Saturday, July 11, 2009

the united sons of toil - hope is not a strategy

released 2007

following the trail that was laid by the austin,tx band we'll go machete...i was contacted by the singer/guitarist of this madison,wi trio that goes by the name of russell hall (who could be the bastard son of steve albini and page hamilton)

he told me that he was impressed by the blog after he'd found it because of the we'll go machete review...and he wanted to add his band to the list as well

so i responded back...told him that i dug his band...and that i would be glad to put one of his band's albums on the blog (they have 2...this being the first...the second album being 2008's UNTIL LIONS HAVE THEIR HISTORIANS,TALES OF THE HUNT SHALL ALWAYS GLORIFY THE HUNTER...which i have as well...and if anyone is interested...i'll post it in the future)

and the music...ah the did my soul some good to hear would seem that wave of new old "college rock" that i made reference to back in the we'll go machete review is coming a few steps closer to drowning out all of this stuff passing itself off as music nowadays (we'll just call it an enema)

during these 8 songs i heard a little bit of everything: the drive in...unwound...shellac...fugazi...jawbox...and even a bit of unsane (which automatically brings in some helmet...aka "unsane lite")

so if you like any of those i really need to tell you what to do?

DL: hope is not a strategy

and the obligatory myspace-ing: peep it

"the treaty of new echota" (a taste of their second album)

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