Friday, August 31, 2012

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 4

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

Here be the numero cuatro installation of the old radio show playlists for you to enjoy. I'm glad to hear the positive feedback on them so far, hopefully this one will be no exception. It's a personal favorite of mine, as I feel it takes you on a pretty comprehensive journey through the annals (I'm sorry, did you mean, "anus"?) of the blog. You start with Castor, the best of the post-hardcore emo bands, and end with Today Is The Day, the best of the destructo-rock hate damage bands, and in between you will carom through a history of noise rock and loud music. It's a sweet ride mama.
The bands this time around are:
Garden Variety
Nine Black Alps
Yo La Tengo
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
New Brutalism
Dead Low Tide
Warhammer 48K
Today Is The Day


Victory And Associates - These Things Are Facts

Label: Self released
Year: 2011

A friend-of-the-blog, named Tom, sent this one our way to evaluate, as he felt it has appeal to our...shall we say..."limited"(?) audience.
Upon first listen I was all, "nah", but I tried it again, and was more like, "huh". Sounds sorta like some Chicago pop-punk that might have come out on Johann's Face Records circa 1995 (obscure enough?) mixed with some (very little) Rocket From The Crypt styled proto-punk flavored rock-n-roll.
They aren't from Chicago though, they are from Oakland, and they aren't from the mid Nineties, they are from the nows. Their newer stuff was mastered by Bob Weston, and gets a little more Garden Variety thrown in the mix, so maybe check that stuff out when you get a chance.
That's what I hear anyway. What do you hear?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boilermaker - In Wallace's Shadow

Label: Goldenrod
Year: 1996

In the wake of Jawbox-gate 2009, I feel obligated to post two particular records. Two records that to my ears, are head and shoulders above what Jawbox was doing at the same time. The two greatest emo records of the 1990's; Boilermaker's "In Wallace's Shadow" and Castor's "Castor".
To the Jawbox contingent out there, if you haven't heard these, give them a listen and let me know what you think. 
And in the spirit of full disclosure, after everyone seemed to unanimously come to defend the honor of Jawbox, I went back into the archives and dug up all the Jawbox I could find. I gave it a listen (without prejudice volume 1 [token George Michael reference]), and have come to the conclusion that while I might have been a little rough on the band initially today, they aren't as boring as I remembered them being, but also not as inspiring as some would lead you to believe. It has honestly been about 12 years or more since I have actually listened to one of their albums all the way through, and I only rarely would hear them by way of a compilation track here and there, so it's been awhile since I've paid much attention. Being honest, I will admit they have a few hot rockers, but the part I did remember about their records (and seeing them live) was the long drawn out boring, sterile parts. And yes, I realize that Jawbox, Boilermaker, and Castor were not always musically related, or out to accomplish the same things, but in the grand scheme of independent music of the day, I think the similarities outweigh their differences.
I did my part, now you guys do yours and listen to this and the next post.
And by the way, Boilermaker, and this album in particular are what "emo" should sound like. Melodic, yet driving, sensitive, but not sappy, and most of all, rocking. This band had it all, the musicians were pushing and pulling, creating these big dynamics, and the vocals were soaring above the whole thing, carrying the songs to greater heights. Fuckin-a, this stuff still rules after all these years.

*Originally posted 12.10.09, reposted 08.28.12

Surgery - Trim, 9th Ward High Roller

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1993

Man, you cannot go wrong with this record, it's an absolute killer. Surgery were at the top of their game at the time this 10" came out, and this was their most straight forward, rocking record in their career. After this, they jumped ship (read: sellout! sellout!...oh, the 90' cute) to a major label to peter out after their Atlantic Records debut, and the untimely death of Sean McDonnell. So I feel this to be the apex of their recorded output.
You got your noise rock, but Surgery took that template and drug it through some NYC styled blues grit (think Loudspeaker and Pussy Galore, not Robert Johnson) to come up with a real unique take on that "sound". In the annals (insert "anal" joke here) of the Amphetamine Reptile canon, Surgery might have been the most conventional of their bands. They were easily the most likely to have success as an "alternative rock" band during that era when every shitty band to fart out a 7" was getting the chance to play a showcase for David Geffen ("hello Candlebox, this is David, David, this is Candlebox"). Of course it was Helmet who made the most hay after leaving the label to go on to mainstream success, but that was kinda weird don't you think? I mean, I wouldn't have predicted the frat guys at University of Georgia to be blasting "Unsung" during the Kappa Alpha alumni weekend mixer, but sure enough...they were. Surgery on the other hand, had that southern rock swagger that seems more accessible, at least on paper anyway. So how they avoided stardom is a mystery to me. 
There's my two cents anyway.
Great band, great record, great lyrics, all that shit. 

* Originally posted 02.20.09, reposted 08.28.12

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 2

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

As promised, here is the next installment of the ill-fated Shiny Grey Monotone Radio Show for your enjoyment next time you're really powering out the last 4 minutes of your elliptical machine workout. As with all of these shows, there is an attempt to take you through the (admittedly nuanced) different shades of Shiny Grey Monotone (wait a minute...Shades Of Gray?!), and presents a nice cross section of music suitable for soundtracking low impact exercise or a medium impact car chase.

Bands are:
Ikara Colt
The Liverhearts
C Average
Daisy Cutter
Luca Brasi
Zeni Geva
Pearls and Brass
Smoke and Smoke
Theory Of Ruin
Calvin Crime
Drunk Tank
Head Of David
Cutthroats 9
Cop Shoot Cop

*Originally posted 07.26.12, reposted 08.28.12

cloon - mostly harmless

label: dying giraffe
released: 2011

do you like faith no more?...what about mcclusky?...future of the left?...does the following make you a little uncomfortable: "did he dance naked on the kitchen table covered in peanut butter with a broomstick up his ass?"...well,then.

DL: mostly harmless

Saturday, August 25, 2012

threadbare - feeling older faster

label: doghouse
released: 1996

we here at the SGM would like to think that you like your hardcore of the 90's that is what were giving you...happy? dance for us.

DL: feeling older faster

Torche - Meanderthal Demos

Label: Rotting Chapel
Year: 2009

On a nice, sunny, warm (but not too hot, that is important) day, after a Manchester United victory, when you're looking down the barrel of a porch party, beers, and hanging out with friends...this is a pretty appropriate pre-gamer. It rocks just the way you want to rock.
My favorite Torche material, and I'm sure you all want to be that much more like me, and declare it your favorite Torche material as well.
Originally released as a cassette demo (750 copies), then pressed as a 10" (1000 copies).


the yoleus - nightmare circle vision

label: none
released: 2007

these folks out of the twin cities (st.paul/minneapolis,mn) play something very much like don caballero mixed with a little bit of not so out there primus along with a small dash of the dazzling killmen groove and some fugazi...this is one of those "featuring members of..."'s made up of bass player jeremy kuecker of v9r9d fame...guitarist dave erb of sicbay fame...and drummer jack kalyuzhny of the deaf if you like any of that "midwest math/noise rock" business...take my hand and i'll lead you...don't be frightened.

DL: nightmare circle vision

matta gawa - ba

label: engine records
released 2010

picture this: someone sitting in a room full of guitar pedals and wanting to use all of them...and then asking a drummer to come and lay down some free jazz beats while doing so...both members of the band have worked with members of fugazi...sheer terror...peter brotzmann...the stooges...sun ra...bardo pond...this is what greg ginn might've turned black flag into had he smoked more pot.

DL: ba

pound wi - i've got a terrible secret

label: flannel jammies music
released: 1999

while listening to may find yourself saying "that vocalist sounds familiar"...that would be united sons of toil vocalist russell hall...this particular band were together for about six years...and released a few albums...a few 7"...contributed to some compilations...and did a split (this was their last album)...after all this came to a stop...russell continued to play in the post-punk avant jazz instrumental band p'elvis...bass player jon terrones continued playing in a band called omn (and is now in a band called the suit)...and drummer jerry mcdougal went into art school (he was also member of a band called drive by wendy at the time)...why am i telling you all of this?...i like to share facts...and who knows...maybe they google their names from time to time to see if they're brought up anywhere (like you don't do that yourself) if you dig some united sons of toil...and the melvins (pre-2000)...and shellac...and unwound...and hum...and sonic youth...and fugazi...this would be just for you,kids...and if you'd ever wondered what it would sound like if steve albini would just admit his pop music sensibilities and cover the prince jam "when doves cry"...well...this is probably as close to that as you're going to get.

DL: i've got a terrible secret

milquelizard - vomitorium demo

label: none
released 2009

you know the band uncle love the band uncle've more than likey contracted something from uncle touchy....and what does uncle touchy have to do with any of this?...vocalist justin lewis and guitarist chris moree (though he slaps some bass here) were in this band before the uncle touchy...and they could both pass for one another musically....the songs here would later be found on their DE-LOUSED IN THE VOMITORIUM album (the cover lampooning the cover for the mars volta album DE-LOUSED IN THE COMATORIUM...and yes...the cover was done by garbage pail kids creator john pound) with uncle sure to wear a body condom whilst listening (actually...double bag it...just to be safe).

DL: vomitorium demo

spite - bastard complex

label: prosthetic
released 1999

once upon a time these folks were considered one of alternative press' 100 bands to keep your eye on (remember when alternative press was something to keep your eye on?...yeah...there was such a time)...and then they were gone (turns out that their guitar player had passed away)...these fine folks from charlotte,nc cranked out something that would've taken shape had unsane and early helmet and kittens had a threesome in an alley in the wrong part of word to describe this band: annihilism (and i realize that's not a word...yet).

DL: bastard complex

chum - dead to the world

label: century media
released: 1996

i had originally come to find out about these fellas via their cover of prince's "darling nikki" on some random sampler that had come with some random magazine...and then of course i had to order the album through the local music store (and once again get strange looks for ordering something with a strange name)....and then i had it disappear out of my apartment after owning it for about a know how it goes....this was the bands only album...they split up shortly after (but i'd recently read somewhere that they'd gotten back together) if you like the clutch...the karma to burn...the helmet...the alice in can like the chum.

DL: dead to the world

Friday, August 24, 2012

black flag - everything went black

label: sst - released 1983...this has all of your black flag wants and needs (sans hank rollins)...and if'n you don't already know why the cover looks the way it're not a real black flag're one of them...that's right...i said it...DL: everything went black

hawks - barnburner

label: year of bad luck - released: 2010...the jesus like jehu...the birthday party...shorty...the "my dog barks some" scene in the movie WILD AT HEART...hawks...and viola! just had a lesson in brevity...DL: barnburner

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

jucifer - calling all cars on the vegas strip

label: velocette records
released 1998

i was lucky enough to be right up in the front to let my eyes and ears drown in the joy that is jucifer live...singer amber valentine is able to produce frozen mollases with her guitar strings while singing like an angel and a banshee...drummer (and amber's mate) ed livengood hits the drums like john bonham never existed (he literally played himself off of his stool more than a few times)...and all of this goes on under the watchful eye of multiple amps that tower over them from behind...before they were the sludgy behemoth they are today...they had more of a pixies meets melvins kinda thing going on...what drew me to the band was the video for the song "superman"...i was at home in the kitchen...and i had the tv on in the background...and as i was making a sammich...this heavy HEAVY song came over the i rushed back into the room to see only 2 people making this heavenly noise...a dynamic duo indeed.

DL: calling all cars on the sunset strip

toadies - rubberneck

label: interscope
released: 1994

the perfect combination of the pixies and nirvana...perhaps that statement is a little redundant.

DL: rubberneck

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

brutal juice - mutilation makes identification difficult

label: interscope
released: 1995

this was originally going to be titled EVERYTHING'S COMING UP TOILETS...there's a butthole surfers meets tool thing going on here (maybe because they're from texas and sylvia massy produced the album)...INDEPENDENT WORM SALOON/ELECTRIC LARRYLAND-era meets UNDERTOW...this is good tunage for those acid fried family reunions where the pig on the spit squeals at you as it turns over and over and over and over and over...or you could play it while you cruise highway rest areas looking for playmates...either/'s pretty versatile

DL: mutilation makes identification difficult

daughters - hell songs

label: hydra head records
released: 2006

have you ever found yourself wondering what it would sound like if'n u.s. maple were to learn how to play their instruments and were fronted by david yow?...and you know you have room in your life for a song called "boner x-ray".

DL: hell songs

Monday, August 20, 2012

stats - crowned

label: the path less traveled
released: 2010

you like neurosis,yeah?...some floor,yeah?...some keelhaul,yeah?...after giving this a listen...the only shitty thing that got stuck in my craw was the fact that the album is too 3 songs (though they're all over five minutes long)'s more of a teaser than anything...and i kept having to hit the "repeat button" (and now i suffer from video game thumb...except for my pointer finger...and people are beginning to think i have an attitude problem because i'm always pointing)...but you don't come here to hear about my body problems...but if you're interetsed in that sort of thing...i'll put you on the list for my yet to be published scratch and sniff book.

DL: crowned

freedom fighters - my scientist friends

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1997

described as "two guitars and a friendly guy on drums" in the amrep catalog...after listening to this...i'm gonna have to agree....i'd have to say it doesn't have all that much in common with the other amrep bands...but yet it does...sounding like some helmet...some cows...some cosmic psychos...some chokebore...but the band could've just as easily fit in with the dischord and sub pop (well...back then anyway) roster...this was the band's only album.

DL: my scientist friends

The Treasures of Long Gone John

(Dead Link Fixed)
 is a feature-length documentary film by Gregg Gibbs that chronicles the eccentric art and musical obsessions of indie record producer and self-described "anti-mogul", Long Gone John. The product of a troubled childhood, John found success through the establishment of the record label, Sympathy for the Record Industry. During the past seventeen years he has single-handedly released over 750 records by over 550 bands and helped launch the careers of Hole, The Dwarves, The White Stripes, Rocket from the Crypt, and The Willowz, among many others.

Along the way, he has compulsively amassed a vast collection of art and pop ephemera, in addition to starting the Necessaries Toy Foundation. The film explores the work of several of the artists he collects and collaborates with, including: Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia and Robert Williams. The film also features a wall-to-wall soundtrack of over 40 bands with artwork by 20 artists, including original animation and time lapse photography. The Treasures of Long Gone John is an enticing trip through the independent record industry and the Los Angeles "lowbrow" art scene. 



melvins - the bulls & the bees

label: scion a/v
released: 2012

this was recently left on the front porch of the SGM offices...and honestly...i don't know what to make of it...i mean...what kind of band names themselves after the act of getting your underpants pulled up the crack of your backside?...and the band's sound...i don't know how to put it...too mainstream sounding...destined for a car commercial...this just sounds like someone trying too hard to be both black sabbath and led just doesn't work...and i've seen pictures of the band's vocalist/ he trying to be that sideshow bob guy?...come on now...i don't see this band having that much of a future...get this at your own risk.

DL: the bulls and the bees
possible new t-shirt design

Sunday, August 19, 2012

sludgeplow - turned earth

label: none
released 1993

i was first turned onto this trio via the radio with their song "domination" back in 1992 when it was played on the radio...and it would always seems to pop into my head from time to one day i googled the band's name...and that put me in touch with the band's guitarist...he then put me in contact with the band's vocalist...and from there...i was sent some sludgeplow stuff...and now i'm sharing it with stuff like some early soundgarden...some melvins...some keelhaul and the like do it for you.

DL: turned earth

88 fingers louie - up your ass

label: hopeless
released: 1997

this is the sort of thing that went on down in basements and vfw halls back in the 1990's around the midwest...i was originally turned onto this album by a skater friend of mine...we were sitting in his room...he was playing random jams...i was flipping through some zines...and this sample from TOM AND JERRY came from out of the speakers...and then some death metal...and that perked my ears up...and then it ended...and then it was some punk...i thought he'd been playing some random mix tape he'd thrown together (ah,remember mixtapes...good times)...turns out it was the same band...anyway...that's storytime for now...grampa drank some nyQuil about an hour ago...and he's seeing get an agnostic front cover and a circle jerks cover and a gorilla biscuits cover...the white mouse will not explode.

DL: up your ass

crank sanatra - 2005 demo

label: none
released: 2005

perhaps you recall seeing the names milquelizard and uncle touchy mentioned around the SGM...well...the band shares (well...shared as they're no longer together) members with them (namely vocalist justin lewis and guitarist chris moree)...and if you dig the uncle can dig the crank sanatra (as out of the three...those 2 sound the most alike...just add a saxomaphone)...and now you'll have some new jams to listen to while you sit across the street from the high school in your van waiting for your girlfriend...narcissitic ritualistic sexorcism.

DL: 2005 demo

mike watt - ball-hog or tugboat?

label: columbia
released: 1995

you know who mike watt is....and you know who dave grohl is....and you know who the beastie boys are....and you know who sonic youth are....and you know who hank rollins is....and what do all of those folks have in common?....this album....and if'n you don't know who any of those folks are...just go on ahead and crawl back into that pit in the basement you've been in for the last 30 years.

DL: ball-hog or tugboat?

life sex & death - the silent majority

label: warner brothers
released: 1992

....some of you may be saying to yourself "hey...this doesn't belong here,man!"....some of you may be saying to yourself "who is this? and why does the album cover make me feel funny in my pants?"....some of you may remember seeing this bands videos for the songs "school's for fools" and "tank" on BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD back in the day (which is how i was originally turned onto them)....the band originally started out as one of those hair metal bands...but then morphed into something that crossed the likes of cheap trick and early alice in chains and a little bit o' early van halen..."ipecac...why this? why here?"...tell you give this a listen (namely the songs "jawohl asshole" and "tank")...and if you're still not sold...i'll eat the brown stuff in the back of the refrigerator....come on...don't be a fuckin' shit want this and you know it....

DL: the silent majority

Friday, August 17, 2012

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 3

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

Number three in the potentially infinite Shiny Grey Monotone Radio series, and a particularly "rocking" installment, if I do say so myself (and I did. Just now.). The opening track by Burning Brides is just one of those perfect songs that keeps building intensity and makes you want to knock out that last couple of repetitions on the chest press...c'mon dude...dig deep! From there, you'll feel the burn, a deep, satisfying burn. Celebrate with a smoothie, or a low calorie beer, you've earned it.
The bands are:
Burning Brides
Hey Colossus
Mama Tick
Creeps On Candy
Pissed Jeans
Universal Order Of Armageddon
El Buzzard
Loose Fur
The Duke Spirit
Black Helicopter
Non Compos Mentis
Green Magnet School
Die Kreuzen


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dead - Thundaaaah

Label: We Clear Rooms
Year: 2011

Australian. Drum and bass two piece. Also involved in bands: Inappropriate Tough Guy Behavior, Fire Witch, and Fangs Of...
Lightning Bolt x Vaz.
They probably don't realize how many other bands are called "Dead", since they live in the Southern Hemisphere, and I'm pretty sure news flows backwards there, or something.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Over Vert - Gagging + Swallowing

Label: Five Ten Tapes
Year: 2008

Reno based noise rock/hardcore along the lines of Pissed Jeans, Drive Like Jehu, and other spastic, screamy stuff. Recorded by Steve Albini, who you probably know from the liner notes of your Bush "Razorblade Suitcase" album.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Butterglove - The John Morand Session

Label: Speed Kills
Year: 1997

The release date of 1997 is a bit of a red herring, as this was recorded in 1989 (live on a 2-track machine no less), but I guess nobody got around to it until a decade later. "This", being a Butterglove recording session of course. And "Butterglove" being the band Pen Rollings was doing after Honor Role, and before Breadwinner, and Ladyfinger, and Loincloth.
Butterglove sounds more like Loincloth than Honor Role (or Breadwinner for that matter), it's a sorta stoner rock take on the math rock template that Mr. Rollins helped to shape. The songs are instrumental (with minor exception, there are some lyrics buried into the mix on occasion), and could have maybe benefited from some (more) vocals of some type, but the riffs chug along with enough gusto and heft, and there are math-y enough changes to keep the songs moving right along, so unlike most(ly) instrumental music, this one never bores. I think there are some early 90's hardcore bands (No Escape) that owe a debt of gratitude to Butterglove, whether they know it or not.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

V/A - Skate Rock vol. 5 - Born To Skate

Label: High Speed Productions
Year: 1987

If you listen to Eight Days A Week and don't immediately associate it with Hosoi, Rob "The Barn" Roskopp, and Clause Grabke shredding the Raging Waters "boomeramp", then I am going to insist that you either rent Wheels Of Fire this very instance and study the video at least 6 times prior to hearing this Skate Rock compilation again, or, I will assume you are thinking "what the fuck is this fucking music?" and then go about your well-adjusted and most likely successful life.
Eight Days A Week (all hail Claus Grabke) aside, the majority of this Skate Rock volume is dedicated to the very particular "Venice Beach" strain of crossover thrash. The mutant offspring of Suicidal Tendencies, complete with squealing guitar solos and requisite flipped-bill painter's caps. As far as music to skate to, you could certainly do worse.
Aside from the thrash, you'll get some straight up punk, alternative rock, and whatever shit you would categorize Racer X as. Also, this was a cassette only release (perfect for popping it into the boombox and blasting it from the deck of the neighborhood quarterpipe as you tried your hardest to figure out fastplants).
I'm going skating tomorrow with my son, and I predict a broken pelvis.

The bands:
Racer X
Eight Days A Week
Condemned Attitude
No Mercy
Naked Lady Wrestlers
Screamin Lord Salba and His Heavy Friends


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TAD - Busted Circuits And Ringing Ears

Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll with a side dish of lawsuits and in-band turmoil, Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears chronicles the band's rise and eventual disintegration. It contains archival footage spanning the band's entire career, from the club days to the arenas. The documentary also utilizes insightful interviews from some of Seattle's most respected musicians including Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Chad Channing (Nirvana), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Mark Felchtone (Zeke), and many others.



It's been quite a while since I have contributed to SGM. I moved away from Austin, TX and have since just been trying to keep my head above water.

I have been watching a lot of rock doc's recently and I remembered that this was supposed to have come out, I obtained a copy and thought.. the SGM folks would love this. It's quite the time capsule and at times a bit hard to watch (having been chased by similar demons). I can only hope that somewhere down the road someone will step up to the challenge and tell the entire Ministry story.

Fix: The Ministry Movie shoves your ass way, way backstage with the scariest band EVER

Download or Watch

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vincas - Blood Bleeds

Label: Douchemaster
Year: 2012

Keeping the hot hand for Georgia bands going, here's an Athens band who have churned out an impressive debut lp of blurry noise that conjures up swampy blues riffs strangled to death in a hail of swirling distortion. A Place To Bury Strangers traffic in this trade. The Bad Seeds do it as well. Even a Rusted Shut comparison wouldn't be too far out of place. You could hear some Gun Club in mix if you listen close.
Go listen, enjoy it, and order the reissue from Douchemaster. Then, apologize to your eardrums for me...they'll be bleeding soon enough.


Wymyns Prysyn - Green Ribber

Label: Self Realeased
Year: 2011

The follow-up to the insanely great Tres Umbros album picks up where that record left off; fuzzy, loud, blown out, good timin' punk rock (with emphasis on the rocking). It was noted previously, and will be noted again, that Wymyns Prysyn shares their guitarist with Shiny Grey Monotone favorites, Hawks, but while Hawks are dark and violent, Wymyns Prysyn are fun and exciting. Hawks will take a riff and drive it into a brick wall over and over again just to mutate the wreckage into ever less recognizable pieces of noise rock. Wymyns Prysyn will take a riff and drive it into backyard party, maybe injuring a few guests as they blast through the wooden privacy fence, but certainly making up for it with an epic three man keg stand (no pants...of course).
The band was nice enough to offer this ep to you for free on their Bandcamp site, so I suggest you go there and see what else you can rustle up. Meanwhile, they will be touring starting August 12th, and if you think the idea of Drunkdriver playing a set of Mudhoney covers sounds good, then you should be in attendance.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Want - Acid Millennium

Label: Mack-Daddy
Year: 1997

How's about something a little different?
You know how when you flip through used records in the store (people still do that, right?), and you flip past Black Sabbath and see Bloodrock, and think "that's a bitchin' name, I wonder if they're any good"? You keep flipping past bands like, Cactus, James Gang, Black Oak Arkansas, Dust, Leafhound, Sir Lord Baltimore and the like, with all their scratched up covers and dog-eared corners. Well, eventually, you suck it up, you pay your $3 and you go home to see what these bands are all about, quick to discover just how dedicated to boogie these bands were, and maybe just how dedicated to boogie you are (metaphysical shit, man).
The Want would have absolutely been in league with these types of bands. They would have had an early time slot at California Jam 1974, but they would have rocked the suede fringe off all those sun-baked burnouts.
Big, deep, rocking grooves, and self comparisons to Humble Pie, get it. Personnel from: Eighteen Wheels Burning
This is their third album, and later Southern Lord put out a compilation of tracks from their second and third albums. I'll get the second one up here soon if you're interested, but don't have the first one.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hum - Live - Fun Fun Fun Fest - 11-06-11

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

Is Fun Fun Fun Fest the best festival in the United States? Seems like it. If you like festivals I suppose. I don't, but lots of people do. Most people don't have a problem being around lots of other people, but I do. Not into it. Not that I'm agoraphobic or anti-social or anything (shit, ask around, people LOVE me), but the thought of standing around all day in a parking lot sitting through so many bands that all begin to bleed together into a mess, waiting for that ONE band you've always wanted to see, only to be 100 yards away and surrounded by 10,000 douchebags who insist on singing every word in order to prove to you that THEY are the true fans of this band, and holding their phones up the entire show so as to capture the moment that they are ostensibly actually LIVING...well, that's just not my bag.
Fun Fun Fun Fest seems to get the best bands (maybe Fuck Yeah Fest gives them a run for their money), and if I was going to go to one of these festivals, that'd be the one. Or the Chaos in Tejas one. Or Fuck Yeah. Or if Scion does another one of their car commercials in Atlanta again (that was a great show), then maybe that one too.
Sound quality is B+, audience recording.
Hum rip.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Wounds - Terror Eyes

Label: self-released
Year: 2011

Five songs in under 10 minutes that bring to mind everything from Eyehategod, Converge, Botch, and Melvins to Black Sabbath. Probably my new favorite band at the moment.

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