Thursday, May 21, 2020

Love 666 - Love 666

Label: self released
Year: 1994

Before they were the black sheep of the Amphetamine Reptile roster, Love 666 were simply black sheep. Black sheep who draped their weirdo thud rock in a scree of feedback din. Black sheep who hate Capitalism and living under the thumb of the corporate patriarchy.

What's your tolerance? What's your threshold for pain?


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

V/A - A Compatibility Of Dissonance

Label: Lakeside
Year: 1997

I could have sworn this had been posted years ago, but I looked, and it hasn't and it was recently brought back to my attention (the compilation, not the posting status), so now it's getting posted. Ok?
Ostensibly this was a local Atlanta (area) compilation, but they stretched the rules a bit, which I don't think anyone minded.

The Bands:
Bughummer - A product of the fertile Savannah College Of Art and Design, Bughummer (sometimes listed as Bug Hummer) played a very knotty version of poppy post-hardcore punk (please note: not "pop punk"). They took a lot of cues from Fugazi and revved them up, which was not an uncommon approach at the time. Those dynamics worked especially well deployed in a tightly packed basement show.
members of Engine Down, Denali, Sparta, Cusses, Miwa Gemini

Galanas:Cerdd - from the ashes of Atlanta legends Freemasonry, three quarters of that band held it together to continue on as an instrumental powerhouse. Cyclical, mathy songs that sneak in a melodious undercurrent to keep you nodding along, but keep a bite in their back pocket. If you like Don Cabellero, June of 44, or Arcwelder, then you'll like this.
members of Fiddelhead, Freemasonry, Haricot Vert, Copa Vance, Victory Hands, John Brown, Chocolate Kiss, Loud Humans, Clemente, Third Season, Forever War, and counting

BOB - At anytime, at any record store within 100 nautical miles of Atlanta, you will find BOB 7"s or a compilation with the band on it. They were prolific. They were also pretty strange and wide ranging in their sound. They were not afraid to alienate with damaged electronics and art squalls, as much as they could settle into a straight rocking. Maybe like Truman's Water or something?
members of Black Love, Heinous Beinfang, Casio Nova, War Amps (the band with Tom Beeman from's that for deep?), The Go-Figures

Barrel - Also an instrumental affair, and like Galanas:Cerdd up there, they played a start/stop, mathy brand of it. You can hear influences like Bitch Magnet, Rodan, Crain...those types of bands.
members of Rebar, San Agustin, Galanas:Cerdd (circular reference!), Gold Sparkle Band, Haunted House, The Projects, Copa Vance, Lay Down Mains

Soli Deo Gloria - Soli Deo Gloria have a slightly queasier, off-kilter approach to a mostly instrumental (there are vocals...just not a lot) version of math rock, but with more heft.
members of Mistaken For Them, Tenth Muted Capper

Hell Mach Four - Possibly the most "polished" of the bands here, they played a layered indie rock that pushed ahead aggressively when they wanted, and pulled back to a dreamier state when needed. I guess they call that "dynamics"? They were a great, underrated band.
members of First 5 Thru, Ansurbana, Clemente, Expats

Estrada - Most important to people outside of this town as "Christian from Whores' old band", but Estrada made a lot of righteous noise in their own rite for a couple years. Nasty noise rock that took aim at whomever or whatever they were displeased with at the time. Super good.
members of Skin Jobs, Whores, Scars, Tualatin, Toenail, Ocelot, Black Mollies

Spackle - They play a ramshackle garage punk stomp that has a real "time capsule" feel to it. As in, if you were alive and going to local rock shows during the mid-90's you heard lots of bands that had a similar sound. It's also worth noting, there a lot of bands called Spackle, these ladies started in Virginia and migrated to Athens, GA.
members idea.

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