a man crush on zach hill....either/or...i'm comfortable in both scenarios

DL: crime in choir

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

v/a - live at emo's

Label: Rise
Year: 1994

this was originally posted by grAy waaaaaaaaay back in the year 2009

remember 2009?....there was this new thing called the interweb (or something like that)....and cell phones were the size of a shoe...and steve albini was president for a week before being assassinated,,,,

good times

You can thank the fantastic plebeians who frequent this very blog for thine pleasures bestowed before thee. The clarion call rang out from on high for Live At Emo's and two people delivered the goods, so I offer my sincerest gratitude to you. 
I didn't realize how awesome this record is. It couldn't just sit there languishing in the comments section of an Ed Hall post, nay, it needed to shine. Spread your wings and fly baby! This isn't just your ordinary everyday run of the mill live cuts compilation. No-sirree-Bob. Negative. What you got here, is a collection of some of the best bands of the era, killing it live, and captured in pristine audio clarity. These recordings manage to capture the energy of the live show without sacrificing the chest compressing "thud" you expect. Excellent
Also, on an historical note, Rise Records was the predecessor of Man's Ruin Records, which was the predecessor of Frank Kozik being hunted down by every creditor in the known universe. Nice right?
The bands are:
Ed Hall
American Psycho Band
DL:  live at emo's

pugs - bite the red knee

label: casual tonalities
released: 1997

not so spastic melt banana?
some early B52s?

likey that?
like this.

i'd seen these fellas (and lady) at the tinley park,il stop of lollapalooza back in 1997 (sigh...remember when lollapalooza was awesome...and not some hipster sleepover?)

and as soon as they were done...i rushed over and promptly bought a cd

and then it promptly somehow left my apartment about a week later

sometimes having friends isn't all it's cracked up to be

good times

DL: bite the red knee

agata - spike

label: tzadik
released: 2004

ever wonder what it would sound like if you were to sit inside a jet engine?

need to convince your neighbors that you're using a chainsaw while shooting off a laser?

the guitar player from melt banana would like to help you achieve your goal

DL: spike

dinosaur jr. - where you been

label: sire records
released: 1993

come on now...

if you don't already know what a dinosaur jr. is...where you been?
(see what i did there?)

DL: where you been

Monday, November 26, 2012

v/a - black on black: a tribute to black flag

label: initial records
released: 2002


i remember buying this on vinyl when it came out

it was pretty sweet

but then my record player got jealous of it because i was showing it too much attention

and then it disappeared least that's what i'm telling myself

i mean...what kind of friend steals a record from you?

and if you take anything away from this...let it be this:

1: the dillinger escape plan shouldn't be allowed to cover anything other than their own music...and even then they shouldn't

2: playing enemy's cover of "six pack" should've been been called "six pack: the hangover edition" (and no...i don't mean the shitty movie)

1 - american nightmare - depression
2 - anodyne - life of pain
3 - burnt by the sun - drinking and driving
4 - coalesce - jealous again
5 - converge - annihilate this week
6 - the dillinger escape plan - damaged I & II
7 - hope conspiracy - nervous breakdown
8 - planes mistaken for stars - police story/wasted
9 - playing enemy - six pack

DL: black on black

Sunny Day Real Estate - Asleep Under Last Weeks News

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2000

Here's an interesting little compendium of some Sunny Day Real Estate rarities (and Jeremy Enigk rarities while they're at it) that span from their beginnings right up to the end, and then the beginning again (of Jeremy Enigk's solo career).
You get the Flatland Spider 7" (with original non-Jeremy Enigk lead singer), Song #9 (aka the best song they ever recorded) off the Thief Steal Me A Peach 7", the two songs from the Pushead fan club 7", the song Bucket Of Chicken off the How It Feels To Be Something On 7", the End Sessions of Jeremy Enigk's Return Of The Frog Princess material (better than SDRE? maybe?), some demo versions of songs from the Pink Album, demo (rough) versions of solo Jeremy Enigk material, and an unreleased track from the original lineup.
It's sort of a weird mix of songs, and there's a decent chance you have most of the 7" material, but it's still Sunny Day Real Estate and Jeremy Enigk, so that's good for something.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 6

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

It's been awhile since the last volume of the radio show compilations huh? Need more?
I have more.
This particular volume runs a pretty good gamut of noise rock, form really noisy hardcore (Gob and Drunkdriver) to the "classics" (Unsane, Halo Of Flies), to the new heroes of the genre (Young Widows), to some lesser known gems (O. Estrada), to some big, rocking rock (A Place To Bury Strangers). Again, a small spectrum if it's your mother listening ("it all sounds like noise to me" - your Mom), but to the initiated, it's a good timing cross section of what we love about loud music.
The bands are:
Rocket From The Crypt
Young Widows
Bunnyfoot Charm
O. Estrada
Halo Of Flies
Gear Jammer
Casus Belli
Saccharine Trust
A Place To Bury Strangers
Royal Trux
Pygmy Shrews


Lubricated Goat - Paddock Of Love

Label: Black Eye
Year: 1988

For fans of Tad, King Snake Roost, boomerangs, Killdozer, Paul Hogan, and penal colonies.
Probably not one for the ladies out there...unless you (the ladies) drive a Subaru Brat and collect reptiles, then maybe, just maybe.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Pigeon Religion - Crystallized Meth

Label: Video Disease
Year: 2010

Originally released as a two song cassette, then a third jam was tacked on for the vinyl version.
Muddy, noisey, Flipper-y, kinda like a mix between golden age Vermiform Records and later Three One G Records. Make sense? The band or label or someone says they play Birthday Party type music. I'm not sure I hear that, but they do seem to have a kindred spirit with the old early 80's deathrock bands, the reverb, the chaos, and the general darkness, but reinterpreted by dudes who grew up listening to Arab On Radar or something.
When they get into a good dirge, it's fucking great...if you like dirges...which I do.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goliath Bird Eater - Blood Generator

Label: Caligulan
Year: 2009

Please don't confuse the band Goliath Bird Eater, with the arachnid Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi) the either largest or second largest spider on earth (depending on if you are measuring by mass or leg span). Both are currently haunting my nightmares, yes, I'll grant you that, but the band Goliath Bird Eater might just be scarier than the their namesake of the tarantula family. And yes, the spider does emit a hissing 20 minute drone by rubbing it's legs together when threatened, but on Blood Generator, the band emits two, 11 minute hissing drones, so that's not even close to being the same thing. I can't even imagine getting the two confused.
This was released on cassette, in a limited edition, and currently out of print (correct me if I'm wrong). The two members of Goliath Bird Eater are Bobb Bruno (The For Carnation, Best Coast, Imad Wasif With Two Part Beast, Knit Witch, Polar Goldie Cats, The Uphill Gardeners) and Rafe Mandel (Polar Goldie Cats, The For Carnation, The Growing Glowing Oak, Puss, Moogs, Soothing Ouch, Intruder, etc).
This is a good listen on a Sunday morning, bookended between some Halo, Sunn, Upsilon Acrux, Thrones, and early period Earth. Catch my drift?


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chrissakes - Live 04-22-11 - Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

First thing: this show was recorded and uploaded to the internet by Southern Shelter, a truly indispensable source for super high quality live music coming from and through Athens, Georgia (and there's a ton). You should visit the site here.
Second thing: I listened to this show yesterday at work, and it reminded me (again) of just how much insanely good music is produced each year in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. There's fucking tons of it. And for whatever reasons, most of it goes unnoticed outside of a 100 mile radius of these two cities.
I'm aware that most places have a "good scene that nobody knows about" or whatever, but I'm telling you, Atlanta and Athens are different. For the sheer volume of ripping rock bands per square foot, these places should be inundated with high praise and should be wall to wall tits in here (always room for a Bachelor Party reference, right?)! So to that end, I will most likely pull together another compilation of local bands to post so that maybe someone, somewhere, will finally decide this burg is worth a shit.
Third thing: Chrissakes (who are broken up? [can someone get back to me on that?]), deliver some of the best Hammerhead meets Cherubs meets Nirvana (they cover "Negative Creep" here) meets Loudspeaker music I've heard. Ever. It's quintessential roiling, boiling, bass heavy, ugly, noise rock. All the elements you like about the noise rock you grew up on are here, just where you left them. Reanimated and reinvigorated for your pleasure. Engaging, releasing, lapping and plunging (always room for a fIREHOSE reference too), you know?
Do yourself a favor.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Kaiten - Kaiten

Label: self released
Year: 2010

Well, as hard as I tried to avoid the inevitable, here we are, all listening to the Kaiten album. How did we get here? Was it the kind words of a visitor to the blog inviting us to sample in the unheard delights of his labors? Was it when we all found out this stranger had the largest cock in the entire Spanish Empire (does a defaulting Spanish economy actually hold empire over anyone anymore?)? Could it have been the sentient arguments he made in defense of Kaiten's impending opening gig for the Meat Puppets?
All of the above.
So I listened. A couple of times. Then I didn't listen anymore, only to go back and listen again for the sake of writing this review.
The Good:
- On the first track, the vocals are very Hammerhead-esque, I like Hammerhead
- I appreciate the mix of Shellac styled noise rock, (early) Screaming Trees styled rock rock, and         Bastro styled math rock
- With better recording/production, these songs could really bite
The Bad:
- The snare sound
- The guitar tone is too thin
- The bass tone is almost nonexistent
- The instrumental track drags a bit too long
The Ugly:
- The band's need to fix that font

Overall though, the lesson learned is: I respond well to criticisms, personal attacks (the wilder the better), anti-muslim screeds, and boasts about ones manhood. So, if you want to make a fan, please feel free to launch a campaign of those tactics, it would make my day.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

v/a - area 51

label: victory records
released: 1998

i remember picking this up back in the day for a mere $2.00 out of a used cd bin

i don't really remember why i did it

i suppose i'm just a sucker for things with a sticker on the front stating that it was "the ultimate international hardcore compilation"

and that's why i'm still sending a monthly check to that family that lives in some country i can't pronounce the name of

disc 1:
1 - ajuuca - easy
2 - deviate - thorn of the living
3 - no redeeming social value - planet of the dead
4 - surface - metamorphosis to evil
5 - earth crisis - gomorrah's season ends
6 - next step up - nishinga
7 - stigmata - nothing but enemies
8 - fahrenheit 451 - settle
9 - compression - regret me not
10 - transpunk - hide
11 - celestial season - black queen is dynamite
12 - sifter - my god
13 - despair - one thousand cries
14 - integrity - rise
15 - miozan - as long as
16 - 59 times the pain - can't change me
17 - the almighty trigger happy - tango
18 - killrays - save my role
19 - beatsteaks - indifferent
20 - under the church - in my tummy
21 - void section - religious dope
22 - cause for alarm - eternal life
23 - harvest - denounce
24 - fury of five - want it all
25 - by the grace of god - i will not bow down

disc 2:
1 - frank abel - warning: restricted area
2 - 8 ball - a new machine
3 - by the grace of god - boy and the river
4 - raised fist - stronger than ever
5 - punishable act - two class politics
6 - edgewise - crime pays
7 - 25 ta life - short fuse
8 - elison - into the unknown
9 - strife - forgotten one
10 - 187 - fuck the government
11 - 3rd statement - they exist
12 - spudmonsters - isolation
13 - racial abuse - unbridled
14 - misconduct - emptiness
15 - breach - deadheads
16 - will haven - i've seen my fate
17 - jj dogs - space age president
18 - disembodied - deity
19 - down but not out - concrete aggression
20 - within reach - hear my words
21 - better than a thousand - live today
22 - snapcase - caboose
23 - vision of disorder - d.t.o.
24 - pride bowl - the harder they fall
25 - up front - fear of being a giant
26 - ignite - taken away
27 - no innocent victim - when you die
28 - warzone - rebels till we die

DL: disc 1
DL: disc 2

ninefinger - ninefingered

label: too damn hype records
released: 1996

you look like the kind of folks that enjoy some of the sludgier side of black flag and some eyehategod and some buzzov*en and some early melvins

you get all of that here,folks

and the fellas behind all of that are none other than corrosion of conformity vocalist/bassist mike dean and brutal truth drummer rich hoak

so...if you just follow the DL around the has something to show you

DL: ninefingered

v/a - endangered species

label: glitterhouse
released: 1990

this was a box set made up of 6 7" that got released over in germany

i'm not even going to give any sort of description

once you see the list of bands had better automatically clicked on the DL down yonder

1 - bullet lavolta - hello there*
2 - bitch magnet - white pieces of bread
3 - cows - good cop
4 - bastards - groovy space man
5 - halo of flies - clowns
6 - monster magnet - murder
7 - surgery - losida slide
8 - codeine - castle
9 - helios creed - boxing the clown
10 - bored! - christine
11 - green river - ain't nothin' to do**
12 - unsane - four sticks***

*=cheap trick cover
**=the dead boys cover
***=led zeppelin cover

v/a: pump up the volume: the complete soundtrack

released: 1990

admit it...there's been a time in your life where you were ready to run a radio station out of that small room in your parent's basement...but you weren't able to because it ended up being used don't exactly know what's going on on in there because your dad put a door up...and their are 3 locks on the door...

actually...they don't even allow you to go into the basement anymore....

but i digress...

there's been a point in everyone's life where they wanted to have their ownradio station so you could show off your kick-ass taste in music and your knowledge of that kick-ass music...because you know chicks really dig it when you rant on and on and on about that single from that band that was released in a limited amount over in that country...

but i digress...

we've all seen this movie at some point in our life

and we all like it...don't fool yourself,kid

christian slater and his hair are living the dream (and you know christian slater had street cred at one time...i mean...he was a skater in the movieGLEAMING THE CUBE...and he was that guy that talked to the ghost of elvis and proved that it was in fact "white boy day" in TRUE ROMANCE)

i found this on some random site awhile back...and what someone did was mixed the original movie soundtrack with the score and added all of the other songs not originally found on the OG soundtrack (example: "love comes in spurts" by richard hell & the voidoids..."the scenario" by the beastie boys..."wienerschnitzel" by the descendents..."hello dad...i'm in jail" by was (not was))

follow me?

and your cereal with a fork and do your homework in the dark

DL: part 1
DL: part 2

Friday, November 9, 2012

Faucet - Faucet

Label: Southern
Year: 1995

From Austin, recorded some in Chicago...and that's kinda all you need to know.
Actually, that's not altogether true, and what fun would it be to leave you hanging like that.
Faucet took midwestern noise rock a la Tar, mixed in a little muscular midwestern emo (the good kind) a la Shiner, and served it over a plate of bar-b-que'd Austin noise a la Johnboy. It all comes out surprisingly smooth (unlike what comes out after bar-b-que generally), it's powerful but in more of a grooving way and less of an overtly domineering way. It's not about the guitars being sickeningly heavy, it's more about working the song into a deeper and deeper groove that has so much forward momentum that it hurtles right through the back wall. There's some Arcwelder and Jawbox comparisons there somewhere.
Essential record.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

McLusky - Mcluskyism

Label: Too Pure
Year: 2006

Here is a nice neat package of Mclusky music for you, conveniently organized into three volumes: A Sides, B Sides, and...uh...C Sides. Obviously, the A Sides are the "hits" (as they were), so that's probably the place to start for the uninitiated, and if further guidance is required, then I would direct you to "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues" as a good jumping off point. It's one of those "perfect songs" that you are always bummed ends when it ends. The B Sides will of course, get into your "deeper cuts" from the band's catalog, and those range from hardcore blister to lo-fi indie rock to catchy post punk to scratchy noise rock, most all delivered successfully, if not as immediately digestible as those "hits" from the first disc. The C Sides are previously unreleased, alternate takes, or live versions of songs from the other two discs which are fun for fans, but probably superfluous for people with lives outside of Mclusky listening parties (even though the song "Reformed Arsonist Seeks Child Bride" is worth the price of admission itself).
Feel free to indulge if you're into: Nirvana, Shellac, Pixies, Qui, Sebadoh, Wire, Rapeman, and bad attitudes.

DL - Disc One: The A Sides

DL - Disc Two: The B Sides

DL - Disc Three: The C Sides

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kicking Spit - Psychrockbullshit

Label: Tankcrimes
Year: 2011

Big hardcore tinged rock songs in the vein of Seaweed, Tanner, Dinosaur Jr, or The Fluid, which is always a good thing. I am personally endured to them as soon I heard them incorporate the riff to "Slip It In" into their own song "Beyond A Sun". Personnel from Big Eyes, Seasick,  and ANS.
Originally released as a cassette, then pressed as a 12", I'm fairly confident this is sold out, but you should try and track it down anyway.


Bookburner - Bookburner 7"

Label: 16OH
Year: 2008

Listen to raging hardcore much? Remember Suppression, the band that took Man Is The Bastard's penchant for noise interludes and wrote songs around them? Does the term "power violence" ever enter into your personal lexicon? How many Gob splits do you own, more than three? Was Vacuum Mailorder your go-to stop for any and all record purchases circa 1996?


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Archers Of Loaf - Live - Cat's Cradle 01-15-11

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

In one of my rare sojourns outside of my home (Hermit Central) back in late summer 2010 (I think, could have been some other time that year...I have been under the fairly constant haze of a mean painkiller addiction for the better part of the 2000's) I went with some other elderly gentlemen to take in a Crooked Fingers show. Not that exciting, I realize, but, one of those elderly gentlemen played in Crooked Fingers for a stint (Red Devil Dawn era [he also played in the godly Melts {the best Melvins songs not by the Melvins pretty much ever}]) and had spoken with Eric Bachmann in the days proceeding this show. Of particular note from his conversations was the little tidbit that Eric mentioned about the Archers Of Loaf had actually gotten together in Chapel Hill to play some old songs, just to see how it felt. As any good and decent North Carolinian of a certain age is wont to do, I let out an audible squeak, and felt my heart racing in my chest a bit. I asked what prompted this reunion, and if that meant the band was "back together", and the response I got was (and I paraphrase) "Eric has finally kinda gotten over the animosity (unfortunately not a Corrosion Of Conformity reference) he had towards the band, and how he felt like he was putting in all this work for not a lot of return, and he was ready to basically play rock music again". As far as playing any shows, he speculated that somebody must have offered them decent scratch to play SOMEWHERE, but he didn't know.
It was exciting news to me. It was also exciting that Crooked Fingers played three Archers Of Loaf songs that night, and each time that guy looked over at me and gave me the "yeah dude, we know the deal, right? Cause we're totally in the know about all kinds of cool shit" look, and I absolutely shot that shit right back at him, maybe even punctuating it with one of those upwards chin thrusts. You know the one?
Fast forward a year(ish) and my drug ravaged brain had plum near forgotten that conversation (along with every birthday and phone number ever given to me), until I get word (internet!) that the motherfucking Archers Of motherfucking Loaf had played a surprise set in Chapel Hill opening for some motherfucking motherfuckers. I was all, "oh dang, I remember now, the Archers Of Loaf are supposed to play something, somewhere".
Well, here's that surprise reunion set, and now I don't have to carry around that burden any longer.

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