Monday, April 30, 2012


I've come to hate music so much.

The pretentiousness of it, the pretentious love of it.
Don't get me wrong, I like lots and lots of music and there's lots of music that's especially relevant to me or means something to me becuzza my memories and where/when the music and I was. I even discover music I've never heard before that rocks my socks off or now and again hear something Completely New! that blows my mind.
Like the first time I heard Sonic Youth's '4 Tunna Brix' Peel session where they did those Fall covers, or this Swedish blackened crust band called Slaktrens who're so frigging great and a fairly new discovery for me or for that matter Emmylou Harris' 'Roses in the Snow' record that does it for me every time and has done so for years and probably will for years to come.

I won't even get started on "world" music.

There is so much good music, really.

And AIDS Wolf broke up, which really does make me a little sad.
I can still remember the first time I heard Chinese Roulette.. holy fuckin' wowzers, man.
Their last record sounded like everything that Sonic Youth was never intent on or possibly even capable of, and on Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde they gave us the funkiest, scariest, saturday-morning textured jams this side of James Brown and Melt Banana.
I've read Chloe Lum's words on the state of the union; about how fucked it is.. I'm feeling it but I think it pertains to more than just the noisy and noisiest of rock and does extend inta all dat existential/sociopolitic/cultcha shit that's eating away at the lot of us, and you know it is.. it's eat or be eaten, so feed yourselves right and keep the space you have with some room at the table... and all that.

The worlds a mess, it's in our kiss.

I actually still love music a lot, and whole lot at that, and so, I want to share this, and this is probably my favourite Rocket From the Crypt record, out of several favourite Rocket From the Crypt records - Paint as a Fragrance!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Venus In Furs 7"

Label: Communion Label
Year: 1991

As the years go on, I seem to circle back around to the Velvet Underground more and more often. Like every couple of months I go through another Velvet Underground "phase", and bother my wife with incessant plays of Loaded and White Light White Heat. I try to explain that the beauty of the band is that they are basically two awesome bands in one; the Lou Reed poppy stuff, and the John Cale art drone. And they are both equally awesome (which version of Velvet Underground do you prefer?)!
So, as I am currently into one of by bimonthly (lunar-based of course) phases, this Steel Pole Bath Tub 7" featuring not one, but two, pretty faithful Velvet Underground covers seems appropriate. Yes?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Ton-Ups - Kill Me Slow 7"

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1997

Twangy garage sleaze from...Brooklyn (admittedly, years before that borough was known for much outside of hip hop and greaseballs)? Also, as long as we're making admissions, the guys in The Ton-Ups had been at it in various dirtball bands since the first half of the 80's, so they were no amateurs. Bands like The Shrubs, The Jack Rubies, aaaaand (here's the connection) Crawlpappy, Barkmarket, and Gin Mill. Oh yeah, and Interpol. Seriously, Interpol.

Subculture - I Heard A Scream

Label: Fartblossom / No Core
Year: 1985

In the midst of some hometown nostalgia-cum-old-band-reunion talk around these parts (the parts in question having originated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina [New Start Posse!] mind you), and that, by default is going to eventually circle back to the O.G. Winston-Salem hardcore band, Subculture. Amidst the Bloodmobiles, and No Labels, and Stillborn Christians, and Ugly Americans, and yes, even Corrosion Of Conformity's, there was our own Subculture.
Mix together the straight ahead hardcore of Minor Threat with the nastiness of Corrosion Of Conformity, maybe Void, thrown in some of the goth-ish elements of early T.S.O.L., and you get Subculture more or less.
While Winston-Salem's biggest musical export, Let's Active, was making alliances with R.E.M, Subculture was making alliances with C.O.C. and making regular trips to Raleigh and Durham to play with the hardcore bands sprouting up there, which eventually would lead to Simon Bob Sinister drawing the cover art, and Reed Mullin producing and singing back-ups (along with Woody Weatherman as well). The band even got out and toured around a couple of times, oddly enough with NOFX, and garnered good reviews, but eventually split after recording a second album that was never released.
They went on to play in other bands, most notably, Kevin Collins singing for Double Negative (some 20 years later!), but also bands like Erectus Monotone, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Days Of, and others.
Fucking essential.
More on Winston-Salem hardcore's second generation to come (I'm sure you can't wait)

*Originally posted 02.01.12
* Re-up'd again...04.29.12



PJ friggin' Harvey! To my senses, she's never put out a shit record and for a musical artist who does pretty much exist in the mainstream she's maintained her consistency by continually changing what she does, and continually doing that well, while keeping her craft distinct enough to be recognizable as herself.

Also, working with other great musicians to communicate what she's attempted so far counts for a lot as well; with Rob Ellis and Steve Vaughn as the 'Rid of Me' band they produced a mainstream punk record that in some ways seems even more meaningful than 'Nevermind'. Harvey's take on Dylan's 'Highway '61' is just about as great as Patti Smith owning Van Morrison's 'Gloria' on Horses.

But holy shit, this isn't about 'Rid of Me'; I'm talking about what she did to engage herself next with 'To Bring You My Love'. She took the punk band and built a cabaret theater around it all so as to become "The Voodoo Blues Queen and the Lovely Evil Band"; imagine if the child of Diamanda Galas and Screamin' Jay Hawkins actually incarnated as a woman from the English countryside who Lovvves Captain Beefheart.

For me, 'To Bring You My Love' is my favourite PJ Harvey "era", and this an excellent representation of that.


PJ Harvey - Like at Glastonbury, 1995


David Yow. Looking a 'lil John Lydon up there. Or something.

The name summons images of sweat and screaming, Olympic class crowd-surfing and frontal male nudity; cookie dough and food colouring; LSD and Texas; visceral and biting poetic ruminations on modern life and artfully wrought strings of profane bullshit smeared on everything including the walls; an almost gothic sense of Americana and a sort of good ol' boy urbanity; it's intelligence having coffee and cigarettes with absurdity; maybe even some of the very best things about the USA. Maybe?

Take a good look at the art he's producing these days right here.

The pastiche I present comes from a good few sources and includes most of the official collaborative efforts so far from Mr. Yow and accounted company save for his performance with the Didgits from an independent film and his track with Randy Wilson on the b-side of the Duelin' Firemen split single with the Boredoms.

I've included some live cuts, like Rapeman's live cover of ZZ Tops 'Just Got Paid' where he's present at the mic, howling along with Albini, in the way that he howls, amounting to at that particular point an 'almost' Scratch Acid reunion with Steve Albini on guitar; there's the live Cop Shoot Cop track where he's there singing their 'Money Drunk' on the last song of their set; there's even him singing with Local H on a train-wreck rendition of a Chicago song. Huge fun.

There's even his commentary on Tool's 'Schism', which is fucking gold.

This compilation includes:

00 Wrekmeister Harmonies - Pittsburgh (live)
01 Ventura - It's Raining on One of My Islands
02 Melvins & Yow - Blockbuster (the Jesus Lizard; btw, Sims' sang tJL's version on record.)
03 'Schism' Commentary
04 Ventura - le Petit Chaperon Beige
05 Pigface - The Bushmaster
06 Haze XXL - Infestation of Buffalo
07 Model/Actress - The Nodder
08 Haze XXL - White Boy
09 Geronimo - Facepeeler
10 Scratch Acid - the Greatest Gift (Metal Moo Cow version)
11 Melvins & Yow, Godzik Pink - Dry Drunk
12 Alexander Hacke - All American Happy Hour
13 David Yow - One Dyin' and a Buryin' (live Roger Miller cover)
14 Cop Shoot Cop - Money Drunk (live)
15 Pigface - Bushmaster (remix)
16 Helmet - Custard Pie (Led Zeppelin cover)
17 Local H - 25 or 6 to 4 (live Chicago cover)
18 Melvins & Yow - Smells Like Teen Spirit (live Nirvana cover)
19 Melvins & Yow - Okie From Muskogie (live Merle Haggard cover)
20 Rapeman & Yow - Just Got Paid (live ZZ Top cover)


Friday, April 13, 2012

cardinale - 31:13

released 2006

are you a fan of palindromes?

have you ever listened to the song "in-a-gadda-vida" and found yourself wondering what it would sound like if...oh..i don't know...neurosis and pelican combined into one band and put out their own version? (just without the drum and organ solo)


also of note...this is the band's only recorded output...and they're linked to the bands dragbody and employer,employee and sea of thousand (it's ok to pretend that you know who they are)

DL: 31:13

choke their rivers with our dead - 2002 tour demo

i came across these boys and girl from charlotte,nc back in the days (remember that site?...when i'd read that it was "going out of business" treated it as if it were a 12 year old hairless vietnamese boy)

this was a self-released 4 song cd that was handed out whilst the band toured (though i had to send off for one)

and if'n you dig practically anything released on the robotic empire label (namely: city of caterpillar...pageninetynine...stop it!!)

the band broke up back in '03 i do believe...frontwoman cristina is now involved in two blip-blip-bleep-bleep type of bands (sonic death rabbit and wet mango)

as for the rest of the band...*shrugs*

(and if there are any hairless vietnamese boys out there that took some offense to my previously made comment...i do apologize...and to make up for any hard feelings...i've gone ahead and adopted a few of you)

DL: choke their rivers with our dead

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trans Am - Peel Session - 02-22-00

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2000

Three songs, even though four were broadcast. Where's the fourth one? I don't know, why don't you find it and place it at my feet when you do? Fair?
Trans Am are a tenuous proposition, they an easily over-think an idea and run it into the ground, or, they can lock into a groove so potent you want them to keep running on it for days. It might depend on how German you are as to how much you appreciate their style. My last name is "Kiser" by the German.
On this recording Trans Am have their guitars turned way up, and the drums are set to "bombastic" mode for a good portion of the set, which means an overly rockin' version of their selections. I'm always up for overly rockin', everybody knows that. For real, ask anybody. Ask that guy there, the one right there, he knows.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

get atwitter!

from the desk of scion a/v:

We're giving away tickets to every Melvins show on their current US tour! Follow @ScionAV on Twitter and tweet "@scionav #Melvins [show date]" to enter!*

*Rules Apply, NoPurcVoidifProhib50US18+

beehoover - the sun behind the dustbin

released 2007

when not playing in the german doom band voodooshock...bass player ingmar petersen (who also provide vocals here) and drummer claus-peter hamisch are doing this

"why is this getting posted here? ipecac...have you been drinking?"

first of all...if you even need to ask that question...why are you here?'re not my real dad!...and if i wanna listen to iron maiden's KILLERS album loudly after 8:00...i'm going to...


that's my thing...and i need to work it out on my own time...

beehoover shouldn't be scared away by the words "german" and "doom" (well...not in this case anyway)

are you a fan of some of the more spacey sounding antics of primus? (ie: PORK SODA)

what about tool? (just sit down guy in the back...we get don't like tool...and you're ironically wearing that t-shirt)

have you ever found yourself listening to the band system of a down and thinking "you know...the band is ok...but the vocals,maaaaan"? (and it's ok that you admit to doing so...but only in reference to the band's first album...anything after're on your own)

what about pink floyd? you like the pink floyd?...though i don't really like admitting it...this reminds of their A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON/THE DIVISION BELL albums (and yes...there was a time that i'd admit to somewhat liking A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON...but for only like a second...maybe two)

so...with all of that being said...if you want to hear the lack of a guitar done the right way...this is a prime example of how to do that

DL: the sun behind the dustbin

gin mill - patron

released 1994

this was left on out doorstep by none other than chris moree (you may have seen his name mentioned on the SGM here and there in reference to the band uncle touchy and who to accept candy from)

and on the side of the box...there was a note proclaiming that they sound like "mule meets killdozer and helmet in some spots...and whatever you not feed them after midnight or get them wet"

so we brought the box in and set it on a table...and all it did was stare at us...for a really long time...and we stared back....

and before we were going to name it the winner of the staring contest...someone blurted out "press play! and we need more toilet paper!"

and seeing as how none of us wanted to go to the grocery store (namely because we could never tell if the bag boy was undressing us...or he just had slow eyes...and normally that's something we like...but he smells like our mothers...and that's just weird...and case you were wondering...we all go places at the same time)...we just mumbled something and pressed play

which turns out...was an awesome thing to do

not only was mr. moree right in his claiming of such things...but we also caught a hint of unsane and keelhaul and some deadguy...

and with all of those bands name getting thrown around...we need to go and change our pants

we suggest you do the same

and you will listen to the hive

DL: patron

barbaro - discography

i'm not really sure if this is one of those "unofficial releases" or something that someone threw together themselves

but someone had requested that some barbaro get re-posted

so...i'm posting the band's discography

you get 1999's SELF-TITLED

you get 2001's FEEDING 7"

you get 2002's NOLTE

music-wise....if'n you like anything that would fall under the heading of "post hardcore" (ie practically anything that came out of the dc area/midwest during the middle part of the 90s)...this be for you

DL: barbaro discography

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fresh Meat - Leather Daddy 7"

Label: Fashionable Idiots
Year: 2009

A newer band who takes the noise rock template and runs it through a series of increasingly defective and damaged distortion pedals. It's so spiteful, you can't help but love it. It's so desperate, you can't help but root for them.
If you've been digging on Pissed Jeans, Grids, Drunkdriver...that kind of stuff, then this is for you.


Big Jesus - Big Jesus

Label: Holy Seer / Favorite Gentleman
Year: 2011

Historical Note: Just noticed that Ipecac posted this record awhile back. Oops. But, that link is dead, so here's a new link.

This is an Atlanta band, and I am an Atlanta man. Easy enough, yes?
This Atlanta band sounds to this Atlanta man as if they were trapped in a cryogenic chamber (most likely in a Seattle sperm bank somewhere) circa 1994, and through a series of bumbling mistakes by a wacky scientist, they were spilled out onto the floor to defrost in 2011, still wearing the flannel and rocking the Bigmuff pedals they were wearing and rocking some 17 years earlier.
Basically this is what a lazy journalist in a lazy magazine like Spin, would have deemed "grunge" in 1994.
Is this what Temple Of The Dog sounded like?
Interestingly enough, this band (not Temple Of The Dog) was made up of members of Isis-worship, mega sludge band Irreversible, but sound nothing like mega sludge, Isis-worship. They sound like, big, polished, hooky 90's rock...sorta Screaming Trees via Alice In Chains or something. Well, Big Jesus is looking for a singer/guitarist if you think you got the chops, and Irreversible are coming out of their own cryogenic freeze to release a new record a play a show this month in Atlanta. So....there's that.


melvins - 10.8.85 - calgary ballroom - calgary,canada

it's the OG melvins (well...kinda sorta)

1 - over from under the excrement
2 - into the void (1)
3 - now a limo
4 - heaviness of the load
5 - #2 pencil
6 - bang bang(2)/disinvite
7 - grinding process
8 - easy as it was
9 - snake appeal/happy gray or black

1=black sabbath cover
2=nancy sinatra cover

DL: melvins @calgary ballroom

rabbits - lower forms

released 2011

you look like the sort of character that like some melvins and some red fang and eyehategod and karp and harvey milk and guitars that sound like basses (this trio doesn't have one of those pesky bass players)

this will be right up your alley,sir and or m'am

also of note...ex-the vss guitarist josh hughes does what he does with this band nowadays

DL: lower forms

Sunday, April 8, 2012

tiny hawks - fingers become bridges

released 2005

do you like bands consisting of only 2 members?

do you like it when one member plays the drums and the other plays the guitar?

would you like it if they played something akin to the band lightning bolt playing something that sounded like some mid-90's math rock from the midwest?

well well....

look what we have here

DL: fingers become bridges

xaddax - the soundcloud demo

released 2011

does the name nick sakes mean anything to you?

what about bands with names like:


dazzling killmen?


this is his new band

and he's joined by a drummer named chrissy rossettie (who just happens to be his ladyfriend as well)

and this is where i'm going to stop you should've already clicked on the DL

and this is where you go if'n you'd like to be friends

DL: the soundcloud demo

Ligament - Kind Deeds

Label: Flower Shop
Year: 2006

Two members of Part Chimp rearrange themselves to knock out a more straightforward (straight but not narrow...[bi]curious?) take on some noisy, louder-then-average, indie rock. Not as bombastic as Part Chimp, nor as apt to drill a hole through your ears by locking into a single devastating riff for the better part of five minutes, also as Part Chimp do, or rather, "did".

You might hear elements from bands like Mclusky, or Built To Spill, or Pavement, or Action Swingers (who counted Ligament/Part Chimp member Timothy Cedar as a one-time member), or Fugazi, or a band that you like who I don't know that play catchy, slightly ramshackle rock songs. You probably know what band I'm talking about but can't mention because I don't know who they are, right?

Originally posted December 2011


Cows - Cow Island

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1994

Originally birthed by a virgin Ipecac in a manger some time ago, but crucified by the powers that be for being too awesome and buried in a cave for all eternity. But lo! Can this be?! Yes! The Cow Island 7" is resurrected and walks again! Tis a miracle! Praise be!

Happy Easter.


egg hunt - self-titled

released 1986

what better time to post this than today

happy easter SGMers

and remember...don't accept anything from a giant rabbit that's hanging around outside of public bathrooms

now...onto the business at hand...

this was a little something that former minor threat band mates ian mackaye and jeff nelson did while they were over in europe to discuss some possible distribution for their dischord records label (which they put together in 1980)

and they called the project egg it was around easter could pass for some early fugazi

and to answer your question...yes...they got the distribution deal

DL: egg hunt

u.s. maple - stuck 7"

released 1995

you know who u.s. maple are/were

but did you know it's vocalist al johnson's birthday today?


DL: stuck 7"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

mock duck - altars of radness ep

released 2011

this was sent my way by a member of the band that goes by the name of clay (and he's the same person that sent this remastered version my way as well)

but you see...there are only 2 people in the band

and they're both named clay

one clay is from los angeles,ca and lays down the vocals and plays the guitar

the other clay is from tokyo and lays down the drum beats

and in the space of this can hear everything from the pixies (l.a. troy could front a pixies cover band) the dinosaur jr.

and you have to like the fact that when you look at the album's cover it instantly brings the cover to fugazi's 7 SONGS ep to mind (at least it did for me)

and by should be excitedly exclaiming out loud "SOLD!"

just do it...don't care what the others in the room think...they don't understand you...SGM does though...we don't care that you sing the lyrics to "baby got back" into your shampoo bottle while you're showering because no one can see you doing so...but SGM sees you...and we think that you should get that mole cluster looked at...and no...we don't care if no one else thinks that it looks like king buzzo...we do...and we're all that should matter to you

DL: altars of radness ep

helmet - 11.22.94 - ogden theater - denver,co

this is helmet being at the tippity top of their game in front of a crowd

1 - role model
2 - rollo
3 - distracted
4 - you borrowed
5 - blacktop
6 - tic
7 - ironhead
8 - speechless
9 - pariah
10 - the silver hawaiian
11 - primitive*
12 - milquetoast
13 - biscuits for smut
14 - wilma's rainbow
15 - in the meantime
16 - just another victim
17 - fbla II
18 - unsung

*=killing joke cover

DL: helmet @ogden theater

king buzzo's nirvana

the melvins' buzz osborne likes a band called nirvana

and he'd like you to like them as well

this is his how-to guide

1 - in bloom

"probably my favorite off of NEVERMIND. i do wish dave would have mixed up the drum fills instead of playing the same one over and over….”

2 - smells like teen spirit

"i like it because it’s a combo of “more than a feeling” by boston and “godzilla” by blue oyster cult. listen to it with that in mind and it will all come clear to you…"

3 - milk it

"of course i like this song! of course i like it because it’s a total, TOTAL rip off of a song I wrote called “it’s shoved.” it’s on our BULLHEAD record which i think came out in ’91… listen to both back to back and then tell me if i’m crazy.. well, I am crazy, but not because of THIS song."

4 - rape me

"when NEVERMIND sold about a billion copies, almost immediately you had about a billion bands all ripping of the “smells like teen spirit” riff for their own songs… “smells like teen spirit” was such a huge smash that even nirvana jumped on the rip off band wagon and wrote this song… which is a rip off of “smells like teen spirit”… i mean what the hell right? it worked the first time so why not?"

5 - negative creep

"i think i like this riff of theirs more than any other"

DL: king buzzo's nirvana

Friday, April 6, 2012

love life - be kind to me/hex it out 7"

released 2002


weren't you asking me about something you could play at your next goth pajama party freak out pillow fight the other day?

that wasn't you?


well...if'n you were ever to be looking for that sort of thing...these guys (and gal) can provide that for you

also worth mentioning...there are former members of the bands jaks and universal order of armageddon and the great unraveling that are members of this band

so if you dig bands like bauhaus or the birthday party or any of the aofrementioned bands...dig it

DL: be kind to me/hex it out 7"

secret fun club - a diagram of how shit flows through your toilet into god's hands

released 2005

you ever listen to bands like slint or drive like jehu or engine kid or shellac or unwound and wonder what they'd sound like sans vocals?


DL: a diagram of how shit flows through your toilet into god's hands

motorhead - rock 'n' roll

released 1987

you already know who motorhead are

and if you don''s probably because you haven't been born yet

i'm posting this for a few reasons....

1: because i can

2: this was the first motorhead album i'd ever heard

3: because it's motorhead

4: you can hear motorhead in practically anything that's been posted on SGM

5: this

DL: rock 'n' roll

tight 'n' shiny

you may recall this getting posted awhile back

SGMer noisebreather is selling his jesus lizard collection

something about for a few pennies a day i can feed blah blah blah

but that's none of your concern

you should be concerned about giving these a good home

and as a thank you...he's going to throw is some mystery bonus stuff

so what you need to do is click on the link down yonder there and help him out


(as of this have 2d 9h)

the blood brothers - burn,piano island,burn

released 2003

that's right

this album is here

and if need can rationalize it this way: at the drive-in fronted by a two headed fugazi's guy picciotto (who produced the band's final album)

fact: this album didn't leave the stereo in my van for a solid month after i bought it

the albums the band put out before this were kind of your run of the mill typical/not so typical "screamo" stuff....the white belts...the size small t-shirts on skinny albino boys kind of stuff...but there was something different about the band...and then they hooked up with producer ross robinson...and he got this album out of them...which is essentially the sound of a band blowing it's load

ok...i've rambled on enough about this...either you'll snag this up...or piss in my cereal


DL: burn,piano island,burn

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Tag Recordings, 1996

Remember the soundtracks for the Crow movies, remember how the first two were pretty good, really good, actually; the fist one had Helmet and the Violent Femmes and Medicine and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and Rollins Band and Pantera covering Poison Idea's 'the Badge' on it, and how the second one had that smokin' live cut of Iggy Pop's 'I Wanna be Your Dog', it had PJ Harvey's 'Naked Cousin', which is probably my favourite PJ Harvey song.. it had that Filter tune 'Jurassitol' which was actually pretty good too?

Sure, all that. On the City of Angels OST though there was this one song called 'Lil Boots' by a band called Pet that had a singer that seemed to convey something that sounded just like the last shred of truth that could be possibly conveyed through the rapidly metastasizing cancer that was so-called alternative rock's input into what was mainstream culture insofar as it related to pop music as art... Fanfuckin'tastic vocals, man.

This is them, their only record. No clue if anyone in the band did anything else, but this is good.


hole - the hole truth: a comprehensive collection of rarities,b-sides & outtakes

released 2010


that's right.

another hole post.

you're just going to have to deal with it.

you see...just because you don't like the band...there are some of us that do

and there are some of us that look at pictures of courtney love from back in the day and sigh and say things like "if only,maaaaan"

this is an "unofficially released" collection of odds and ends released between 1985-1991 with bits and pieces of the BEHIND THE MUSIC: COURTNEY LOVE thing interspersed here and there

this was recently passed my way by none other than uncle touchy guitarist and awkwardness enthusiast chris moree


i considered myself a hole fan at one time

and that would be anything up to and including LIVE THROUGH THIS

past that...not so much

so...with all of that being said...i'm not going to say anymore

you've already made up your mind to either snag this up...or burn your SGM club card (which don't even exist...i might that guy that sold it to you in the waffle house probably already know where that money went...way to be an enabler)

DL: the hole truth


Lookout! 1997

Auntie Christ was a project that featured Exene Cervenka/Cervenkova and D.J. Bonebrake of Los Angeles punk rock heroes X and Matt Freeman of Rancid, arguably one the greatest bass players in whatever the fuck punk rock music is/was supposed to be/not be.

That said, this is absolutely vital if you have any appreciation for both roots music and punk rock... imagine Hank Williams and the Ramones, only with Patsy Cline on the mic. Think you might like that? Well this ain't that, but if you'd like that, you'd probably like this.

Auntie Christ - Life Could Be a Dream


Hey folks... long time, no post.

Not dead, obviously, as you're reading this; merely back from keeping my life from falling apart in the midst of divorce and all the personal turmoil that may entail to folks who have an inkling as to what that sort of thing entails.

Bear with me for a moment, and allow me to say there are many women in my life whom I love very much; some are sisters, some are like brothers, some have been lovers, some have been and very much are the very best of friends. Another is my mother, another is her mother, and another is my ex-wife. I love them all.

I've got a lot of love.

Here is Hole's 1995 Unplugged set, where we get a setlist comprised of some of the best songs Hole ever put to tape along with two Nirvana covers, an abbreviated version of Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf', and a pretty nifty rendition of the Donovan classic, 'Season of the Witch'.

Hate me for posting this, or don't. Either way, I love this, and I'm sharing this for the women I love.

The setlist follows:

01 - Miss World
02 - Best Sunday Dress
03 - Softer Softest
04 - Drown Soda
05 - He Hit Me (The Crystals Cover)
06 - Asking For It
07 - You've Got No Right (Cover of Nirvana's 'You Know You're Right')
08 - Old Age (Nirvana cover)
09 - Hungry Like The Wolf (Aborted Duran Duran cover)
10 - Doll Parts
11 - Sugar Coma
12 - Season of the Witch (Donovan cover)

Hole - Unplugged, 1995


tom waits - bone machine/bone machine: the operator's manual

both released 1992

what can be said about the masterpiece that is BONE MACHINE that hasn't been said already....

if'n i had the cash...i'd pay tom waits to play it live in it's entirety

and of course...he'd have to bring along some of his pals that played on the album

pals with names like les claypool and keith richards and bryan mantia (aka "brain")

and the stage has to look like a basement with only cement walls and a hot water heater (as that's where the album was recorded)

and if you like songs about death and murder and revenge and the apocalypse and the blues...well,kid...this is for you

and that brings us to THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL...

this was a promotional cd that was put out for radio stations

it has tom explaining the meanings behind some of the songs and the making of the album

it's kind of like sitting at the bar next to the guy that's been there since the bar opened

"bone machine...get'll love it...don't lose your operating manual...that's what i say"

DL: bone machine

DL: bone machine: the operator's manual

nirvana - 1.20.90 - legends - tacoma,wa

it's nirvana playing with some band called the melvins

happy birthday,death of kurt cobain

1 - school
2 - floyd the barber
3 - love buzz (1)
4 - dive
5 - scoff
6 - all you need is love (jam) (2)
7 - if i fell (jam) (2)
8 - about a girl
9 - big cheese
10 - molly's lips (3)
11 - token eastern song
12 - spank thru
13 - breed
14 - stain
15 - been a son
16 - sweet home alabama (jam) (4)
17 - negative creep
18 - blew

1=shocking blue cover
2=the beatles cover
3=the vaselines cover
4=lynyrd skynyrd cover

DL: nirvana @legends

mad season - 4.22.95 - crocodile cafe - seattle,wa

this was one of those seattle supergroups that liked to form when the members other bands weren't doing anything at the time

take 1 part alice in chains (vocalist layne staley)

take 1 part pearl jam (guitarist mike mcready)

take 2 part screaming trees (drummer barrett martin and vocalist mark lanegan would wander in from time to time)

1 part the walkabouts (bass player john baker saunders)

and then this is what happens

they only released 1 album (1995's ABOVE) and a compilation track (covering john lennon's "i don't wanna be a solider" from 1995's WORKING CLASS HERO: A TRIBUTE TO JOHN LENNON)

they only played a handful of shows

bassist john baker saunders passed away on january 15,1999

vocalist layne staley passed away on april 5,2002

1 - wake up
2 - above*
3 - long gone day*
4 - i don't know anything
5 - lifeless dead
6 - river of deceit
7 - november hotel

*=with mark lanegan

DL: mad season @crocodile cafe

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

v/a - all systems go!

released 2005

you look like the sort of person that enjoys a good band covering another band

i mean...that is a pretty awesome zeppath shirt you're wearing (for those not in the know...zeappath is that one band that covers only led zeppelin and black sabbath's ok that you've never heard of them...not many folks do)

so,person that likes it when one band covers another band's songs...this is for you

1 - earthmover - one to two (dag nasty)
2 - until today - sneakers (teen idles)
3 - ensign - say it to my face (underdog)
4 - reinforce - young 'til i die (7 seconds)
5 - reach the sky - spring (rites of spring)
6 - the letterbombs - filler (minor threat)
7 - extinction - without a reason (no use for a name)
8 - close call - vitality (beyond)
9 - eyelid - forward to death (dead kennedys)
10 - supersleuth - use your head (uniform choice)
11 - roundhouse - wild in the streets (circle jerks)
12 - ten yard fight - put it aside (youth of today)
13 - standard issue - hold true (wide awake)
14 - death threat - who you know (alone in a crowd)
15 - bane - just how much (chain of strength)
16 - bloodpact - second hand murder (chokehold)

DL: all systems go!

buildings - melt cry sleep

released 2012

riding hot on the heels of their previous album IN AND OUT OF YOUTH AND LIGHTNESS.... in the have a question?

"um...this isn't young widows"

what kind of a question is that?...have you ever asked one before?

this is young widows...i mean...the vocals...the drums...the guitar....

oh my...this is embarrassing...this isn't young widows

(end scene)

what you saw above is an example of what it would've been like had i been asked to teach a class about post-hardcore slash noise rock (as defined by wikipedia) down at the community college

and by should understand what it is if you were to give this a listen

but...i don't want that to deter any of you from giving this a listen

young widows is a good band

i can you not stand up wherever you are and start playing some air guitar whenever the thought of the song "old skin" enters into your head (as a matter of should be doing it right now)

so...if you take anything away from should be this: young widows are a pretty sweet band...and so are buildings

also...if you're one of those types that like to own should go here nerd

DL: melt cry sleep

Monday, April 2, 2012

Brick Layer Cake - Call It A Day - Eye For An Eye Tooth For A Tooth

Label: Touch And Go
Year: 1991

First order of business: I am going on vacation tomorrow. Spring Break 2012! Wooo-woooo!
Second order of business: When did the term "college rock" fall out of favor? When I was growing up, there was a genre of music referred to as College Rock, and quite frankly, Brick Layer Cake would have been right in there. It predates "alternative", which predated "indie", but was oft times mistakenly confused with "import" (as it was generally assumed any mopey white dudes with guitars and messed up hair were going to be from England, and thus their music imported to the United States [the rest of Europe, Canada, and Australia also counted as England at that point]). To me, Brick Layer Cake seemed English, bad teeth and all.
Third order of business: Brick Layer Cake was not, is not, and was never actually English (or European, or Canadian, or Australian), they (he) was from the American midwest. They (he) was Todd Trainer, the drummer in Rifle Sport, Breaking Circus, and Shellac, writing songs, arranging the instrumentation himself, and asking his bros to help out for live shows and some recordings (Steve Albini played drums, and Brian Paulson [of Man Sized Action, but more notably the guy who recorded Slint, Bastro, Polvo, Archers Of Loaf, Dinosaur Jr, Son Volt, etc.], and Gerard Boissy [also of Rifle Sport] helped out too). They (he) played great, somber, unadorned music, not too far off from a band like Codeine.
Fourth order of business: Steve Albini described Brick Layer Cake as "think Nick Drake on downers fronting Black Sabbath, if Black Sabbath played only the good parts of their songs". That's a terrible description as there are no "bad" parts of any Black Sabbath songs, and is obviously some sort of trickery on the part of Mr. Albini.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

the reactionaries - 1.79 - george hurley's shed on 17th st. - san pedro,ca

this is just a group of guys getting together in a garage and playing some music

"oh yeah? and who are these guys? what are their names?"

some guy named martin tamburovich does some singing

some guy named d. boon plays some guitar

some guy named george hurley plays some drums

some guy named mike watt slaps some bass

"hey,waitaminute. i recognize some of those names. aren't they..."

no...they weren't in that new wave cover band that you saw your cousin's band play with at the battle of the bands

all but vocalist martin tamburovich went on to form the minutemen...though he'd work with them from time to time by traveling with the band or by contributing lyrics to various songs...he also started a record label called new alliance records with d. boon and mike watt

he passed away back in december of 2003 due to complications from a bacterial infection

and thus ends the wikipedia portion of our show

the band never officially released any actual albums as they were only together roughly a year

this is a recording of a band practice

1 - 1979
2 - the big lie
3 - cheap false teeth
4 - video madonna
5 - my heroes
6 - getting existential on the beach
7 - innuendo
8 - god and country
9 - brigate rosse

DL: the reactionaries in george hurley's garage

minuteflag - self-titled ep

released 1986

take everything you know about black flag and the minutemen...all of the anger..all of the hate...henry's sweaty little black shorts...and put it all in a box and go to an open throw it all out

now...picture the boys (and girl) sitting around a fire singing "kumbaya"

and now you know what you're getting into with this

this is made up of some free jazz jams and a d. boon/henry rollins story about getting water from a river to bring back to mom so she can boil potatoes...but something happens along the way...and by the time you get home...she's fried the potatoes and they're all gone

who hasn't had that happen to them?

the players and their parts:
d. boon - vocals/guitar
henry rollins - vocals
greg ginn - guitar
mike watt - bass
kira roessler - bass
george hurley - bongos
bill stevenson - drums

both bands agreed that this would never see the light of day until one of the bands split up

the minutemen won

happy birthday,d. boon

DL: minuteflag
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