Monday, June 30, 2008

Fuck the Offspring, this is HAMMERHEAD

I would put a picture here if I wasn't concussed.

Year: 1993, 1994, and 1996

Excellent Noise Rock--each album gets progressively more slower-paced.

Ethereal Killer
Into the Vortex
Duh, The Big City

Friday, June 20, 2008

hater - s/t

released in 1993

this was the first of only 2 albums they released (the other one aptly titled "the 2nd" released in 2005...though having been recorded 10 years prior)

a side project of soundgarden bassist ben shepherd (though he sang and played guitar in this band) and drummer matt cameron

they were joined by ex-monster magnet guitar player john mcbain (who would also join them in the band wellwater conspiracy)...and a bassist named john waterman (who had played in multiple bands with ben shepherd before he joined soundgarden)

they of course had a soundgarden quality about them...mixed with a garage band sound

truly - heart and lungs ep

released in 1991

after bass player hiro yamamoto left soundgarden...he formed this band with the original drummer of the screaming trees and a singer/guitar player named robert roth

sounds like a cross between soundgarden and dinosaur jr

they only released this ep along with 2 full lengths

split up in 2000

mr. epp and the calculations - ridiculing the apocalypse

released in 1996

named after a math teacher at a christian high school in bellevue,wa

together for roughly 3 years

it contained future green river and mudhoney vocalist mark arm along with future mudhoney guitar player steve turner

they turned down an offer to be lou reed's backing band at a rock and roll hall of fame show

this is a collection of the entirety of their recorded material

NIRVANA - Music Source Studios (Unreleased Tracks)

Year: 1991 (Pre-Nevermind)

This was recorded during the period between Bleach and Nevermind, where the band was still under contract to Sub-Pop, who back then was having financial issues, and therefore couldn't afford for the band to go into the studio and record their material. At this point, Grohl had been in the band for 6 or 7 months and they had conceived a dozen or so songs, which they were eager to work on. Their sound engineer, Craig Montgomery, pulled some strings and got them into a recording studio for free (through a friendly connection), and the band recorded 7 songs, two of which have been officially released ('Even in His Youth' and 'Been a Son'), either through a single or the B-Sides comp. 'Incesticide'. However, the other 4 songs have been left unreleased. Included in this archive are those 4 songs; 'Oh, The Guilt', 'All Apologies', 'On A Plain', 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter', and 'Token Eastern Songs'. These are all primarily instrumentals, besides from 'All Apologies'. The rest have extremely faint guide vocals. This is another really cool glimpse at infant versions of songs that were later released on 'Nevermind' and 'In Utero'.

NIRVANA - Music Source Studios (1991)

NOTE: These are in FLAC. If you want them in Lossy, let me know.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

mc 900 ft. jesus - one step ahead of the spider

released in 1994

nowadays...this would fall into the "indie hip hop" genre

you may remember seeing the video where he's trapped inside a box getting delivered place to place...only to end up right back where he started

after this album...he became tired with the music industry...and felt as if he'd went as far as he could go with his music (maybe all due to the fact that the recording of his next album didn't pan out very well)...he dropped out of it all...and is now a dj at a club in dallas,tx (lee harvey's)

atari teenage riot - burn,berlin,burn

released in 1997

this is a compilation of songs released on their first 2 albums ("delete yourself!" released in 1995...and "the future of war" released in 1997)

learn to be angry and german and digitally hardcore in 14 easy steps

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dinosaur Jr - You're Living All Over Me

Year: 1987

Emotional shit. Cool whirlwind riffs, poppy hooks, all around great band. Biggest challenge this band presents is Mascis' vocals, but if I can get used to it, so can you. Give it a shot: Dinosaur Jr - You're Living All Over Me

L7 - Bricks Are Heavy

Year: 1992

Couldn't post some L7 without bringing up the Reading incident could you, Ipecac? Nonetheless...this band is one of my favorite of the era; good simple dirty rock. The third track on this album is dismissible (Pretend We're Dead). It's been beaten into the ground and drilled into the ears of anyone well aware of what was going on in the northwest back in the day (or anyone who's played GTA: San Andreas). The rest of the album is pretty awesome though. I would suggest picking up their earlier album "Smell The Magic" if you ever see it in stores. (Maybe I'll post it eventually).

L7 - Bricks Are Heavy

Green River - Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll

Year: 1987/1989

Green River was a "grunge" band consisting of members from Mudhoney (Mark Arm and Steve Turner) and Pearl Jam (Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard) a few years before "grunge" existed. They had a lifespan of around 3 years before internal band conflicts tore them apart. Mark and Steve went on to form Mudhoney with Dan Peters and former Melvins Bassist Matt Lukin, while Jeff and Stone went on to form Mother Love Bone with Andrew Wood, then record Temple of the Dog, then record 8 Shitty albums with a shitty band that was ripped off countless times by other shitty alternative rock bands in the 90s. Good on you guys.

Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll

Sunday, June 15, 2008

scul hazzards - let them sink

released this year (2008)

this threesome from brisbane,australia do their best unsane/shellac impersonation

phleg camp - 3 7"

they were a band out of canada...together during the early-mid 1990's
they only put out a few 7"s and a full length

their sound was described as the "canadian jesus lizard" (probably because of their work with steve albini...he recorded their full length)...but they sound like they'd be at home on the dischord records label at the time (if you listen closely'd actually think it was fugazi)

split 7" with fuel (released in 1990...fuel were another canadian band that also had that dischord records sounds)

self titled 7" (released in 1991)

twilight pink 7" (released in 1992)

L7 - shove 7"

released in 1990 as part of the sub pop records single series (this was #15)
it was also the band's first single

2 years later the band would be known for the incident that took place while they were playing the reading festival in england...fed up with mud being thrown on stage...lead singer donita sparks removed her tampon and threw it into the audience (it's #67 on vh1's "top 100 most shocking rock and roll moments" list)

in 2000...they were playing a show in london and raffled off a one night stand with their drummer on the bus after the show

don't be a square,man

melvins - 7.30.97 - numbers - houston tx

1 - boris
2 - it's shoved
3 - bar-x-the rocking m
4 - interstellar overdrive (pink floyd cover)
5 - magic pig detective
6 - lizzy
7 - antioxidote
8 - tipping the lion
9 - the bloat
10 - the bit
11 - honey bucket
12 - revolve
13 - hooch
14 - night goat
15 - with teeth
16 - mombius hibachi

(link fixed)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

suicidal tendencies - s/t

released in 1983

were voted "worst band/biggest assholes" by the punk rock zine flipside in 1982

considered one of the first bands to mix punk with well as being the first "skate rock" band

emilio estevez as a punk...not so much
go and watch suburbia

all i wanted was a pepsi....

jello biafra w. d.o.a. - last scream of the missing neighbors

released in 1989

canada makes room for jello

songs of the new world order...the war on drugs...the government (you know...the usual biafra fodder)

if someone didn't know any better...they'd think this was one of the early dead kennedys albums

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

mike watt - ball-hog or tugboat?

released in 1995

this was mike watt's first solo album (after already having played in the minutemen and fireHOSE)

he was backed up by a veritable who's who of alterna-music of the time (henry rollins...eddie vedder...dave grohl...members of sonic youth...the meat puppet brothers...2 of the beastie boys...frank black...just to name a few)

"sex with you is like watching scientific wrestling"

claw hammer - q: are we not men? a: we are not devo!

released in 1991

the band covered the entire devo album "q: are we not men? a: we are devo!" and made it sound like a band playing it in their garage

it also includes some material from a single they'd released called "double pack whack attack"

nirvana - singles box set

released in europe in 1995

made up of singles from the "nevermind" and "in utero" albums

there were a few hundred copies released that included a 3rd single from the "in utero" album (for "pennyroyal tea" was recalled by geffen records because of kurt cobain killing himself...but some had already been released)...and a single from the "unplugged in new york" album



Sunday, June 8, 2008

mr. bungle - the raging wrath of the easter bunny

released on cassette in 1986 as a demo

this is where it all began
they were all still in high school at the time

very lo-fi sounding...the music was more focused around death metal and thrash...though tiny bits of what they'd later become came out here and there

melt banana - speak squeak creak

released in 1994

recorded by steve albini
produced by kk null

no one really knew what to make of this japanese foursome (2 guys..2 girls) at the time of the release of their first album

a singer that sounds like she's yelping/screaming very quickly
a guitar player that can make his guitar sound like a laser and a jet engine (at the same time)
a drummer that can be best described as spastic
the bass player...well...fits in nicely

they've fallen into the "noise rock" and "grindcore" genre (though later taking on a more "poppy" sound)

and they put on quite the live show


120 minutes...
alternative nation...
the state...
liquid television (which gave birth to aeon flux..beavis and butthead..daria..the head)...
denis leary ranting...

and then there was this show...austin stories (on the air in 1997)...about a group of friends ("slackers"...remember that word) that hung guessed it..austin,tx (slackers apparently came from both austin and seattle...and if you haven't already seen it...look for the richard linklater movie "slacker")...but...though being well recieved...mtv being mtv cancelled it after only 12 episodes

so...for your viewing pleasure...the first episode:

Friday, June 6, 2008

snivlem - prick

released in 1994

released by the melvins as a way to finance the "stoner witch" album

they had to release this on amphetamine reptile records (they were signed to atlantic records at the time)...atlantic refused to release this album because it was too experimental sounding...and they weren't able to release anything with their name outside of their record they did it this way (atlantic dumped them after only releasing 3 albums..."houdini".."stoner witch"...and "stag")

faith no more - songs to make love to

released in 1993

it's essentially an ep of cover songs ("easy" by the commodores..."theme from midnight cowboy" by john barry..."let's lynch the landlord" by the dead kennedys)

it also includes a song sang entirely in german ("das schutzenfest") which translates to "the shooting match"

black flag - family man

released on vinyl in 1984

side a consisted of henry rollins first forays into the spoken-word genre

the song "armageddon man" splits up the being the only time on the album the band is heard together

side b consisted of all instrumentals that would pave the way for later black flag material...going into a more later period black sabbath meets free jazz direction

sam black church - superchrist

released in 1995

this foursome from boston mixed odd time signatures and crazed vocals with a bass/guitar sound that could be compared to sounding like a buzz saw

could be compared to early clutch meets bad brains meets early helmet

they split up back in 2000...but played a reunion show in september of '07

uzeda - 4

released in 1995

steve albini's sicilian connection (he's recorded 4 of their albums)

they broke up temporarily back in 1995 (their singer and one of the guitar players went and formed a band with members of don caballero and girls against boys called bellini)...though they released an album back in '06 called "stella" (again recorded by albini)

female fronted)the jesus lizard meets fugazi meets shellac meets (insert any other steve albini touched band here)

DL: 4

(link fixed)

scratch acid - 9.9.06 - the hideout - chicago il

"i have to stop eating shit because it's making my vomit smell bad"
-david yow

this was recorded at the touch and go records (based out of chicago) 25th anniversary show

it was show #2 in a three show reunion "tour" (the first being in their home base of austin,tx at emo's...and the third took place in seattle,wa at the showbox theater)

touch and go records had released the "berserker ep" (which was their last album) and "the greatest gift" (which was a compilation that consisted of their entire recorded output)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

soundgarden - louder than live

released in 1990 as a 12" promo for the "video album" of the same name

includes covers of the songs "big bottom" (spinal tap) and "earache my eye" (cheech and chong)

Monday, June 2, 2008

the jesus lizard - then comes dudley 7"

released in 1991

3 songs recorded live in austin,tx (cannibal club) on feb. 2,1991

ministry - the land of rape and honey

released in 1987

this album is widely considered the one that brought guitars into industrial music

it still retained a slight synth-pop edge (as heard on the previous 2 albums "with sympathy" and twitch")...but with this jourgensen's intentions were starting to show a little more clearly

the sounds of mascara meeting battery acid

blatant dissent - hold the fat

released on vinyl in 1988

they came from dekalb,il (which was the other hot bed of music in illinois around that time...though most of the bands packed it up for chicago eventually)

they were your typical punk band from the midwest (ie: naked raygun)...this was their only full length (along with a few 7" and a demo)

in 1988...singer/guitarist jon moore and drummer mike greenless went on to form the band tar (which included bassist tim mescher of the band shorty)
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