Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clockcleaner - Babylon Rules

Label: Load
Year: 2007

A lot of bands like The Jesus Lizard enough to think, "hey, I can do that", and then viola, they do it. But generally speaking, it doesn't really sound like The Jesus Lizard, merely a plausible facsimile, and that's fine. Imitation's the sincerest form of flattery right? I mean, shit, I haven't had an original thought in my head for years, and I seem to be motoring along just fine, so maybe innovation is overrated. Maybe.
Well, Clockcleaner actually did sound a lot like The Jesus Lizard, but were able to put enough of their own spin on it to make it memorable. That, and they developed a reputation for being complete dicks both on record and on stage, proving that there's no such thing as bad press. They have the chops to back it up, but still. So, after mining the fertile ground of The Jesus Lizard, they went on to release an album called "Nevermind" in an effort to take the piss from tight-assed rock nerds who had canonized Nirvana beyond mere mortal status. I think it's pretty funny, but again, I'm a big fan of fart jokes too, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Anyway, "Nevermind" started to get a little noisier and more abrasive and moved out from under the shadow of that other band they used to sound like. It's a great record, and the band's chaotic punk racket was getting better.
Then, they put out this record, "Babylon Rules" (another great title by the way...fuck you Rastafarians), and continue their sonic evolution. This time around there's definitely more of a early gothic tinge to the punk, with added psychobilly touches for good measure. Think The Cramps, 45 Grave, Birthday Party, Alien Sex Fiend, and even the "punker" moments of Bauhaus and you'll get the picture. Yes, it's still noise rock per se, but a more piercing and sinister approach. I like it a whole bunch...even if they are dicks. 


fred said...

they broke up recently, played their last show in DC or something...

Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

christ, this is brutal. sounds like broken glass. this is awesome.

proven hollow said...

hey, wierd...i actually like something i had previously never heard of before. any chance of "sharing" the others?

Gray said...

yes phillip, i will "share".
i will post them here soon.

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