Monday, June 2, 2008

blatant dissent - hold the fat

released on vinyl in 1988

they came from dekalb,il (which was the other hot bed of music in illinois around that time...though most of the bands packed it up for chicago eventually)

they were your typical punk band from the midwest (ie: naked raygun)...this was their only full length (along with a few 7" and a demo)

in 1988...singer/guitarist jon moore and drummer mike greenless went on to form the band tar (which included bassist tim mescher of the band shorty)


Anonymous said...

hi guys! really thanx for all of your uploads, i admire this old stuff, its for me like big piece of truth in punk rock music, really strong lyrics, strong attitude!
could be possible to make some posts of naked raygun albums...Understand? or some others?
you guys rock! keep this music alive!


Anonymous said...

Blatant Dissent has reformed for a one-off show this August 22nd at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. Original guitarist Tim Fowler, as well as Tom Clark on Guitar, Tim Mescher on Bass and John Mohr on vocals. Dave Fishman and Mike Greenlees will share the drumming.

This won't ever happen again, so don't miss it!

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