Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

Year: 1997
Label: Matador

Did you realize this band has been kicking around since 1984? Goddamn. What where you doing in 1984? Probably some cross-over shit I would imagine.
So anyways, I, being an elitist snob, shunned this band for a long time (until the release of this particular album to be exact) based solely on the observation that their fans were dorks. Nerds. Geeks. Fags. Whatever you want to call them, those losers where stinking up the place. I imagined (and still do) a Yo La Tengo show to be on one step removed from a Star Trek convention (notice how I didn't say "Star Wars", because Star Wars is awesome enough to get tattooed on your body by the guitarist of Chokehold in the stifling heat of an un-air conditioned bedroom in hot ass Atlanta when you're 18...quite unlike Star Trek...that shit is retarded). Virgin central!
Well, when I finally pulled my head out of my ass and took an actual listen to the band I was a convert. I guess I "got it", whatever that means. Maybe I had just been a loser all along (highly doubtful), but something about their take on the Velvet Underground's style clicked. Their style is all over the place, from rock to folk to drone to pop to punk, but it's all played immaculately. 

Today Is The Day - Today Is The Day

Year: 1996
Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Ah, Today Is The Day, such sweet memories. This was their last record as the odd man out on AmRep before our little baby done grown up and moved on to Relapse Records, away from the underground connoisseurs, and into the arms of metal heads everywhere. Sometime before this was released I saw them on the Clusterfuck tour in Atlanta (with Guzzard and Chokebore...was it Chokebore, or did Janitor Joe actually play that show?) and they were as powerful as I was anticipating, but what I wasn't expecting was the menacing posture they took, the oppressive volume at which they operated, and the near constant rope of saliva connecting Steve Austin to his microphone (it was gross). They were unbelievable, seriously unbelievable (is that an oxymoron?). 
I've always thought this record's influence stretched far and wide into the world of hardcore and changed the way that genre evolved. Of course, they got no credit for it, but without this record, do you think Converge would sound anything like they do (shit, Steve Austin ended up producing for them after this album came out)? Do you think Deadguy would have even existed? Naw, they wouldn't. Today Is The Day utilized sonics and song structures that other bands couldn't control, and eventually that aesthetic wormed it's way into the late 90's hardcore scene and morphed into metalcore, back when metalcore meant Botch and Coalesce and shit. 
If you've somehow never heard Today Is The Day, this is a great record to start with as it will expose you to the band's "sound", but spare you some of their current philosophical musings. It's no easy listen, it demands your commitment, but the payoff is immense. I once worked in a kitchen with a dude from Nashville who had shared a practice space with Today Is The Day, and he told me that you would know they were inside practicing (and they always were) because when you got out of your car in the parking lot, it sounded like a jet airplane was taking off inside the practice space. I'll leave it at that.

Monday, September 29, 2008

the stunt mummies - self-titled ep

i'm not really sure when this was released...but it definitely has that shiny grey monotone feel to it...know what i'm talkin' 'bout?

i received this from a member of the band (though i can't remember which one)...the guitar player in this band also sang in the band contortion horse (who's ep you can find here as well)

they started out of lawrence,ks in 1996...and ended in seattle,wa in 1999

this is what would happen if the jesus lizard and the melvins were to do something together

of course you are


sugartooth - the sounds of solid

released in 1997

this was the band that wanted to sell their futon to beavis and butthead

what started out as a band weened on soundgarden and black sabbath (kind of redundant there) turned into a more techno (and i don't mean of the annoying glowstick variety...they experimented a drum machine) blues based band when drummer joey castillo left after this album (joining danzig...now playing for queens of the stone age)...he was replaced by current agent orange drummer dusty watson

so if you like your "grunge" mixed with "phat beats"...this be for you

and it opens up with a dolemite sample...so it can't all be that bad...right?

screw your wig on tight...let me tell you 'bout the 'lil bad mothafuckah they call dolemite...

thus concludes our poetry corner for today


scratch acid - 12.30.86 - duisburg germany

the band that emptied it's bowels and gave the world the jesus lizard and rapeman

there's just no cleaning up after something like that

1 - monsters
2 - albino slug
3 - damned for all time
4 - mess
5 - el espectro
6 - skin drips
7 - cannibal
8 - this is bliss
9 - big bone lick
10 - for crying out loud
11 - eyeball
12 - lay screaming
13 - owner's lament
14 - the greatest gift
15 - she said


ween - 12 golden country greats

released in 1996

you know about the roaming buffalo..and the cows...

but did you know that something grows under cow plops?

this is like sitting around a campfire on the open range with gibby haynes...hank williams...and some random waitress you "picked up" at some random truck stop...

and you've been awake for days...and for some reason you're wearing toby keith's skin...

and then muhammad ali showed up...

and you're not quite sure if you're seeing it or not...but off in the distance...it looks like donny darko and the joker are walking towards you...and they both have looks in their eyes....

stay away from cookie's stew...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Horse Of The Dog

Year: 2002 
Label: Universal

This one flies under the radar, but is a definite winner for fans of the music on this blog. It's dark mix of noise rock, punk, blues, psychobilly, and art rock. Mix these bands:
The Cramps, Crows, Bauhaus, Jesus Lizard, Birthday Party, Pussy Galore, Halo Of Flies, Reverend Horton Heat, Joy Division, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Rocket From The Crypt, Thee Mighty Ceasars, and Cosmic Psychos.
Like any of those bands? Then grab this. 

The Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land

Year: 2005
Label: Polydor

Cocky, swaggering, and uniquely English in their approach, The Duke Spirit come across as cool. Simply stated, they are a "cool" band who play really "cool" songs. 
I heard them described as a female-fronted Strokes one time, and I can sorta get behind that (that's what she said). There is a retro sound, and a laid back ether over most of the proceedings, but I think The Duke Spirit writes better crafted jams than the Strokes did. They're catchy, understated, and, dare I say, sexy. Did you ever hear that band The Kills? They have some similarities. What about Royal Trux? There's a little of that in here too. Yeah Yeah Yeah? Some of that too. Shit, I'll throw in PJ Harvey, and the murk of Sonic Youth.
Produced by Flood as well, in case that matters.

Iceburn - Firon

Year: 1995
Label: Victory

All this Victory Records talk on this blog got me to thinking about how great the record label was at one time. Tony Victory was on course to dethrone the illustrious Revelation as the top (bull)dog in the hardcore game, and then, much like Revelation, the label started veering off course into the fickle world of "post hardcore". There were some successes, and some failures, but I think this Iceburn record served as the high water mark for the label until Deadguy came along a few years later. Of course now...well, who knows what the fuck Victory Records is up to...but it sure as shit ain't anything like this.
So anyway, like most hardcore foot soldiers of that era, I bought the Iceburn 7" from Victory on the label's reputation alone, and was dumbfounded by it's contents (which in retrospect are really not all that ground-breaking, but it didn't sound like Judge...so I was dumbfounded alright). Well, imagine my surprise when the full length follow-up shows up, and completely changes modern hardcore. The songs started stretching out, the instrumentation was overlaid with jazz influences, the guitars were thick and heavy, and the vocals were wild, with lyrics more akin to poetry than "friendship issues". It was a whole new world, and at the time there was nobody who sounded like them. Years later when I heard Craw for the first time, I thought, "that sounds like Iceburn". I guess I sorta thought that Tool sounded like Iceburn...but I hate Tool, and would hate to tarnish Iceburn's reputation with that comparison. 
If you like the stuff on this blog, and you like some metal, maybe some hardcore...then you'll like this one.

for that inner thing you keep locked up in a closet....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the flying luttenbachers - retrospektiw III

released in 1998

"what I am interested in is creating an abstract music with superhuman qualities. i'm trying to realize a medium in which i can attempt to transcend the mediocrity of the human condition that surrounds me."
- drummer and only constant member weasel walter

and with a name such as that...you could very well picture drunk clowns riding bicycles across a tightrope trying to fend off invisible bees with chainsaws

well....at least that's what the music would portray

this is what would happen if mr. bungle...naked city...and captain beefheart would ever to collaborate on an album

improvised noise rock free jazz death abstractions

a jackson pollock painting set to music

this is a compilation of live stuff along with various other materials the band released as splits and comp stuff

set to puree...


shellac w/ david yow - 10.31.98 - lounge axe - chicago,il

this was a surprise show they did of all sex pistols covers

yow as rotten...rotten as yow...

you ever see them in the same room together?

ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

1 - holiday in the sun
2 - bodies
3 - pretty vacant
4 - i'm a lazy sod
5 - submission
6 - pills
7 - anarchy in the uk
8 - god save the queen


crime in choir - self-titled

released in 2002

i've heard them described as don caballero with synths...a more structured sounding tortoise with a slight prog overtone

and i suppose they'd all be right...though i would also compare them to the italian prog band goblin (you might know their work by the soundtracks they've done for director dario argento...ie: suspiria)...and with that comparison you could also throw in king crimson and pre-1976 genesis

actually...out of the three albums the band's released...this one isn't so progressive sounding...they'd go full bore into it on the following album (2004's the hoop)

and honestly...the only reason i picked up this album was the involvement of hella drummer zach hill (this was the only album he played on)...before this i hadn't heard anything from the band...and when my then girlfriend asked me why i was laying down the 12.00 for a cd with only six songs...my answer to her was "you'll see"...and apparently she didn't see because she still gave me the confused look as we were listening to it on the way home

and i was impressed by zach's playing on this...i'd been a fan for awhile before i found out about this band...and i was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was actually able to lay down some actual beats instead of being all filler and no killer as he is in hella...and don't get me wrong...the stuff in hella is still jaw dropping (the one time i saw them live...all i could do is just stand there and curse my body for not being able to to that)...but it seemed as if he could never really dedicate himself to laying down anything solid

but...i've prattled on long enough...i've either convinced you to get this...or that i have a man crush on zach hill....either/or...i'm comfortable in both scenarios


toe - the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety

released in 2005

this is for all of you japanese math/prog/instrumental post-rock fans out there

and i already know what you're thinking: "is there such a thing?"

and the answer to that question will be given to you once you're able to catch that fly with those chopsticks

well then...that was quick...

and the answer is: "there should be"

simple enough yes?

i believe this should've been used as the soundtrack to the movie "lost in translation"...though the movie was released two years prior...but once you listen to this...you'll understand...just picture scarlett johansson's backside while listening...it'll all come together

musically these guys come off like a mixture of the first crime in choir album with early don caballero (the band's drummer could give che a decent run for his money)

and sure...i could throw out a whole bunch of instrumental band names...but...

for relaxing times, make it suntory time


find out:

Friday, September 26, 2008

v/a - confuse yr idols: a tribute to sonic youth

released in 2004

some folks doing their best/not so best impressions of sonic youth

what you get are some bands taking the originals so far from what they sounded like...that they almost sound sonic youth-ish

you're supposed to be

you get everything from what sounds like serial killer ramblings in a doctor's office (rapider the horsepower) to lounge (tub ring) to indian jazz (saicobab) to skronk (racebannon) to a children's lullaby (twink)...

just listen...and don't forget kim gordon's panties

1 - racebannon - death valley '69
2 - brystl - shadow of a doubt
3 - new granada - eric's trip
4 - steel pole bathtub - i dreamed i dream
5 - twink - cinderella's big score
6 - stationary odyssey - dirty boots
7 - rapider the horsepower - little trouble girl
8 - tub ring - kool thing
9 - ky prophet - making the nature scene
10 - elf power - kotton krown
11 - parts & labor - sugar kane
12 - saicobab - death valley '69


please inform the captain this is a hijack - self-titled

released in 2003

this is what would happen if fugazi...rites of spring...and city of caterpillar had a sleepover and they were all fighting for control of the remote

some folks just don't like ron popeil infomercials

who's gonna fall asleep first?

get that bowl of warm water ready

mmmmmm s'mores!

maybe we should row across the lake and mess with the camp you-ain't-gonna-get-none-of-this girls...

we don't live near a lake...

nevermind...there's a chuck norris movie on

(the preceding conversation may or may not have ever actually happened)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loose Fur - Born Again In The U.S.A.

Year: 2006
Label: Drag City

Here's a palette cleanser for you. Something easy and carefree to listen to while enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. A little respite from the yelling and screaming of previous posts.
I present the second album from Wilco side-project Loose Fur (hey...get it?). Personally, I dig the shit outta Wilco, and I think their records are getting better and better the further they gravitate from country sounds. If you're with me, then you'll dig this too, it's a natural progression from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and onward.
The band is Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Glen Kotche (Wilco), and Jim O'Rourke (Sonic Youth, Gastr Del Sol, Brise Glace, Yona-Kit, Red Krayola, and on and on). The music goes from subtle acoustic passages to off-kilter indie rock, to bouncy a.m. gold, all played with confidence and swagger. Catchy really. 
You don't have to like it, but then again, you don't have to keep your head up your ass all day either. 

I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.

Big'N - Discipline Through Sound

Year: 2006
Label: Skin Graft

Recorded by Steve Albini? Check.
Sounds like a mix of Rapeman and Slint? Check.
I should be able to stop right there, and you would simply say, "oh, sounds nice, I'll go ahead and make this a part of my music collection". Is that an accurate assessment of what's going to happen? 
Oh jesus...fine. 
They were from Illinois, they operated during the second wave of the mid-western noise rock bonanza, they played with all those bands that you like from those Derek Hess posters, they grunt, the bass is out front, the time signatures are seldom 4/4, and the songs seem to be directed squarely at you.


the dillinger escape plan - self-titled ep

released in 1995

i decided to end my "guido metal" trilogy with this

this is what they sounded like before they became the band that launched a thousand third rate versions

before the dog and pony show that they are now...they played a fairly straight forward (though a little on the techy side) version of hardcore...sounding more deadguy than whiddly whiddly wheeeeeee

and i'm not going to go into some spiel on the current direction the band has gone into...but i'll say this...it should've all come to an end after irony is a dead scene

and with that being said...get this


deadguy - fixation on a co-worker

released in 1995


i apologize for being all the with the caps and exclamation points...but tim singer means it...he's serious...about everything

and i'm just going to come right out and say it...this is what black flag should've been...instead of simply taunting audience members from the stage and then later having roadies beat them up...it jumps into the audience with a sledgehammer and pummels anything that gets in it's way...and then stomps on the jello mess left afterwards

vocalist tim singer (one of the angriest hardcore vocalists going today...right up there with damian abraham...vocalist for canadian hardcore band fucked up) takes the pencil that henry rollins uses to write about his tortured inner psyche in his journal and jams it into your neck until he knows good and well that you have lead poisoning

the reason this is getting posted (well...if you know anything about anything...you'd know why this is here...GET THIS!...tim says so)...is that a colleague of mine and i were discussing the victory records label...now i can't go into details...but i can say this...someone ended up with hot black coffee in his lap (and i'm still not able to sit properly)...anyway...what had sparked the whole thing was me saying that the year 1998 was part of the label's heyday...he didn't agree...and at the time i didn't agree with him...tip. splash. burn. red genital region....and then it was all over (literally)...now...i'm not gonna go off on some rant here...but i did go back and look at the charts...and i do have to agree with him...this album was one of the last good albums the label put out (and quite honestly...the only bands on the label i ever paid/pay any mind to were/are deadguy and bloodlet)

so...now you can see where bands such as kiss it goodbye...playing enemy...and family man (this was a band that tim singer fronted after kiss it goodbye...they released a 2 song demo...and if anyone has said demo...drop a line)

so...if you like your black flag mixed with some unsane and john candy movies (the band took it's name from the movie only the lonely)

and i remember reading in an interview once that they band had sold the name to some japanese clothing line and therefor ending the use of the name

now...go back and count the black flag references...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Links fall down, go boom.

It has come to our attention that Mediafire has deleted or otherwise misplaced some of the files we have provided on this blog. If you come across a dead link, please comment here, or email Ipecac at the address over there on the right of the screen. 

If it's important to you, we will try and repair those broken links, so just ask, but do so in the comments of a more recent post, as we (or I at least) seldom go back into the annals (anal?) of time to look at comments of yore. 


Also, I just posted some hot shit over at Colostomy Grab-bag, so go get it and get bent.

Thank you sirs and madams (do any girls read this?)

medicine - shot forth self living

released in 1992

the band pretty much shows you what they're set out to do within the first few moments of the album...and that's to hit you with a droning wall of feedback...and make you like it

this could be what would happen if japanese "noise" artist masami akita (aka "merzbow") discovered "shoegaze" and went into the studio to record his version of metal machine music

again...going back to the opening track ("one more")...it's been proven to either drive everyone from the room...or make them stand there and listen to what's going on...the entire album is something that needs to be experienced through a pair of headphones (i suggest using a pair that covers your ears entirely)...it's just so dynamic sounding

so...get the headphones and head off to your beanbag chair....


and i know most of you have at least heard this song a few times...

hippie porn - ost

released in 1991

a french movie that has nothing to do with either hippies or porn...apparently the only thing the french can get right are their potatoes

so no unchecked body hair for you

but what it does have is...and i quote:

"HIPPY PORN includes some of the most interesting music in the new underground scene"

hear for thyselves....

1 - unsane - cut myself
2 - (movie scene 1)
3 - medicine ball - lullaby for nothing
4 - railroad jerk - fixin' to die
5 - (location outtake)
6 - red bliss - where's the money
7 - superchunk - not tomorrow
8 - the frogs - when the cat pisses in the corner again
9 - (musical interlude)
10 - cop shoot cop - towels
11 - (movie scene 2)
12 - thurston moore/jim sauter/don dietrich - tanned moon
13 - unrest - house pourd
14 - (movie scene 3)
15 - dustdevils - tripping on the priest
16 - medicine ball - eric bloom
17 - barbara manning - the sha la la song


yona-kit - self-titled

released in 1995

this what happens when steve albini steps into the kitchen and mixes some dazzling killmen (bassist darin gray) with a little cheer-accident (drummer thymme jones)...some sonic youth (guitarist jim o'rourke)...some zeni geva (vocalist kk null)...and a smidgen of melt banana (vocalist yasuko onuki provides some vocals on the opening track)

so if you consider yourself a fan of any of the above mentioned bands...snag this up


thumb - exposure

released in 1998

going back to victory records glory days

i first came across this band on one of victory's sampler cds with the song "sell myself" (victory style III)

and at the time they struck me as not having all that much in common with the label's roster at the time (bloodlet..earth crisis...snapcase...etc etc)...and i remember listening to this album and actually having people think it was part of the "nu metal revolution"...i mean sure...they had some turntables and some rappy parts of the limp bizkits (linkin park weren't around yet)...and the aggression of the deftones (though i never really considered them part of all that business)...a little bit of the korny vocals...but they seemed more than that...and they had a bass tone most band's would sell their souls for (how else can you explain nu metal?)

ok...i might as well just admit it here...there was a time that i was "down" with the nu metals...had the chain wallet and everything...but i steered clear of the jncos and korn rows...i left all of that up to the mtv kids...what can i say... i was a sucker for drop d tuning...i was a drinker...

and even though all of those bands have been mentioned here...don't let it steer you clear of this...it's good...it's get on your skateboard good...but i wouldn't let your kids seeing you do it (if you have such things)...you'll get nothing by eye rolls from them...and do you really need more of those?


Pink Mountaintops - Axis Of Evol

Year: 2006
Label: Jagjaguwar

Most notable as a side project of Stephan McBean who's the main man behind 70's revivalist rockers Black Mountain. This band gets a little more "out there", as in "high on drugs" relying less on bombast, and more on droning repitition and spaced fuzz. Kinda like Spacemen 3, a little like Velvet Underground, and from what I gather, a bit like Smog. Do you listen to Smog? I don't listen to Smog, so I have no clue, but the concensus is that Pink Mountaintops sound sorta like them. I do know that I really like Pink Mountaintops, and the one time I can ever remember Smog, I thought they were booooooring. One man's opinion. 
The bottom line here, is that if you like spacerock, early seventies Rolling Stones, blissed out drug rock, or pulsating proto punk, you'll probably be in the market for this album. 


back and to the left...

well...it would seem that a certain organization has been taking out certain members of this party

so if you could take it upon yourselves that once you come across a dead link...do your patriotic duty and please notify management via the address at the top right of this very page

your identity will be kept confidential

and you will be rewarded

possible alternatives are possibly being seeked out

current dead links are being supervised...so anything you've come across in the past should be updated if not now...soon


i do believe that i've given up all hope with the previously used organization and have since moved on to something that i'll use simply as a trial at first to see how everything turns out

and hopefully this experiment will go better than dodos drinking crystal pepsi

Sunday, September 21, 2008

hissing choir - 10.03 - ottobar - baltimore,md

seeing as how the pageninetynine post sparked some interest in this band...here you go

and as far as i know...this is their only recorded material thus far (though the band is considered active...it's "sleeping"...you can also find a few videos on youtube)

this was their very first show...it's three songs long (as explained by jr the vocalist: "it's our first show dude...we only got three songs")

the band is pretty much the singer of the band pig destroyer fronting pageninetynine...but sounds more like the latter

all of the songs are untitled


whale - we care / all disco dance must end in broken bones / singles and rarities

we care released in 1995
all disco dance must end in broken bone released in 1998

i remember seeing the band's video for the song "hobo humpin' slobo babe" on 120 minutes back in the day

and i was hooked

it was their singer cia berg...it was her lollipop...and her braces

but...if it was the boys wearing tin foil shorts that did it for you...hey man...i'm not here to judge

and i remember scouring music stores for this album...and at the time all i could come up with was a cassingle for the song "hobo humpin' slobo babe" (remember those?)...and i kept bugging employees at the local music store about the album...and finally they got it (a year later)..one copy...and they held it for me just in case someone else picked it up (which i highly doubt would've happened...this was a little too out there for the kids in said town)

the only way i could describe this is a more upbeat sounding portishead with some punk rock bjork thrown in...but from sweden

and if you're looking for some bass to make that trunk funk...it's all here (provided by trip hop fella tricky)...just listen to "electricity" and "tryzasnice"

and yeah...this is a little different than anything else put on this blog...but dammit...she's cute and you will listen to her!

and you know...seeing as how i'm a nice guy...i'm going to give you their other album as well...because frankly...you need them both

don't argue...you just do

these were the only two full lengths that were released in america (they'd released multiple albums back in the homeland under the name southern whale cult)

on all disco dance must end in broken bones they tone it down just a little...they've still got the portishead thing going on...but they're also massively attacking the pixies garbage (see what i did there?)

and if anything...they were friends with steve albini...that's gotta mean something...right?

we care
pt1: http://www.mediafire.com/?jfobxygdjbz

all disco dance must end in broken bone
pt1: http://www.mediafire.com/?2lzkazycgdn
pt2: http://www.mediafire.com/?xl2tt9uwxn9

and seeing as how well this band was remembered by most of you...i'm gonna toss some singles and such on the table
pt1: http://www.mediafire.com/?z5z9wzbfbgy
pt2: http://www.mediafire.com/?2my4it0bwuk

and now...watch this...find out:

rodan - rusty

released in 1994

i couldn't post spiderland and not this

this could very well be considered somewhat of an companion piece (though the two were released three years apart)

they too came out of the same scene slint did...and they were always getting compared to each other (though rodan would be the loud part of a pixie's song...slint being the quiet)

the album was named after it's producer's nickname (bob wetson...who was also the bass player for shellac at the time...and you can really hear them in this)

the song "tooth fairy retribution manifesto" should be on that "good morning,captain" mix cd/tape as well

during their time together ('92-'95) they released a demo...this full length...a 7"...and various comp releases

so do yourself a favor...get this as well...and take a longer ride through the country

DL: rusty

(link updated...again)

slint - spiderland

released in 1991

you know...tisk tisk on me for not already putting this here

me not putting this here could be compared to a child getting promised by his/her father to get taken to the carnival on the weekend...and they wait and wait and wait...and finally the day comes....but wouldn't you know it...daddy has to go out of town for work...again

"we'll go next time...i promise...and you can ride all the rides you want and eat all the ice cream you can...sorry sport"

and really...if you don't already have this...well then....tisk tisk tisk (yes...you get 3 of them) on you

if there were ever "the perfect sunday afternoon" album...it would be this one

and for those of you not in the know...here's a short primer on the band:

slint started in louisville,kt back in 1987...formed out of the ashes of the band squirrel bait (guitarist brian mcmahan/bassist ethan buckler/drummer britt walford)...and they were only together for a short time ('87-'91...though they did a reunion in '05 and '07)...releasing only two eps and this full length...this album is considered the IT album in "math rock" circles

"good morning,captain" can be found on every mix cd/tape ever (or at least should be)

i should also mention that the band bastro also had squirrel bait guitarist david grubbs (you can find their rode hard and put away wet ep and sing the troubled beast album in this very blog)

so do yourself a favor...get this...and take it for a ride in the country...perhaps to a carnival (but stay away from the breadcrumb trail)


(link updated)

Friday, September 19, 2008

tinsel teeth - 11.6.07 - wmbr - cambridge,ma

if you were awesome enough to snag up their three song demo that i threw down...you'll be needing this as well

be the first on your block to be able to say "man...david yow drank himself into a south of the border sex changin' hospital...and my pants feel funny...not so much like climbing the rope in gym class...but more like the time i went out on a date with the gym teacher...maaaan could he...."

and it was at that moment you realized everyone had left the room

anyway...moving right along....

this was a set they did for a college radio station


1 - captain antagonist
2 - mirror mirror
3 - a farewell to architecture
4 - untitled
5 - into the setting sea
6 - deadweight
7 - full metal palette
8 - interview


and here you can see a bit of what went down that day...
(not with the gym teacher...)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

V/A - Camp Skin Graft - Now Wave!

Year: 1997
Label: Skin Graft

Skin Graft picked up the torch when Amphetamine Reptile went m.i.a. in the mid-nineties releasing some essential noise rock and fucked up punk records. They did so in conjunction with comic books, posters, and various ephemera that made each record easily identifiable as being part of the Skin Graft stable. They  had a penchant for finding midwestern loudmouths and Japanese spazzes, two great tastes that go great together (Hey, you got Japanese spazz rock in my midwestern pigfuck. No, you got midwestern pigfuck in my Japanese spazz rock) 
In an effort to give us, the listening public, a sampling of all the ruckus they favored, the label put together this compilation which spreads the spectrum of their aesthetic. You got your art damaged rock, your freakout jazz, your unabashed noise, your droning metal, your hardcore, your punk, your space jams, and most everything in between. It's a pretty good primer of what they're all about. The bands included are:
The Browns
U.S. Maple
The Flying Luttenbachers
Lake Of Dracula
You Fantastic!
UFO Or Die
Zeke Shack Care Company
Chuck Falzone, Telepath
Shakukachi Surprise
Strangulated Beatoffs
Monitor Radio
Flossie And The Unicorns
The Denison Kimball Trio
Omoide Hatoba
Last Of SG's
Mount Shasta
Dazzling Killmen
Bobby Conn
Nood Ham
Tortured Machine
Space Streakings
Zeni Geva

Couldron - Couldron ep

Year: 2004
Label: Self Released

I debated about posting this record over on Colostomy Grab-Bag, but I felt that ultimately it has more in common with the music showcased here rather than there. It's a bit more metallic than the noise rock fare, but I think it falls in line nicely with JJ Paradise Players Club, Luca Brasi, Blacktail, and La Gritona, so if you enjoyed any of those, give this one a shot. The band is from Chicago, and formed to make music that was a blend of Godflesh, Neurosis, and Isis (who isn't, right?), but to my ears they sound nothing like Godflesh, a tiny bit like Neurosis, and nothing like Isis (which I know is weird to say, since I just admitted they have some Neurosis sound in them....but bare with me). The closest comparisons I could make would be Keelhaul with a bit of Minsk. Couldron has the same sort of blue collar grit-rock-metal steez as Keelhaul, with more straightforward song structures, and some of the droning waves of guitar that Minsk uses.

I think you'll like it.

stnnng - fake fake

released in 2006

like the jesus lizard being fronted by the offspring of a david yow/page hamilton union

do you really need to ask?


chipfarm - self-titled

released in 1995

if you're like me...sometimes you like your music to be both improvised and japanese

what this is...is a collaboration between melt banana...experimental musician elliott sharp...harpist zeena parkins...and insrumental band optical-8

and what they do is provide the soundtrack for such things as your cat chasing it's tail...or watching that homeless person fight off a ghost...or those zany cartoons you have going on inside your head...or just a plain ol' seizure

this is equal opportunity music


v/a - screwed ost

released in 1996

this is what would happen if amphetamine reptile had provided the soundtrack to boogie nights

actually...this is the soundtrack to a movie called al goldstein's kingdom of porn...he's the publisher of a magazine called screwed...and he's also known for biting the messy hand that feeds him...once saying "the porn industry is a self-hating business of losers"

well...if that's so...why did i feel like a champion the day i came upon (no pun intended) a box of it in an alley?...but that's another story for another day...

so...go and put on your king buzzo wig...stand in front of a mirror...and repeat these words to yourself: "i'm a star...a great big shining star"

and if you happen to find yourself a feminine vietnamese boy with some firecrackers...CHA CHING!

1 - halo of kitten - i hate porn
2 - hammerhead - camero
3 - melvins - i like porn
4 - guv'ner - coitus city
5 - mudhoney - goat cheese
6 - strapping fieldhands - porn weasel
7 - boss hog - black throat
8 - cows - pictorial
9 - big chief - ludest nudist
10 - black light rainbow - fuck forever
11 - gear jammer - mr. peanut eats the corn out of my shit


brutal juice - mutilation makes identification difficult

released in 1995

i put the towels in their mouths and then they don't ask why...

this was originally going to be called everything's coming up toilets

there's a butthole surfers meets tool thing going on here (maybe because they're from texas and sylvia massy produced the album)

independent worm saloon/electriclarryland-era meets undertow

this is good tunage for those acid fried family reunions where the pig on the spit squeals at you as it turns over and over and over and over and over...


you can play this in your van as you sit across the street from some random high school as you wait for the lunch bell to ring...

it's pretty versatile


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

stop it! - self made maps (and a demo)

released in 2006

first off i'd like to mention that the band's bass tone is A-mazing

this is what you'd get if you melded fugazi and at the drive-in together

"one armed scissor" meets "last chance for a slow dance"

both angular and meaty

sadly...they broke up (singer and bass player went on to form a band called brainworms)...only releasing this album...as for the demo...all of the songs have titles of popular 80's songs (ie: "when doves cry"..."mr.roboto"...but they're not covers)

so...if you're a fan of anything else that's been put on this blog...snag this up if you don't already have it


don caballero - world class listening problem

released in 2006

i wasn't planning on posting this album...i was going to just post the video you can see below...but i figured that i'd put this up so that folks that didn't already know what they sounded like would know what they sounded like before they committed a "there's no 666 in outer space"

so...now you can sit back and enjoy two things that bring a smile to my face: frank booth and mathematical drums


qui - 9.21.07 - larimer lounge - denver,co

believe it or not...that's not yow as a youngin

now you can enjoy "noise rock's" jim morrison and not have to worry about getting thrown up on

but if it did happen...at least he'd clean up after himself

opening the evening with a belch is just a good thing

1 - gash
2 - ...
3 - belt
4 - ...
5 - a#1
6 - apartment
7 - ...
8 - willie the pimp
9 - ...
10 - today,gestation
11 - (audience)
12 - echoes


v/a - international pop underground convention

released in 1991

this was a six day festival put on by calvin johnson (singer: beat happening...also head of k records) at the capitol theater in olympia,wa back in 1991

it pulled in "alternative" bands from all over the place (hence the international part)

ian mckaye took tickets at the door

this is "indie" before you could overhear it saying such things as "yeah...me too" from a corner booth at a starbucks

seriously...a snow hat in the summer?

this even comes with a handy dandy booklet and such

everything on here is live

1 - scrawl - clock song (go girl go)
2 - nation of ulysses - shakedown
3 - pastels - speedway star
4 - melvins - charmicarmicat
5 - L7 - packin' a rod
6 - spinnanes - jad fair drives women wild
7 - seaweed - bill
8 - shadowy men on a shadowy planet - they don't call them chihuahuas anymore
9 - kreviss - sandi's song
10 - some velvet sidewalk - curiousity
11 - mecca normal - strong white male
12 - courtney love - motorcycle boy
13 - unwound - bionic
14 - rose melberg - my day
15 - fugazi - reprovisional
16 - bratmobile - punk rock dream come true
17 - kicking giant - this sex
18 - fastbacks - impatience
19 - mark hosler/steve fisk/bob basanich - customer service breakthrough
20 - beat happening - nancy sin
21 - reprise


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Elk - Black Elk

Year: 2006
Label: Crucial Blast

Have you heard this one yet? Christ almighty, these motherfuckers know just how to pull together the elements of sludge, noise rock, and crust punk. The songs show a real mastery of the elements, they know when to push forward and when to pull back, there's a real sense of control over what are surely chaotic songs. They are routinely compared to Jesus Lizard, Hammerhead, Guzzard, Dazzling Killmen, Karp, Soundgarden and Black Flag. I can get on board with most of those names, my only beef is the Black Flag mention...I mean seriously...who (besides B'Last of course) even comes close to sounding like Black Flag? Rhetorical question dudes, nobody. Enough with the Black Flag comparisons, alright? If your band plays anything remotely close to hardcore, than, yes, you are influenced by Black Flag, but you sure as shit don't sound like them, and you don't have the "put your head down, and plow through the audience" mentality that they did.

Enough Black Flag worship, I got off track. 

Black Elk fucking rule. They have a new record coming out in October on Crucial Blast which promises more destructo-rock.

V/A - Invaders

Label: Kemado

A love letter to the mix tape and the old Metal Blade compilation Metal Massacre, this Kemado Records release showcases the label's wide array of heavy music. Not all metal, not all rock, not all psyche, but a mix of those elements. A lot of holier than thou types have written this off as the proverbial "hipster metal", but if you're being honest with yourself, alone, at night, in your E.T. pajamas, you know this shit is the real deal.
You get unreleased tracks from:
Big Business
Black Mountain
The Sword
The Fucking Champs
Comets On Fire
Diamond Nights
Night After Night
Parchman Farm

and previously relaesed tracks from :
High On Fire
Warhammer 48k

Those are some pretty heavy hitters.

Arcwelder - Pull

Year: 1993
Label: Touch And Go

Alright, this post is kind of a "gimmie", maybe even a copout. If you've found your way to this place in the world wide web than chances are you already own this. That dawned on me as I was going through the trouble of uploading it (oooooh, my aching haaaaands), but then I figured, there's got to be a couple folks who were slightly turned off by Arcwelder's melodicism back when this record came out, but now, maybe just now, they're ready to embrace the poppy side of "noise rock". 

So are you ready? Are you? Who's a good boy? Who's gonna catch that frisbee?

Pull is Arcwelder's first album for Touch and Go, and my favorite of all their releases. It has elements of later day Husker Du (they were all from Minneapolis after all) mixed in with their roiling, boiling, noises, which left them lumped in more with Tar and Jawbox rather than Jesus Lizard and Rapeman. Different strokes right? 

My next post won't be so easy, I promise. I'll really try harder.

*Link fixed 09.19.09

this is just a little reminder that colostomy grab-bag is tooootally warm for your form

and if you don't go over there...well...we'll sit in this tub of tapioca pudding until you do!

we mean bidness!

and no...you can't have any

it's prom night all over again.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

kittens - bazooka and the hustler

released in 1997

these canadians provide the soundtrack for a slumber party over at unsane's house

sounding like a very angry buzz osbourne fronting the jesus lizard and fighting helmet while tag teaming godheadsilo

enough am rep-isms for you?

while together....they released ten albums (from 1992-1998)...members have since went on to play in bands KEN mode and hide your daughters

drummer david kelly passed away back in march of this year


stompbox - stress

released in 1994

these boys from the town of beans throw down some soundgarden meets helmet meets clutch

this was the band's only full length...also releasing some 7" and an ep called travis (which some of the material got re-recorded for this album)

and some folks would say that the "band" disturbed stole the guitar riff from the song "no woods"...go and listen to "down with the sickness"...you be the judge (come on now...if you really wanted to get rid of the album...you would've done more than just bury it in your basement under concrete)


whatever that means...


lowercase - all destructive urges...seem so perfect

released in 1996

this would be godheadsilo if they turned down their "wall of sound"...got markarmkurtcobainwaynecoyne to sing and started playing sonicyouththeflaminglipsbuilttospillslint

the band only released three albums before splitting up in 1999 (this being their first)

guitar player imaad wasif has since started a band with sebadoh drummer russ pollard called alaska!...they were also taken in by lou barlow (sebadoh vocalist/bassist) to form a band called the new folk implosion


x-cops - you have the right to remain silent....

released in 1995

what would be cooler than a bunch of cops playing kick-ass rock and roll?

this is what cop rock should've been all about (that's right...cop rock)

this is the musical equivalent of the bad lieutenant and dennis franz's backside wearing heratio caine's sunglasses...so you know it means business

this is gwar putting down the cuttlefish of cthulhu and picking up a nightstick and going out to look for weekend keggers

comes off sounding like a cross between gwar and ministry

down to the cell where bubba crowns you queen....


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Syntax Error!

For fuck's sake! I think Mediafire has gone and deleted all my files, therefore, anything I have uploaded to this blog has vanished. 
I will try and re-up some of the material, but it's a tedious process, and one I don't relish doing. 


Todd - Purity Pledge

Year: 2005
Label: Southern

By request, may I present the debut full length album from England's Todd. Of course, you must preface all Todd related post's with the ubiquitous, "ex-Hammerhead" mention, but goddamn if Hammerhead aren't one of the most underrated hardcore/noise rock outfits ever. They deserve to be mentioned at least once a day. 
So the lead singer/guitarist of Hammerhead moves to London, gets married, and starts a new band with his wife and three other (what one must assume to be) degenerates. They proceed to write and record some of the nastiest, heaviest, hardcore/punk/noise rock ever. Repeat...EVER!  Wave after wave of distorted noise-wrapped powerchords spill out of the speakers. The vocals are hideous growls, blunt shouts, and modulated washes. There are some keyboards added, but only to heighten the dymensia and further confuse the listener. 

I cannot recommend this any more highly. 

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