Friday, May 28, 2021

Kiss It Goodbye - Choke


Label: Revelation
Year: 1999

Fuck it, here's the other Kiss It Goodbye 7" to compliment the previous post. 
As mentioned there, this record, the last output from the band, has Demain Johnston stepping into Keith Huckin's formidable shoes (I can only assume they smelled a fright) to hold down the riff assault. And honestly, he holds his own. Which should not be a real surprise as Demain had come from Undertow and Nineironspitfire, and would later be in Great Falls, Akimbo, and Playing Enemy (as well as others), so he certainly knows his way around a chugging bludgeon.
Otherwise, this is Kiss It Goodbye as you last left them, bringing two more punishers to the table. There is a cdep version of this record that has an extra song, and the two Preacher 7" songs, but, honestly, is there anything more insulting than the notion of a "cdep"? I won't have it in my home. No way. Not today Satan. So, I never heard the extra track...but I'm sure it's wonderful. These two songs are wonderful enough as presented.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Kiss It Goodbye - Target Practice

Label: Revelation
Year: 1997

With Process Black, Bitter Branches, a re-animated No Escape, and now the prospect of Deadguy shows looming, there has been an embarrassment of Tim Singer riches these last couple of years. Which, as a paunchy dude of a certain age, I am all for. Bring it on!
So, to celebrate, here's a two song rager of tracks left over from the 'She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...' sessions released the same year as the full length from Kiss It Goodbye, the post-Deadguy band Tim Singer began with 3/4 of Rorschach. You most likely know that though, one would assume. I mean, if you made it here on your own free will.  
This is the last output with Keith Huckins and the last record before Kiss It Goodbye decamped from New York City to Seattle. Mr. Huckins should be considered for any sort of Riff Hall Of Fame if you happen to have any sway with the selection committee of that institution, I feel his Curriculum Vitae speaks for itself.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Rocket From The Crypt / Bloodthirsty Butchers - Cut It Loose / Water


Label: Bacteria Sour
Year: 1994

Two bands, two 7"s, three songs a piece. Hot deal.
The always prolific Rocket From The Crypt give you two scorchers and a Red C cover, that also, predictably, scorches. 
Long running Japanese band Bloodthirsty Butchers come through with three fast and loose punked out rockers of their own. Lord knows what the lyrics are my Anglo ears cannot decipher the Japanese language beyond a few menu items here and there. It's a sad commentary on the American education system...or my own cultural laziness.
When Pushead shuttered Pusmort (sort...I guess there were a couple reissues and compilations that came out after) in 1992, he established Bacteria Sour in 1993. This double 7" was the first release on the label that wasn't by the band 16, and after this record Bacteria Sour did three more 16 records before branching out again, this time to Sunny Day Real Estate. Can't blame him for the 16 run...those records are all essential. And if you happen to have an extra copy of the Sunny Day Real Estate 7", holla atcha boy.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Engine - Show Me


Label: Damn Entertainment
Year: 1998

There have been quite a few bands over the years that have operated under the moniker "Engine", so we are all excused for not really knowing much about this particular version of Engine. The thing is though, this version is very, very good (two "very"), and we should know more. I should, anyway. 
The record itself does not offer much beyond the cursory personnel listing, but, unless you have carnal (or otherwise) knowledge of the five gentleman who make up the band, you would be out of luck identifying them in a lineup. The layout of the 7" has a little comic that comes with it, but gives no real clue as to where this band hails from, or what their major malfunctions may be. The label is based in Louisville, KY, and based on the sonics of the two songs presented by them, you would be understood to think that possibly the band shares the same zipcode. 
You can hear Crain, Rodan, Squirrel Bait, and some non-Louisville, but Louisville-sympathetic, Bitch Magnet. Even though Engine is a full decade after the fact.
So, I don't really know the deal here. I just know that I have this two song 7" that I really like, from a band that I really have no clue about. Maybe you do? Maybe you can share with the rest of the class?

Monday, May 17, 2021

Sandy Duncan's Eye - 525NTSC / Sub

Label: Flipside
Year: 1990

How's about we start the week (this week specifically) with a little high octane grungy rock-n-roll music? How's about we let Sandy Duncan's Eye provide that for us?
Great. Let's do that. Sandy Duncan's Eye are very well equipped to provide just that high octane grungy rock-n-roll musical fare that I have promised. They were a Los Angeles three piece that flew mostly under the radar, putting out two 7"s and a really good lp, that had the Stooges proto-grunge cornerstones, but added their own dark twists to it. You could maybe think of Mudhoney meets Chokebore? Possibly? I think the Los Angeles influence keeps them being less "rock" and more "fucked", which I personally appreciate. Not that don't like to rock. I notoriously love to rock. Anyone that knows me (currently about 13 people globally) will attest to this fact. But, I also like my rocking to skew a little bit weird, whilst still doing the things scientifically required to rock me (like a hurricane or otherwise). Sandy Duncan's Eye does this, so to them I snap a salute, I thank them for their service, and I go about my day of rocking. Problem solved.

Friday, May 14, 2021

V/A - Compulsiv Compilation No. 1


Label: Compulsiv
Year: 1992

Here's another quick one on this Friday to help you ease into whatever grilling-out duties you are obligated to this afternoon. And frankly, I can't think of any better tofu dog cooking music than Circus, you're in luck!
This relatively short lived Philadelphia based label actually had a very high victory percentage with their releases. Lot's of quality bands for a label that doesn't ever get mentioned in the hallowed halls of noise rock (which is a actually just a port-o-john located just outside Madison, WI, truth be told). For their third release they came correct with a four band, four song compilation of bangers, and now here it is. Right in front of you!
The bands:

Circus Lupus - you get a version of "New Cop Car" which would be re-recorded for the Solid Brass album that is a bit rawer. Hot.

Jack O Nuts - you get an exclusive rager from the best band out of Athens that wasn't REM or Harvey Milk or The Glands. 

Crain - you get, similar to Circus Lupus, an early version of "Blistering" which would be re-recorded for the Heater album a couple years later.

Derelict Hotel - you get a good, loose, rocker from a band that I've only heard this one song from. So, maybe it's the best they ever did, or maybe it's a throw-away and they were a phenomenal undiscovered gem. Don't know, but this song fits right in on this comp with some pretty heavy hitters, so...kudos.

Sparkmarker - Atomos

Label: No Idea
Year: 1994

Can we talk for a moment about how fucking rad Sparkmarker were? 
Yeah. They were fucking great.
Ok. Good chat.
In the post-Quicksand world of hardcore, Sparkmarker took it and gave it a polite Canadian twist, and we were all better for it. 
Please note, the first song starts with veeeeeeeery faint guitar noise before it kicks in. Don't adjust your dials. Or do. Do whatever makes you feel good.


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hedonists - Womb / Deepest Secret Fear


Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1993

As part of the Amphetamine Reptile Research And Development Series, this two song picture disc 7" has fittingly appropriate unsavory artwork by Coop of two devil ladies sixty-nining each other, so it is of course recommended you track down a physical copy in order to truly experience the totality of it's visual and sonic debauchery. 
Musically, the band doesn't necessarily reflect the satanic sexuality evidenced in the artwork (meaning, they aren't Lords Of Acid or anything...if you're into Coop's satanic sexuality), they lean more into the Midwestern strained noise of Mama Tick. A pounding dervish of hardcore skree mixed with the over-the-top burred noise rock thud that you want out of this kind of thing. It honestly'll like it.
Possibly as interesting as the music, or the satanic sex stuff, is the personnel on this release. Supposedly the band started when Springa of SSD fame, relocated to Chicago, and hooked up with drummer Mike Meadows, who himself had relocated there from NC. Meadows had previously been in Erectus Monotone and Shiny Beast, as well as his first Chicago band, Bull. They rounded out the band with a guitar and bass player who I'm certain were nice and accomplished fellows, but I have no information on them or what they ever did outside of Hedonists. I just think it's wild to think of a guy from Erectus Monotone hooking up with the singer of SSD to start a noise rock band in Chicago...especially after SSD had so famously flamed out into a cock rock car crash. It's a bit of a redemption for Springa...except that he most recently showed up in NYC sporting a "Black Flag Matters" hand drawn shirt...which brings him back down a few pegs (what's with these old hardcore heads turning into conservative windbags? Fucking Cro-Magas indeed). Regardless, you can listen and enjoy this 'lil platter on its own merits and then go about your business. That's what you should do.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Wurm - We're Off / I'm Dead / Time Has Come Today

Label: SST
Year: 1982

Two posts back we posted an SST band with umlauts, which made me think about the OTHER SST band with umlauts, and how for the love of Chuck Dukowski, we needed to post them too.
Two originals and a cover of the 1960's Chambers Brothers hit "Time Has Come Today". Maybe a little more "Freedom Rock" than the full length that would come later, but a dirty, thudding piece of weirdness nonetheless. The burnouts kicking dust over the discarded Peace placards of their older siblings, while the energy crisis worsens and the state of California can't even muster up 1% of the vote to Peace And Freedom gubernatorial candidate Elizabeth Martinez. The dream is dead. I'm dead.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Clobber - Get Smart


Label: Half Baked
Year: 1995

Here's a band from Atlanta circa the mid-90's that if you weren't hanging around the Somber Reptile at the time, you are excused for having never heard of. They put out a full length and this 7", and then went on to bigger better...something. I assume. They were on lots of bills opening for bands coming. through town, but I feel like I only saw them once...maybe twice. They didn't traffic in the same hardcore that I was unfortunately balls deep in at the particular time. 
Musically they have lots of elements of Jawbreaker, in their gruff, but bouncy punk songs, but they also have some straight up thud rock tendencies that are more apparent on the opening track of this three song 7". It's enjoyable, and maybe you are from the Atlanta area and you are saying, "oh yeah, Clobber, I think I saw them at the Point opening for J Church or something", or maybe you've never heard of Clobber and you are saying, "I can't believe I'm still reading this fucking blog...I have to get my shit together, this is embarrassing", but what I'm saying is, "give this one a whirl, it's pretty good, and you probably have the time, so...quit acting like you're too good".

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