Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wymyns Prysyn - Green Ribber

Label: Self Realeased
Year: 2011

The follow-up to the insanely great Tres Umbros album picks up where that record left off; fuzzy, loud, blown out, good timin' punk rock (with emphasis on the rocking). It was noted previously, and will be noted again, that Wymyns Prysyn shares their guitarist with Shiny Grey Monotone favorites, Hawks, but while Hawks are dark and violent, Wymyns Prysyn are fun and exciting. Hawks will take a riff and drive it into a brick wall over and over again just to mutate the wreckage into ever less recognizable pieces of noise rock. Wymyns Prysyn will take a riff and drive it into backyard party, maybe injuring a few guests as they blast through the wooden privacy fence, but certainly making up for it with an epic three man keg stand (no pants...of course).
The band was nice enough to offer this ep to you for free on their Bandcamp site, so I suggest you go there and see what else you can rustle up. Meanwhile, they will be touring starting August 12th, and if you think the idea of Drunkdriver playing a set of Mudhoney covers sounds good, then you should be in attendance.


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Anonymous said...

I have grown to really love this band, all because of you, and have purchased every single thing for sale from their bandcamp site. Thank you so much for this and 1,000 other tips over the years!

Pete in Oregon

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