Friday, June 6, 2008

scratch acid - 9.9.06 - the hideout - chicago il

"i have to stop eating shit because it's making my vomit smell bad"
-david yow

this was recorded at the touch and go records (based out of chicago) 25th anniversary show

it was show #2 in a three show reunion "tour" (the first being in their home base of austin,tx at emo's...and the third took place in seattle,wa at the showbox theater)

touch and go records had released the "berserker ep" (which was their last album) and "the greatest gift" (which was a compilation that consisted of their entire recorded output)


Anonymous said...

excellent...been looking for scratch acid boots. Just found this blog and it looks as though I will be spending some quality time here.


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT, thanks!
Do you happen to have the Big Black concert from the T&G 25th? Would be greatly appreciated!

nina said...

Hot pants, David.

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