Wednesday, July 31, 2013

tyranny is tyranny - let it come from whom it may

label: phratry records
released: 2013

you remember the united sons of toil,yeah?

and you probably remember me mentioning these guys here before,yeah?


you need proof?

SGM for the win

but i digress

this is where russell (vocals/guitar) and jason (drums...though he plays guitar here) went after the united sons of toil split up a few months back

tyranny is tyranny carries on in the direction of the united sons of toil...but heavies it up a bit

i've read some other reviews of this album that are located on the interwebs...and they seem to like to use the words "amphetamine" and "reptile"...but honestly...i don't hear it...when i gave it a listen...bands like keelhaul...neurosis...later era melvins...karma to burn sprang to mind


and you may listen and say "why no mention of isis?"

well...i'd already mentioned


that's right

i said it

but really...the only thing that's able to give you a trustworthy review are your earholes and your brain

that's right...i just dropped some science on you

and you're also going to want to pre-order the vinyl

DL: let it come from whom it may

melvins - peel session 1991

this was sent to us by a fella that goes by the name of brian lewis

he knows of SGM's love of the melvins (as it written on bathroom walls all over town)

mr. lewis also has a blog that you all need to check out

this is what he says about this:

here we have an uncirculated (as far as i'm aware) melvins live in-studio peel (or bbc radio) session circa 1991. this show is on the b-side of a bootleg cassette i acquired a long time ago. (the a side & the beginning of the b-side has the chicago 9.13.91 sbd show which has already been well circulated)

i can only speculate that this live session was recorded around the time of the TANX 7"

none of these songs appear on the above mention 7"

so with that being said...

1 - creepy smell
2 - grinding process
3 - zodiac
4 - heater moves and eyes
5 - oven
6 - leech
7 - raise a paw
8 - green honey
9 - ligature (partial)

DL: melvins peel session

Sunday, July 28, 2013

hovercraft - the experiment below

label: blast first

sonic youth?

mr. bungle's DISCO VOLANTE?

early pink floyd?

a not so caustic sounding throbbing gristle?

eddie vedder's ex-wife?


DL: the experiment below

chipfarm - self-titled

label: god mountain
released: 1995

a seizure
watching a homeless person fight a ghost
your neighbor's kid that they leave tethered to a pole in their backyard
the cartoons that go on inside your head
your cat fighting the cat that lives on the other side of the mirror

those are just a few things that melt banana...instrumental band optical-8...experimental musician elliot sharp...and harpist zeena parkins have provided an improvised soundtrack for

DL: chipfarm

piglet - lava land

label: team av
released: 2005

it makes some nice driving through the country music...just driving along...taking it all i was saying...just cruising along...breathing in the air....

these chi-town boys sound like don faraquet sans a more cohesive hella...volta do mar...tortoise...ghosts and vodka....

you get the idea

sadly...this was the band's only album

so if you like the words "math" and "rock" put next to each other....

DL: lava land

murder inc. - self-titled

label: invisible records
released: 1992

this is what happened when the band killing joke split up in the middle of a u.s. tour back in 1991

singer jaz coleman took off for an island in the pacific

the rest of the band went and formed this band with martin atkins (pigface) and chris connelly (revolting cocks/ministry)

what it came off sounding like was a killing joke album with a different singer wrap this up:

killing joke
revolting cocks
murder inc.


DL murder inc.

soundgarden - satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas

label: a&m records
released: 1992

the band's label was so stoked that they were going to be a part of lollapalooza...they re-released BADMOTORFINGER and included this ep

it's made up of 2 original songs and 3 covers

1 - into the void (sealth)*
2 - girl u want**
3 - stray cat blues***
4 - she's a politician
5 - slaves & bulldozers****

*=black sabbath cover
**=devo cover
***=rolling stones cover

DL: satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas

Friday, July 26, 2013

v/a - kansas city misery

label: red decibel records
released: 1995

you know the band season to risk,yeah?

well...their vocalist...steve tulipana...really likes bands that come from kansas city,mo

so much so...he put together this compilation of bands from kansas city

waitaminute...aren't season to risk from kansas city?

well then...that explains why they're on this comp as well

what an ego that guy....

1 - otis 13 - daily planet
2 - season to risk - the end all
3 - giants chair - ballpeen
4 - pamper the madman - i want it
5 - molly mcguire - chase
6 - tenderloin - supernatural bologna
7 - black calvin - hey!
8 - grither - repetitive song of joy
9 - secular theme - typhoid 106.3
10 - boys life - signing off
11 - germbox - godtrot
12 - first year thief - sandbox
13 - gasoline - colonel
14 - shiner he she
15 - sin city disciples - love is gone
16 - outhouse - straight edge
17 - quitters club - net
18 - cher U.K. - fucker from behind the couch
19 - rocco - powder
20 - go kart - experimental trucking
21 - shallow - pillow
22 - trust obey - lead poisoning

DL: kansas city misery

v/a - fiesta comes alive!: the best of slap-a-ham records fiesta grande 1-5

label: slap-a-ham records
released: 1997

as mentioned in the spazz post down yonder...there was once a label called slap-a-ham records that was run by spazz vocalist/bassist chris dodge

and they used to throw a shindig called fiesta grande

and bands with names like cavity and man is the bastard and noothgrush and capitalist casualties and cattlepress would play

this compilation wraps up the best of all that

the track list

DL: fiesta comes alive!

v/a - cry now,cry later: vol.1-4

label: pessimiser records
released: 1998

the best powerviolence/punk rock/grindcore/doom mixtapes you never made

vol. 1-2
DL: cry now,cry later vol.1-2

vol. 3-4
DL: cry now,cry later vol. 3-4

spazz - the final recordings: october 1998

i was frolicking about the interwebs earlier today...and i came across a blog put together by a fella named chris dodge

most of you know who he is...some of you don't

for those of you that don' dodge was a member of a band guessed it...spazz

he provided vocals and played the bass

he also ran a label that went by the name of slap-a-ham records

spazz played a particular type of music that goes by the name of "powerviolence"

you may recall me posting some spazz in the past...and yes...i know the links are dead...but if anyone wants it...i'll post the stuff again

these are the last 5 songs the band recorded before splitting up

songs 1-4 were released via a split with the band 25 ta life

song #5 was released via a compilation called SHORT MUSIC FOR SHORT PEOPLE (which found them paired up with bands such as: nofx/gwar/the offspring/rancid/less than jake/black flag/nomeansno)

so...check this out

and check this out

DL: spazz: the final recordings

Thursday, July 25, 2013

royal trux - cats and dogs

label: drag city
released: 1993

i was going to post this myself after the mention of it down yonder in the girls against boys post...but it turns out that grAy had already posted it a few years back

but after the great mediafiring...the link was laid to waste it is again...with words by grAy:

This record has been described as "the missing link between the Stones' 'Exile On Main Street' and Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation'". That's pretty good. It's Royal Trux's 4th lp, and maybe their most polished, so a good place to start for the uninitiated. Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema were rocking the power duo long before it was de rigeur, and making lo-fi, drug addled, gutter rock that married the nihilistic NYC aesthetic of the Velvet Underground with the rave ups of Pussy Galore (of whom Hagerty was a former member). Not so much post punk, as it was pre retro. Make sense?
After Royal Trux, the duo split and turned up as The Howling Hex (Hagerty) and RTX (Herrema)

DL: cats and dogs

girls against boys - cruise yourself

label: touch and go
released: 1994

i know that most of you out there in SGMland more than likely already own this...

but as i was browsing about the local goodwill yesterday...i was shocked to find this among their used cd collection (i also came across helmet's MEANTIME and royal trux's CATS AND DOGS)

so now i'm posting it here

end of story

DL: cruise yourself

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

sweetbelly freakdown - self-titled

label: jade tree
released: 1997

this is what happens when members of the band swiz decide to give it a go once again after breaking up in 1990

the band cranked out some of the moody dischord records-like (redundant?) jams that became popular in the early/mid 1990's

they put out this and a 2 song 7" (1996's THE LONG HAUL..both songs later being re-released on SELF-TITLED) during their 3 year existence 

guitar player jason farrell and bass player dave stern were also members of the dischord band bluetip

drummer alex daniels also played a dischord band called severin

DL: sweetbelly freakdown

Porn Orchard - Hit The Right People Hard

Label: Self Released
Year: 1986

While most of Athens, Georgia musical lore focuses around the jangly rock of REM (nothing wrong with that, mind you), or the art party of B-52s, or fast forwards to the psych-pop Elephant Six family of bands, there was, and there continues to be, a darker underbelly of bands that primarily play house parties, basement clubs, or backyards in the seedier parts of town. I think every college town has the same phenomena, the popular bands that get all the attention, and the really good, really ugly, loud bands that play for the cooks, the bartenders, the townies, and the other musicians in town to a shower of cheap beer and a smattering of even cheaper applause.
Porn Orchard were in the same demographic as Jack-o-Nuts and Barbeque Killers, the less well known, but possibly more revered cadre of underground rock bands that blasted away in sharp contrast to the shiny happy people across town. Porn Orchard took a heavy dose of Black Flag, and gave it a run through the hot humidity of a southern summer. It's oppressive and it makes you sweat, and there's a good chance it'll leave behind a rash.
This demo comes courtesy of Ben Davis, currently of Noot d'Noot fame, but also of the untouchable math rock trio Purkinje Shft (among other projects), I swiped it off his blog, which appears to be defunct now, and it comes complete with two bonus tracks at the end. Can't beat that.


revolting cocks - 12.31.87 - medusa's - chicago,il

you should already know who the revolting cocks are/were

i once described them as the "deviant brother of pigface"

"um...who's pigface?"


who let you in here?

kids nowadays....

ok...the revolting cocks....

this version consists of:

al jourgensen: vocals/guitar
luc van acker: keyboards/vocals
chris connelly: keyboards/vocals
paul barker: bass
bill rieflin: drums

and whilst we're on the subject of some revco...chris connelly wrote a book that chronicles his cocking: CONCRETE,BULLETPROOF,INVISIBLE+FRIED: MY LIFE AS A REVOLTING COCK

and have to read it...

or you don't get to go to the farm this weekend

1 - cattle grind
2 - we shall cleanse the world
3 - 38
4 - in the neck
5 - you often forget
6 - tv mind
7 - union carbide (west virginia version)
8 - attack ships on fire
9 - over the shoulder*
10 - we believe*

*=ministry cover

DL: revolting cocks @medusa's

Monday, July 22, 2013

v/a - sex & subversion: a thick records document

label: thick records
released: 2003

this is one of those label samplers made up of "previously unreleased" tracks and whatnot

and you know you like you some "previously unreleased" tracks and whatnot

1 - sullen - all fall down
2 - local h - cooler heads
3 - the methadones - far away
4 - blue meanies - short attention span*
5 - coldblade - kiss my ass*
6 - the tossers - time to go
7 - tom daily - josephine milkweed*
8 - new black - booze olympics*
9 - the gc5 - the long goodbye
10 - motel blonde - keeping misery company*#
11 - the arrivals - -1/hell can wait (remix)
12 - haymarket riot - bought your weight
13 - vortis - christmas in kabul*
14 - bitchy - white riot*+
15 - calliope - future days
16 - lil' dave merriman - i palindrome i**
17 - scott lucas - tangerine**^

*=previously unreleased
+=the clash cover
#=members of dropkick murphys and the gc5
^=led zeppelin cover

DL: sex & subversion

death - ...for the whole world to see

label: drag city
released: 2009 (though recorded in 1974)

you say that you like the bad brains....

these guys were the bad brains 6 years before the bad brains were the bad brains...but from detroit,mi

so with that being can also hear some of the stooges in there...and you can hear some of the mc5 in well as some early alice cooper....

"hey,maaaaan...did you know that there was a death metal band with the same name?"

i am aware of such a band (their LEPROSY album was my first foray into the metal of death)

and this band was around 12 years before them

"yeah...well...did you know...."

let me stop you there


DL: ...for the whole world to see

dale crover - drumb

label: man's ruin
released: 1996

you know how you like to throw on the melvins COLOSSUS OF DESTINY album at parties just to see how long it'll take to clear the room? you have some new artillery

DL: drumb

Thursday, July 18, 2013

dink - self-titled

label: capitol records
released: 1994

nitzer ebb
post LA SEXORCISTO white zombie


DL: dink

baby chaos - safe sex,designer drugs & the death of rock 'n' roll

label: eastwest
released: 1994

for the most part...listening to the radio was pretty ok back in the 90s

it had it's moments

listening to this will bring back memories of cruising the ol' fm dial back in the day

and it may even shake lose a long lost memory of the time you and your friends were taking one of your random road trips...and (insert friend's name here) was in charge of controlling the radio...and one day...for whatever reason...he let 10 seconds of (insert shitty 90's band song title here) get played...and you then proceeded to pull the car over and made him get in the back....maaaaaaan was he steamed....

but i digress

don't let the comparing of this band and music found on the radio scare you off

this too has it's moments

i'd originally bought this on cassette when it came out (though i don't rightly remember why)...and ever since then...the first 22 seconds of the song "saliva" have been stuck in my head

it also brings to mind some soundgarden and some therapy?

and you like those things,yeah?

so yeah....

DL: safe sex,designer drugs & the death of rock 'n' roll

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

z - shampoohorn

label: barking pumpkin records
released: 1994

who here hasn't sat in the bathtub and thought " would be pretty sweet if i were a unicorn"...and then you twirl up your shampooed hair into horn...and then the wife/husband/mom/dad walks in and gives you a thank-god-that's-where-all-the-shampoo-is-going look and then leaves with a sigh of relief...never happened to you? neither...

but you know...there are various variations on the shampoohorn....there's the shampoo fauxhawk...the shampoo abraham lincoln's beard...the shampoo merkin...

but i'm not here to discuss what it is you do in private with your shampoo

i remember sitting up late one night years ago and seeing the video for the song "in my mind" from this very album (one of the two times it probably got played on the mtv)...and i just remember sitting there wondering what it is i saw/heard...and for the following week i'd always go back to look for the video...but alas...nothing (something tells me that mtv waited for me to get up to use the bathroom...sneaky sumbitches)...and then i looked for the album in music stores...and yet again nothing

fast forward 15 years...and i'm sitting in front of this very computer...and for some reason i'm looking through some youtube crap...and i came across something ahmet and dweezil zappa did on the conan o'brien show....and after watching that over and over and over again...i remembered this band...and the hunt was on...and to make a not so exciting story short...i was finally about to have it...and of course...i'm going to share it with the rest of you

as mentioned before...the band is made up of ahmet and dweezil zappa (ahmet provinding vocals...dweezil providing guitar) and at one time frank zappa bassist scott thunes (replaced by bryan beller) along with a succession of drummers...and what comes out of the process sounds like something that could possibly happen had frank zappa listened to one too many early red hot chili peppers albums (sans the rappy vocals...and i'm gonna say it...this pretty much beats anything in the early rhcp catalog...that's right)

so do yourself a favor and snatch this up...and i can see you eyeballing that shampoo on...get outta here you crazy kid

DL: shampoohorn

leaders of men - 2.25.11 - 89.9 wort - madison,wi

yesterday would've been ian curtis' birthday

so...what better reason to post this business

"and what is this business exactly?" may recall that once upon a time there was a band called the united sons of toil

and the fellas also had a little side project going on that went by the name guessed it...leaders of men

yes...that's the title of a joy division song you can probably guess...they played joy division covers

vocalist/guitarist russell hall was bernard sumner

drummer jason jensen was stephen morris

bassist bill borowski was peter hook

and then there was a fella that goes by the name of chris vance...he was ian curtis (uncannily so)

this was something the band had done while promoting the united sons of toil album WHEN THE REVOLUTION COMES,EVERYTHING WILL BE BEAUTIFUL

so...if'n you're of the ilk that likes it when bands become other bands and actually sound so much like the band they're becoming that you start asking yourself if you're actually listening to the band that the band became...

1 - colony
2 - a means to an end
3 - disorder
4 - transmission

DL: leaders of men

Monday, July 15, 2013

p - self-titled

label: caroline records
released: 1995

this is kind of an odd pairing...gibby haynes and johnny depp (and some other guys)

apparently they'd met while mr. depp was filming WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE...and then eventually they were all like "you know what,man? let's jam"

and jam they did

and then they got folks like flea...the sex pistols' steve jones...and andrew weiss (rollins band) to show up here and there

and i think they had a video that was shown on the mtv a time or two (though i may be wrong about that)

the band has the distinct infamous-ity ('s a word) of playing the viper room the night river phoenix was having a seizure just outside on the sidewalk (he died a few hours later)...and all of this went on whilst the band were in the midst of playing their song "michael stipe" (the song includes a few mentions of river phoenix)

musically...this sounds like just about everything else that was popular andalternative at the time

but you should still snag it up

so go it


DL: p

rollins band - 6.3.87 - mississippi nights - st. louis,mo

some guy that sang for black flag once doing something post black flag and not really sounding like black flag

1 - band intro
2 - black and white 
3 - what am i doing here?
4 - burned beyond recognition
5 - lost and found
6 - followed around
7 - there's a man outside
8 - ghost rider (1)
9 - move right in (2)
10 - lonely
11 - hot animal machine 1
12 - what i see (3)
13 - if you're alive
14 - you look at you
15 - mask/hot animal 2
16 - no one
17 - next time
18 - happy trails (4)

1=suicide cover
2=the velvet underground cover
3=black flag cover
4=dale rogers cover

DL: rollins band @mississippi nights

melvins - alive at the fucker club

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1998

there is no such place as the fucker club...but we've put in some paperwork for there to be

if anything...if may just end up being the name we give the basement at the SGM house

in reality...this took place in melbourne,australia at a place called the corner hotel on august 23,1997

they opened for the cosmic psychos

also...this is probably the most epic version of "boris" you'll ever hear (outside of actually seeing it performed live)

1 - boris

2 - it's shoved
3 - bar-x the rocking m
4 - antioxidote
5 - the bloat
6 - lizzy
7 - mombius hibachi

DL: alive at the fucker club

shellac/fugazi - 5.8.98 - congress theater - chicago,il

indie boner jams '98

1 - my black ass 
2 - billiard player song 
3 - wingwalker 
4 - the watch song 

1 - sieve-fisted find 
2 - arpeggiator 
3 - smallpox champion 
4 - give me the cure 
5 - waiting room
6 - rend it 
7 - f/d 
8 - long distance runner 

DL: shellazi

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gravitar - You Must First Learn To Draw The Real

Label: Monotremata
Year: 1999

Two guitarists and a drummer. Opening track is a 10+ minute instrumental excursion into some very noisy "easy listening". Improvisation appears to be encouraged. Feedback as well. Probably have record collections heavy on what is often described as "free jazz". Most likely have some weird prog rock and spacey metal albums in there too. Most likely drew their biggest crowds in towns with prominent art schools...Providence, Rhode Island comes to mind.

The band counted at one time Harold Richardson, guitarist from Negative Approach/Easy Action as a member.


Milemarker - Anaesthetic

Label: Jade Tree
Year: 2001

Keyboards are a sticky wicket in the post-hardcore game. A band like The VSS used them to channel the original post-punker noise and add a sheen of disquieting macabre. A band like Murder City Devils used them to give a jolt of 60's soul wild to their bar rock. A band like Arab On Radar used them as another layer of chaotic noise to further distort their attack. Lesser bands used them as window dressing, after thoughts that could just as easily have been left out of the original composition.
Milemarker didn't rely on them, so much as use them as a second guitar tone, but for their call-and-response type male/female vocals it works. On the less aggressive songs, songs like "Food", doesn't work out so well. But maybe that's not the keyboard's fault. When it all clicks, Milemarker make some of the best, catchy, post hardcore, and when it doesn't click, they make fairly bland synth pop. Luckily it clicks more than not.

Members from Hellbender, Canadian Rifle, Challenger, Sleepytime Trio, Auxes, Hurl, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and others.

Remember when Jade Tree was Axtion Packed Records, and Tim Owen used the money from advance orders of the Even Score 7" to buy an Acura? Those were simpler times.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

v/a - erase yer head #7

label: pandemonium records
released: 1998

this has some bands on it that you like want this

1 - kepone - holler
2 - ed hall - cop roulette
3 - headbutt - drop dead gorgeous
4 - beamtrap - the b in doubt is a silent letter

DL: erase yer head #7

helmet - strap it on

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1990

you know helmet

you like helmet

and you probably think the song "rude" sounds like early clutch

well...i do

though i can understand you not wanting to think like me

but seriously..."rude" sounds like early clutch

"where are you going with all of this?"

nowhere in particular

but by you reading all of this...i've successfully been able to steal the last soda from out of your refrigerator

you went to check...didn't you?

like i'd be in your house

as for your neighbor's house....

DL: strap it on

Saturday, July 6, 2013

pageninetynine - the discography

"punk rock should mean freedom. liking and accepting anything that you like. playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want. as long as it’s good and it has passion." -kurt cobain

 that quote is used at the beginning of the very first pg99 song i'd ever heard...and it couldn't describe them any better

the song is "in love with an apparition" (but it was mislabeled as "your face is a rape scene"...a title the band took a lot of flack for)

i got into them after they'd already broken up (1998-2003) through the wonderland that was (remember that site?...when i'd read about it getting bought out and being turned into something "better" i pillaged it for all it's was the only record store that i could make it to at the time...the town i was living in was pretty small...and the idea of "punk rock" was wearing baggy pants and listening to my chemical romance while falling off of your skateboard...i was an anomaly in those parts)


i once had a dvd that i'd ordered that had live performances of circle takes the square...pageninetynine (and if i remember of caterpillar and majority rule)...and the stuff that was filmed for the pg99 part looked as if it had taken place in a closet...the band (which went from anywhere between 6-14 members) crammed into a corner surrounded by what looked like fifty people...and it just looked so sweaty and intense (as all good things should be)

and they'd been tagged as "screamo"...but they were so much more than that

and i dig the way they'd title their albums as a way to remember an event...and that's just what these guys were and their singer's (chris taylor) artwork makes a pretty bad ass tattoo

well...enough with the'd think that i was dating the entire band

they have links to such bands as city of caterpillar (bassist kevin longendyke/bassist brandon evans/drummer johnny ward)...malady (vocalist chris taylor/bass player kevin longendyke/drummer johnny ward/guitarist johnathan moore)...mannequin (vocalist chris taylor/guitarist mike taylor)...pygmy lush (vocalist chris taylor/drummer johnny ward/guitarist mike taylor)...haram (guitarist mike taylor/bassist kevin longendyke)...and hissing choir (vocalist chris taylor plays bass)

and now....the music

(i should mention that the splits only have the pg.99 tracks)

DL: document #1
DL: document #2
DL: document #3
DL: document #4
DL: document #5
DL: document #6

an added bonus...because we here at the SGM dig you folks....

it's the pageninetynine reunion that took place during best friend's day in richmond,va back in 2011...they play DOCUMENT #8 in it's entirety

1 - in love with an apparition
2 - your face is a rape scene
3 - life in a box
4 - we left as skeletons
5 - punk rock in the wrong hands
6 - ballad of circling vultures
7 - hollowed out chest of a dead horse
8 - lonesome waltz of leonard cohen
9 - the list

DL: pageninetynine @best friend's day

godheadsilo - 8.3.96 - fireside bowl - chicago,il

it's godheadsilo being godheadsilo in front of some folks in chicago

1 - booby trap
2 - chuckanut overdrive
3 - elephantitus of the night
4 - just friends
5 - multiple organic

DL: godheadsilo @fireside bowl

primus - miscellaneous debris

label: interscope
released: 1992

believe it or not...but primus like more than just rush

1 - intruder (peter gabriel)
2 - making plans for nigel (xtc)
3 - sinister exaggerator (the residents)
4 - tippi-toes (the meters)
5 - have a cigar (pink floyd)

DL: miscellaneous debris

jucifer - rare and unreleased

this is a collection of rare and unreleased songs by jucifer (you know...if'n you hadn't already put that together for yourself)

this was included with the VETERANS OF VOLUME: LIVE WITH 8 CAMERAS film (which is something that you need to see)

this stuff could've easily found a home on either CALLING ALL CARS ON THE VEGAS STRIP or I NAME YOU DESTROYER

'nuff said

DL: jucifer: rare and unreleased

dysrhythmia - pretest

label: relapse
released: 2003 the don caballero t-shirt...yeah...

i'd like to tell you about a band called dysrhythmia

i saw this trio from philadelphia at a tiny club in ybor city,fl back in a place called the orpheum...they were part of the relapse records CONTAMINATION was them and mastodon and cephalic carnage (i'm assuming that most of you have heard of those bands)...they opened the show...the only song i knew by them was called "bastard"...i'd heard it on a relapse sampler...and i was totally impressed with their thick bass sound...and then when i'd laid eyes on the actual was the biggest bass i'd ever seen (at the time)...turns out it's called a warr bass (google image it,bro)...anyway...yeah...they weren't on stage for very long...maybe about a half hour...and the next day i'd actually found a music store that had the album...turns out steve albini recorded the it...

as for the rest of that night...mastodon played "mother puncher" and "march of the fire ants"...which got me stoked...and it was awesome seeing drummer brann dailor do his business a mere 6 feet in front of me....and it was awesome seeing 2/3 of IN THE EYES OF GOD-era today is the day....

as for seeing cephalic carnage...i was almost decapitated by the guitar player's guitar as he was whipping it all over the place...

over all...a pretty decent night...i don't remember missing anything important on tv.... like don caballero...and i'm assuming that you like slint and the fucking champs....

and have you ever found yourself wondering what the jesus lizard would sound like without david yow?

well...thanks for taking the time to stand there and listen to me

and i can see by the "reading material" wrapped in a brown paper have somewhere that you need to be....

DL: pretest

gunna vahm - man hands for rump lust

label: reptilian records
released: 2006

i was just going through the SGM vault and came across this bit o' noise...and figured that i'd re-post it as the original link has up and died like fight amp?

and cutthroats 9?

and hawks?

you don't say?

what about some big butts?

and you cannot lie?

so with that being said....

DL: man hands for rump lust

Thursday, July 4, 2013

fugazi - 9.10.95 - expo center - peoria,il

"did they play "waiting room"? well...did they?" is something that was never said ever

1 - birthday pony
2 - walken's syndrome
3 - merchandise
4 - do you like me
5 - reclamation
6 - forensic scene
7 - promises
8 - target
9 - bed for the scraping (cuts short)
10 - bed for the scraping (re-start)
11 - public witness program
12 - by you
13 - stacks
14 - blueprint
15 - instrument
16 - waiting room
17 - margin walker
18 - song #1
19 - fell,destroyed
20 - long distance runner
21 - longdistancerunnerversion

DL: figazi @expo center

coliseum/doomriders - not of this world

label: level plane records
released: 2005

in keeping with the spirit of the posting of the coliseum split found down yonder....

this has them teaming up with the band doomriders (which is made up of members of converge and there were wires and cast iron hike and disappearer)

they tackle some danzig songs along with some of their own material

coliseum do "am i demon"

doomriders do "possession"

and now i suggest that you snag this up before you get knocked out by an overweight guy in a tight t-shirt

and yes...that could be any one of us here at the SGM

DL: not of this world

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