Sunday, June 15, 2008

phleg camp - 3 7"

they were a band out of canada...together during the early-mid 1990's
they only put out a few 7"s and a full length

their sound was described as the "canadian jesus lizard" (probably because of their work with steve albini...he recorded their full length)...but they sound like they'd be at home on the dischord records label at the time (if you listen closely'd actually think it was fugazi)

split 7" with fuel (released in 1990...fuel were another canadian band that also had that dischord records sounds)

self titled 7" (released in 1991)

twilight pink 7" (released in 1992)


shawn said...

...if you listen closely'd actually think it was soulside :)

mvjensen said...

fuel was from the bay area.
amazing blog !!!

toposheet said...

Phlegcamp ruled live. Thanks for this.

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