Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love 666 - American Revolution

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1995

This marks one of my nominees for "band that should of been huge" (others include; Craw, La Gritona, and any band I've ever been in). For whatever reason, they just sorta existed. You know? They released a couple records, played a few shows, and then, poof, gone.
Well, lucky for all of us, the internet allows once forgotten gems like this lumbering hate fest of a record to once again see the light of day. Way to go internet!
The music on this album is of the maximum distortion variety, but at it's core, there are some simple pop songs being mangled on here. And mangled they are. Severely. With extreme prejudice even. No bass, none needed. Just a couple guitars, drums, a few different vocalists (though all share a similar detached delivery), and a dollop of sine-wave keyboard mutations. And really, that's all it takes to alienate most listeners. Mission accomplished, I doubt my mother will ever file this album next to Leo Sayer or Emmylou Harris in her music collection (even if she could get past the moniker). Point being, this music requires some effort from you, the listener, in order to be appreciated. It ain't background music, and maybe that's one of the reasons they missed the proverbial boat. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

I agree, these guys should've been bigger than they were. Awesome choice. Love yer blog.


JOE said...

Great band. Saw them with Chokebore once and the singer smashed the OD'd as well as destroying his keyboard. I had always wondered what a mic would sound like shorting out while someone was trying to swallow it and I found out. These guys were even better live.

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