Monday, July 13, 2009

Digitally STD Free.

Your probably wondering who I am... Well for the most part I'm a shadow lurking, graphic design loving, music banging, admin for SGM and the new SGM / CGB Forum.

With that being said... Due to recent complaints regarding forms of spyware/viruses tied to ads coded into the shoutbox and pong, those features will no longer be available on the site.

However, there is now a fully functional forum & chat for SGM / CGB. It's pretty fresh at the moment, so expect improvements. As always any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

So go ahead you crazy kidlets and check out the new forum. Anyone can view and read the material on the forum, however if you wish to post you will have to register your name. We apologize for all the registering in the past few months, but hope to have finally conquered the rash that we picked up from a street walker.


clintellectual said...

ah shucks. i liked the old shout-box, it was simple, rash or not. of course i always use protection so rash's weren't really a problem for me.

MLN3 said...

Right now the forum is the best possible feature for all. I'll keep working on it and maybe a forum based shoutbox-like applet might be able to be added to SGM at some point.

clintellectual said...

no biggy. i'll use the forum.

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