Thursday, April 23, 2009

the jesus lizard - 3.27.99 - umea,sweden

the "last show"'s not big secret around there parts that i'm a huge jesus lizard fan...i compare everything to them...even an inappropriate times (there have been many a time that i've screamed out the words "then comes dudley" and get met with a confused/horrified look) can just imagine what happened while i was reading online about a month ago and came across an article saying that they were reforming for a small reunion tour...well...let's just say that the desk was raised a few feet of the floor (okok...a few inches...and i had to press myself up against the bottom of it...and it didn't really actually just kind of groaned as if to say "oh man....again?!" yeah....moving can thank my cat's raised eyebrow for this awkward confession) i was saying...they're touring again for a wee bit...and there are rumors of another studio album in the works as well (mostly started by me...and i've never actually said that to anyone else...folks really don't listen to me)

and if this thing comes anywhere near'd better do yourself a favor and go see this...and won't be the same yow and the boys of yore...but it's still yow and the boys playing music on a stage in front of people for the first time in over a decade (that's 10 years for you layman)...and thus far they're playing 4 shows on american soil

and now...i'm pretty sure you know what to do here...

1 - "yow speaks"
2 - glamorous
3 - i can learn
4 - horse doctor man
5 - thumb screws
6 - eucalyptus
7 - blue shot
8 - seasick
9 - gladiator
10 - puss
11 - then comes dudley
12 - wheelchair epidemic
13 - blockbuster
14 - monkey trick
15 - "yow speaks again"*
16 - "yow won't stop talking"*

*=a radio "interview"



1009 said...

Yes. Thank you.

Hoping that Touch & Go still plans on remastering the early records.

Seeing 'em at pitchfork this summer.

ipecac said...

as far as i know...the remastering is still going down

touch and go had actually released a box set of singles called INCH on record store day (which was april 18)...and only 2,000 were pressed...and from what i understand is already sold out most places

Anonymous said...

thanks for this one

Patrik said...

Cool as hell, was at the show in Umeå! havent heard it scince they played it on the swedish radio around 99.

Anonymous said...

Saw them twice in one messed up weekend in May 2009 at ATP in the UK.

They still had it, yes siree.

Mireia Pérez said...

Ey! Esta imagen tiene un autor, si la usas deberías, por lo menos, acreditarlo:

Ey, this illustration belongs to Jaime Herreo, if you use it, please, tell us!!

Thank You!

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