Sunday, May 2, 2021

Clobber - Get Smart


Label: Half Baked
Year: 1995

Here's a band from Atlanta circa the mid-90's that if you weren't hanging around the Somber Reptile at the time, you are excused for having never heard of. They put out a full length and this 7", and then went on to bigger better...something. I assume. They were on lots of bills opening for bands coming. through town, but I feel like I only saw them once...maybe twice. They didn't traffic in the same hardcore that I was unfortunately balls deep in at the particular time. 
Musically they have lots of elements of Jawbreaker, in their gruff, but bouncy punk songs, but they also have some straight up thud rock tendencies that are more apparent on the opening track of this three song 7". It's enjoyable, and maybe you are from the Atlanta area and you are saying, "oh yeah, Clobber, I think I saw them at the Point opening for J Church or something", or maybe you've never heard of Clobber and you are saying, "I can't believe I'm still reading this fucking blog...I have to get my shit together, this is embarrassing", but what I'm saying is, "give this one a whirl, it's pretty good, and you probably have the time, so...quit acting like you're too good".

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Zen said...

Can you reupload Black Flag - Live '84 - the cassette?

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