Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1.6 Band - Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Label: Wardance
Year: 1993

Here's a quick shot of off-kilter hardcore for you, the 1.6 Band, made up of the same folks who brought you, Beyond, The Last Crime, The Crownhate Ruin, Canyon, Die 116, The New Dark Age Ensemble, and The Sorts. This confluence of membership allowed the 1.6 Band to operate amongst the patch punks of ABC No Rio, the Positive Force folks at the community center, the straight edgers in the VFW halls, and the careerists trying to score major label deals at the rock clubs. They were all over the place, but essentially they were a hardcore band, and played really good hardcore music that injected some new blood into a stale scene. 

Das is good.


proven hollow said...

i lived around the corner from a video rental store where kevin egan and the dude with the shotgun arm tattoo from unsane worked. i thought that was badass. but at the same time i felt bummed that these dudes that were in awesome bands were renting me videos, like the unreleaseed fantastic 4 movie from like the 80s. that movie sucked. but that shotgun tattoo was awesome. i also really wanted to like the last crime but never could "get into it"

Gray said...

that was chris spencer's video store, and now he knows what kind of porno movies you rent and will write a song about it. you're fucked.

can't wait to see you when you drive to atl for the last sonn av krusher show...friday, may 1st. looking forward to it. we can get drinks beforehand if you get here in time...i'm sure ed rawls will be manning the bar.

Anonymous said...

Last Crime was amazing. They recorded some killer unreleased stuff I had on tape at one point. Anyone there have their hands on that stuff?

Anonymous said...

Another choice upload. Thanks for these.


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