Wednesday, May 22, 2013

snort - ron

label: self-released
released: 2013

this was sent our way by a fella that goes by the name of addy

and addy is the band's guitar player (actually...he's one of three....yes...three)

and we felt kind of obligated to post this as the guy on the cover of their album (which i'm assuming is named ron...but he looks more like a from here on in...we'll only refer to him as it?) is wearing some of SGM's favorite bands upon his jacket

also....we like the music

it's what you would expect from a band that plays some of that "instrumental math rock" know...kind of like the stuff you'd expect to hear from some don caballero and piglet and the like steven a favor and snag this up...he's a good kid

and if'n you'd like to be pals with these guys...go here...and that will lead you to all kinds of things (none of which involves a dark closet)

DL: ron

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