Friday, December 31, 2010

Wymyns Prysyn - Tres Umbros

Label: Statuestory Tapes
Year: 2010

Please download this, put it on your digital music player of choice, then proceed to blast it from on high (literally a place of elevated prominence). Then, bake some cookies to thank Wymyns Prysyn for all the good times they will inspire for you in the new year.
Best known around these parts (Atlanta parts, rather, not Gray's parts...those parts are not to be taken under advisement under any circumstances) as a Hawks side-project, that's not a fair descriptor. Yes, Hawks guitarist Andrew Wiggins is playing in this band, and yes, they play music that is loud and blasting, but beyond that Wymyns Prysyn stand solidly on their own two feet. While Hawks like to bludgeon with a dark, violent precision, Wymyns Prysyn blow out their amps playing fast and loose not unlike Hammerhead, Hot Snakes (who they are often compared to), and someone like Bluetip all playing at once. Sorta like an overdriven take on post hardcore, but still..."hard", but not "core"? Hmmm....can this just be called "punk" and let's end it?
The point being, this record is going to make you want to go out and do something quickly and with a great deal of smiling. It is a great, great, great album, and with Amphetamine Reptile kinda, sorta being a label again, it's the kind of band that would sit well on an esteemed roster such as theirs. Trust me, it's really that good.
This was released as a cassette, and may or may not still be available here: Statuestorytapes



Unknown said...

Hey thanks! I'm glad you like it. We just released another 6 song ep on bandcamp if you and your esteemed viewers wish to download it. We had a lineup change over the autumn months, and these songs are with our new bass player.



fastmusicfan said...

Good stuff. The Hot Snakes + Bluetip reeled me in. Not feeling the Bluetip vibe, but the Hot Snakes and AmRep is right on. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love this shit out of this band!

Pete in Oregon

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