Friday, December 31, 2010

Wymyns Prysyn - Tres Umbros

Label: Statuestory Tapes
Year: 2010

Please download this, put it on your digital music player of choice, then proceed to blast it from on high (literally a place of elevated prominence). Then, bake some cookies to thank Wymyns Prysyn for all the good times they will inspire for you in the new year.
Best known around these parts (Atlanta parts, rather, not Gray's parts...those parts are not to be taken under advisement under any circumstances) as a Hawks side-project, that's not a fair descriptor. Yes, Hawks guitarist Andrew Wiggins is playing in this band, and yes, they play music that is loud and blasting, but beyond that Wymyns Prysyn stand solidly on their own two feet. While Hawks like to bludgeon with a dark, violent precision, Wymyns Prysyn blow out their amps playing fast and loose not unlike Hammerhead, Hot Snakes (who they are often compared to), and someone like Bluetip all playing at once. Sorta like an overdriven take on post hardcore, but still..."hard", but not "core"? Hmmm....can this just be called "punk" and let's end it?
The point being, this record is going to make you want to go out and do something quickly and with a great deal of smiling. It is a great, great, great album, and with Amphetamine Reptile kinda, sorta being a label again, it's the kind of band that would sit well on an esteemed roster such as theirs. Trust me, it's really that good.
This was released as a cassette, and may or may not still be available here: Statuestorytapes


kevin rutmanis

kevin rutmanis

bassist for the cows and the melvins

and you may think that's all you really need to know about the guy

but there's more

SGM: as a founding member of the cows...what did you hope to accomplish there?

KR: Everyone says this...but we (my brother and I) were really sick of the local bands in Mpls...Once the Huskers and Soul Asylum (they were great before they released any records....REALLY GREAT!! ) had become national acts, there wasn't much in town...the most popular bands were trite and precious to our ears...we loved the stuff we heard from other regions, so we just started learning together...him on drums, me on the bass...we just played all the time bashing away as loud as we was so fun...

SGM: some folks may not know this...but before shannon selberg...there was a guy
named norm rogers fronting the band...what happened to him?

KR: Norm was our friend...he played drums in the Jayhawks when they first started...we shared a practice space with them (Marc Perlman the bassist was my room mate!) and he would sing with us, ...every decision was pretty much based on the fun element. We'd drink, take acid, and play for hours. He quit singing cuz it just wasn't comfortable for him live...very understandable in my opinion. Years later, he was the cows' drummer! He's a really great drummer...after a few years he got sick of touring so much and quit. I love that guy.

SGM: how did you find shannon selberg?

KR: Shannon was my upstairs neighbor, and friend. We hung out a lot, and he was really smart and funny and an odd ball. We'd play butthole surfers records blasting loud, and he would do these hilarious dance moves. I carelessly told him "If Norm ever quits, you've gotta be our singer!"..Much to my horror, he brought it up when Norm quit. Of course, he was great and totally understood the spirit of what we were doing...

SGM: in the minneapolis music scene of the early 90s...where did the cows see

KR: We were kind of in attack mode...we really resented the local bands that were getting attention...hideous gutless pop music with attractive band members...we were jealous! And cool bands that came into town were well attended shows strictly by word of mouth...7th street entry and uptown bar were two small clubs that had great shows weekly. And it just felt to us like there was nothing like "that" in mpls...whatever "that" was! What we thought was really funny and entertaining seemed to frighten/disgust/annoy the status quo of the locals. Mpls. had this condescending pc attitude that really chafed my hide. If you were messy, or said ugly things you were considered irrelevant and dishonest. We were noisy and messy and shannon said "bitch" in some songs...they thought we were showing off. I guess they never heard of fucking Celine.

SGM: this past august...there was a 3 day celebration marking the 25th
anniversary of amphetamine reptile...and the question coming out of everyone's
mouth was "are the cows going to be there?"...but cows...i interviewed thomas hazelmyer and i asked him about it and he said that he'd
been trying to get the band to reform for several years...and not even he could
make it the band collectively feel that everything had run it's

KR: WE didn't collectively think anything...I can only speak for myself, as we never discussed it as a band. Personally, I have ZERO interest in reforming. I loved that band, and I'm real proud of it, and feel like we accomplished whatever the hell our unspoken goal was. I know we all think of it differently... Realistically, I couldn't have come to Mpls. I have a job. I can't miss 2 weeks pay to fly to the midwest. What gear would we use. Where would we practice. I haven't talked to Shannon or Thor in at least 10 years. It was retarded to expect us to play a show that couldn't possibly be half as good as we once were. Feeding the memories of some imaginary glory days for a bunch of middle aged drunks was never really my goal, personally.

SGM: how did your involvement with amrep come about?

KR: Tom was my neighbor, and Pete Davis, our booker was friends with him...I was poking around asking him questions about how to release singles, and he offered to help us.

SGM: what split the band up in the first place?

KR: The writing was on the wall...we were all getting different ideas about priorities of the band...Thor said he didn't wanna tour anymore and that he would understand if we wanted to continue with a different guitar player. We just stopped at that sucked, but I think it was the right thing to do.

SGM: and from the moved onto the did all that go down?

KR: Buzz helped us mix the cows' final record...he asked me if I'd join shortly after that as they were getting rid of Mark. There was a brief overlap where I was in both bands, but then the cows unraveled. I was very lucky.

SGM: how did you feel filling a spot that had been filled so many times before?

KR: I felt lucky to get to play with them. It was a great experience. I learned a lot from them, and they were VERY generous with me. It led to a lot of other great experiences.

SGM: were buzzo and dale easy to work with?...or was it more of a "you're
here to do this" kind of situation?

KR: I loved working with them. They made me realize just how fun playing, rehearsing and recording and touring could be. "Artistically" (ug) they taught me to keep an open mind and to let ideas breath. I can't stress enough how much I learned from them.

SGM: out of your time spent with the melvins...what would you say was your best

KR: I really couldn't say. When I first joined, I was really excited to be on BOOTLICKER cuz I thought those songs were great and very unusual. I guess HOSTILE AMBIENT TAKEOVER shows more of my musical personality than most records. I dunno. Who knows.

SGM: you left the band in 2005...and there's been a lot of speculation as to
why...and the only info folks could seem to get was "kevin rutmanis is no
longer in the melvins" you'd like to enlighten...what happened?

KR: I think speculation is probably a lot more interesting than my explanation of what happened!

SGM: and from went onto play in the "supergroup"
tomahawk...who approached you with that?

KR: I was already in Tomahawk by this time. Patton approached me via Buzz. I was extremely pleased to join.

SGM: were/are you a fan of any of the members other bands?

KR: I don't remember. I am not always aware of whats right in front of me...I tend to pay more attention to music that is different than what I'm doing.

SGM: what was it like working with mike patton?...did any of his orca whales
having sex vocal antics ever grate on your nerves?

KR: Sorry to disappoint...but I liked working with Patton a lot! We had fun, and he was always very nice to me...He was more interested in what racket I was capable of making then some fancy chops, which I don't have...It was really more of Duane's baby than Patton's.

SGM: you left the band for an unspecified reason during the recording of the
ANONYMOUS album...what happened? was the aforementioned vocal
antics...wasn't it?

KR: Hahaha! No, I didn't leave the band. They just never spoke to me after the Melvins. I found out they were recording through Greg Werkman at the label...It was news to me. They just didn't invite me. I heard the record sucked. I like to think it's cuz I wasn't involved!

SGM: you were also part of another mike patton "supergroup" as well
for a short time (fantomas) weren't you?

KR: Nah...there was a Fantomas/Melvins big band thing where the 2 bands all played together. We did songs from both bands. It was hard but great fun. I got to play live with Crover AND many people can say that?!

SGM:'re involved in hepa/titus....what's that business all about?

KR: Presently it's a 2 piece. Me on bass and my friend Sterling Riley on guitar. We've recorded a bunch of songs which are up on Reverb Nation and our Hepa/Titus facebook page. It's a big stinking racket with no drums. If we get a drummer, I want it to be like Ringo's drumming on "Long Long Long Time" where it's just giant fills here and there. I figure if you the listener don't know the beat by now, you never will! It was partly inspired by this lp by Ramleh, called Grudge for Life. It's hideous loud songs with no drums...I really like our songs. I've never sang before, so it's a weird new experience.

SGM: i've left out a few of the other projects you've been involved in (teenage larvae/gaswar) there anything you'd like to say about them?

KR: Teenage larvae was me and Dave Livingstone from the God Bullies. We've had a full length in the can for years...I don't know if it'll ever come out. Gaswar is the same story. It's me and Paul and Jeff from VAZ/Hammerhead. LP in the can....just waiting, waiting, waiting...

SGM: are there any bands out there that currently tickle your fancy?

KR: I've been really loving the Ramleh, Kleistwahr, Consumer Electronics and Whitehouse family...Gary Mundy and Philip Best are really interesting to me the last few years. They do stuff separately and together, I don't think people realize they are interconnected. Philip Best does superb artwork as well. Creation Books just put out a book of his art. It has a forward by Peter Sotos who used to be in Whitehouse and is a favorite writer of mine. Sotos sometimes includes his artwork in his books, which really enhances them. These 3 guys are so dear to me, and of course, largely ignored by the world. William Bennett too. He's the one constant in Whitehouse. Amazing vocalist. He does stuff as DJ Cuthands that is just great.

SGM: well...i think that i've probably taken up more than enough of your you'd like to drop some knowledge on the kids or have anything
else you'd like to talk about (you know...other projects etc.)...this be the

KR: I guess I'd like to promote my artwork and these weird books I've been making lately. Just friend me on facialbook,...there's always info on there of what I'm doing and how to get and or hear it. Oh yeah, KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL

kevin's facespace (tell him SGM sent you)

hepa/titus facespace

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brainbombs - Obey

Label: The Releasing Eskimo
Year: 1996

Man, where are all the good Swedish lo-fi, pro-murder, anti-love, scatological, sadist, misogynistic bands these days? You know, the ones who knock their instruments out of tune and then lock into a disturbing riff until it becomes a yawning blur of hate? Know what I mean?
Not a lot of those bands out there, and I don't feel like you're going to run across many Craigslist ads stating:"band looking for singer, songs limited to one chord freak outs, Brighter Death Now are fags, back issues of Pure magazine a plus, must like cats".
Until then, there is Brainbombs.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cherubs - Pink Party Desert 7"

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1992

There was a time on this blog, this one right here...that you're reading, that Austin, Texas and more specifically Trance Syndicate Records were prominently featured. It was like a month straight it seemed that we were practically vomiting up Ed Hall, Johnboy, Drain, Pain Teens, Crust, and Cherubs records. That was a good time wasn't it?
Well, set your way-back machine controls for the glorious acid soaked days of baked thud rock and day-glo record sleeves. The time when every college town had a handful of bands trying to "out rock" the others by tuning down, slowing down, and being as ugly as possible. Good times. That being said, you would have been hard pressed then, and hard pressed now, to find a better band than Cherubs, they easily out-rocked, out-tuned, and out-uglied the bands in your shitty college town (or mine for that matter...although Harvey Milk were playing shows in my college town whilst I was in college, and they were v-e-r-y ugly...and smelly, and come to think of it, they tuned waaaaaay maybe not the best example of college town).
Hail Cherubs!


Shellac - Live at Bimbo's, San Francisco, 1998

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1998

Shellac bootlegs usually sound pretty good, and this one is no exception, maybe a B-, better than average but a little muddy in spots. The material is pretty heavy with "Terraform" and "At Action Park" songs, but one jam off the then unreleased "1000 Hurts" album shows up, and a few 7 songs round it out. All in all, good stuff, which is what you would expect right? Right.
Did everyone have a good Xmas? Did you get the newest video gaming console/hi-tech gadget/overpriced rock-n-roll photo book/gift certificate to Good, I'm sure you were sweet boys and girls all year long, and you deserved it. I drank dark and stormy's for a few hours on Xmas eve to get good and loose whilst hosting a get together of friends and family, which was a lot of fun. Missed seeing you there by the way.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas Readers!

Hope everyone had a good year, and here's to an even better 2011.
Now go drink some bourbon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

cows - chow/woman inside/cow island

released 1988

released 1992

released 1994

21" of cows

all for you

can you handle it?

DL: chow/woman inside/cow island

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the jesus lizard - show

released 1994

did i once read that there was too much jesus lizard on this blog?

couldn't be...there is no such thing...not here

this particular album was recorded at cbgbs in new york city on the 19th of december back in 1993 (as part of cbgbs 20th anniversary)

also on the bill that night were jack 'o' nuts...pitchblende...don caballero...and the damned (who were the headliners...the jesus lizard went on before them)

david yow's parents were even in the audience

so yeah....

DL: show

melvins - 11.6.96 - rkcndy - seattle,wa

did i once read somewhere on this blog that there was too much melvins getting posted?

nah...couldn't be

this is going to be one of those win/win posts

how is that?

well...for get some melvins

and two...starting next month at this place called spaceland (located in silver lake,ca)...the band will be playing every friday during the month (starting on the 7th)

"yeah? so what?"

well...not only will the band be playing some albums in their entirety (BULLHEAD/LYSOL/EGGNOG/HOUDINI/STONER WITCH)'ll also get to see the original incarnation of the band play

"yeah? so what?"

you know what?...just go and stand out in the hallway until that attitude disappears

sorry about that

so...without further adieu...more melvins

1 - intro
2 - instrumental
3 - eye flys
4 - june bug
5 - sky pup
6 - at the stake
7 - cow
8 - tipping the lion
9 - skin horse
10 - goose freight train
11 - captain pungent
12 - berthas
13 - cottonmouth
14 - revolve
15 - sweet willy rollbar
16 - roadbull
17 - buck owens
18 - the bloat
19 - night goat
20 - lacrimosa
21 - the green manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)(1)
22 - queen
23 - antitoxidote
24 - sacrifice (2)

1=fleetwood mac cover
2=flipper cover

DL: melvins@rkcndy

v/a - ground rule double

released 1996

do you like music from the midwest?

do you wish you had a compilation of music from the midwest?

someone's been reading your dream diary....

1 - braid - grand theft autumn
2 - dianogah - what is your landmass?
3 - gainer - bike rides at midnight
4 - poonjab - if you squeeze your fingers
5 - hitmen - thrash
6 - gila bend - gainer
7 - bollweevils - delfosse
8 - scout - lemming constant
9 - friction - hybrid moments (1)
10 - lustre king - thighs are vices
11 - blue meanies - ace of spades (2)
12 - cinco de gatos - ireland
13 - the trigger quintet - slept for seven days
14 - hubcap - moss worth embossing
15 - shellac - the copper song
16 - the promise ring - 12 sweaters red
17 - the fighters - the evil man & the nice boy
18 - orwell - bandsaw architecture
19 - 88 fingers louie - i don't want to hear it (3)
20 - big'n - cuss
21 - c-clamp - cah
22 - mineral - 5,8 & 10
23 - jerkwater - instrumental
24 - back of dave - glory of...
25 - apocalypse hoboken - capitals bark at the moon

1=misfits cover
2=motorhead cover
3=minor threat cover

DL: ground rule double

lubricated goat - sub pop singles club 7"

released 1989

what's that?

you want more sub pop singles?

you want a couple of songs with titles like "meating my head" and "20th century rake"?

do the words "lubricated" and "goat" take you back to your childhood?

DL: lubricated goat sub pop singles club 7"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

soundgarden - sub pop singles club 7"

released 1990

it took some digging around in the SGM basement...but here's yet another sub pop singles club 7"

this provides you with a rougher sounding version of the song "room a thousand years wide" and the song "h.i.v. baby" (which can only be found here and on a compilation called BORN TO CHOOSE that was released in 1993)

DL: soundgarden sub pop singles club 7"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Treepeople - Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment

Label: Toxic Shock
Year: 1991

Here's the longer CD version of the first Treepeople album (longer than the vinyl version that is), so you can dork out for twice as long as before. Nice.
If you like Built To Spill or The Halo Benders, then you might already know this band, or recognize the sounds. If you lived anywhere that was covered by the static-y sounds of a local college radio station circa 1990-1992 then you might already know this band also. They seemed to garner a fair amount of play with college guys who weren't popular with girls, so if you were alone and masturbating a lot at a university around this time, you might know this band. If you like a mix of Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr, Monsula, Seaweed, and later Husker Du, then you might already know this band.
If you still have no idea who they are, then I am sorry, but I can do no more for you this evening. I tried, but now I'm tired and no longer have the will to carry on. Good luck.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

American Cheeseburger + Bukkake Boys - Split 7"

Label: Vinyl Rites
Year: 2009

A few days ago a friend and I started talking about going to see Brutal Truth as they were coming threw Atlanta shortly. We both were talking about how long it had been since we had seen the band (turns out we both saw them last in the Need For Control era, me at a CMJ showcase in NYC with Buzzoven, and him at the Masquerade here in Atlanta [where all good metal shows used to go down]), and just how fun it would be to spazz out to their music ago.
Fast forward a few days, and that same friend and I are out with our wives drinking some beers at a pizza place directly across the street from the venue Brutal Truth is slated to play...that very night. Oops. We spaced out on the date and forgot. Only conciliation was that American Cheeseburger were also playing the show, so I called my buddy in the band who came over the pizza place to hang out for a little while. As per usual, it is always a blast to catch up with Jason Griffin, he and I lived together for awhile, and used to play in a couple bands together, and he's an all-around righteous dude. We talked about American Cheeseburger for a little bit, and he mentioned the Bukkake Boys as it turned out there was a Bukkake Boy actually working in the pizza place at that exact moment. Talk about serendipity!
That was just too much! I asked Jason if he would mind me posting the American Cheeseburger/Bukkake Boys split to celebrate this magnificent evening, and he was all for it. So here it is.
American Cheeseburger are fast and furious hardcore in the grand tradition of fast and furious hardcore (think Citizens Arrest), and they do it better than most. Their records rule because they come at you really fast, and before you know what's happened, they're gone, and you're left there scratching your head wondering what fucking freight train just ran you over. Bukkake Boys are the best hardcore band in Atlanta right now, which I guess isn't say that much, so let me rephrase that; they are one of the top 3 BANDS in Atlanta right now. They are fast, not as fast as Cheeseburger, they are rough, the are gnarly, and they are fucking great (think Reagan Youth). Like all the best hardcore bands of the first wave of hardcore, Bukkake Boys manage to sneak subtle melodies and catchy hooks into the wall of distortion, making their songs memorable and infinitely more listenable than some lame metallic hardcore, or grindcore, or whatever. I will get around to posting more from both of these bands in the future, but for now enjoy this funky 'lil platter.
Also, in case you were wondering, no, we did not venture in to see Brutal Truth, and the next morning I awoke to a text message from Jason saying that Brutal Truth "played too long", so I would like to think I didn't miss any epic show or anything. I'm sure I did, but let's just all pretend I didn't, ok?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

V/A - Pyloric Waves

Label: D-Tox
Year: 1992

I'mma be honest y'all, this record ain't all good. There are GOOD parts, but there some steaming piles of dogshit you gotta avoid first. I am sharing it here for two reasons:
1. As a proud son of the tarheel state, the fucking REAL Carolina, not that "South Carolina" bullshit, I am obligated to have owned and committed to memory this record.
2. There are a couple real gems hidden in the bowels of this monster, so if you're adventurous enough, you will be rewarded.

The bands:
Robert Delany - ok, not a band...sue me.
Well Nigh Forgotten - yikes, these dudes were terrible, I remember walking out of a bunch of their shitty shows.
Picasso Trigger - a great band, although not greatly represented here.
Blue-Green Gods - no bueno
Matt Malloy- huh?
Slowchange Madagascar - cruddy college rock, back when that meant you were resigned to the college town ghetto scene.
Polvo - now we're getting somewhere...excellent as usual.
Geezer Lake - such a good band that nobody outside of Greensboro, NC ever heard of. Not their best song, but good.
Orifice - nice, weird, droning good stuff. I can't remember who or what these dudes were, but me likes.
Vanilla Trainwreck - they tried real hard to be a big alternative rock band, but instead they were a small sucky no-name band.
Toxic Popsicle - despite the idiotic name, no, they are not a third rate mid-80's thrash alterna-funk band.
Boil - would have been way better with decent production, and the elimination of the funky drums
Shiny Beast - fucking godhead! this band should have been huge, and I mean that for real.
Camper Van Chadbourne - fucking tedious.
Eighthundred - shoegazing Smashing Pumpkins?
Superchunk - never heard of 'em.
Erectus Monotone - a better band than this song would lead you to believe...believe me.
Bicycle Face - they used to play a lot of shows, but somehow I never saw them. I consider myself lucky.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

p - self-titled

released 1995

this is kind of an odd pairing...gibby haynes and johnny depp (and some other guys)

apparently they'd met while mr. depp was filming WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE...and then eventually they were all like "you know what,man? let's jam"

and jam they did

and then they got folks like flea...the sex pistols' steve jones...and andrew weiss (rollins band) to show up here and there

i was originally turned onto the band via a mixtape a friend of mine had made for me that included their cover of abba's "dancing queen"

and i think they had a video that was shown on the mtv (though i may be wrong about that)

the band has the distinct infamous-ity ('s a word) of playing the viper room the night river phoenix was having a seizure just outside on the sidewalk (he died a few hours later)...and all of this went on whilst the band were in the midst of playing their song "michael stipe" (the song includes a few mentions of river phoenix)

musically...this sounds like just about everything else that was popular and alternative at the time

but you should still snag it up

so go it


DL: p

the fluid/nirvana - sub pop singles club 7"

released 1991

in keeping with the current posting of sub pop singles club business....

you get a live song per band

the fluid do an original ("candy")

nirvana cover the vaselines ("molly's lips")

and that's all you need to know

DL: the fluid/nirvana sub pop singles club 7"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mono Men, The - Sub Pop Singles Club 7"

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1992

Keeping the hot hand going with another Sub Pop Singles Club record, and another garage-y one at that. Not as trashy or overblown as the Gories record posted below, but satisfying nonetheless. The second song is a Link Wray cover if that tells you anything. If that doesn't tell you anything, the cover is a Coop illustration of a female mechanic. If that still isn't telling you enough, the fact that most of their recorded output was released by Estrus should fill in any gaps.
I've told you enough.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gories - Sub Pop Singles Club 7"

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1991

The October 1991 edition of the Sub Pop Singles Club, and one that isn't usually in my wheelhouse, but chalk it up to having a Bo Diddley fan for a father and a weak spot for trashy blues jams. Only two songs here, one a Spinal Tap cover, the other a Bo Diddley cover, both shrouded in feedback and primitive rock fury, so well worth the short ride.
Again, the garage rock genre is certainly not my forte, but in the big picture, this record runs circles around bands like The Black Lips, so if you're into that band, try this one instead, I think you'll appreciate it.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

austin stories - the complete series

remember how i'd said that i'd post an episode of this show every sunday? either

i tried to do so...but it kept getting preempted by the not-so-special olympics

so i'm posting the entire series here in one pile

and if you knew what was good for'd watch it all...unless you want SGM to show up at your house and sit on the couch next to you...and i'm thinking you might not want that...SGM has been known to get grabby...and you may have to fumigate your house a few times...and by the time it's all may not be able to look your pet in the eye for quite some time...and you'll no longer have neighbors...just folks that walk in the other direction when they see you

DL: episode 1 pt.1
DL: episode 1 pt.2

DL: episode 2 pt.1
DL: episode 2 pt.2

DL: episode 3 pt.1
DL: episode 3 pt.2

DL: episode 4 pt.1
DL: episode 4 pt.2

DL: episode 5 pt.1
DL: episode 5 pt.2

DL: episode 6 pt.1
DL: episode 6 pt.2

DL: episode 7

DL: episode 8 pt.1
DL: episode 8 pt.2

DL: episode 9 pt.1
DL: episode 9 pt.2

DL: episode 10 pt.1
DL: episode 10 pt.2

DL: episode 11

DL: episode 12

Friday, December 3, 2010

stats - crowned

release 2010

this was sent my way by the band's label (THE PATH LESS TRAVELED RECORDS...yeah...that's right...i'm giving a shout out to the label...they're fellow illinois-ists)

before i had played the album...i went and scouted out some info on the band

and the words that stuck out to me were "instrumental metal"

and i know what you're thinking..."instrumental metal? yawn"

but i assure you,folks...such is not the case here

after giving this a listen...the only shitty thing that got stuck in my craw was the fact that the album is too 3's more of a teaser than anything...and i kept having to hit the "repeat button" (and now i suffer from video game thumb...except for my pointer finger...and people are beginning to think i have an attitude problem because i'm always pointing)

but you don't come here to hear about my body problems

so...if you enjoy the more brutal moments of neurosis (and no...this isn't one of those droney neurisis bands)...some keelhaul...some craw...some mahavishnu orchestra...some melvins...some dysrhythmia...some don caballero...some floor...

well...hopefully you get the idea

so go on ahead and snag this up

and be sure to do plenty of finger exercises

DL: crowned

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shellac + Caesar - Split 7"

Label: Barbaraal
Year: 2000

This 'lil ole split came out as a bonus with the first edition of Barbaraal #4, "Sex, Drugs, and Strips" and sold out pretty much immediately thereafter. Never heard of Barbaraal #4? What, you don't follow Dutch comics? What's the matter with you? You got a life or something?


Hammerlock - Knock Her Out 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1996

From the Motorhead-by-way-of-the-Dwarves school of thud rock, comes San Francisco's Hammerlock with this two song homage to things unsavory and uncouth. It's nothing that hasn't been done before, or maybe even better, but if you want to give your brain a break, or if you need a soundtrack to the next domestic squabble in your trailer park, you could certainly do worse.
As a Man's Ruin completest, I am required by law to own this, what's your excuse?

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