Friday, April 24, 2009

McLusky - Live At Wireless - 01.05.04

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2004

Admittedly, I did not pay attention to this Welsh band until after they broke up, so I missed the boat. Maybe you did too? I don't know, maybe you're a lot more astute than I am, and these things just don't pass you by. 
So, once I finally heard the band, it was one of those moments when you smack your own forehead, and think about how stupid you are. Like, where the fuck was I when these guys were mangling these songs into existence? How did I miss a band that seamlessly melded the quirky pop of the Pixies with the acerbic, slicing hatred of Shellac (come to think of it, that sort of describes Les Savy Fav, whom they share certain sonic sensibilities with)? I'm dumb.
Well, I at least got on board after the fact, got all their records, and started my unrequited love after posthumously. It'll have to do.
Then, I stumbled upon this sweet live recording from one of their later shows, and that makes things a little bit more "right". It's soundboard quality, and the band is in prime form, ripping through a good cross-section of their recorded material. The musicianship is top notch, it's a great performance. 
If you are dumb like me, try and reconcile that fact by getting on board with McLusky now, before it's too late, and they end up on a movie soundtrack or something....oh....that just happened? Too late.

By the way, Mediafire was being testy, so I tried Megaupload, let me know if it works please.


Matt said...

grabbed it. working fine. thanks!

Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

you know these things. but for those that don't at mclusky shat the bed they split into two bands - Future Of The Left and Shooting At Unarmed Men.

both bands retain the same strangled-pop sensibility and are highly listenable. SAUM is more raw, FOTL is more catchy. yay.

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing that McLusky Do Dallas was a great album but I never picked it up. Then the one time that I remember them coming to Colorado I was at the club in the afternoon and saw them do their sound check and though it was awesome. But then I got buzzed and took off to meet some stupid girl.

As I walked away from the club I remember someone yelling after me "You better not miss this show".

I missed it. I did see Future Of The Left not too long ago. It took me about 3 songs to figure out that is was ex McLusky dudes.

Good stuff.

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