Friday, May 31, 2013

the best mixtapes you never made

and that's just what compilations are

you can be all like "hey,bro...check out this sick comp i put together. totally took me for-ev-er to do it...but you gotta be dedicated, it out"

or something like that

wonderdrug records: take your medicine (released 1996)
1 - 6L6 - i can't wait
2 - scissorfight - cramp
3 - honkeyball - rodeo life
4 - stompbox - crackerlung
5 - slaughter shack - a.t.f.
6 - slughog - triple clutcher
7 - 6L6 - yeah,right
8 - quintine americana - retarded whore
9 - rocketsled - battle of the half-wits
10 - honkeyball - cutthroat humor
11 - malachite - going under
12 - mung - daily news
13 - slughog - berzurkel
14 - scissorfight - planet of ass
15 - 6L6 - another day

DL: take your medicine

initial records: extreme music sampler (released 2000)
1 - as friends rust - home is where the heart aches
2 - botch - john woo
3 - boy sets fire - the fine art of falling
4 - cave in - moral eclipse
5 - chalkline - present tense
6 - chamberlain - go down believing
7 - coalesce - a new language
8 - corrin - seed of cain
9 - darkest hour - reflections of ruin
10 - elliot - suitcase and atoms
11 - the enkindels - florida trash
12 - fastbreak - fast cars fast women
13 - get high - darkness divider
14 - give until gone - fors
15 - harvest - epicure
16 - in my eyes - the way it was left
17 - indecision - dream come true
18 - ink & dagger - the fine art of original sin
19 - the jazz june - when the drums
20 - jejune - the afternoons malady
21 - keepsake - infinity road
22 - metroschifter - the name of a street
23 - stalag seventeen - margin=1

DL: initial extreme sampler

sweet deal! the initial & and eulogy label sampler (released 2000)
1 - boy sets fire - the tyranny of what everybody knows
2 - christiansen - unhappy forever ending
3 - despair - kill
4 - elliott - waiting while under paralysis
5 - the enkindels - just another sellout
6 - falling forward - character
7 - forever and a day - hands down
8 - glasseater - 7 years bad luck
9 - ink & dagger - fine art of original sin
10 - the jazz june - the medicine
11 - keepsake - she hums like a radio
12 - king for a day - dolly llama
13 - morning again - to die a bitter death
14 - the movielife - maybe it's nothing
15 - red roses for a blue lady - musical chairs
16 - santa sangre - feast for the new gods
17 - silent majority - nautilus
18 - slugfest - high and mighty
19 - this day forward - the end of august
20 - trust no one - sometimes
21 - twelve tribes - kite eating tree
22 - unearth - my desire
23 - walls of jericho - a day and a thousand years

DL: the initial & eulogy label sampler

Thursday, May 30, 2013

zeni geva - live in amerika

label: nux organization
released: 1993

what we have here is zeni geva doing what they do in front of groups of americans in a few american cities

get the idea?

8.23.92 - lace - los angeles,ca
1 - total castration
2 - bigman death
3 - autobody
4 - guystick bodie
5 - shirushi
6 - godflesh
7 - honowo
8 - new flesh
9 - the body
10 - dead sun rising
11 - i want you

8.9.92 - o-cayz - madison,wi
12 - skullfuck
13 - bloodsex
14 - the body

8.8.92 - lounge ax - chicago,il
15 - shirushi

6.27.92 - heinz - oakland,ca
16 - i want you

DL: live in amerika

camp climax for girls - ten dollar birds

label: anomer records
released: 2004

you should want to snag this up by the name of the band alone

but...if you're down with some post-TRANSNATIONAL SPEEDWAY LEAGUE clutch and some post- (A) SENILE ANIMAL melvins and some queens of the stone age...well...yeah...

DL: ten dollar birds

V/A - Riot Season Records Sampler

Year: 2013
Label: Riot Season

The record label was kind enough to offer up this potpourri of noisy ruckus for free, so I am being kind enough to vomit it back up to you (eat up baby bird). Riot Season has been consistently sandblasting eardrums for over ten years now, with a mix of bands that most certainly would ruin the vast majority of coffee dates would they pop up on the barista's ipod playlist accidentally. Lots of soy caramel macchiatos would be spat out and refunds demanded that afternoon, let me assure you.
But, to you, the musical sophisticate, this is a record label you need to be made aware of.

The bands:
Hey Colossus - moody, ominous drone in the vein of newer Earth meets a movie score to a drug overdose scene
Bad Guys - raunchy rock music with a big bottom end swing and a sneer
Ultraphallus - Harvey Milk (the quieter parts) meets Loop meets Brian Eno
Dethscalator - loud, wild, and messy...what's better than that?
Shit And Shine - they get two tracks, and neither one will make much sense to squares, but you'll dig on the ultra distorted hiss of one song, and the distant, disconcerting bounce of the other
Dead Elephant - this band already slays, but factor in that they are clobbering a Cherubs cover, and, well...there you go
Art Of Burning Water - claustrophobic, dense, chugging, metallic noise in the vein of KEN Mode
Pikacyu*Makoto - imagine watching Madame Butterfly whilst on mescaline, and then being chased through the auditorium by security
Todd - can't get enough of Todd. Huge, burly, overblown noise without the slightest hint of goodwill or kindness towards man.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

brutal truth - extreme conditions demand extreme responses

label: earache
released: 1992

no're at the right blog

now...i'm going to be using some words that some of you may or may not know...words like "grindcore" (as in "if you consider yourself a fan of anything had better like this album...i don't want to be the laughingstock of the grindcore you?")....

actually...that's the only word i'm going to use

"um...i don't know,ipecac...this may be a little too extreme for me...i mean...don't get me wrong...i just started listening to blink i know what being extreme is all about...but even that makes me feel a little uncomfortable"

well...first of've seen the band's name mentioned throughout SGM from time to time

and if you like some of the other bands that have been posted that have some links to brutal can surely like this

"which bands?"

venomous concept



so...if you can be ok with them....

also...the song "stench of profit" has some of the fastest drumming i've ever heard (and it's the very first brutal truth song i'd ever was on the radio...yes...the radio)

DL: extreme conditions demand extreme responses

t-tops - 8.2.12 - gooski's - pittsburgh,pa

label: self-released
released: 2012

this was a little something a member of the band sent us

you may be interested in knowing that said member used to be a member of the fitt (and yes...i already know that the album the link takes you to is down...and yes...i'll work on it)

and you may be interested in knowing that the band's drummer used to play the bass in some band called don caballero

and if'n you're interested in hearing the songs included here in a not live setting...go here

DL: t-top @gooski's

god bullies - singles/compilation tracks: 1986-2010

i was digging through a box of stuff that i currently have stashed in a friend's basement...and i came across this business

it was a little something that an SGM follower put together all by himself

and you know who you are,sir

and normally i'd give out a name...but if'n i do that...SGM people will show up at your house...and then you'd have some explaining to do to your neighbors...and your lawn would eventually end up dying...and your beloved family pet may or may not come up missing....

1 - tell me
2 - creepy people
3 - all i want is my mama
4 - sex,power,money
5 - fear and pain
6 - kick it to sleep
7 - join satan's army
8 - preacher man*
9 - you sexy thing**
10 - which way you goin',billie?***
11 - how low can you go?
12 - ruby (desert storm mix)
13 - millennium
14 - i forgot where i live
15 - tell me
16 - mussolini
17 - tie a yellow ribbon****
18 - bullet
19 - wake up

*=link wray cover
**=hot chocolate cover
***=terry jack cover
****=tony orlando and dawn cover

DL: singles/compilation tracks: 1986-2010

Monday, May 27, 2013

v/a - revelation records: crash course

label: revelation records
released: 2011


hey you...yeah the big white t-shirt and the khaki shorts....

yeah yeah...bring your backpack too...

come over here...i've got something to tell you....

there's a label doing victory records better than victory records....

how's that for a revelation?

1 - by a thread - fashion
2 - shook ones - pheasant
3 - down to nothing - higher learning
4 - bold - looking back
5 - judge - bringin' it down
6 - shai hulud - this song: for the true and passionate lovers of music
7 - dag nasty - twisted again
8 - will haven - carpe diem
9 - the movielife - single white female
10 - elliot - drive on to me
11 - nerve agents - fall of the all american
12 - texas is the reason - back and to the left
13 - sense field - building
14 - farside - audience
15 - inside out - no spiritual surrender
16 - quicksand - omission
17 - gorilla biscuits - new direction
18 - chain of death - true till death
19 - youth of today - break down the walls
20 - sick of it all - it's clobberin' time
21 - down to nothing - where it went

DL: revelation records: a crash course

Friday, May 24, 2013

fugazi - in on the kill taker

label: dischord
released: 1993

this is where i consider the band heading into the sonic youth portion of their career

wanna fight about it?

DL: in on the kill taker

firehose - 1988 peel session

"if you're driving a van...your name had better be either mike watt or person of interest" -me

nuff said.

1 - intro
2 - she paints pictures
3 - making the freeway
4 - hear me
5 - choose any memory

DL: peeling fiREHOSE

unrest - 2.19.93 - 40 watt - athens,ga

this is SGM

you already know who/what unrest is

1 - bavarian mods
2 - christina
3 - suki
4 - i believe you're blushing
5 - international nautical miles
6 - skinhead girl
7 - love to know
8 - cherry
9 - june
10 - nation writer

DL: unrest @40 watt

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

kylesa - self-titled

label: prank
released: 2002

well...first of all...there's the pushead artwork

and then there's the sludge

so...if you've been paying attention thus far...there's some pushead artwork and some sludge

thanks for attending class today

DL: kylesa

snort - ron

label: self-released
released: 2013

this was sent our way by a fella that goes by the name of addy

and addy is the band's guitar player (actually...he's one of three....yes...three)

and we felt kind of obligated to post this as the guy on the cover of their album (which i'm assuming is named ron...but he looks more like a from here on in...we'll only refer to him as it?) is wearing some of SGM's favorite bands upon his jacket

also....we like the music

it's what you would expect from a band that plays some of that "instrumental math rock" know...kind of like the stuff you'd expect to hear from some don caballero and piglet and the like steven a favor and snag this up...he's a good kid

and if'n you'd like to be pals with these guys...go here...and that will lead you to all kinds of things (none of which involves a dark closet)

DL: ron

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

hawks - barnburner

label: year of bad luck
released: 2011

the jesus lizard
the birthday party
drive like jehu
the "my dog barks some" scene from WILD AT HEART

and bam!
you just had a lesson in brevity

DL: barnburner

black sabbath - paranoid

label: vertigo
released: 1970

if'n it weren't for black sabbath....there wouldn't be a melvins

true story

i mean....imagine it if they were influenced by some other don't know...kiss...i mean that would be....


DL: paranoid

iron reagan - worse than dead

label: magic bullet
released: 2013

i'm pretty sure some of you folks here at the SGM can handle some of this action

do you own more than one old school suicidal tendencies album?

do you own more than one not rastafarian bad brains album?

do you own more than one old school corrosion of conformity album?

do you own more than one septic death album?

do you see what i'm getting at here?

this is what happens when members of the bands municipal waste and darkest hour get together and throw down and get gnarly,brah

DL: worse than dead

Monday, May 20, 2013

godflesh - merciless ep

label: earache
released: 1994

FACT: this is awesome to listen to through a pair of headphones that cover your entire ear while sitting on a beanbag in a dark room under the influence of certain substances

or so i've been told

normally...when it comes to the whole remix thing...i'm not really a fan (though it is pretty funny when you're listening to a cd and it skips and someone yells out "remix!"...yeah...i'm looking at you...and i'm's not's never matter how many times you say just shows everyone that you're too lazy to buy/download another copy)

but i digress

the remix...not really a fan...but there are a few rare occasions where it's done properly...and this is a prime example of that

i bought this on cassette when it came out...i had just recently discovered the band (via the radio of all places)...and had bought the STREETCLEANER and PURE albums a few weeks i was going in thinking it was going to be more of that business...

and i was hooked immediately by the gargantuanosity that is the opening track ("merciless")

so what they did was take the grinding sludge that they had been known for previously and spread it open a bit more

now you may be asking yourself "what songs are these remixes of?"

track 1 ("merciless") was actually a song recorded by a band that justin broadrick was involved in pre-napalm death (he provided guitars and vocals on their SCUM album) that went by the name of fall of because

track 2 ("blind") is an original song

track 3 ("unworthy") isn't so much a remix as it is a borrowing of a song called "last of the biomechanical urgents" by a band called murder inc. being black backwards as godflesh gets godflesh all over it

track 4 ("flowers") is a remix of the song "don't bring me flowers" from the PURE album

in the space of those 4 songs...they hit you in the head with a brick...and then give you something to listen to as you drift off into unconsciousness

or maybe i'm just i've read that sort of thing happens when some sort of substance is introduced into the situation....

DL: merciless ep

kabul golf club - le bal du rat more

label: uproar for veneration
released: 2012

do you like a basstone that sounds so find yourself saying out loud "daaaaaaamn...that's some crunchy bass...and i bet that it stays crunchy even in milk!"?

you like the blood brothers album BURN,PIANO ISLAND,BURN,yeah?

what about the refused album THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME?

what about fugazi's IN ON THE KILL TAKER?

and what about at the drive-in's RELATIONSHIP OF COMMAND?

this is what would you'd hear if'n you were in the next room and the above mentioned albums shacked up for a "lost weekend"

DL: le bal du rat mort

Saturday, May 18, 2013

beastie boys - some live bullshit

label: bootleg
released: 1997

listen all y'all...if you don't shake yo''s sabotage

DL: some live bullshit

kmfdm/my life with the thrill kill kult - naive/the days of swine and roses remix split

label: wax trax
released: 1994

kmfdm remixes my life with the thrill kill kult

my life with the thrill kill kult remixes kmfdm

and that's all i have to say about that

DL: kmfdm/my life with the thrill kill kult split

joy division - the best of

label: rhino
released: 2008

happy birthday,death of ian curtis

fun fact: this was found in a free box at a garage sale

am i the only one that can hear echoes of black sabbath's "war pigs" in the "new dawn fades" guitar tone?

1 - digital
2 - disorder
3 - shadowplay
4 - new dawn fades
5 - transmission
6 - atmosphere
7 - dead souls
8 - she's lost control
9 - love will tear us apart
10 - these days
11 - twenty four hours
12 - heart and soul
13 - incubation
14 - isolation

DL: the best of joy division

Friday, May 17, 2013

trophy wives - old scratch

label: latest flame
released: 2011


please come in.

you've been asked here to answer a few questions.

are you comfortable?

thirsty? you're one of those "get to the point" kinda folks,eh?

fair enough.

we've been told that you're a fan of bands like:

young widows
queens of the stone age

should i stop there?

i should also tell you that the band has some ex members of some of the above mentioned bands...vocalist/guitarist billy bisig was a member of lords...bassist tony ash was a member of coliseum...and drummer geoff paton was a member of young widows

well...i can tell by the squirming that you're doing in your chair that you'd like to leave

so...take a copy of this

and we'll have to place the burlap sack over your head again

thank you for stopping by

DL: old scratch

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Motorist - Days Of Young

Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Setting the Way-Back Machine circa 1993 or so, and landing it on one of the sketchier city blocks of Trade Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, ground zero for the local underground music scene (shout out to the New Start posse!), you would have found a couple musicians who were loosing the moors tethering them to a strictly hardcore aesthetic, and experimenting with melody, dynamics, and mood. They made the initial forays into the nascent "post hardcore" landscape, and formed a band called Shatterhed, who put out two phenomenal 7"s of big, rocking, riffy songs that you never heard (unless you're in the Contacts section of my telephone).
Setting the Way-Back Machine circa 1995 or so, and landing it on that same pock-mocked strip of downtown Winston-Salem (which is easy to miss, mind you), and you will witness another group of musicians giving their own spin on hardcore and later post-post-hardcore with a band called Codeseven who put out a few albums that you might have actually heard as they garnered a good deal of praise and platitudes from the general public (oddly enough, I did not hear these albums until this year...I was, how do you say, "out of the loop").
Now, set the Way-Back Machine for the heady summer of 2012 (if you can remember that far back), and, surprisingly, park that thing on the renovated and family friendly Trade Street (my, how times have changed), and you will find a new band forming that takes their cues from the music that informed both Shatterhed (Jawbox, Iceburn [that's right...Iceburn], Seaweed, Fugazi, Quicksand, Nomeansno), and the latter era of Codeseven (Cave In [middle period], Texas Is The Reason, Hum, some shoegaze, some space rock, some Radiohead even), lots of reference points firmly rooted in the 1990s. And when you add all that up, you get a wholly satisfying jolt of big hooks, burly riffs, towering melodies, and shimmering dynamics.
Imagine a new band like Aeges (also firmly rooted in mid-90s post hardcore), and combine that with an older band like Shiner, and there you are. It has the touchstones of the music you've loved for years, and adds a new sheen and a kick in the ass. I've been listening to this album a few times a week since I got a copy, and I promise you, it gets stronger and stronger as you revisit it. I can't recommend it any higher.

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