Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Distorted Pony - Work Makes Freedom

Label: Bomp!
Year: 1991

Originally released as a single sided 12" with the B-side being an etching of all the song lyrics. It would probably sound like shit to play side B. Kind of like when Bob and Doug Mcenzie tried to "play" the floppy disc they "horked" from the Elsinore Brewery on their turntable, only to remark that resulting high pitched squeals must be "one of those English New Wave bands". If you haven't seen Strange Brew in awhile, please do yourself the favor of arranging a screening post haste. Fucking brutal movie! I used to watch the shit out of it when I was in middle school. It was "one of our things" in my group of buddies, as queer as that might sound. We would watch ridiculous movies until they were committed to memory, then we would speak to each other in our secret language of Zucker Brothers comedy dialogue to the point that nobody could understand what in the fuck we were talking about.
Then we realized that girls had vaginae.
That was sort of the end of the movie parties.
So, Distorted Pony....uh, they are good. They sound kinda like Big Black meets Cop Shoot Cop/ Easy. Also, former Samhain-ian London May would play drums for this band later on in their career (this record has a drum machine).

Red Fang - Tour ep 2

Label: Wantage USA
Year: 2007

Alright, amidst criticism that we were getting too soft over here, please allow me to turn up the volume for you, cut the sleeves off your shirt, shotgun the first Busch with you, and get you fired from your shitty job. Here we go.
Mega-riffs that run out of he hills to raze your village, burn your fields, slay your elders, and pillage your women-folk. Rock and roll assault, that's what this is. Executing to the fucking tee, this band knows their way around a boogie, that's for sure. And lest you think, "why Red Fang, why here?". First of all, please. Secondly, this band ain't no hipster invention trying to cash in, this band features members of Last of The Juanitas, Party Time, Dark Forces, Lachrymator, Facedowninshit, Shiny Beast, Bad Wizard, All Night, and Trumans Water. Bands you like, or at least should. So these gentlemen are perfectly aware that mixing classic thud rock with art damaged SST metal yields a potent brand of heavy hearing loss. The good kind of hearing loss. The Karp, Saviours, Sword, Torche kind of hearing loss. Shit worth losing one of your senses over. They do a fucking Dust cover for Christ's' sake! Dust, the classic rock band that featured future Ramone, Marky! That Dust.
I think there is a member of this band that checks in here occasionally, so I hope they don't mind this post. Let us know otherwise. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thee Mighty Caesars - Acropolis Now

Label: Milkshakes
Year: 1986

By no means am I any kind of expert on garage rock, or this version punk-via-early 60's RnB, but I do know that this band were one of the first to bring this type of music into the light. I also know they but out 12 full length records between 1985 and 1989 which is a shit-ton of new records. I don't mean to get all technical, but it's a shit-ton, that's the only way I can describe it.
They are most well known as being the band Billy Childish helmed between The Milkshakes and Thee Headcoats (Thee Headcoatees as well). But a lot of folks would say they had a heavy influence on the whole K Records scene, and to a lesser extent the early Sub Pop,  and early Amphetamine Reptile scenes as well. That seems like a fair assessment to me. I hope you agree.

The reason I posted this today was that I had been reading the stories on the internet over the past 48 hours of the fight between local Atlanta celebrity Jared Swilley of the Black Lips and Nathan Williams of the band Wavves, and how this coming Sunday they are going to meet again here in Atlanta and "get nasty". The ridiculousness of telegraphing your intentions to beat some one up and trash their van aside, I got a chuckle out of the whole thing because to me it adds a little soap opera drama to some otherwise dull moments in life, and who can't use that? If they kill each other, oh well. It's doubtful that they will even have a physical confrontation, but we can all keep our fingers crossed. 

But back to the post.

Thee Mighty Caesars really point out the deficiencies of a Black Lips record. Like I said, I ain't no expert, but I know what sounds "real" and what sounds "forced". This shit is real. Dig it.

Cheer-Accident - Fear Draws Misfortune

Label: Cuneiform
Year: 2009

This one ain't for everybody. Everybody including me actually. In fact, I think it's on it's way out of the collection, but I felt like it's definitely worth a listen, and maybe it'll be up your alley, and you'll go to the local independent record store, you'll fork over your hard earned cash, and you'll own this thing outright. Then, when the band decides to roll through your backwater burb, you'll be prepared to spend more of that scrilla on a ticket of admission to the Cheer-Accident show. That'll be awesome for you.
Not so much for me.
But certainly for you.
Unless you don't like this. And you might not.
There are keyboards, flutes, marimbas, trumpets, saxaphones, and all kinds of shit. Yeah, there are guitars, drums and bass, but maybe not how you will expect it all the time. It's the Chicago version of Captain Beefheart...or something like Captain Beefheart. I don't know, does Phish sound like this kinda? Did I really just ask that? Fuck.
Whatever, the band has been around since 1986 and can be connected with everyone from Gastr Del Sol to Dazzling Killmen, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Smog. So, you know.

nirvana - 3.87 - raymond,wa

this was the band's very first was at a house party

it was also one of the few times aaron burckhard sat behind the drumkit...he was let go shortly after this and some guy named dale crover took over the stool for a short while

the reason i'm posting this is mainly because i want to...and the fact that i'd made the little rant know...

and i was glad to see that everyone came out to lay down their opinion...and i have to say that i agree with all of you...i really didn't want to giver her anymore attention than she's due (which is very little)...but as i sat watching that documentary something just struck a nerve...and like every other armchair warrior...i had to take it to the internet far as kurt's drug usage and whatnot went...perhaps he would've eventually succumbed to it and found it out for himself...he may have even took a peek at it through the keyhole at first (as everyone has done at one time or another) and maybe gradually moved onto it...but courtney love came along and kicked the door i'm thinking that she's played a pretty decent part in doing that

and you have to agree on the fact that she looked at kurt as her golden ticket to get into the chocolate factory that is the music biz

but again...veruca is getting a little too much attention

so here you go...listen to nirvana's first live outing...and i'm gonna warn you sounds as if it was recorded by someone pressing [rec] on a tape deck

but you know...nirvana was always better live...and to think that i actually passed up on a chance to see it back in the nevermind days

perhaps i should've ate a bullet for that

that's right....i went there

1 - downer
2 - aero zeppelin
3 - if you must
4 - heartbreaker*
5 - how many more times*
6 - mexican seafood
7 - pen cap chew
8 - spank thru
9 - hairspray queen

*=led zeppelin jams

DL: nirvana 3.87

Monday, September 28, 2009


now you may be sitting there wondering just what smeagol might be doing here

well look again

that's courtney love

and as i sat here watching a vh1 documentary on that whole grunge thing...i felt as if i needed to pause it...come over to the computer...and type these 4 words:


if it weren't for you...the above mentioned grunge business probably wouldn't have fizzled out so just seemed that as soon as you caught scent of kurt cobain in the body of water that was nirvana you were able to sink your teeth into his meat and ride safely upon his body to shore

a shore lined with red carpets

and i'm quite sure that someday you'll be setting somewhere quite warm in a corner booth with nancy spungeon and you'll be able to swap stories about "cocktails" and luring unsuspecting men into your webs

you see....once you showed up with your medicine one was able to look past all of the drug use and whatnot...and suddenly...that's all people was no longer about the music

and then suddenly...all of seattle became linked to your habits

it was all heroin and nodding off during interviews and scoring

i mean...sure....there were others that had died the same way....and all made some sort of impact...but you seemed to strike during the heyday of "nirvana mania"'s all folks knew..."grunge" and nirvana

and that all became equated with what you brought to the table

and i'm thinking that played a big factor into kurt's shying away from everything

he may have gone another couple of years without you around...nirvana may even have put out another few records

but you didn't want it that way...did you? was all divide and conquer when it came to him....take him away from his friends and he's all yours...and you're free to pull the strings

and i'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people that share this opinion

and i will say that when LIVE THROUGH THIS was released....i did enjoy it

but look at you now...passing yourself of as a bruised model

oh you're punk...but this punk is surrounded by glitter and lights and is for sale at hot topic

Saturday, September 26, 2009

terminal cheesecake - johnny-town mouse

released 1988

they were once touted as britain's answer to the butthole surfers

but there was something very early white zombie about them (perhaps it's in the vocals)

and they'd fit in right along side some head of david...some early ministry (think THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY-era)...some silverfish...maybe a little bit of early godflesh....

or maybe i'm just throwing all of those band names at you to peak your interest

and by what i can see on the front of your shirt...i do believe it worked

DL: johnny-town mouse

the united sons of toil - Until Lions Have Their Historians, Tales of the Hunt Shall Always Glorify the Hunter

released 2008

i'd originally posted the band's first album waaaaaay back here...and seeing as how i'd promised to post their other album if all went over it be (though i'm a little slow in doing so)

and come next month on the 15th (that would be october 15th in the year 2009 for those of you not keeping track) they're leaving their home state of wisconsin to embark on their first (and hopefully not only) extensive tour...they'll be covering 10 states in just as many days...and i'm thinking that if they come anywhere near you that you need to go out and show the boys a good time

and this be the dates and places:

10/15: sauce spirits and soundbar (3001 lyndale ave. s.) minneapolis,mn
10/16: jefferson community center (309 s. railroad ave.) jefferson,sd*
10/17: the sydney bar and lounge (5918 maple st.) omaha,ne
10/18: illegal tone recordings (6&8 s. church st) belleville,il
10/19: chaosome (6th & n. limestone..behind al's bar) lexington,ky
10/20: southgate house (24 e. 3rd st.) newport,ky
10/21: now that's class (11213 detroit ave.) cleveland,oh
10/22: the factory (334 s. main) rochester,mi
10/23: skull alley (1017 e. broadway) louisville,ky
10/24: the dojo (4656 e. 10th st.) indianapolis,in
10/25: 7th street space (corner of 7th st. & lincoln hwy.) dekalb,il

*=yours truly will be attending...come and see'll be like where's waldo

and if you actually want to check them out on their home turf in madison...they're playing a show as the band joy division on halloween at the frequency (121 w. main st.)

if you'd like to check out some more info on the tour...or the boys themeselves...go over there

and for the uninitiated...the band sounds like an awesome mixture of some jawbox...some unwound...some fugazi...some quicksand...

sop it up with a biscuit

DL: until lions have their historians,tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter

(link fixed)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Craw - Celephais

Label: Self released
Year: 1991

I think this was requested some time ago, and I've sorta resisted posting it here, as I don't think it's a good representation of what the band sounds like. Granted, they actually did sound exactly like this at one point, as it is in fact them writing and performing these songs. But what I mean is that, this was their demo, and over the course of some 7"s and four albums they played within a certain sonic template that evolved, but always remained recognizable as Craw. This demo is a bit of an anomaly, as it sounds different from all of their other recorded material. The production is one aspect, but more importantly, the actual song writing is not as well defined or honed as would be seen on subsequent releases. Craw's trademark are/were (are they a fucking band still, or what?) their staccato time signatures countered with big full waves of thunderous sound. It's an unbelievable triumph when they are rocking out, almost unmatched in all of Christendom. 
But...then I remembered...I'm not in the band. I probably should stop trying to speak for the band or decide what portions of their catalogue are fit for human consumption. I'm just a fan who maybe gets a little over-protective. Sorry guys. Sorry Craw. I'll let the music speak for itself. And shit, if this is Craw's "worst" material, I'll take it over 90% of the "best" material that gets churned out by inferior bands any day. Hail Craw!

Local H - The Nirvana Covers Show

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1997

I am posting this particular record as a cultural oddity more so than a "great record you need to hear today". You see, Local H was this band that people said sounded like Nirvana, and at the time Nirvana had just kinda happened, so it was like, why bother? You know? So I didn't. I didn't bother with Local H. I remember seeing a music video by them and thinking it was fine, but not anything worth getting too concerned over. I'm sure they're fine people, and they might be a fantastic band, I don't know. Based on this bootleg, it seems that they at least have a sense of humor (or at least I hope they're not taking this show seriously).  
Nirvana holds enough sway with me, that I'll usually listen to someone covering the band, just out of curiosity I suppose, so when this record crossed over my desk, I had to give it a listen. 
I listened, and now I'm deleting it off my computer, but thought it was worth offering up to the interwebs first, in case there were others out there like me, who would at least want to hear it. 

Maybe, if you're lucky (i.e. I get off my fat ass) I'll post another band doing another show of all Nirvana material, the infamous Goat Punishment nee Weezer rocking the Casbah in San Diego back when. That's pretty worthwhile listening as well.

All this just serves to prove how good Nirvana were. Those motherfuckers knew their ways around a good jam. 

Silkworm - The Marco Collins Sessions

Label: Matador
Year: 1995

This offering is quite a bit more mellow than our usual fodder, but the acoustic nature of the material does nothing to diminish the quality of the songs. If you have a place in your heart for Silkworm, then you'll probably be able to work with this one. If you never cared for the band, this won't be the record that changes your mind. The voices strain and crack to find "notes", but the band translates their music well in these arrangements.
Originally recorded and broadcast on KNDD's Young and the Restless radio show on 03-08-94, so, like the Tomahawk record below, the sound quality is superb.
It's a short 4 song ep, so you get a short ep length write-up.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tomahawk - Live - Stockholm

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

Full disclosure; Mike Patton's vocals tend to bug the shit out of me. Sorry, but them's the brakes. But, with Tomahawk, I think he balances his vocal gymnastics against the strongest (or maybe, "most fitting") musical accompaniment he's had yet. So it works.
This is a radio broadcast on Swedish National Radio, P3 Live, from 02-23-02, so the sound quality is pristine. What the fuck is NPR doing? We have Car Talk, and Sweden has live Tomahawk? And a high quality of life? And health care? And Volvos? And bikini teams? Christ.
Is Tomahawk finished? Has everyone gone back to their day jobs? 
Lotta questions in this post. Lotta questions.

* Sorry the original post was missing two tracks, I have fixed that and re-up'd it.

Barkmarket - Live - Reithalle - Berne Switzerland - 1997

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1997

Live Barkmarket is kinda tough to come by, so beggars can't be choosers. Otherwise, I would choose for this to have been recorded with better equipment to more accurately capture the punishment being dished out.
Alas, this is what it is, an audience recorded bootleg of a show from their final tour with material spanning their entire career, from the first lp "1-800-Godhouse" up to the final release "L Ron", and most in between. The sound quality is C+. You can hear everything, it's just muffled a bit. You get used to it as it progresses, but you know, could be better. Barkmarket was great though, and if you never had the chance to see them, put this on, turn out most of the lights, spill beer on your shoes, and have your friends bump into you as you listen at maximum volume. See, it's almost like you were there.
Nice picture up there huh? 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Killdozer - "God Hears Pleas of the Innocent" 1995

This album, like most Killdozer, is about as raw and crushing as it gets with a perfect twist of comedy. One of the best things about Killdozer in my mind is the variation of Micheal Gerald's vocals - he can give a sarcastic edge to pop songs or beat the hell out of heavy songs with his signature growl. This album was recorded by Steve Albini and contains some of my favorite material of theirs such as "Big Song of Hell" and "Spork".

Touch and Go, 1995

Kinghorse - Too Far Gone

Label: Slamdek
Year: 1994

Kinghorse doesn't belong on this blog, they belong over on CGB, but ("let's talk about your big but" - Pee Wee Herman), if you take a closer look, a case can be made for their appearance here and now. 
David Pajo, you know him right? He played in a bunch of Louisville (and beyond) bands like, Papa M, Aerial, Tortoise, Matmos, The For Carnation, Royal Trux, Stereolab, Dead Child, Zwan, The Palace Brothers, King Kong, and Slint. Dude belongs here based on that resume right? Okay. Then look way back into the past and see that David Pajo was in a band called Maurice with ex-Squirrel Bait member Britt Walford, ex-Slint member Brian Mcmahan, and two future members of Kinghorse, Sean Garrison (vocals) and Mike Bucayu (bass). So, we're making a connection right? 
Maurice didn't last very long at all, and the members split off into two bands, one of them being Slint, one of them being Kinghorse.
Kinghorse sounds nothing like the bands mentioned earlier in this post. Kinghorse sounds like Danzig, later Corrosion Of Conformity, Saint Vitus, Motorhead, Crawlpappy, you know, shit like that. Rocking shit.
Kinghorse will divide you from your friends. They will form a line in the sand between those who love it and those who hate it (most folks). They are a strange phenomena that occurred during a strange time in a strange place. Some people really respond to that, and others...well...others like Slint a lot. I suppose it depends on your threshold for un-ironic metal. 
So, if you made it this far, I should tell you this record contains demos for an unreleased follow-up to their Caroline Records self titled release in 1992, and demos from their first session in 1988. Pure gold. 
Here's a quote from the Louisville Courier-Journal; "The world of Kinghorse is a dark, frightening place where understanding and compassion seem to be absent, where the individual has been oppressed beyond recognition and forgotten. Until now. Kinghorse represents the rebirth of the individual and the raging struggle necessary to maintain and nourish the soul; they are the musical embodiment of the holy war between illness and health.”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

McLusky - Live in Nottingham 10.29.02

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

More live McLusky. Can't get enough as far as I'm concerned. This band was at the top of the heap as far as newer dudes riffing on older dudes' shit. All the best elements of noise rock, punk, and indie rock rolled into one gloriously messy, snotty, rude, powerful, burst. 
This particular recording is of fantastic sound quality, everything is balanced and presented well in the mix. 
I rue the fact that I never caught them live. Don't know where I was, or how my head was that far up my own ass to miss out on this band, but oh well. Guess I'm an idiot sometimes.

arcwelder - everest

released 1999

and by be another arcwelder album (this being their last)

they mixed a little bit of husker du (as most bands from minneapolis have been known to do) with a some of the jesus lizard...a little nomeansno...a little jawbox...a little mission of burma...

if you consider yourself a fan of anything that's ever been posted on this can free up a little space for this as well

come on now...unclench,man

DL: everest

nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, real nice...i'll take a crack at nice

now you may be asking yourself right about now "hey...what does charlie from it's always sunny in philadelphia have to do with the jesus lizard?"

and to that i say "nothing"...but it would be pretty sweet to see david yow get all "rock flag and eagle!"

in case you didn't already know...that's the lizard's bassist david wm. sims

and by some freak accident...SGM somehow got brought to his attention (unless he googles the words "the" and "jesus" and "lizard" every so often just to see what pops up)

the man himself has made 2 appearances in the comments section of some of the rare moments the jesus lizard have popped up on this blog (as seen here and here)

in my review of the SHOT album...i think i kind of came off as if i didn't really like the album because it was on a major label and steve albini had nothing to do with it

that's not the case at all

both the jesus lizard and steve albini are the patron saints of SGM ( my eyes anyway...though i'm not all fan boy when it comes to albini...i know there are plenty of bands out there that bear his spur marks in their collective sides as he rides them to wherever they can get him)

they're the 5 headed cerberus that guards the doors to the SGM offices

look at me gushing like a head wound

and i know in the past that i've said that just because i'm a fan of something doesn't mean that i'm going to like everything about it...again that is not the case with the jesus lizard

and i think that i made it seem like just because they got signed to a major label they'd lightened up a little bit...sounding a little more polished...and they do

but an angry pit bull on a chain is still an angry pit bull

i'm getting too wordy again

i like SHOT

and i think the jesus lizard are about the only band from the heyday of decent music (aka "the late 80's/early-mid 90's") that wouldn't be beating a dead horse (that's right...i'm looking at you pixies and helmet) by releasing another album

so thank you mr. sims for stopping by...and hopefully you'll continue to do so

now if you'll excuse me...i need to go and tape a picture of david yow to my sleeping girlfriend's forehead

Saturday, September 19, 2009

June Of 44 - Engine Takes To The Water

Label: Quarterstick
Year: 1995

Those who follow the SGM/CGB board thing, may have been privy to a minor kerfuffle taking place there over the past week between two of our esteemed guests. Now, I for one, hate to see infighting amongst our little family, but as they say, "boys will be boys", and a couple of our sons got into it.
The argument started over June of 44, and if they were fodder for this blog. Are they abrasive enough? Do they fit the bill? Are they within our format? Needless to say, their is no real format to Shiny Grey Monotone unless Ipecac decides that he wants to impose one (and lord knows that would involve funk, and man do I hate funk). Certainly there is an over-arching theme to most of the posts (peep that freestyle), but ultimately, it's whatever floats our proverbial boats. Mostly, that's loud, ugly, rock music, but there's room for other elements here, and we encourage folks to speak up with their nefarious desires. Maybe they'll see the light of day, maybe not. But it doesn't hurt to ask.
Back to June of 44.
With membership consisting of dudes from; Codeine, Vineland, Directions In Music, Loftus, Him, Rex, Out Of Worship, Blktop Project, Hoover, The Crownhate Ruin, The Boom, Abilene, Just A Fire, Rodan, Shipping News, Boondoggle, The Sonora Pine, Lungfish, and The Letter E (among others I'm bound to be forgetting) you can safely assume their quiet/loud version of Louisville math rock fits in just fine with most everything else you can see here.
Hopefully everyone will play nice and we can get back to making fun of Ipecac instead of each other. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surgery - Souleater

Label: Glitterhouse 
Year: 1989

I think we've pretty much covered Surgery in these pages, so if you don't know what to expect from this release, maybe you could search the archives and read what was said about the band before. That'd be easier for me, you know, so I don't have to type the same stuff over and over.
But, for the record, this 12" has a more bluesy-by-way of-old-SST feel to it. Think of bands like Saccharine Trust or Painted Willie mixed with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or Royal Trux. Just you think about that for awhile.

And by the way, Glitterhouse was a rad label, what ever became of it? Are they still putting out records? Couldn't I find out this information by Googling "Glitterhouse" instead of asking you guys?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love 666 - Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1996

Best album title of all time? Maybe. It's pretty fucking good.
Most cryptic band on the Amphetamine Reptile record label? Possibly, they're pretty fucking mysterious.
Once you hear them though, then it really gets weird. Like, why the hell wasn't this band much much more popular? Maybe their subject matter doesn't "cross over" to a wider audience. Maybe their guitar/drum/sine-wave keyboard setup didn't appeal to dudes with their arms folded, nodding solemnly at the band as they berated those same dudes for not rising up to overthrown The Man. Maybe. But shit man, their loss you know? Your gain.
I heart Love 666. You may heart them too.
Also, quick trivia time (thank you internet); Tom Hazelmyer stated that Love 666 were the first band in the history of his label that he had to refuse the release of their album. Apparently, according to Hazelmyer, the band took their recording advance, and went off to record a "pure white noise lp". After he put the kibosh on that project, the band turned around and delivered this album. 
There you facts.

* I've re-up'd this thing again - 09.23.09 - let me know if you still have problems.

Tad - Salem

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1992

That Willard post down there (which is fucking tits by the by) reminded me to listen to some Tad today at work. So I did. Listen to Tad. At work. Today.
And you know what? They are still fucking excellent at what they do...really really excellent. God bless Tad for being big ole burly rocking machines. There's a place in heaven for you all as reward for rocking our collective balls off all these years. 
I don't have a great Tad story per se, but merely a slightly amusing anecdote. When I was younger I was pretty big into playing soccer (until skateboarding completely usurped it sometime in middle school), so a lot of my buddies were soccer players. Well, a new kid moved to town from California, and he was a pretty good soccer player, we ended up on the same team and struck up a friendship. He amazed me with stories of growing up in the same neighborhood as Kirk Cameron who was hot shit as Mike Seaver on Family Ties (fucking show was sick!). This new buddy, named Shad by the by, told me how Kirk would ride his bike down the street with a fucking boa constrictor around his neck (gnarly!), and had a telephone in his room with a television screen in it (the fucking future!). Of course, no one else had this technology, so I'm sure Kirk was pretty limited as to who he could tele-watch on his phone-of-the-future, but still, shit was sick. But Kirk Cameron aside, Shad would also tell me about his wacky uncle who was this crazed man that the family feared at holiday get-togethers. He was this larger than life character who sounded like a drug addled lumberjack rock-n-roller. Can you guess who Shad Doyle's uncle was? It took me about a year to figure it out when he originally told me the stories back in 1988 or so. The first Tad song I heard was "Cooking With Gas", and immediately I thought, "Shad's uncle is righteous!". 
Shad also had a pretty sweet Samantha Fox poster hanging over his bed. I remember that too.

the fitt - hawk eyes ep

released 2008

i was contacted by a member of this pittsburgh,pa trio awhile ago (his name is pat...i'm pretty sure he's their singer)...he had come across the blog by way of a melvins show that was posted a ways back and was wondering if i'd like to post something by his band...and that i should go and check out the band's myspace (and if i didn't want to...i could either ignore or make fun of the a person like myself...i should never just be given those options)

so i did just that...and by me posting should already know how i felt about the whole thing

and it's no wonder that pat was looking for stuff by the melvins on the internets...listening to this will take you back to a time when they too were a trio (which is very evident from the opening of first song "hawk eyes"...and you'd swear that you'd heard the song "M80" on the HOUDINI album)

so am i making fun?
am i ignoring this?

i'm going against everything that i am...look at me ma! i'm growing!

so if you like the melvins...keelhaul...helmet... should've just said "of course i like the melvins" and then downloaded this already

DL: hawk eyes ep

and now...their space

blight - self-titled 7"

released 1983

this was a band out of lansing,mi...i suppose they could be considered a "supergroup"

it was made up of vocalist tesco vee from the meatmen...guitarist steve miller and bassist mike achtenberg from the fix...and some guy named pat clarke playing the drums

they were together for about 4 months...and played just as many shows (once opening for the dead kennedys)...and managed to release this album before it all came to a close (touch and go records later combined this album with a recording of their opening for the dead kennedys along with some random demos and called it DETROIT:THE DREAM IS DEAD (THE COLLECTED WORKS OF A MIDWEST HARDCORE NOISE BAND 1982)...released in 2006)

this sounds as if it were recorded by someone just pressing [rec] on a stereo while the band played

so if you like the germs or flipper or negative approach or the members other bands...

DL: blight

Willard - Steel Mill

Year: 1992

This is sludge before people really caught on and realized that the Melvins were fucking geniuses. Fuck EYEHATEGOD, fuck Noothgrush, fuck Asbestosfuckingdeath, fuck punk rock, it belongs on fucking Mars, this is fucking Willard. (Had Steve Wied from TAD on baterĂ­as). This band gets props for staying underground and resisting the charms of Sub Pop back in the day.

Willard - Steel Mill

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bundle of Hiss - Sessions 1986-1988

Here's a great piece of work from Bundle of Hiss. "Sessions 1986-1988" is a re-release of one of their old demo tapes. For those not familiar, Bundle of Hiss was a Seattle band from the 80s featuring Dan Peters and Kurt Danielson. They're a hidden gem as far as i'm concerned - even though this is another pre-grunge movement band comparable to Malfunkshun or Green River in status, don't let it scare you away. Bundle of Hiss was legitimately good with their heavy, fuzzed out, gritty alt rock.
Loveless Records
1. Swamp
2. Sleep No More
3. Amphetamine
4. White
5. Drown
6. What Dreams May Come
7. Rabies
8. Strobe
9. 12 Gauge
10. Hank n Doris
11. Fire Place
12. Ash Wednesday
13. Metamorphosis / After Image
14. Push
15. Apostasy

Anodyne - First Four Years - Discography Volume 1

Label: Black Box
Year: 2004

I do believe this one is by request, and even though it would fit better, sonically speaking (size wise it's just fine, not too big not too small), on our sister blog Colostomy Grab Bag, what, with it being all metallic and all. But what the hay, we can all appreciate some noisy, burly, ripping hardcore on occasion right? Plus, Anodyne featured members of the great Luca Brasi (one of my very first posts on this site...look that shit up) and Blacktail (also one of my first posts...seriously, get to looking this shit up!), so why can't we post it here?! Huh?! Why?! All in all, Anodyne's resume includes Luca Brasi and Blacktail, as well as 27, Eye For An Eye (fuck yeah!), Windmills By The Ocean, Versoma, Tombs, and all 700 bands Dave Witte has been is. Not bad eh? 
Musically, you're getting the band's older material, a demo, some old 7"s, compilation tracks, and unreleased material, which tended to be a nice mix of noise rock (think Glazed Baby), second wave Hydra Head Records stuff (think Cable), and rocking sludge (think Tad). Mix that type of tar-black filth together, and what do you get? Well, Anodyne of course. What did you think I was going to say?
I'm really glad someone requested this, cause I hadn't listened to this band in awhile and had forgotten just how potent this music can be. Great stuff.

Casus Belli - Punishment 7" + Return To Zero 7"

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990, 1993

Before Casus Belli, there were The Bastards, and they put out a couple big, thudding records, and appeared alongside a lot of really great bands like Unsane, Bitch Magnet, Cows, Surgery, Halo Of Flies, and Green River during their brief career. This is noteworthy, because when half of The Bastards went on to form Casus Belli (another short-lived project), they rolled in elements of all the aforementioned bands in to one really big and gnarly "fuck you". 
During this particular time period, Amphetamine Reptile Records was firing on all cylinders, putting out records that would go down in history as "important" or "vital", and consequently, some equally great records fell through the cracks. I think this band is just as good as anything else being put out during those years, and that's saying something. So if you missed these the first go-around, pick them up now and just pretend like you had em all along. "Oh yeah man, you hadn't heard Casus Belli before? Shit, where the fuck were you man? I was at, like, their first show uh...(muffled garbling)...oh damn, there's my ride. Gotta go dude!" You can be that dude!

Laughing Hyenas - Crawl

Label: Touch And Go
Year: 1992

You realize we haven't gotten around to posting any Laughing Hyenas in this place? Doesn't seem particular right or just does it?
I thought maybe we could ease into the band by starting with this four song ep. That way, it's not a major investment of your time and energy, and if you don't care for them, oh well, no great loss. No great loss of your time or energy that is. It would be a great loss of our respect for your musical tastes, but then again, what do you care about what we think? Probably not a lot. Not a lot at all.
The personnel on this recording represent Negative Approach, Easy Action, L7, The Necros, Streamlined, Escape Pod, and Meatmen, but don't expect "Cripple Children Suck" (we should be so lucky). This record comes after the departure of the original drummer and bassist quit the band, so it serves a document of the band going from bruising blues punk dirges, to scraping blues rock dirges. See the difference? Well, you'll hear it. This record is a little cleaner and smoothing around the edges, but still drags the songs through a dirty gutter before hocking them up into a loogie and spitting them in your face. Good shit indeed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the jesus lizard - shot

released 1996

going back to what i'd said about the melvins...these guys get a lot of mention around these parts and have showed up in live form all over the place...but haven't really had an actual album put on the blog (well...except this one time)

so i give you this...the band's first (of 2) major label albums

they had finally managed to get out of the hole steve albini was keeping them in down in his basement (they formed a human ladder) and went onto record this album...and it seems as if they were afraid to go off into the ragers they had been known for on previous albums (maybe it had something to do with cattle prods..i've read things about steve albini having an arsenal of them laying around his studio and he's not afraid to use them) and they come off a little subdued and cleaner sounding (not necessarily a bad thing...i mean...this is a major label album...and they prefer their artists to be showered and wearing collars...but this is still a jesus lizard album)

rumor has it that this angered mr. albini so much that he cut all ties with the band and made voodoo dolls out of spare clothing and hair david yow had left behind

and you can't talk about this album and not address the song "mailman"...he wants to know if he can run his fingers through my hair/he also wants to know if he can hop around my hole...david yow takes on the role of a woman (which is scary enough as it is...and might make you want to start looking for adam's apples the next time you're trolling in dive bars) that's being stalked by an unknown man...and i'm thinking that the song may be a little metaphor to represent the torching of the jesus lizard/steve albini relationship...and they felt a little more comfortable talking back now that they had capitol records tucking them into bed at night (and now you can picture a creepy steve albini standing outside the lizard's window...cattle prod and duct tape at the ready)

or maybe i'm just looking into it a little too much

either's obvious that the band weezer really liked the song (go and listen to their song "hash pipe"...go on...i'll wait)

see what i mean?

DL: shot

melvins - 1991 - the off ramp - seattle,wa

this was some additional stuff put on the SALAD OF A THOUSAND DELIGHTS (found over yonder) flick when it got re-released on dvd back in 2003

this has a very "like you're actually there" quality to it...and you'll find yourself wanting to either slap the person that filmed this...or slap the back of the guy's head that's standing in front of you (you know...if you really buy into that whole "like you're there" thing)

and not only that...i've provided you with some stills of dale crover standing on his stool wearing his speedo

AND you even get a handy dandy idea on where to keep those pesky drumsticks when they're not in use

dig in!

1 - oven
2 - if i had an exorcism
3 - boris
4 - kool legged

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Halo of Flies - "Music for Insect Minds"

Here's something that i find pretty cool - "Music for Insect Minds" by Halo of Flies. This is basically a collection of hard to find material such as singles and songs from compilations. Halo of Flies brand of dirty punk is addicting, and this is a must have for any HoF fan. Enjoy.

1. Tired and Cold
2. Wasted Time
3. Death of a Fly
4. Ain't No Hell
5. Spit it Out
6. Ballad of Extreme Hate
7. No Time
8. You Get Nothing
9. Headburn
10. Easy or Hard
11. Father Paranoia
12. Drunk (In Detroit)
13. Garbage Rock
14. D.D.T. Beat 69
15. One Barrel Spent
16 I'm Clean
17 Richies Dog
18 How Does It Feel To Feel
19 M.D. 20/20
20 Pipebomb
21 Sinner Sings
22 D.D.T. Fin 13
23 Can't Touch Her
24 Rubber Room
25 Thoughts In A Booth
26 Human Fly
27 I'm A Bug
28 Jagged Time Lapse
29 Clowns

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Janitor Joe - Lucky

Year: 1994
This is Janitor Joe's second, and final, record. Most people hold their loyalty to albums that were recorded while the band was still in their original line-up, or at least, most favorable line-up (Slayer, Metallica (sort of), Anthrax, a bunch of other shitty bands). This is out of educated arrogance most definitely...but I myself can admit that I enjoy this album yards ahead of Big Metal Birds. While Kristen Pfaff is missing from this recording, due to her defection to Hole, you can still hear a void in presence...and I think that's what draws me to this album. Of course, you need to be aware of the historical implications of her leaving the band and her planned return to Janitor Joe, yadda which the signifigance to what I'm referring to depends wholly on subjective standing, but I find it pretty believable that Janitor Joe was preparing, or at least coping until, Kristen Pfaff's return to the band; the lowered bass mix, the backing vocals that could easily be substituted for Kristen's...I don't know...I'm invested in my own theory. But I'm also convinced that steve albini was behind 9/11. (HAH!)

Janitor Joe - Lucky

Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds post

why do the cute ones always have to get addicted to heroin and die?

Friday, September 11, 2009

fudge tunnel - fudgecake

released 1992

seeing as how most folks have been on a fudge tunnel kick around these parts as of late...i hope you've got your raincoats on...we're going through again

this combines their SEX MAMMOTH 7" and their THE SWEET SOUND OF EXCESS 12"

that's a lot of inches...i hope you're prepared

DL: fudgecake

lost & found video night: vol.3

have you ever wondered what would happen if ralph kramden got sent to jail for spousal abuse ON ACID?

ever thought "you know...this women in prison movie from japan is ok...but you know what would make it even better? a female demon! waitaminute! you know what would make it even better? she's naked! oh man! even better-er...she has a knife!!"

are you down with midget on midget violence?

ever have a hot dog scream at you while on acid?

have you ever turned on the tv and the flintstones are speaking another language...and then you realize that you're in germany?

ever wonder how ted nugent feels about electronic music?

ok...ready yourself for this one...

because here it comes....

4 words: mentally challenged wet dream

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
DL: pt.3
DL: pt.4
DL: pt.5
DL: pt.6
DL: pt.7

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kepone - Ugly Dance

Label: Quarterstick
Year: 1994

I think someone requested Kepone awhile back. Sorry it took so long to get around to it, and if you want the other album let me know, I have that one as well.
Anyway, I gotta go on record as saying I'm not all that much of a Kepone fan. It's not that I don't like them per se, it's just more...m'eh. Like, their playing all the right sounds (although the bass gets a bit too slappy for my tastes), and on paper I should be eating this band up, but there's something just not quite there yet. As I was preparing to upload this record, I have been listening to it more than I had in about 15 years, and honestly, it's held up better than I thought it would have. There are a couple songs on here that are just perfect ("Dickie Boys" for example), and there are still a couple that reminded me why I never went whole hog into Kepone-Land way back when. But the point is, if you're like me and remember Kepone as one of those forgettable noise rock also-rans from yesteryear, you should go back and try it again. It's much more hardcore than I remember, and maybe that's something that'll get your cockles up. Who am I to say what you do or do not do with your cockles? 
The band started as a side-project for a member of Gwar ( terrible) and counted members of Honor Role, Holy Rollers, and Hoi Polloi (not Oi Polloi from Scotland mind you) in it's ranks. 
Anyway, thanks for requesting this, I'm glad I dusted it off and gave it another spin.

Drunk Tank - Drunk Tank

Label: Radial 
Year: 1991

File this one under: Golden Era Of Noise Rock. 
Thin, trebley, guitar shrapnel? Check.
Thudding, looping, bass that drives the songs? Check.
Pounding, off-kilter drums? Check.
Gruff, growling, manic vocals? Check.
Got their start in Chicago? Check.
Sounds like the band just got off their shift a the glue factory? Check.
Produced by Steve Albini? Check.
Yeah, that'll pretty much wrap things up here. I believe you have enough information to make an informed decision about this one.
If it helps, I will say this is the cd version of the album, which also includes the bands first two 7"s as well, "Hayride/Mary Worth" and "Leadfoot/Scissors". 

More Melvins ranting / Making Love Demos

Well, there has been a lot of talk about the Melvins on this blog and as a huge Melvins fan i still haven't put in my 2 cents. I guess the question here is.. Big Belvins: Good or Bad? First off... there's no such thing as bad or boring Melvins material in my mind. Are they still heavy as hell? Yes. Just in a different way. I guarantee if you see the new lineup with 2 drummers you won't complain.

That being said, after catching one of their 25th anniversary shows I remembered how great it is to see Buzz and Dale do their thing sans Big Business. Maybe the whole Melvins/Big Business thing has run its course. Big Business is becoming an incredible band without the Melvins as well. (Have you heard Mind the Drift? It's awesome)

My point is, you have to appreciate Nude With Boots and (A) Senile Animal for what they are without trying to make them something they aren't. I appreciate the fact that they're doing something different and are still relevant. If it isn't your thing then put on Bullhead and wait for their next release.

As I'm sure most of you have heard Nude With Boots, here's a controversy free release that I'm sure will be pleasing to everyone.

Melvins - Making Love Demos 2007

1. Creepy Smell
2. My Small Percent Shows Most
3. Dime Lined Divide
4. Excess Pool
5. Vile Vermillion Vacancy
6. We Got Worries Here
7. Let God Be Your Gardener
8. Repulsion

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The VSS - 21:51

Label: Gold Standard Laboratories
Year: 1996

The Drunkdriver reminded me to post this as well, since I find a sonic link between these two bands, and maybe you will, or do, too.
I remember reviewing this record for Heartattack fanzine whilst living in Santa Barbara (Isla Vista actually) for a summer in 1996. Good times. Anyhow, I was listening to it and I turned to Kent McClard (oh I'm sorry, did I just drop that rude) and said, "what was the name of that band on the 'Let Them Eat Jellybeans' compilation, the one with the song called 'Isotope Soap' or something?", to which he replied, "uhhhh....oh yeah, Geza X". Precisely. Geza X, that's who VSS remind me of. Well, them and Unwound. Well, them, and Unwound, and their old band Angel Hair. Just all that.
Fuck this is a great record. It collects their first three 7"s and gives you just the right amount of this band. Any more and it's overkill, this short blast is perfect.
After The VSS, the guys went on to be in Slaves, Pleasure Forever, The Shovels, Year Future, Rabbits, Supoena The Past, Bluebird, Lion Fever, Cattle Decapitation, Red Sparrows, you know, basically a bunch of shitty local bands no one ever heard of. Don't worry, you're not missing anything.

Drunkdriver - My Chinese Sister

Label: Drone Errant
Year: 2008

Sometimes, every once in awhile, you gotta put on some music that just blows your fucking speakers out. Something to annihilate those things, to melt the cones down to tar. Some music without pretense that takes one giant lurch back before hitting "play", then proceeds to hold you down and punch you about the head and neck for the duration of their stay. 
Drunkdriver will do just that for you. They will, and you know, I think they take great pride in providing that service. They should, they're quite adept at it after all. This band seems to view music as assault...but in a good(?) way...kind of.
If you like your punk so completely, balls out, turned-all-the-way-up style, but with a Suicide tinged art slant (sooooo basically like Hawks, if you like Hawks you will like this), then this one is for you. It is loud. It is overbearing. It doesn't relent. And it will get your girlfriend so out of the mood, they might as well use it as birth control. 
Assuming you have a girlfriend.
Originally this was released as a cassette in an edition of 150, and it's currently out of print.

fudge tunnel - teeth ep/in a word

TEETH EP released 1992
IN A WORD released 1994

this goes out to grAy and fred and "anonymous" well as all you other fudge-a-teers out there

i had originally planned on posting IN A WORD...but then i got to reading the comments in grAy's posting of the peel session they'd done...and i saw that someone had wanted the TEETH now y'all get get both of them

i remember the time i bought the TEETH EP (at a disc jockey of all places)...a friend and i were at the mall...and all i had on me was about $10.00...and my friend was being all like "bro,you're not gonna find anything for $10.00 at the mall"...and just as the word "mall" left his mouth this girl came walking by...i'm pretty sure she had a mullet...and she was wearing a motley crue t-shirt...kinda white trashy looking (which would've usually fallen under the heading of "my type"...but something told me to stay away,will robinson)...and i nodded in her direction and said "well...there's something"...and i don't know why...but by me saying that he let out a laugh so loud that i thought he was either going to wet his pants or vomit or both...but i'm getting away from the fudge tunnel point...i'd found the TEETH EP in a cheap cd bin (it was priced at $4.99)...and as we were leaving the parking lot i began to unwrap the cd and was going to put in into the car's cd player and he got all like "no way man...none of that hate rock"...but me being the friend that i was did it anyway...and by the opening sludgy guitar riffage of "s.r.t." he was hooked (it's really hard for me to listen to that song and not want to play the air drums)

and then there's IN A WORD...which seems like a thrown together at the last moment for the fans kinda complilation made up of a few peel sessions they'd done...some live stuff...and a few covers (it closes out with a pretty sweet cover of black sabbath's "changes"...making it sound less sad and more i'm-upset-and-you're-gonna-sit-in-that-chair-tied-up-and-listen-to-me-while-i-threaten-you-with-this-bottle-i'm-drinking-out-of)

"the british helmet"...i wasn't thinking that in the past "employee"...but i shall be from now on

so take my hand...we're able to go on a journey through the fudge tunnel once again...and as gnarly as it're coming too,grAy

DL: teeth ep

DL: in a word pt.1
DL: in a word pt.2

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fudge Tunnel - Peel Session

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1990

This post goes out to Ipecac, as I know he is a Fudge Tunnel fan, and maybe he already has this, but maybe not. If you got it, oh well, I tried.
It's a quick one too, four songs in ten minutes, so you don't have time to get bored. The songs themselves are from "Hate Songs In E Minor", "Sex Mammoth" (and one track that I believe is unreleased otherwise, but I could be wrong), so they are older, dare I say, vintage Fudge Tunnel. Good shit. I think the exact broadcast date was 05.21.90 but the songs were recorded 04.22.90, you know, just in case you need that type information.
I love this band, to me it's a classic case of, "hey you got your metal in my noise rock", "no, you got your noise rock in my metal". Almost makes you want a Reeses' huh? I'm into Fudge Tunnel right now, what can I say? I mean, I'm not literally inside a fudge tunnel...that'd be gnarly, I mean, I've been on a Fudge Tunnel kick as of late, so here you go. Neat.

Big'N - Hoss 7"

Label: Ratfish
Year: 1992

Here's a quick one for you (7 minutes to be exact), but a nice little shot of special goodness to start your day. It's a two song 7" from the "lil band that could've", Big'N. This band should have been huge. They should have been tour the land playing to packed bars of adoring fans, They should have been putting out records to the highest accolades. They should have been reuniting this year to take a victory lap around America (like the rest of their peers).
They should have...but alas...Big'N is resigned to be a footnote in the annals of rock history. One of those bands the "aficionados" dig, but the plebeians have foregone in search of bigger and better highs. Oh well, right? Their loss huh? 
Enjoy Big'N. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

V/A - Smitten Love Song Compilation

Label: Karate Brand
Year: 1994

If you follow this blog at all, or have an similar musical disposition as we do, then I can only tell you to run, not walk, to download this compilation. It is, how you say, e-s-s-e-n-t-i-a-l. Seriously. No shit. 
You know what, how about I just give you the lineup of bands on this thing? How about that?
Engine Kid
Big Damn Crazy Weight
Steel Pole Bathtub
Distorted Pony
Ring a bell? Any of those bands seem familiar to you? As in, from the pages of this website?
It seems like there were a couple of compilations to come out around this era, and they really were "important" somehow. Important like you don't see all that often anymore. Like, when was the last time you got stoked on a compilation the way you were stoked on "Dope, Guns, and Fucking In The Streets"?  I can't think of anything off the top of my head in recent years. This is a great collection of bands, doing strong material here, not just throw-aways...even the Cherubs covering Bow Wow Wow is a must-have. Deep cuts dawg! Deep cuts.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger

20+ downloads and no comments? Hey, maybe if some if you cunts showed a little appreciation I might post here more often.

Whatever I only post here when I'm drunk anyway.

Year: 2006

this is Jucifer. I hear they got the band title from a nickname they created for OJ Simpson during his (early 90s) trials. the band gets shit for not sounding like that shitty tech-grind band holy child of relapse records phallic carnage. who cares, relapse are a bunch of fascist cock suckers who treat their bands like sub-humans. we could probably gauge how much they care about this band (or money) by how quick this upload gets squashed. whatever...fuck it (eat shit (relapse)):

Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minutemen - KFPK Acoustic Jam

Year: 1983

Here's a cool bootleg; this is a live set of the Minutemen playing live on KFPK back in '83. Not as stellar as the Acoustic set on 'We Jam Econo', but still pretty killer:

Minutemen - KFPK Acoustic Jam

Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff

Year: 1988
Northwestern yesteryear grimy-garage-rock 101, eh? This EP debuted in the year of my birth (MCMLXXXVIII) and hasn't lost one bit of its bite in the 21 years since. This is the kind of shit that completely marred the definition of rock--dethroned the bullshit androgynoid cookie-cutter groups from the popular musicspace and paved the way for the more righteous bands stewing in the underground (and eventually more stupid bullshit pop bands that are on the radio now). You want grunge? TAD and this:

Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff
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