Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Green River - Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll

Year: 1987/1989

Green River was a "grunge" band consisting of members from Mudhoney (Mark Arm and Steve Turner) and Pearl Jam (Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard) a few years before "grunge" existed. They had a lifespan of around 3 years before internal band conflicts tore them apart. Mark and Steve went on to form Mudhoney with Dan Peters and former Melvins Bassist Matt Lukin, while Jeff and Stone went on to form Mother Love Bone with Andrew Wood, then record Temple of the Dog, then record 8 Shitty albums with a shitty band that was ripped off countless times by other shitty alternative rock bands in the 90s. Good on you guys.

Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll


bobbysu said...

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

thanks for this one. And I totally agree RE: Pearl Jam...

But hey, they were just making records people 'want' to here right?

God bless those brave warriors for their sacrifices in giving NFL stars, fashion models, and wife beaters everywhere the music they want to hear!


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