Tuesday, June 10, 2008

mike watt - ball-hog or tugboat?

released in 1995

this was mike watt's first solo album (after already having played in the minutemen and fireHOSE)

he was backed up by a veritable who's who of alterna-music of the time (henry rollins...eddie vedder...dave grohl...members of sonic youth...the meat puppet brothers...2 of the beastie boys...frank black...just to name a few)

"sex with you is like watching scientific wrestling"



grapepowder said...

Wow, you posted a lot of stuff that either my high school friends had and i never made copies, or i thought about buying but didn't have the money. Finally, 13 yrs later, i get to check out the Mike Watt solo album! Awesome dude.

Pharoah said...

Mike Watt! Thanks for posting this - haven't heard it in a long time!

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