Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chokebore - Motionless

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1993

And now back to our regularly scheduled noise rock...
Back a few months ago we posted the final Chokebore record, so why not bookend their career now with their first album? Nice right? I thought so.
While the last album was all about unsettled moods, washes of sound, and those creeped out signature vocals, their first foray into the world is more aggressive, but still hints at the disturbing feelings to be concocted later in their lives, and the vocals are still...well, they're still Chokebore vocals. They will probably be the thing that you either love or hate about the band, because the music is not going to be the issue, you'll like that. It's elements of traditional rock, think The Fluid, with some grungy grunge, think Screaming Trees or maybe Nirvana, and some arty noise rock, think...uh...just think. Good stuff. The vocals are some of the more distinct of the Amphetamine Reptile catalog, and to me, perfect for the music, but for some people they are too "whiny" or something. You listen, and let me know. 
Regardless, this one is a keeper and should be in your record collection one way or another.


javier said...

yes... a total keeper. it's still my favorite chokebore record (and probably one of my favorite records of all time). i like pretty much all they've ever recorded, it's just that i love this first era. it's so full of drive....

jesselt30 said...

thanks for this! just to let you know, chokebore released one more album after black black called it's a miracle, which followed the more subdued, slowbuilding feel of black black. they just reformed for some shows in europe too!

malle said...

saw them live in Prague last week. it was so great. together with "taste for bitters" this one is my favourite of them.

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