Sunday, June 8, 2008

melt banana - speak squeak creak

released in 1994

recorded by steve albini
produced by kk null

no one really knew what to make of this japanese foursome (2 guys..2 girls) at the time of the release of their first album

a singer that sounds like she's yelping/screaming very quickly
a guitar player that can make his guitar sound like a laser and a jet engine (at the same time)
a drummer that can be best described as spastic
the bass player...well...fits in nicely

they've fallen into the "noise rock" and "grindcore" genre (though later taking on a more "poppy" sound)

and they put on quite the live show


Anonymous said...

Been lookin for more MB to round out what I already had. Never got to see these guys and gals but heard they put on a show to blow your mind. My buddy over at Lo Res Viscera sent me this way. Thanx for your time and energy.

Unknown said...

please fix the link x(

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