Tuesday, January 28, 2020

teenage time killers - greatest hits vol. 1

label: rise records
released: 2015

you remember dave grohl getting a bunch of his pals together and forming a project called probot? this is like that....but better (though dave grohl shows up on this as well playing the bass).

this was something put together by corrosion of conformity drummer reed mullin and my riun guitarist mick murphy.

you may have heard of some of the folks that show up here and there on the album....
greg anderson
brian baker
jello biafra
randy blythe
neil fallon
pete stahl
lee ving
mike ix williams

if'n you're wanting to know who shows up where


corrosion of conformity - 1.5.85 - wilson center - washington,d.c.

R.I.P. reed mullin

1 - eye for an eye
2 - kiss of death
3 - prayer
4 - positive outlook
5 - intervention
6 - animosity
7 - indifferent
8 - tell me
9 - mad world
10 - what?
11 - holier
12 - the green manalishi (with the two prong crown)*

*=fleetwood mac cover


Friday, January 24, 2020

The Afghan Whigs - Unbreakable: A Retrospective 1990-2006

Label: Elektra / Rhino
Year: 2007

Having someone release a compendium of greatest hits to honor your band is nothing to sneeze at, huh? But then again, The Afghan Whigs were never a band to sneeze at. Or on. Or even around (what, are you allergic?). When everyone else was playing quiet/loud/quiet/loud distorted grunge rock, The Afghan Wigs were twisting dark RnB tales of confusion, vengeance, and lust into some of the most off-kilter elegance there ever has been. True originals.

For this compilation you get:
One song off of their first lp for Sub Pop, "Up In It".
Four songs off their last lp before disbanded and eventually rebanding, "1965".
Three songs off the underrated "Congregation" album.
Four songs off the noir masterpiece lp which sent them into alterna-stardom, "Gentlemen"
One song off their soul/country covers ep "Uptown Avenue"
Three song off the "misunderstood" follow up to their commercial nadir, the "Black Love" lp.
And a couple unreleased songs, just for good measure.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

midget - a total abandonment of better understanding

released: 1998
label: au go go

well what do we have here?
by the sounds of it there's some hot water music in there.
by the sounds of it there's some superchunk in there.
by the sounds of it there's some soundgarden in there.
by the sounds of it there's some chum in there.

"is it soup yet?"

i don't know.
bring your bowl over here and let's find out.


giddy motors - make it pop

released: 2002
label: fatcat records

every so often a band comes along and just gives you what you want....

[x] al johnson-like vocal hysterics 
[x] random guitar parts from the pixies
[x] the off kilter timing of the dazzling killmen
[x] a smidge of that birthday party sound
[x] some of that idles energy
[x] that jesus lizard bass sound*
[x] a smidge of that shellac sound*

[*=that couldn't be helped as steve albini was all up in the recording of this album. todd trainer even lends his voice to the song "whirled by curses"]

i don't think that i really need to say anything more about this as you should've already had your shirt off and begun pinching your nerps halfway through this review. you might want to stop though. they're never going to be able to heal if you keep doing it. also....how many more times do you think people are going to believe that your vacuum cleaner attacked you?


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Desalvo - Mood Poisoner

Label: Rock Action
Year: 2009

Very agitated and noisy, frenetic, gross, and loud, but surprisingly....Scottish. Maybe the record label should have prepared me for that possibility, but if I'm being honest I'd of wagered these volume mongers were from a major metropolis in the good ole U.S. and A. Maybe I'm being some sort of reverse xenophobe, but a band coming at you with the song title "Cock Swastika" seems uniquely American. Like, are Europeans somehow more sophisticated than that?

Well, regardless of my geographical and cultural prejudices, I can assure you that this record will fuck you up no matter it's country of origin. It's pure grade seething nastiness that chugs and screeches and lurches and kicks up a hell of a funnel cloud as a result. Fucking gnarly, this one.

Seems like maybe the band has reactivated this year after hiatus? Maybe?


Monday, January 20, 2020

corrosion of conformity - demos and comp tracks

released: 2019
label: ?

before they became pals with metallica (both personal and soundwise...though C.O.C. did it first...put down the rocks) they were some folks from raleigh,nc that liked to lay down some sludge tinged punk rock that would eventually fall in with the "crossover" scene (punk mixed with thrash).

what am i doing?
i don't need to school you on some C.O.C. history.
my apologies.

moving right along.....

DEMOS (1988)
1 - fingers with teeth
2 - teacher
3 - the line of fire
4 - loss of breath
5 - bound
6 - loss for words
7 - kiss of death
8 - poison planet
9 - eye for an eye
10 - too cool
NO CORE (1982)
11 - skinny's in
12 - big problems
13 - citizen
14 - rather see you dead
15 - sheltered life
16 - life's cycle
17 - mad world
18 - redneck
19 - center of the world
20 - accepted pariah
21 - friend in d.c.
22 - college town
23 - social disease
24 - this is hardcore
25 - race riot
26 - no core


crotchduster - big fat box of shit

released: 2000
label: willowtip

i was going to start this out with saying something like "what you think you'll be getting from a band called crotchduster is exactly what you'll be getting".


have you ever found yourself wondering what it would sound like if'n gwar and mr. bungle were to ever collaborate on an album?


the bloodhound gang's asshole of an older brother that drives a primer gray trans-am and doesn't own any t-shirts that have sleeves but continues to only wear that one slayer t-shirt.

know what i mean?

you get your daily fix of showtunes and power metal and black metal and death metal and dirty south hip hop and disco and circus music and sketch comedy....most times in the same song.

and it's all done by one person.
his name is jason suecof.
he's the guitarist for a band called capharnum.

if you're down with bands like the above mentioned gwar and mr. bungle and/or electro quarterstaff and/or sleepytime gorilla museum and/or austrian death machine (mr. suecof has been part of this band a time or two) and/or old school candiria and/or agoraphobic nosebleed and/or anal cunt and/or genghis tron.....

boba fett boba fett vader and boba fett.


Friday, January 17, 2020

chat pile - this dungeon earth

released: 2019
label: self-released

this is made up of 4 fellers from oklahoma city,ok.
and they don't exactly seem ok.
they sound like they got themselves some problems.

"this is some weird dark nihilistic stuff." -some guy

this is what would happen if the jesus lizard were to accept that drink kiss it goodye offered them.

would you accept a drink from kiss it goodbye?
probably not.
and why not?
because you learned your lesson at summer camp.
some folks just like to live dangerously.
chat pile are some of those folks.


protonic reversal with conan neutron - steve albini

not only does conan neutron play music with his secret friends....
he also likes to talk to people.
this time around he talks to the urban legend that is steve albini.
if you'd like to find out about who else he's spoken to: go hereyou can also find him on spotify.
and who knows....perhaps one day he'll show up im your town wanting to borrow some sugar.

this took place on 4.9.14


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

butthole surfers - 8.3.91 - world music theatre - tinley park,il

it's the butthole surfers being the butthole surfers at the tinley park stop of lollapalooza.
could you imagine the butthole surfers then doing lollapalooza now?
that's the only way i'd lay down the money to attend this shitfest nowadays.
gibby haynes firing off a shotgun on stage?
take my money.

1 - bong song
2 - 1401
3 - blindman
4 - dancing fool
5 - you don't know me
6 - some dispute over t-shirt sales
7 - hey
8 - no rule
9 - neee neee
10 - fast
11 - gary floyd
12 - graveyard
13 - human cannonball
14 - blue cheer
15 - booze,tobacco,dope,pussy,cars
16 - pittsburgh to lebanon


ministry - twitched

released: 2003
label: radioactive

i'm not sure if'n it's old age or i'm becoming more tolerant of things but lately i've been kind of digging on some early ministry. i actually prefer it to anything they've released after FILTH PIG.

in my opinion the harder edged version of ministry started showing itself on the TWITCH album (you can hear it in "just like you" and "over the shoulder" and "where you at now?/crash and burn/twitch (version 2)" just to name a few examples).

"but bro? what about THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY,bro? to me that's where they started coming into their own. just listen to-"

THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY had to come from somewhere....and TWITCH was it.

what this is bringing to the table is the original mix of the TWITCH album (tracks 1-8) and the OVER THE SHOULDER 12" (tracks 10-12) and a version of the song "the angel" that was meant for a 7" but was never released.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

conan neutron and the secret friends - protons and electrons

released: 2019
label: seismic wave entertainment

you probably recognize the name conan neutron. he's been interviewed by SGM. we've backed all of his endeavors (replicator/mount vicious/victory and associates/him wanting to enter every chili cook-off he hears about). the story between SGM and mr. neutron goes back a-ways....

i was just about ready to leave the office one night when something came crashing through the front door's window. at first i thought it was a brick wrapped in bubble wrap because we'd been having some problems with the neighbors. so the plan was that i was going to scoop up the brick and fire it back through the window in hopes that it would hit the person the tossed it through because when someone throws something at something they feel the need to stick around to see what happens. some people's kids,man. so i picked up the brick and was getting ready to toss it when i felt it move. i stopped and eyeballed it. did i feel it move? didn't i feel it move? and that's when i felt something wrap itself around my finger. it was a tiny hand. i took the thing into the break room and put it on a table. whatever was in there was trying to get out. i'd seen the movie ALIEN so i knew what was going to happen next so i put my face closer to it. whatever was in there was having a problem with trying to escape and i was quickly losing interest and just wanted to go home and catch FRIENDS. i picked it up and started to unwrap it and the next thing i saw was something that looked like a troll doll with the eyes of a puppy. all i could do was look at it. i was captured by its eyes. and then it appeared to be choking so i gave it some pats on the backside amd then it spoke..."i wanna rock" it said and then looked as if it were playing an invisible guitar. so to make a not so long story short: that was the moment i'd decided that i would raise it as my own. i didn't give it a name because i thought that maybe it would want to pick one  out itself. it lived in a drawer at my desk until it was ready to go out on its own. i fashioned him an outfit out of a brown paper bag and took it to the bus station because it felt that it had to go out west. it left on that bus with the understanding that it had to come back one day so i could know everything that it had achieved. fast forward a few years later and i'm taking my mid-morning nap on the hammock i have in my office when this guy comes walking in with a guitar strapped to his back. "hello. i'm conan neutron." he says and the rest is history.

*roll credits*

and now for conan neutron and his secret friends.
once upon a time (the) melvins had released a single every month for a year and then they put all of those singles onto 2 compact discs and called it SINGLES 1-12.
that's kinda sorta what this is like.
it's splits with conan neutron and the secret friends.
disc 1 is made up of one half of the split (aka conan neutron and the secret friends).
disc 2 is made up on the other half of the split (aka the other bands)
ya dig?

"just who are some of these other bands?"

they have names like: trophy wives and nonagon and reptoid and cartographer and (the) dale crover band.

i should mention that that dale crover guy is totally double dipping.
not only does he have something on disc 2 but he's also all over disc 1 (he's one of the secret friends).

and this is the part of the show where you should prepare yourself for some straight up good ol' fashioned rock AND roll.
there's none of that half-assed shit here,kids.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

al cisneros - ark procession / jericho

released: 2014
label: drag city

you probably recognize that name. yeah. it's the singer/bassist for the band sleep. but you're not going to find any sleep here,kids (though this is nice to listen to through a pair of headphones as you're trying to go to sleep). this is at the other side of the spectrum. it's closer to om (but even not so much). this is more like some ambient dub music (but don't let that scare you away). this is probably what's going on inside of his head while he standing in front of the microphone doing his bass thing with his eyes closed. this is a different kind of trip.


the dillinger escape plan w/ mike patton - 12.31.02 - great american music hall - san francisco,ca

considering that most of you have already heard IRONY IS A DEAD SCENE i'm not really going to go into how awesome it is or how they should've just kept mike patton on as their singer (i'm just not really a fan of greg puciato...even though he has a tendency to sound like mike patton every so often).

so without further ado...

1 - malpractice (faith no more cover)
2 - hollywood squares
3 - pig latin
4 - come to daddy (aphex twin cover)
5 - when good dogs do bad things
6 - like i love you (justin timberlake cover)


Monday, January 6, 2020

discordance axis - original sound version 1992-1995

released: 1998
label: devour

welcome to the world of discordance axis. make yourself comfortable. it's going to be quite a ride. "clusterfuck" would be a good way to describe them. "chaotic precision" would be another.

3 people.
no bass player.
vocalist jon chang.
guitar player rob marton.
drummer dave witte.

some of you may already be familiar with discordance axis.
some of you may not be.

"picture seth putnam from anal cunt fronting old school napalm death but they play with the precision of early daughters." -some guy

if'n i were you....i'd take some guy's word.
he seems to know what he's talking about.
just don't take his vacation spot recommendations.
do you think your parents really want to see the world's biggest glory hole?
no,some guy,i haven't forgot about that.
and neither have my parents.

but i digress....

this is made up of stuff that can be found on some splits and some live stuff and some covers and some of this and that and the other.

and if'n you're interested: after discordance axis split up jon chang went onto be in the bands hayaino daisuki and gridlink and no one knows what the dead think (along with guitarist rob marton).

track list


Saturday, January 4, 2020

white zombie - psycho-head blowout

released: 1987
label: silent explosion records

"white zombie is like if the misfits had gone to art school." -some guy


dave wyndorf of monster magnet interviewed by sean yseult of white zombie

released: 1995
label: a&m records

even though monster magnet hasn't really been mentioned around these here parts (or at all) i'm sure that you more than likely know who they are. they named a marvel superhero ("negasonic teenage warhead"). there was probably a time back in '98 when you'd turn on the radio in your car and you'd maybe here "spacelord mutha mutha". ringing any bells? yes? no? well music-wise they could share the stage with early soundgarden or karma to burn or kyuss or early white zombie....

and speaking of white zombie....their bass player is the one interviewing mr. wyndorf (in case you hadn't already put that together for yourself). what can be said about white zombie? the last good album they released was LA SEXORCISTO: DEVIL MUSIC VOL. 1 (but everyone knows that). rob zombie is a trailer park al jourgensen (everyone probably knows that too). if you were around in the 90's you know who white zombie are/were.

so with that being said.....

this was a promo that the band's label put out (possibly for their DOPES TO INFINITY album). you get the interview as well as a few songs (the above mentioned "negasonic teenage warhead" along with an edited version of "look to your orb for warning" and a remix of "look to your orb for warning" done by bill laswell).

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