Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds


Year: 1993

Aside from gathering supplies and making weapons and shelter to defend and sustain myself through this Victory Records war, I am reveling in the victory that no one has posted this band on monotone yet. Janitor Joe's some good old fashioned noise rock from the legendary and now comparably decrepit Amphetamine Reptile label. It's dirty, nasty, and a tiny bit grungy, and marks the last appearance of Kristen Pfaff before she joined Hole and subsequently "committed suicide". Janitor Joe released "Lucky" a year later before breaking up at the news of Pfaff's death, who was preparing to head back to Minneapolis to rejoin the band the night before she was found dead. Fucked up.

Check it:
Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds

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Anonymous said...

growing up in Mpls I got to see Janitor Joe open up for countless touring bands. I think everyone in Mpls was so accustomed to seeing them all the time we didn't realize how great they really were.

Good to see their records on this blog- this band still needs to be heard

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