Friday, May 28, 2021

Kiss It Goodbye - Choke


Label: Revelation
Year: 1999

Fuck it, here's the other Kiss It Goodbye 7" to compliment the previous post. 
As mentioned there, this record, the last output from the band, has Demain Johnston stepping into Keith Huckin's formidable shoes (I can only assume they smelled a fright) to hold down the riff assault. And honestly, he holds his own. Which should not be a real surprise as Demain had come from Undertow and Nineironspitfire, and would later be in Great Falls, Akimbo, and Playing Enemy (as well as others), so he certainly knows his way around a chugging bludgeon.
Otherwise, this is Kiss It Goodbye as you last left them, bringing two more punishers to the table. There is a cdep version of this record that has an extra song, and the two Preacher 7" songs, but, honestly, is there anything more insulting than the notion of a "cdep"? I won't have it in my home. No way. Not today Satan. So, I never heard the extra track...but I'm sure it's wonderful. These two songs are wonderful enough as presented.

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shlager said...

no reason to NOT listen to that extra song
so here it is:


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