Saturday, July 11, 2009


hello folks

i'm just here to say that i appreciate all of you that follow this blog

i even appreciate those that stalk this blog...those that send the blog polaroids that were taken inside it's house while it's sleeping...those that currently have paternity suits against the blog...and yes...even those that like to leave flaming bags of poo on the blog's porch

thie title of this blog was created to be the title of a collection of cds that were going to get made for a road trip that never happened...but i couldn't let it die there...the words "shiny grey monotone" were meant for greatness (like "whopper" and "fleshlight")...then i came into contact with a fellow that went by the name of "noisebreather"...words and ideas were exchanged...and like the opening of a carton of spoiled arousing smell/blog was created

and then...just like that..."noisebreather" disappeared...and the last i'd heard...he was in the process of moving and his girlfriend hadn't gotten the internet and whatnot turned on (that was over a year ago)...and i'm thinking that either didn't happen or the guy that shows up to turn all of that on is in no hurry to do so ("are you going to be home between the hours of 9:00am and the year 2012?")

then there was just little ol' me

and as i was walking through a park alone...this van pulled up along side of me and the driver asked me if i'd seen his lost puppy riding a chocolate bicycle anywhere...and i took sympathy on him...i mean...he lost his puppy...and who doesn't like chocolate and a new bike? i hopped into the passenger side..."hi. i'm grAy" the guy said...and then i noticed that there wasn't a handle on the inside of the door...i looked over at grAy and apparently blacked out

i came to in some basement...duct taped to a chair (and let me tell you...there's a difference between "waking up" and "coming to")

and then grAy appeared...telling me that he dug my blog and he wanted in on that action...i told him all that he needed to do was send me an email and it could've been worked out...he said "yeah...but this is part of my thing"...and i once again apparently blacked out

i came to in front of this very computer...kinda fuzzy about what had just happened...i wasn't even sure if any of that had actually happened...and i don't really like thinking about it...but from time to time i get little reminders in the form of a rash on my stomach...and sometimes i like putting lipstick on and staring at myself in the bathroom mirror

but i'm rambling

since the blog's inception a little over a year ago it's accumulated 97 followers and a few more contributors

and recently i've been contacted about the blog shutting down some computers when they's being looked into...and the source is believed to be the things are being done to correct it

up and coming bands that are out there...if you'd like to follow in the steps of we'll go machete and the united sons of toil (along with mar and tinsel teeth)...if you'd like to have your wares included on this blog...just send something to the email address...i'm always seeking out new stuff (same goes for the colostomy grab-bag)

which brings me to...

the colostomy grab-bag still exists and has picked up a few followers...and if you'd like to contribute something off an email and we can work something out (unless you'd rather duct tape me to a chair as well or something)

so once again...thanks for coming around these parts...and be sure to spread the word like an STD at a frat house


Gray said...

just because you misspell the word "gray" doesn't mean i do.

nickabe57 said...

i'm a stalker...guilty as charged.

ipecac said...

it's all been fixed grAy


hey guys how can you not follow this awesome blog?
keep it up!

clintellectual said...

your restraining orders won't keep me away.

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