Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hawks - Barnburner (album preview)

Label: Army Of Bad Luck
Year: 2009

I was driving home from a trip to Target whereupon my son agonized for well over thirty minutes as to what he could buy with the eight dollars he had saved up (turned out to be some sort of Transformer, which [surprise] is frustrating the shit out of both of us), when I passed the singer of this very band walking up Moreland Avenue (most likely heading to the venue they are playing this evening). It reminded me that I wanted to post some type of preview or sampler of this record so that you guys (and dolls?) could go buy it, as opposed to me posting the full album so that you can pirate it and literally...I say LITERALLY take food out of their babies mouths. Can't do it. I suppose therein lies the strange limits of my "blogging scruples", not real sure how to explain it other than, this record is super good, and if you like 75% of what gets posted here, you will like (nee, love) it too. This band is currently out there (metaphorically speaking I suppose) going for it, touring, releasing music, all that shit, so instead of pilfering it for once, I figured you could give a little back and buy it. Novel idea right? 
If you need musical signposts prior to even downloading these tracks because you don't trust my endorsement on face value, well then; how's about, The Jesus Lizard (I know the band cringes at this one, but hey, The Jesus Lizard casted a mighty big shadow), Colossamite, Big'N, Birthday Party, Shorty, I mean, do I need to go on? Shouldn't that paint a vivid enough picture of the pummeling you will receive upon listening? How about this phone call i intercepted:
Hawks - "Hello"
Mid-nineties Noise Rock - "Hi, is this Hawks?"
Hawks - "Yes it is, how can I help you?"
Mid-Nineties Noise Rock - "This is mid nineties noise rock calling and..."
Hawks - "Say no more, I was expecting your call"  

So anyway, listen to these few songs, and know that there are a grip more on the record that are just as good. Then go here: Insound or MySpace to buy the record (it's vinyl with a cd inside, so you get both formats), I promise you won't regret it. 

The songs I posted are:
Borne Of Wasps
Chocolate Vultures
Shallow Wounds


Matt Anderson said...

downloading now.

thanks for the word.

ipecac said...

oh grAy!

as soon as i saw this posted my heart became all a-flutter

but then i saw the words "album preview"...and that went away

until i saw you'd posted a sampler of songs that aren't on their myspace player (that's been getting a lot of play as of late..."sex on beta" is the jam))

i'd contacted them about possibly doing a show around these parts...and their singer responded...sounds like a pretty decent fella

i'm assuming that you have the entire album...perhaps we can work something out...i could figure out that transformer for you perhaps...

Mars said...

I've yet to see 'em. My roommate loves 'um, I like Electrosleep and their singer was a real fruitbat (they broke up when he 'went missing' for months), so this has gotta be good.

proven hollow said...

they are quite good band, live they are way better than the album, but the album is quite good and dare i say "exciting." mike is also a swell fella and stand up dood, although you probably should have yelled something out the window at him that starts with an "f" and ends with e "g".

ipecac said...


muzach said...

Just order this last week and waiting for it to show up in thee old mailbox. I really dig the little I've heard so far. This preview should get me and my turntable all fired up for it's arrival. Thanks!

squidchip said...

cool thanks! I have been interested in hearing some of their stuff for a while now. Loved Electrosleep back in the day

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