Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hedonists - Womb / Deepest Secret Fear


Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1993

As part of the Amphetamine Reptile Research And Development Series, this two song picture disc 7" has fittingly appropriate unsavory artwork by Coop of two devil ladies sixty-nining each other, so it is of course recommended you track down a physical copy in order to truly experience the totality of it's visual and sonic debauchery. 
Musically, the band doesn't necessarily reflect the satanic sexuality evidenced in the artwork (meaning, they aren't Lords Of Acid or anything...if you're into Coop's satanic sexuality), they lean more into the Midwestern strained noise of Mama Tick. A pounding dervish of hardcore skree mixed with the over-the-top burred noise rock thud that you want out of this kind of thing. It honestly'll like it.
Possibly as interesting as the music, or the satanic sex stuff, is the personnel on this release. Supposedly the band started when Springa of SSD fame, relocated to Chicago, and hooked up with drummer Mike Meadows, who himself had relocated there from NC. Meadows had previously been in Erectus Monotone and Shiny Beast, as well as his first Chicago band, Bull. They rounded out the band with a guitar and bass player who I'm certain were nice and accomplished fellows, but I have no information on them or what they ever did outside of Hedonists. I just think it's wild to think of a guy from Erectus Monotone hooking up with the singer of SSD to start a noise rock band in Chicago...especially after SSD had so famously flamed out into a cock rock car crash. It's a bit of a redemption for Springa...except that he most recently showed up in NYC sporting a "Black Flag Matters" hand drawn shirt...which brings him back down a few pegs (what's with these old hardcore heads turning into conservative windbags? Fucking Cro-Magas indeed). Regardless, you can listen and enjoy this 'lil platter on its own merits and then go about your business. That's what you should do.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Meadows, a noise rock star,all he plays is good,Bull was like a Big Black bastard version turmix!!

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